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Avalon Dutch Symfo with a metal touch on their best.
Mangroove Dutch Prog/ Rock.
Riverside with a great new album
Eddie Jobson with a new band
Neo &
Panic Room

Blackfield pre-order the dvd here!
Flower Kings; great new album with fantastic art work out!
Riverside, Roger Hodgons, Mostly Autumn tourdates,
RPWL; clips from the Great Gig in the Sky!
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Carol Kenyon; clips from the Great Gig in the Sky!
The Reasoning; reviews, competition, new tour dates and new album!
Mostly Autumn supporting Bryan Adams.
Mandalaband; after almost 30 years a new album in progress with again some great names.
On that page of the Mandalaband you'll find another Classical Symfo Project with more great names: Excalibur Trilogy.
New DVD's of Pendragon, IQ, Galahad, Steve Hogart and Yes.

News about the new project of Lee Saunders called; The Puzzle Project.

A review of Mostly Autumns new Heart full of sky you'll find here.

Mostly Autumn competition.
News about the departure of two members of Mostly Autumn.
News letter out now.

Kalle Wallner's solo project is called Blind Ego.

Mostly Autumn live review and pictures of their Dutch tour and more.

A review of the Circeling Hour of Iona added + live pictures.
Rocket Scientist and Spock's Beard with a new album.
The Reasoning, new guest musicians announced.
RPWL at the Spirit of 66.


AVANTASIA: The new Avantasia album, The Scarecrow, will be released at end of January next year via Nuclear Blast Records. The 'full-story album' is expected to feature guest appearances by the following artists:

Alice Cooper (vocals)
Amanda Somerville (vocals)
Bob Catley (MAGNUM; vocals)
Jorn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN; vocals)
Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY; guitar)
Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN; vocals)
Oliver Hartmann
Roy Khan (KAMELOT; vocals)
Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS; guitar)

WAKEMAN, EMERSON, SQUIRE & KIRK: have confirmed last week's news: Chris Squire will be joining Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, and Simon Kirke to warm up the crowd for Led Zeppelin's reunion gig at the Ahmet Ertegun memorial concert at the O2 Dome in London on November 26. After Chris and Alan White spoke on the phone on Wednesday it now seems almost 100% likely that Alan will join in as well. The music that will be performed will be a version of ELP’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”, originally composed by Aaron Copland.

Pink Floyd box set By the way....
To remind you, the specially designed box - which is limited to just 10,000 copies worldwide - contains the entire set of Pink Floyd studio albums on CD, in faithful reproductions of the original vinyl versions of the albums, complete with gatefold sleeves, posters and suchlike.

There's also a special, high-quality poster, a new Storm Thorgerson 40th anniversary collage of images from the band's history, and a bonus DVD. (UPDATE: DVD has been cancelled)

Full details can be found at Brain Damage.

Pink Floyd look at their 40 years
Promo Clip.

Pink Floyd In the Polder a book.
The Dutch audiences were always great when we were here in the late sixties and early seventies. This was our home from home; Roger Waters, May 5th 2007.

Pink Floyd In De Polder (which translates to Pink Floyd In The Lowlands) is a fascinating looking new book, appearing early November. The book covers the Dutch (and Belgian) chapters in Pink Floyd's history, in the 40 years from 1967 onwards. Holland was the destination of the band's first appearance outside the UK. The relationship between Pink Floyd and the Netherlands remained close in the years 1967-1972, with many legendary gigs including the ones at the Paradiso and Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (the latter broadcast), and the Holland Pop Festival.

However, there's more than these widely known concerts, and the wonderfully illustrated book covers this in detail...

There's the hastily arranged tours, last minute cancellations. There's of course also a number of gigs that appeared to be lost in time, but resurfaced during nearly fifteen years of research by our friend Charles Beterams, who also runs the collectors store www.floydstuff.com for nearly ten years now. Pink Floyd In De Polder has been written with the help of acclaimed pop journalist Robert Haagsma, who's been writing for several magazines including Aardschok, Revolver, and Record Collector, and has written books on music.

The subject of Pink Floyd In De Polder made the choice for a book written in Dutch language an obvious thing, but even for those of you that don't speak or read Dutch, the hardback bound book has much to offer. The 228 pages (22x22cm, or 9x9inch) are packed with nearly 150 images and pictures. Most of them are previously unpublished, including the only known picture of Syd Barrett performing live with Pink Floyd in The Netherlands, the first ever concert photo of David Gilmour, as early as February 1968, and previously unseen pictures of the band taking the stage of Paradiso, only to announce that they aren't allowed to perform. The book also includes exclusive colour shots of Pink Floyd's 1967 Fanclub TV appearance, The Man & The Journey tour, and more, much more. Furthermore Pink Floyd In De Polder also includes a great variety of original picture sleeves, tickets, handbills, posters. You name it, it's there.

Pink Floyd In De Polder is published by Aprilis, and will be available from all good bookstores in the Netherlands from early November. Since that wouldn't help most of you out very much, the book is also available directly from Charles at a price of 24,95 euros (plus 12 euros airmail postage for Europe, and 20 euros airmail postage for the rest of the world). Please contact him

Waters: "Ça Ira in Holland? I couldn't be happier!"
Next year's Dutch Liberation Day (May 5th, 2008) will see a very special, full-scale staging of Roger Waters' opera Ça Ira being performed in the largest concert hall in Holland, with all proceeds from the event going to the War Child charity. Tickets for the event are due to go on sale at the end of this week. Read more at Brain Damage.




David Gilmour plays on Chris Jaggers new album
'Act of Faith' follows two previous, acclaimed recordings, Rock The Zydeco (a.k.a Atcha!, released on Sequel Records, UK, and Curb Records, USA) and Channel Fever (Latent Talent). Spearheaded by Chris's wry, often poignant songwriting, the new album clearly cements the band's position amongst the finest exponents of earthy swamp blues, cajun and roots-rock.

Not only does the new album feature new slants on the hard driving cajun rockers and growling blues that are the band's trademark, but it reaches deep into slippery New Orleans funk with '15% Extra Free' and swinging country/zydeco on 'Got Me Where you Want Me' featuring the great singer Sam Brown. 'DJ Blues' is the first duet ever recorded by Chris and Mick Jagger, and the desolate haunting 'Junkman', one of Chris' greatest songs, features an unforgettable atmospheric guitar cameo from David Gilmour.

Chris is on tour in Europe, so please check out his webpage: chrisjaggersatcha.com.











new album review
News, a long review, sound samples, tour dates and more

The Album
After The Storm
A Benefit Album for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina (2005)
(NEARfest Records, NFR0007)

Disc One:
1. Echolyn "15 Days" 5:10
Previously unreleased, specially written for this benefit CD
2. Happy the Man "Ibby It Is" (Live) 8:17
Previously unreleased, recorded live at ProgDay 2005
Original version appears on "Crafty Hands" (1978)
3. FM "Random Harvest" 4:38
Previously unreleased on CD
Originally apppeared on "Surveillance" (1979)
4. Camel "After All These Years" 5:53
Previously released on Japanese import of "Nod and a Wink" (2002)
5. Mike Keneally "Time Table" 6:16
Previously unreleased
Original version appears on "Foxtrot" by Genesis (1972)
6. Spock's Beard "Shining Star" (Live) 5:53
Previously unreleased, recorded live in 2003
Original version appears on "Feel Euphoria" (2003)
7. IQ "Chemical Rain" 5:26
Previously unreleased
8. Kraan "Silver Buildings" 4:41
Previously unreleased
Title track to forthcoming Kraan studio album in 2006
9. Mostly Autumn "Ghost in Dreamland" 3:12
Previously released on "Storms Over Still Water" (2005)
10. IZZ "My River Flows" 5:28
Previously unreleased
Title track to forthcoming album "My River Flows" (2006)
11. Nektar "Phazed by the Storm" 9:23
Previously released on "Evolution" (2004)
12. Sean Malone "Grace" (Live) 7:10
Previously unreleased, recorded live at NEARfest 2004
Original version appears on "Emergent" (2003)

1. Kansas "Song for America" 9:13
Previously released on "Always Never the Same" (1998)
2. The Flower Kings "A King's Prayer" (2005 Remix) 6:03
Previously unreleased
Original version apppears on "Space Revolver" (2000)
3. Woodenhead "Buzz Beat" (Live) 6:45
Previously unreleased, recorded live at Tipitina's in New Orleans, 1995
Original version appears on "Perserverance" (2003)
4. Djam Karet "The Shattering Sky" 6:02
Previously unreleased
5. Neal Morse "Sleeping Jesus" (Live) 5:18
Previously unreleased, recorded live in Whittier, CA, November 2003
Original version appears on "Testimony" (2003)
6. The Muffins "Essay R" (Remix) 5:53
Previously unreleased
Original version appears on "Bandwidth" (2002)
7. Caravan "Love Song with Flute" (Live) 4:06
Previously unreleased, recorded live at The Bloomsbury Theatre, 2003
Original version appears on "Caravan" (1968)
8. Änglagård "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" 7:18
Originally released as a bonus single in Ptolemaic Terrascope No.5, 1994
Also available on remastered version of "Hybris" (2000/2003)
9. Little Atlas "On and On" 5:34
Previously released on "Wanderlust" (2005)
10. Arjen Anthony Lucassen "Pools of Sorrow/Not Over You" 5:25
Previously unreleased
Original versions appear on "Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy" (1993)
11. California Guitar Trio "Zundoko Bushi" (Live) 3:47
Previously unreleased, recorded live at Johnny D's in Boston, 2005
Original version appears on "CGT+2" (2002)
12. Pendragon "Sou' by Sou'west" 6:50
Previously released on "Believe" (2005)

After The Storm.

PETER GABRIEL: has posted the following appeal on his website:
South East Asia Earth Quake Appeal

South East Asia Earthquake Appeal "This is a request for help. The massive earthquake which devastated Kashmir, Pakistan and northern India last year has claimed tens of thousands of lives already. But with winter biting hard, there are fears that the death toll could rise yet further.

We've had ties with Pakistan from many years, particularly with Qawwali music and the extraordinary voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His family have generously agreed to allow us to make available two tracks - one a collaboration with Massive Attack, Mustt Mustt and one with myself Taboo, as a download to raise money. So basically you are getting two extraordinary pieces of music for the price of one!

We need a lot of downloads and we need you to do a bit of marketing for us. So, if you could persuade say 10 of your friends to do the same download we can get real money to real people really fast. Please help us to help them!"

- Peter Gabriel

RICK VAN DER LINDEN: It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Rick van der Linden [Ekseption] who passed away today.
This morning Rick passed away after a battle his spirit could not win from his body. Rick died after the complications of a brain stroke. Joining Ekseption in 1978 on keyboards, Rick was responsible for composing their music as well as producing solo works. Rick produced a total of 48 albums selling approximately 6 million copies.
22th January 2006

Sharon den Adel & Robert from Within Temptation got a daughter; Eva Luna, congratulations!
Date of birth; 7 December 2005 (8 weeks to early, hope everything is well).

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has more than one reason to celebrate on his 60th birthday next year - March 6th 2006 sees the long-awaited release of his new solo album "On An Island".

Released on EMI Records, the album is the first solo release from David since 1984's "About Face". Following the release of "On An Island", David will embark on a European and American tour during the months of March, April and May 2006 - and we should have details of these dates soon.

"On An Island" is produced by David, along with Chris Thomas and Phil Manzanera. Orchestrations are by the renowned composer Zbigniew Preisner and were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

live The title track teams Gilmour with David Crosby and Graham Nash - three of the greatest voices in contemporary music. Richard Wright, Robert Wyatt, Jools Holland, and Guy Pratt also feature on the album.

Brain Damage have announced the first of a series of dates for Dave Gilmour's Spring 2006 Tour, to coincide with the release of his new album:

Here's the full run-down of dates confirmed so far:

Ticket Information for all the European concerts will be at: www.davidgilmour.com shortly.

More info at: On an Island.





Playboy, December 2005
The US version of the December 2005 issue of Playboy Magazine has their annual Music Poll. In the associated feature, they interview certain musicians on their views of the current music scene, Roger Waters being one of them.

They posed him a few questions, looking at his view on the Live 8 reunion, and also modern music. Here's an extract of the article:

The full article is in the December 2005 issue, on US news-stands now. Our thanks to Jon Arnold who sent over this info.

NEWS october 2005:
New Super Group:
David O'List (The Nice),

Matthew Cohen on the six string bass (Magenta), no sorry he left...

Bob Dalton (It Bites / Kino),

Andy Tilison (The Tangent) and

Jason McDonald (The Blue Horses).

New Super Group Part II called Neo:
Andy Edwards (IQ/Robert Plant),
John Jowitt (IQ/Arena/Jadis/John Wetton Band),
Clive Nolan (Arena/Pendragon/Shadowland/Nolan-Wakeman) and
Mark Westwood (Martin Orford Band)

Stream Of Passion download the 'download only' single called Wherever You Are. Only for Dutch fans... here.

ROGER WATERS: Roger Waters Online has revealed that Waters is planning to release not one, but two new rock albums in late 2006, early 2007. The first project deals with politcal angst and his feeling towards recent wars around the world the second project is decribed as a continuation of The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking and deals with feelings of love and sex! A tour although likely to be his last is being planned for 2007.

Deadwing wins Classic Rock album of the year.

Porcupine Tree are pleased to announce that they held off competition from Robert Plant, Foo Fighters, and other nominees, to win the album of the year award in UK magazine Classic Rock. The November issue reports "Porcupine Tree trounced the opposition to win the coveted Album Of The Year gong at our Awards". The band would like to thank readers of the magazine for voting for Deadwing. The same issue also includes the video for Lazarus on the cover mount DVD.

It's official! The Pulse DVD will finally be out on December 5, and we have all the details of this forthcoming release. Click here to see the complete dazzling rundown of extras!

Pink Floyd.

SPECIAL OFFER from www.floydstuff.com » Pink Floyd - London 1966-67
UK Snapper 2005 30-minute Region 0 DVD, with stunning footage of the Floyd recording in early 1967 and an impression of the 14 Hours Technicolour Dream. All in superb quality and at a stunning price!

A great interview with: Storm Thorgerson by www.DPRP.net.

And another one with: Nick Barrett.

Kate Bush

Kate's brand new album Aerial will be released on November 7th, the new single King of the Mountain is out on October 24th! King Of The Mountain artwork

PINK FLOYD: a second Pink Floyd reunion is at hand as the band has been inducted at the 2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame. The following statement has been released on Brain Damage website:
David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright are to re-unite for the second time in 24 years, to attend the 2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame ceremony. We can reveal that Channel 4 TV and Initial will tomorrow announce that Pink Floyd are amongst the inductees to the Hall Of Fame.

The four of them will attend the ceremony, to be held in November. It will be only the second time in almost a quarter of a century that the whole group has appeared on stage together. Earlier this year Pink Floyd delighted millions of fans worldwide by reforming for a remarkable one-off performance at Live 8. The band set aside their differences to help raise awareness of world poverty and to lobby the leaders at the G8 summit.
The Live 8 show was the first time they had all appeared together since the final performance of The Wall at Earls Court on June 17th, 1981.

Pink Floyd have been selected for induction by the UK Music Hall of Fame Steering Group - a panel comprising over 60 respected artists, music journalists, broadcasters and music industry executives.
For the full article, click here.

Live 8 DVD LIVE 8 DVD: More good news for Pink Floyd fans is that the headline-making reunion with Roger Waters is included in full on the upcoming Live8 4-DVD set, which is slated for release on November 7th (a day later in the US).
Also included is exclusive footage from the Pink Floyd rehearsals.

For further information visit the Live8 website.

I am saddened to report that on Sept. 6th, 2005 Unicorn's lead singer and drummer Pete Perryer passed away. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Troy Donockley and Magenta together in the studio, while Matthew Cohen left the band.

At a party, to celebrate the marriage of Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera to leading music publicist Claire Singers, featured a session of 60s soul and other golden oldies played by a band featuring:
Phil Manzanera,
Mike Rutherford
and the Floyd's
David Gilmour on guitars; Roxy Music's
Andy Mackay on saxes; and drummers
Bill Bruford,
Paul Thompson (Roxy Music) and
Kenny Jones (Small Faces).

Left to right: Claire, Alfie and Robert, Lucho, Polly and David Gilmour, Rhett Davies, Phil and Paul. (May 2005).

Iain Jennings (Mostly Autumn) Solo cd will be called:
"Breathing Space"

Featuring Olivia Sparnenn on vocals
Liam Davison and Bryan Josh on guitars
Andrew Jennings on drums.

9 Tracks (including 2 instrumental tracks) The last track "Escape" is a collaboration with Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers)
Total running time: approx 57:07
Release date: September 2005
Available at Mostly Autumn gigs price £10 (15euro) Or by sending £13 (20euro) cheque to: (Please include name and full postal address)

Iain Jennings
PO Box 706
YO30 7WT
Lowland tour 2005:

31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE
1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL
3 september 2005
4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL
17  december  2005  Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL

Special X-mas show, this event will be recorded for dvd!

See You!
Pictures and Reviews LowLands 2005.

Odin Dragonfly: live performances of Heather and Angela, planned in the Autumn and Winter 2005.

A nice article about Prog and an upcoming festival.
Yeah real nice, well done Stephen Lambe!

Magenta are delighted to announce that Daniel Fry will be joining the band as their new bass player.
See Magenta.


Magenta would like to announce that Matthew Cohen has decided to leave the band.  Matthew felt that it was time to move on to pastures new and we respect that decision.  The departure was amicable and we wish him well in all future musical endeavours.  Matthew has been with us from the start and his contribution to the band is greatly appreciated.  We are certain that our paths will cross in the future and we’ll always remain close friends.

Matthew would like to add the followingMy decision to leave Magenta was not an easy one and was thought about very hard.  I have had a wonderful 3 years with some of the best musicians on the scene.  The songs have been a pleasure to play and meeting new people all over the world has been a real honour and joy for me.  Magenta are an amazing group of people that play wonderful music and I know they will go on to be big players on the scene and I wish them all the luck and love in the world.  I will be back playing in the very near future and I am really looking forward to my next musical adventure and to seeing the growth of Magenta over the coming years.  I thank you all for the amazing support you have shown and would like to thank Magenta for being so wonderful to me over the period of time I have gotten to know them as musicians and friends.  Take care and Keep Rocking and see you all soon :o) xx”

Magenta are currently busy rehearsing with a new bass player and an announcement regarding the new line up will be made in due course.  The band are also working hard, putting the finishing touches to the new live DVD and studio album and are looking forward to a new and exciting chapter in the future of Magenta.


Every single day, 30,000 children die, needlessly, of extreme poverty.

On July 6th, we finally have the opportunity to stop that shameful statistic.

8 world leaders, gathered in Scotland for the G8 summit, will be presented with a workable plan to double aid, drop the debt and made the trade laws fair. If these 8 men agree, then we will become the generation that made poverty history.

But they'll only do it if enough people tell them to.

That's why we're staging Live 8. 5 concerts, 100 artists, a million spectators, 2 billion viewers, and 1 message... To get those 8 men, in that 1 room, to stop 30,000 children dying every single day of extreme poverty.

We don't want your money - we want you!

Watch the Launch

Click here to watch a short film about the launch of LIVE 8

LIVE 8 London Tickets

Winners ticket collection

Not available for WAP access


Veteran rock band Pink Floyd have been added to the list of acts appearing at next month's Live 8 concert in London. Roger Waters will be reunited with band-members Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright for the show. The show, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to help fight African poverty, is one of five taking place around the world on July 2.
Meanwhile, pop fans have until midnight to apply for tickets for the concert at Hyde Park. People wanting tickets have to text the answer to a multi-choice question to be in with a chance of winning one of 75,000 pairs of tickets. The winning tickets will be drawn at random by computer

Dave Gilmour writes:
"Like most people I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the Third World. It's crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations. Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if reforming for this concert will help focus attention then it's got to be worthwhile."

Is among a notable cast of artists set to perform on BB King's Duets album slated for release later this year. Along with David are U2, Sting, Elton John, Van Morrison and many more. The album celebrates the legendary blues man's 80th birthday on 16th September 2005.

david gilmour pink floyd richard wright nick mason roger waters

Karnataka has reunited!

Magenta was awarded with the honour of having the
Best Live Album 2004 by the Hungarian Progressive Rock Friends.  We beat such luminaries as "IQ ", "Neal Morse", "Mostly Autumn" and "The Flower Kings".  A real honour indeed and we thank all our fans and friends in Hungary.

Styx fans can BID ON Limited Edition numbered copies of Big Bang Theory.
At www.rockpromotion.nl you can win a copy of this cd.

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure , co-founders the 1985 Live Aid charity concert, have confirmed that they are planning a long-rumored benefit concert to fight poverty in Africa.

During Thursday's (5/26) Ivor Novello songwriting awards ceremony in London, Geldof reportedly said that the concert won't be billed as Live Aid 2.

Mostly Autumn will launch their new CD Storms Over Still Water and their new record label Mostly Autumn Records:

June the 4th
London Astoria!

Special guests appearences by friends of Mostly Autumn:

Rachel Jones - ex Karnataka Tervor Bolder - Uriah Heep / ex Spiders from Mars
Ben Matthews - Thunder
Troy Donockley - Iona
Olivia "Lizzy" Sparman

For more info look at: this page

Ian Jennings of Mostly Autumn is working on a solo album!
Heather Findlay, also of this great band is working with Lizzy Sparnenn on a new project ('05). See: this page for more info.

MAGENTA: will be recording their first DVD on May 14th at The Pop Factory in Porth, South Wales. Tickets for the event, which is dubbed "The Gathering 2005" is limited to 100 people, with each attendee receiving a credit on the DVD. Tickets are a bargain at £10 for the show, or £20 for the show and a signed copy of the DVD.

ProgDay Benefit CD, "Kinections", now available
The existence of the annual Labor Day progressive rock festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is threatened due to lack of funding. In order to prevent this unique event from closing up shop, Lew Fisher of The Progressive Music Society has single-handedly enlisted a number of bands for their help in keeping ProgDay alive. Nine prestigious progressive bands have donated tracks, six which are previously unreleased, for a compilation disc to raise money for the festival.

The tracklisting is:

1. Strawbs - Riviera Dei Fiori/Under A Cloudless Sky (6:57)
2. Djam Karet - Pentimento (6:50)(Previously Unreleased)
3. Nathan Mahl - The Place We Call Home (6:27) (Previously Unreleased)
4. Trettioariga Kriget - Lang Historia (7:45)
5. Wobbler - Leprechaun Behind The Door (13:21) (Demo)
6. Sonus Umbra - Self Erosion (6:03)
7. Gert Emmens - The Warlock Returns (9:25) (Previously Unreleased)
8. The Muffins - They Come On Unknown Nights (4:22) (Previously Unreleased)
9. Guy Manning - Top Of The Mountain (17:58) (Previously Unreleased Demo)

The original artwork was donated by Ed Unitsky of The Tangent and The Flower Kings fame.

For details on how to order this unique album (limited to 1000 copies) go to Lew Fisher's web site. The CD is $12.00 with all profits going to support the continuation of ProgDay.

More on ProgDay at http://www.progday.com


Yesterday's issue of Poland's most reputable newspaper, Rzeczpospolita, reported that David Gilmour has invited famous Polish musicians to work on his new album.

We have been aware that David has been hard at work, first in London's Abbey Road Studios, then in his own Astoria houseboat studio, on new material, for the last couple of months or so. This is from impeccable sources close to the musician. The article in Rzeczpospolita gives a little more detail on progress, and here's a translation of the story for you...

Zbigniew Preisner is Poland's leading film music composer and is considered to be one of the most outstanding film composers of his generation (more through this link). Leszek Mozdzer (more through this link) is one of the greatest keyboard talents on the Polish music scene today.

Our thanks to those who wrote with details of this story, in particular Marek Grzesiak, who also provided this translation of the article.

Date news posted: 13 April 2005


Dear All,

We regret to inform you that Mostly Autumn will not be performing at this year's RoSfest.

The governmental red tape involved in processing our visa application has delayed the entire organization to such a degree that we are left with no other option than to postpone our appearance.

We appreciate that this is indeed the 11th hour and that so many of you, like us, will be disappointed to learn this news but, it is entirely out of the hands of both us and the RoSfest team.

I know George and the guys will do all they can to make this years festival just as special for you regardless.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Best wishes to all going to, working at, and playing at this year's RoSfest.

Wish we were there.

Heather Findlay for Mostly Autumn

Lowland tour 2005:

15  juli  2005
16  juli  2005  Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL
31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE
1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL
3 september 2005
4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL

ProgAID and more charity:

14 artists from 9 countries agreed to contribute a track to the One World Tapestry project. We encourage you to explore further the music created by these artists.

In the wake of the devestating tragedy that hit Asia, Australian disc jockey Andrew Holborn, of the program "3rd Ear," embarked on a project to bring together progressive world music artists from around the globe to participate in a benefit CD, the proceeds of which will go directly to The International Red Cross and their relief efforts.

Andrew first approached Colin Bass of Camel and Peter Lindahl of In The Labyrinth about putting together a benefit CD featuring music from artists around the world in genre of "progressive world music," as Andrew terms it. Other contacts soon followed - Attila Kollar of the Hungarian band Solaris; Håkan Almkvist of the Swedish bands Orient Squeezers and Ensemble Nimbus; Steve Warner, an Australian musician; and many others that appear on this CD. Knowing the type of material released by France's Musea Records, he approached Bernard Gueffier, President and General Manager, about producing and manufacturing the CD.

At the same time, Andrew approached Progressiveworld.net publisher and contributing editor Stephanie Sollow for feedback and suggestions. Through her, Steve Unruh (US) was asked to be part of the project. And she offered to design and host this website.

Another project:

Nick D'Virgilio of Spock's Beard
Neal Morse Neal is providing a previously unreleased track!!
Randy George of Ajalon and the Neal Morse band with Rick Wakeman on keyboards!
British Proggers IQ
Mark McCrite and Don Schiff from both Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane
New York-based Proggers IZZ
Jimmy Keegan, Tour Drummer extraordinaire for Spock's Beard

And of course there is this project that is very close to me:

See this page for all the info.

Progfest 2005
The Olympiad Leisure Centre, Chippenham
Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October 2005.

The Line up:




Fri/Sat or Fri/Sun - £25
Sat/Sun - £32
Full weekend - £40

Nick Mason joins in for Tsunami Charity Concert 22-02-05
A thousand people enjoyed an entertainment fest in the name of charity at The Olympiad in Chippenham on Saturday, raising £38,000 and bringing the weekend total for the tsunami appeal to £50,000.
Tickets sold out for the event, supported by the Gazette and Herald. Organiser Richard Ellis said: "It was great to have the backing of the Gazette. Without the paper's support we would not have had the publicity that drew the crowd."
Chapter 13, The Wurzels, The Specials and Iron The Cat entertained the crowd with musical mastery.
Even Nick Mason, formerly ("formerly" is the newspaper's word) of Pink Floyd, and Andy Scott, of The Sweet, joined in the festivities playing alongside each other for the first time.
Mr Mason said: "I was approached by Chris McCormack and I didn't know if I could make it. It's a great idea. If I knew I was going to be playing I would have practised."
See: http://www.pinkfloyd-co.com/pfco_news.html

LONDON -- Legendary rock drummer inductee Jim Capaldi died on Friday, 28 January 2005, after a brief fight with stomach cancer, his publicist said.
The 60-year-old Capaldi, born in England of Italian immigrant parents, died in his sleep at the London Clinic in the early hours with his wife and family at his bedside.
Capaldi founded Traffic in 1967 with Steve Winwood, Dave Mason and Chris Wood. (Wood died in 1983 of liver failure).
He worked with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ian Paice, Sam Brown, John Lord, Paul Weller and others and made some really nice solo albums too.
Thanks Jim for making and sharing the music with us.

Proggers Unite!

Proggers unite in a wonderful Project to help the victims in South-east Asia grieving, homeless and vulnerable.

The song will be called All around the World and
is written by Rob Reed of Magenta.

The list of musicians involved is impressive.
To mention a few personal favourites: Chistina of Magenta, Rachel Jones of Karnataka, Tracy Hitchings of Landmarq and Heather Findlay of Mostly Autumn!

See this page for all the info.


There are more wonderful projects:

Tsunami Relief CD
Started out as a simple at the Spocks Beard message group, "what if..." idea in an online community. And it will become big too:

Spock Beard,
Rick Wakeman,
Neal Morse and his band,
Randy George of Ajalon,
Mark McCrite from both Rocket Scientist and Lana Lane,
Jimmy Keegan, tour drummer Spock Beards.

Cardiff tsunami relief concert
Cardiff's Millenium Stadium on Saturday 22nd January
These join those previously confirmed: Eric Clapton, who will perform with Jools Holland and The Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Feeder, Lemar, Aled Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Badly Drawn Boy, Embrace, Manic Street Preachers and Snow Patrol.

Classic Pictures is producing the video for the Tsunami charity single about to be released in the UK by Universal. The track, titled "Grief Never Grows Old", was written by radio personality Mike Read and performed by various performers under the name One World Project.
Artists recorded so far include Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson, Sir Cliff Richard, Boy George, Steve Winwood, Gary Moore, Bill Wyman, Russell Watson, Kenny Jones, a nd members of the Bee Gees, the Beach Boys, America, and Chicago.

Roger Waters: Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters participated in a star- studded tsunami benefit show on US network NBC Universal, on Saturday 15th January at 8pm EST, called "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope". Roger played "Wish You Were Here" with backing singers Katie Kissoon, Carol Kenyon and PP Arnold and Eric Clapton on guitar.
With Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, Gloria Estefan and more.

Marillion: To help with the Asian tsunami relief effort, Marillion will play a warm-up show for Marillion Weekend 2005 at the Aylesbury Civic on the 9th of March and donate all profits to the DEC - www.dec.org.uk - the "umbrella charity agency" in the UK running the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal.
In addition to the gig proceeds going to the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal, they are also joining forces with Britain's biggest daily newspaper, The Sun, and donating two prizes to their fundraising auction via Ebay: The first auction item is a private chalet for two at the Marillion Weekend 2005 - www.marillionweekend.com -. The second auction item is a private drum lesson from Ian Mosley, a pair of signed drumsticks, AND signed copies of the entire Marillion back catalogue on CD.

Proggers unite in a special Project! More news on this page soon.

Camel: Susan Hoover & Andrew Latimer have a personal anecdote as well as a view of the past year to share. Here it is wholly unedited - because it is an eloquently written message:

Dear Friends,
Originally, we had planned to send our year-end message filled with the excitement of our plans to return to England. But, as we once quoted John Lennon, it is sadly appropriate to quote him again: "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."
Life happened at the bottom of the Indian ocean, a veritable Ground Zero that jettisoned a circle of death on an indiscriminant path of careless destruction. It had no heart or soul; it had no plan or objective; it was merely life, happening; life at its very worst and most terrible.
For a few days, both Andrew and I peered into a dark tunnel. Our cousins, with two of their friends, were spending their xmas holidays in the Maldives. We did not think it humanly possible to hold your breath for 3 days and yet, it was not until we heard their voices, assuring us they were all well, that our lungs began to truly move again, inhaling relief. We were, and are, keenly aware that many are not able yet to take that deep breath of relief. Many never will. And it is nearly incomprehensible how many will not taste the sweet air of this life ever again.
We searched the internet to find positive things that have happened this year but had little success. Perhaps this is because conventional 'wisdom' says good news is not interesting to people. We know there are quiet heroes who never reach the headlines, who make selfless sacrifices for others; we know there are people who give far more than they receive; and we know that the human spirit burns brightly. Some might say it has had to burn too brightly in recent years, but it is an attribute humans can share and take comfort in. Whatever the tragedy, we will -- we must -- do all we can to rise above it, and give of ourselves whatever we have to give.
We heard of a great idea that we thought was so good we should share it with you. It was from a 17 year old woman named Annalise and intended for those who are having New Year's Eve parties tonight. She and her friends called it "Throw Out a Lifeline Online". At your party, have a computer connected to the internet, and encourage your guests to make a donation online. Even if only a little, keep in mind that every little bit helps. And if you are unsure of where to donate, we are happy to offer some ideas and links from NPR (National Public Radio) here in the USA. Many of the sites are international, such as Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) and Oxfam.
Lastly, we ask that you forgive us for using our mailing list for this un-Camel purpose. We also ask that you join with us, most especially this year, in lighting an Hour Candle. Reflect, if you will, on the many good things we have in our lives, the riches we are surrounded by that can't be counted in monetary terms. It is all too easy to focus on what we don't have, missing what we do have. Light a candle. Breathe. That, in itself, is more than many have at this hour.
With our heartfelt wishes for a better 2005.

Thank you Susan and Andy.

Thanks to: Carlos, Francesco, Mike, Susan, Nick, Bart, Michael



Friday - April 29th



ARENA 9:45 PM  
  MYRIAD 8:15 PM  

Friday night event show tickets - Early bird price $30.00 - per ticket and $35.00 at the door  


Saturday - April 30th
(Names are linked to Biography pages)

        PERFORMER         TIME  


MOSTLY AUTUMN CANCELED See top of this page! 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM  
  SYLVAN 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
  TILES 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM  
  EYESTRINGS  11:00 AM to 12:30 PM  

Sunday - May 1st
(Names are linked to Biography pages)

        PERFORMER         TIME  


THE TANGENT 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM  
  MAGENTA 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
  MAN ON FIRE 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM  
  CRYPTIC VISION 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM  

Goodnight, and drive, bike, walk, swim or fly safely.





Think Floyd in Lindos!
Unique Greek festival celebrating the music of Pink Floyd, played live by the UK's foremost tribute band Think Floyd, at Lindos on Rhodes; more info.

Nick Mason

Nick's blaming Dave for the lack of new music and tour :/

Thought the two were close friends

But must we believe everything what is
in the newspapers?

www.brain-damage.co.uk the whole interview.

Pink Floyd

Download 2 unreleased Pink Floyd Songs!

"King Bee" and "Lucy Leave" were recorded in October or November 1965 but were never released as they were not believed to be up to standard. They were simply "test recordings". Some people in the Pink Floyd community have suggested they might be fakes but EMI engineer Phil Smee has no doubt about their authenticity: "These are the demos that Peter Jenner said were not good enough to submit to anyone". You can download these two song on the forum from the link below. If you haven't registered to use the forum it only takes a moment. Use the relevant links below.





Another time, another place, new double live album of Magenta release date 1 December.
You can win it here, just 4 simple questions, the answers are at this site.

Sorry competition is closed (12-12-2004).

Blackfield announce European dates.

7 October 2004

On tour in November and December Following the critically acclaimed release of their debut album and a triumphant gig in London, Blackfield have announced a European tour.

Starting in Greece 27the november, 29th November in the Spirit of 66!
Then the following days; the Netherlands Rijssen & Zoetermeer & 6 times in Germany.

See Snapper Music for more info.

Iona in the Lowlands.
See for a review and interview my Iona-pages.
More dates in Germany and in London will take their dvd recording, see the banner! Check out their website a link is placed on my Link Page.

Roger Waters: Check out Roger Waters.com - there are two brand new songs available to download. Both are a response to events in the Middle East. According to Waters, he began work on his new songs "immediately after the invasion of Iraq...It seems apposite to throw them out there on the Net, before the [USA] election. Historically, there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about things they believe in and they should continue to do so. I shall certainly continue to do so, whether it has any effect or not, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself to do that."
Thanks to DPRP.

Music Festivals: Prog is bustin' out all over! Here's a guide to several events that will happen this fall:

17/18 September - Progsol Festival at Turbensaal, Bellach (SO) with Moongarden (It), Galleon (S), Irrwisch (CH) and others.
9 October - E-Live festival with a great line-up of REDSHIFT, N-TRBI, GERT EMMENS, MAITREYA and REMY.
9/10 October - ProgRésiste, with Mindgames, AmAndA, Paatos and The Watch on the first day, and Eclat, Liquid Scarlet, Ken's Novel and Consorzio acqua potabile on the second day. Place of action is Spirit of 66 in Belgium.
30/31 October - ProgSFest: The Olympiad Leisure Centre Station Hill, Chippenham, Wiltshire will host UK's ProgSFest 2004. Here's the lineup this year:
Saturday 30th October - Ticket £29.00:
1400 Tantalus
1530 The Tangent
1700 -BREAK-
1930 Pineapple Thief
2100 IQ
Sunday 31st October - Ticket £24.00:
1400 The Progs
1530 Galahad
1700 -BREAK-
1930 Magenta
2100 Ray Wilson
£48.00 gets you in for the entire weekend.

Just really sorry to announce that Karnataka is splitt upfor personal reasons. More info you'll find at their page.

Just so you folks know Dave Gilmour is one of the artists lined up for the strat pack fender celebration at wembley arena UK september 24 2004.

Tickets available via ticketmaster.co.uk or whatsonwembley.co.uk other artists include : Paul Rogers (Free, Bad Company) Paul Carrack (Ace, Mike and Mechanics), Joe Walsh (Eagles) Mike Rutherford (Genesis) and few others .. should be a good show in aid of the norfoff robbins trust.

mostlyrpwl Another great festival in Spain on August the 6th with:

Mostly Autumn and RPWL.
They played together: Comfortably Numb! Yeah wish we all were there!



On Thursday August 26th Mostly Autumn will be performing an unique set of classic Pink Floyd.
It takes place in the courtyard of the Warwick Castle.
Tickets only can be order by buying the DVD that will be recorded at this unique gig!
See this place for more info.

The venue will change from Warwick Castle (due to licensing issues ) to Stratford Civic Hall as an added bonus the evening will feature the world premier of the Floyd Quartet arranged and performed by Iain Jennings. / updatye 24 july.

Or more info here.

Mostly Autumn on tour in the Lowlands 2004:

Wednesday 15 December : Schouwburg C.C. Luchtbal. www.ccluchtbal.org Antwerpen promoted by www.prog-nose.org.
Thursday 16 December : 013 Tilburg www.013.web.nl.
Friday 17 December : de Boerderij Zoetermeer www.boerderij.org.
Saturday 18 December : de Kade Zaandam www.kade.nl.

The'll perform a Pink Floyd set at the up-comming Lowlandstour.
If you want an impression of the latest shows in the U.K. visit the Dutch Mostly Autumn site.

And more V-shows planned in November.

More info here.

Realy nice reviews:
David Gilmour: The man and his music as a solo artist
Roger Waters: The dark side of an enlightened mind &
Pink Floyd: The journey of a legendary band.


While you're waiting on a new cd of Mostly Autumn of waiting of the delivering of the new Pink Floyd DVD's you've ordered, have a listen to the mp3's you can download at the Magenta website. I think you'll fall in love, just like I did.
Great 70-ies prog, with a wink to Genesis and Yes. Christina, the leadsinger, has an excellent amazing voice. Seven is their latest proggy album and Broken is their fantastic single. Here you'll find more info.
Classic Rocks brings out some astoinishing "Inside" DVD's from Genesis too Led Zeplin and Pink FLoyd.

Using the actual words of the band and critics, Inside Pink Floyd is the definitive critical review of the music of Pink Floyd from Piper at the Gates of Dawn to Dark Side Of The Moon. Featuring a rare performance of Atom Heart Mother.
1975-1996 This is the first major independent critical review of the work of Pink Floyd from 1975-1996 in concert, on record and on film. The definitive critical review of the music of Pink Floyd from Wish You Were Here to Pulse.

Or take a look at this one: www.rogerwatersonline.com with an excellent review!!!

New Alan Parson Album:
This will be the first record without his long-time bandmates Ian Bairnson, and Stuart Elliott. The new album will be take Alan in a new direction and into world of electronica.

Artists appearing on this record include: Nortec Collective, The Crystal Method, Shpongle, PJ Olsson, and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

The cover artwork for "A Valid Path" was created by Storm Thorgerson.

French magazine Crossroads will be hosting a four hour show (one part acoustic, the other electric) at the Olympia Hall, Paris on June 18th featuring, among others, Jimmy Page, Ben Harper, David Gilmour, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, Arthur Brown, Neal Casal & Band, Gary Louris, Phil May, Mother Superior, Elliott Murphy, Jason Ringenberg, Kevin Salem, Ben Weaver plus more acts to be announced.

At Guy Manning's site you can download a mini-ceedee + cover.
At in interview on BBC Radio 2 recently Richard Wright made an nice remark about Mostly Autumn. Apparently when he was asked what sort of music he was into at the moment he mentioned that his son had got him into a brilliant new band called "Mostly Autumn" (I'm paraphrasing here)(thanks to Ian H.).


More News


Index Symfo-Index.


More proggy news you'll find on:
www.prog-nose.org &

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