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Live Review.

It's planned to be a sort of "Whistle Test" type of performance. it will be filmed in Widescreen digital by a highly experienced professional crew (lots of BBC work behind them) who know the band and the music really well. The sound will be studio recorded, but totally live. Recording will take place in Stockport on Dec 11 & 12 this year, and will feature the full 5 piece lineup with Theo Travis.

The DVD and CD will be much the same content as each other, but there may be some variation depending on space. For SURE there will be live versions of "Where Are They Now", "Paroxetine", "Perdu Dans Paris" and some older stuff too, but we're planning on featuring a completely new track from our "COMM" album way in advance of release.

There should be at least 1 hour and 15 of solid music on the finished DVD, track list will be decided on the basis of which tracks worked out the best, but we're aiming to record everything we have played this year. Inevitably that means there will be a small amount of duplication with the GOING OFF ON ONE DVD from 5 years ago.

More dates announced soon!

First was there the Parallel of 90 Degrees, some matthetical curve that cannot be placed in a box and suddenly there was that new thought of a masterbrain THE TANGENT:
the trigonometric function that for an acute angle is the ratio between the leg opposite to the angle when it is considered part of a right triangle and the leg adjacent or
a straight line that is the limiting position of a secant of a curve through a fixed point and a variable point on the curve as the variable point approaches the fixed point or
has it to do something with Music? Then it could be a small upright flat-ended metal pin at the inner end of a clavichord key that strikes the string to produce the tone ... ??!!??
What the heck! The World That We Drive Through and their first cd The Music That Died Alone made me go off on a tangent. It just stuck me straight away, an abrupt change of course in the way i listen to music....

The Tangent Project CD ("The Music That Died Alone.." 22 September '03), concept and idea by Andy Tillison. Originally conceived as the first solo album by Andy, this album became a more collaborative venture as the time went on. Ian Oakley, the manager of the Flower Kings had the idea to bring in the Flower Kings into the album. The enthusiasm of the musicians turned this combination of three generations of progressive virtuosity into a cohesive whole....

Andy Tillison &
Sammie Baine from Po90,
Roine Stolt,
Jonas Reingold &
Zoltan Csorsz from the Flower Kings (they appear everywhere i believe),
David Jackson from Van Der Graaf Generator !
Guy Manning.

They have some excellent reviews, look at their site at; http://thetangent.org.
If you believe the reviewers this album was be one of the highlights of 2003!
And indeed a very fine excellent proggy album. I knew Andy and Sam Baine from their work with Po90, a bit dark and angry punk proggy music, Guy, a friend and former band-mate, is the singer-songwriter with the melodic, sometimes poppy, symfo, Roine Stolt, the Flower King, with his band mates Jonas Rheingold and Zoltan Csorsz, and their optimism prog, David is the dinosaurs with his great sounding sax and flute, and all together it sounds like great jazzy rocking prog! Not an album of big tripping ego's, no it sounds as a coherence well produced album.

The albums kicks of with "In Darkest Dreams" a epic of 20 minutes. This is what i like about prog; a song with a theme, tempo changes, a wink to Yes, piano, mellotron, Sam Baine who puts some jazzy notes in it, guitar solo's and -oh- that dinosaurs David Jackson is blowing the dark side of the moon from his place, that man is from another planet! Roine, Andy & Guy are the vocalist on this first new prog 70-ies epic, they fit perfectly.
"The Canerbury Sequence"... Did i wrote that Andy was a punk-progger? Sorry i will eat some soap, this is a step back to Caravan, Gong and Hartfield North (the section " Chaos at the greasy Spoon" is actually written by Dave Stewart of Hartfield), great jazzy prog. Very fine harmonies.
Before we chill out totally there's "Up-Hill From Here", an up tempo rocking prog song, if you can sit still with this one blowing out of your speakers, you must be wearing a straitjacket. Roine dominates with his guitar. Man this rocks...
The closing chapter has arrived... "The Music That Died Alone"... 4 sections with a great impact. It starts with a beautiful serenade from Andy on piano, then a flute and the band start a smooth song. Andy is doing the lead according the booklet, but Roine's vocals are making a duet from it. The tempo goes on a higher level and the song started to swing. A song with a nice lyric and a deeper message; keep on going don't let your head hang down! Nice guitar and that sax, where was David the last years, did he just wake up? Please keep him awake!
I mentioned all the players in this review, but i will make a remark on the rhythm section Jason & Zoltan, you can hear they are a bloody well team for a long period, well done boys!

where-is-David? Nick on a sunny Sunday 28 September 2003.

Added an interview with Guy Manning on 25 October.


News: A new Album is planned by Andy, the Flower boys will be involved again;

Andy Tillison - organ, synthesizers, glissando guitar, theremin piano & vocals

Sam Baine - piano, synthesizers, organ

Roine Stolt - electric guitars, unauthorised electric piano, percussion & vocals

Jonas Reingold - bass & spanner

Zolton Csorsz - drums & percussion

Guy Manning - mandolin acoustic guitar & vocals

Theo Travis - flute, sax small dog, (Theo has worked with Gong, Porcupine Tree and more side projects with Steve Wilson, he is well known in the Jazz-scene)!

Tangent's second album The World That We Drive Through is in early October 2004 in time for their debut European "mini tour."
Guy Manning will not appear on the live gigs...

"The Music that died alone"- album was one of my favourite of 2003; adventureous, opening new horizons of the best 70-ies prog, a mix of people that united more as two countries. Does the new album live up to the expectations, that I made? It was a long time waiting to find that out. Finally it was October, the new Tangent album should be in the stores, a ride to my favourite music shop Satisfaction and then a drive throught he lovely hills of the lovely South of the Netherlands to my work;

... Through my walkman on a bike ride in the sun
My bicycle and I...
The traffic whizzes past me
As I pedal futher from the daily strife....

from the Music that died alone.
When I finally arrived at work the ceedee ended; 73 minutes!
No it's no music for on the bicycle, too complex and no I wasn't really hillarisch about what I heard (a bike isn't a vehicle were you must listen to a new cd for the first time was my lesson of that day). So i had to listen again at home:

The artwork:
Splendid done by Ed Unitsky again, you wish the size of a cd was like the vinyl records we used to buy.

The music:
A journey of discovery of progressive rock, Canterbury spheres, 70-ies and 80-ies prog, guitar, keyboard solo's, screaming saxes, nice harmonies and some freaky jazz and that all together in each of the 5 song (the bonus disc contains electronic song called Exponenzgesetz, I believe it is Sam and Andy on keyboards ).
The music of the Tangent has changed a bit, more Flower Kings influences. Some people will be happy with it other maybe not. But the music is undoubtful a perfect synthesis of progressive rock.
"The Winning Game", is the first track and has an great likeness what i heard on "The Music that..." most of the musicians get a change to let us hear what they are capable to, lot of tempo changes and diversity in Andy's singing.
The second track starts more upbeat and has some great sax-solo's. Photosynthesis is the most quite track of the Tangent, with jazzy-piano passages, harmonies. The title track is the most Flower Kings-song and shouldn't surprise me if it was written by Roine. Sam Baine does the intro and it smoothly grows to a more up-beat song.
My favourite tracks is the epic 'A Gap In The Night', it is good to hear Guy Mannings voice, a delightful prog song, great themes, powerful vocals and astoinishing freaky instrumental parts.

The first album was so impressive that it is hard to make a better one. I guess that this album will end high in the top of 2004. If you've one of the albums and you liked it, buy the other one too, you'll not be dissapointed. Maybe you will not be so amazed as you heard "The Music that died alone" for the first time, but this is wonderful prog too, think this album will grow.

  1. The Winning Game 11.09
  2. Skipping The Distance 08:55
  3. Photosynthesis 07:39
  4. The World We Drive Through 12:57
  5. A Gap In The Night 18:22

  6. Exponenzgesetz 14:00


A gig is planned in November the first at the Spirit of Verviers! See you there!

gig-review The band on this tour will be: Andy Tillison, Sam Baine, Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold & Zoltan Csorsz. The set will include music from the (by then) two Tangent albums, as well as the odd bit of music from associated projects and bands.

See for live pictures and a review this page.


At www.dprp.vuurwerk.nl you'll find a interview with Andy.


pyraminds A live recording made at Aschaffenburg Colos-saal, Germany in November 2004 featuring the original Tangent live personnel of Andy Tillison, Roine Stolt, Sam Baine, Jonas Reingold & Zoltan Csorsz. Nearly 80 mins of music on this single CD featuring yet more artwork by Ed Unitsky.

The Tangent April/May Mini Tour The Tangent's new lineup will debut with another short tour this Spring. The SIX PIECE lineup will play concerts in France, Germany, Belgium and finish off with their first performance in the USA where the band are closing the ROSfest festival in Philadelphia.

They will perform at RosFest 2005!

The Lineup for 2005 will be:

Andy Tillison - Keyboards & Vocals

Sam Baine - Keyboards & Vocals

Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar

Theo Travis - Saxophones & Flutes

Krister Jonsson - Guitars & vocals (Karmakanic a project from Jonas)

Jaime Salazar - Drums (ex Flower Kings drummer!).

Tangent 3 recording well under way

The recording of the Tangent's third studio album is now taking place at a variety of locations throughout Europe. New Members Jaime Salazar and Krister Jonsson have been recording with Jonas Reingold, Andy Tillison and Theo Travis in Sweden, Guy Manning has been recording in the UK and France. more sessions are planned at all venues, with a view to completing the album around October for release early in the new year. A t present, no title for the album has been decided, but there are several possibilities. At the time of writing it does look all set to be the first Tangent double CD set.
Andy wrote: tThis is the Tangent's most ambitious project to date and features at least two large scale pieces as well as some shorter and easily accessible pieces. It also features some interesting departures. The new band is great, it proved that on the recent tour, and it's terrific to be recording the new album with that lineup."


The new album by the Tangent, and has been submitted to Inside Out for February release.  Entitled "A Place in the Queue" it is the first to feature new guitarist Krister Jonsson and drummer Jaime Salazar.  At 79 mins it is a lengthy effort - a traditional double album on one CD.  The special edition will feature an extra CD with bonus tracks, demos etc.

Here's the track listing:

1. In Earnest - (Tillison) 20.03
2. Lost In London - (Tillison/Manning) 8.08
3. DIY Surgery -  (Travis/Middleton) 2.16
4. GPS Culture - (Tillison) 10.07
5. Follow Your Leaders - (Tillison) 9.21
6. The Sun In My Eyes - (Tillison) 3.44
7. A Place In The Queue - (Tillison/Travis) 25.19 in queue


What a wonderful art work!

See this page and be amazed! Or look at his place Ed Unitsky.

Release date February 2006.


There were plans for a new super group:
David O'List (The Nice),

Bob Dalton (It Bites / Kino),

Andy Tilison (The Tangent) and

Jason McDonald (The Blue Horses).

But apperently it didn't worked (end 2005).

Sad news:

Sam Baine: left the Tangent (September 2006).
Other news: AS WELL AS will be a cut off, with some planned live gigs: Andy Tillison, Jonas Reingold and Jaime Salazar.
The Tangent's Italian Cousin:
Andreas Tillisoni and Guy De M'anningi have recorded a 25 minute long piece under their "Italian Prog" pseudonym of "La Voce Del Vento" as one third of a concept album based on the old Spaghetti western "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".


A new live album + DVd was released in June 2007; Going Off On One.
And Andy is working on a solo album too: Andy Tillison first solo album FOG is a totally instrumental album of atmospheric and electronic music which fuses Electronic soundscapes a la Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Micheal Hoenig etc together with prog, jazz and other forms. For those of you who have enjoyed the Tangent bonus tracks Exponenzgesatz and Kartoffelnsalat in Unterseeboot... It wil only be available from The Tangents site and Prog mail order specialists.

Jakko M Jakszyk:
Jakko has an enormous history behind him in the story of progressive music, and his most recent solo album The Bruised Romantic Glee Club, which features contributions from Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, (King Crimson) Clive Brooks, Dave Stewart (Egg National Health, Bruford) and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) - is testament to just a part of that history.
Jakko's most well known recent project in progressive circles was as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the 21st Century Schizoid Band, a name given to the reincarnation of the early King Crimson... where Jakko had to be Robert Fripp and Greg Lake and John Wetton at the same time.

Jakko steps into the Tangent to fill a space formerly occupied by Roine Stolt and Krister Jonsson. All the band welcome him and hope for a productive future........

The new album by the Tangent... released early March 2008

Two years after the release of A Place In The Queue, the Tangent return to studio output with the release of their highly ambitious "Not As Good As The Book".

Recorded between 2006 and 2007 in France, Sweden and England the album is the band's first double studio CD, and the special edition of the package includes an illustrated short NOVEL written by Andy Tillison and illustrated by young french artist Antoine Ettori.

"It's a book based on the album" says Andy, "Not the other way around. The album was made quite independently like most albums, with its own themes and concepts. At the same time I was writing this story, and writing about the same things in a different way. Some of the lyrics in the music are retold in the prose of the book" Read Andy's thoughts on the new album here

The album itself features the work of guitarist Jakko M Jakszyk, erstwhile guitarist of The 21st Century Schizoid Band, Level 42 and Dave Stewart/Barbara Gaskin. It's also the first Tangent album without founder member Sam Baine who has been present in all Andy Tillison's recordings since Po90 kicked off in 1996.

The lineup of the band for this album is as follows

Andy Tillison Diskdrive - keyboards/vocals

Guy Manning - acoustic instruments/vocals

Jonas Reingold - bass guitar (Flower ings, Karmakanic)

Jaime Salazar - drums

Jakko M Jakszyk - electric guitar/vocals

Theo Travis - sax/flute (Karmakanic, Porcupine Tree and related bands).

Hear a track from the new album HERE


The new Tangent album Down And Out In Paris And London will be released on November 16th 2009 in Europe.
"Its an album of sequels" says Andy Tillison, "but only in a lyrical sense. I've tried to revisit some of stories and songs we've had in the past and update them - and one of the songs called "Where Are They Now" is a series of updates on some of the characters we've mentioned before, including "Earnest" from our earlier songs. There's also a "Canterbury Sequence Part 2" - we had a lot of requests for that. Musically its one of the most spontaneous things we've done, in that a lot of the album was composed on the fly from improvisations. Its been our biggest technical challenge yet.!


New Line up Autumn 2010:
Michael Gilbourne dis some drumms in the spring, he played in 10cc (early years) and BJH.
Luke Machin - guitar (Jeff Beck, Frances Dunnery, Robert Plant and still be only 21 years old),
Tony Latham - drums,
Jonathan Barrett - bass,
Theo Travis - saxes, flute.
Andy Tillison - keyboards, and whatever.


Solo & Sessions;

SECRET GREEN - A new band with some real history.
Formed by Francis Lickerish, guitarist, composer and founder member of The Enid. Joined by ex Enid members Willie Gilmour (keyboards) and Neil Kavanagh (bass and vocals) along with vocalist Hilary Palmer, guitarist Jon beedle, Andy Tillison on Keyboards and John Howells on drums, the band are currently recording the album Songs To Wake The King some of which will be aired along with some Enid classics at the Arundel Arts Festival on August 27th 2007.
More at www.myspace.com/secretgreen.


Jakko M Jakszyk, former singer/guitarist with the 21st Century Schizoid Band, Rapid Eye Movement (with Dave Stewart/Pip Pyle), Level 42, Warren Harry (punk/pop band who Andy used to like when he was a student) Stewart/Gaskin and many others. New face in THE TANGENT. Jakko's solo album is available from our shop and features a whole host of amazing musicians including Bob Fripp, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Dave Stewart, Clive Brooks, Mark King, blah blah blah. He is more famous than the rest of the Tangent. Jakkos Site Here


Andy did joined Karmakanic.


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Good luck Guy and thanks Andy!