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Flower Kings.
Angels of Merci.



An interview with Göran Edman / June 2010.

Jonas Reingold started this band, Jonas is/ was member of the world famous group The Flower Kings.
He joined forces with Roine Stolt, Jaime Salazar, Zoltan Csörz, Johan Glössner, Göran Edman, Robert Engstrand and Tomas Bodin, all prominent members of the progressive rock family. Karmakanic was born. They recorded their debut album ,Entering the spectra, in 2001 and It's due to be released the 7th of October 2002.
Wheel of life is their new album, with influences of Yes, Dream Theater, King Crimson and Frank Zappa. boss

Jonas Reingold - electric and fretless basses, keyboards
Göran Edman - vocals
Zoltan Csorsz - drums Krister Jonzon - electric and acoustic guitar
Richard Anderson - keyboards (1)
Roine Stolt - guitar (7, 8)
Tomas Bodin - Hammond organ (3, 5)
Hans Bruniusson - percussion (1)
Helen Melin - percussion (2, 5, 7)
Sal Dibba - congas, yembe (5)
Helge Albin - flute (7)
Jakob Karlzon - piano, keyboards (5)
Ola Hedén - vocals (7)
Inger Ohlén - vocals (5)
Alex Reingold - speech (2)

According to Claude 'Clayreon' Bosschem of ProgNose one of the best releases of 2004!

Who's the Boss in the Factory ('08).
Is the new album from Jonas. Featuring:

Krister Jonsson on guitars
Goran Edman on vocals,
Zoltan Csorsz once again on drums and Karmakanic's touring keyboard player
Lalle Larsen

Tomas Bodin - keyboards,
Andy Tillison - more keyboards (The Tangent),
Theo Travis - sax (Gong, Porcupine Tree and assorted side projects) and
Lelo Nika - accordion.


"Live in USA" (2010).
The concept of “The Power Of Two” is based upon the simple idea that two forces working together are more powerful than two separate units working on their own.

Two different repertoires are performed by one single group of people creating an extravaganza of rich textured “wall of sound” that hopefully will find a way to your hearts and minds.

We did a warm-up European tour in September before we packed our bags for two sunny weeks in the U.S.A. The first stop was Los Angeles and the CalProg festival where the drumchair was taken by Nick D'Virgilio. (Spocks Beard,Tears For Fears,Cirque de Soleil,Genesis) With only 6 hours of rehearsal and with almost three hours of dense material to learn, Nick showed how a "true pro" blend in and make it sound like we've been playing together for weeks. Judge for yourselves since all but one track on this disc were recorded from that very first show in Whittier California - October 10th 2009.

Jonas & Roine

The Power Of Two are:

Nad Sylvan - Vocal & Keyboards,
Göran Edman - Vocals, Roine Stolt - Guitars,keyboards & vocal,
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards,
Jonas Reingold - Bass,
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums.

Karmakanic wil play in Ittervoort March 2010 together with Beardfish, see this page.


Pictures by Jaak Geebelen from RockITtervoort 2010.

Jonas Reingold is to start writing a new Karmakanic album later this year. To get inspiration for the songs he plans to stay at the Chelsea Hotel on West 23rd Street in New York for several weeks and write some new material. The hotel has been a centre of creative and bohemian activity for many years. Bob Dylan, Arthur C. Clarke, Alan Ginsburg and Gregory Corso all composed new work when in residence, while the hotel was used in the 1960s by Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and the Grateful Dead.

Karmakanic MySpace.

Agents Of Mercy

Formed in 2008, AGENTS OF MERCY was originally a side-project by Roine Stolt (guitars, bass, vocals) of The Flower Kings fame, whrere the goal was to create a low key, mostly acoustic based type of music.
Along the way Nad Sylvan (vocals) from Unifaun was invited to participate with vocals. However, one thing lead to another, and pretty soon the two of them found themselves involved in a creation that almost took on a life of it's own - for some reason or other the compositions got longer and longer, more and more progressive rock elements found their way into their creations - pretty soon this had evolved into a collaborative project, and the music had changed from low key and acoustic to anything but low key and highly progressive.

With the participation of several musical friends debut album The Fading Ghosts of Twilight was issued in March 2009. Sylvan and Stolt finished some additional projects following the album release; and are taking this project on the road in the autumn of 2009 - in most cases doing a double bill with another Flower Kings side-projct; Karmakanic.

Project players:

Nad Sylvan: Lead & Backing vocals
Roine Stolt: Composer - Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing vocals
Biggo Zelfries: Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Minimoog & Violin
Pat Mastelotto: Drums & Percussion (King Crimson)
Zoltan Csörsz: Drumkit
Jimmy Keegan: Drumkit
Jonas Reingold: Fretless Bass
East Underground Horns: Horns

Live band 2009:
left to right:
- Krister Jonsson: guitars
- Göran Edman: vocals
- Jonas Reingold: bass
- Zoltan Csörsz: drums
- Inger Ohlen-Reingold vocals & percussion
- Nad Sylvan: vocals & Mellotron
- Lalle Larsson: piano & synthesizer
- Roine Stolt: guitars
Dramarama ('10):
Lalle Larsson: keys, vocals
Jonas Reingold: bass
Roine Stolt: vocals, guitar, bass, ukele, keys
Nad Sylvan: vocals, keys
Walle Wahlgren: drums, percussion

The Black Forest ('11):

Lalle Larsson: keys, vocals
Jonas Reingold: bass
Roine Stolt: vocals, guitar
Nad Sylvan: vocals, keys
Walle Wahlgren: drums, percussion



Jonas Reingold.
Roine Stolt.

Göran Edman:
An interview with this charismatic guy / June 2010.

Born April 28, 1956 is a Swedish vocalist. He is noted for his session work with many artists through the years but mainly for his early work with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. He has also recorded with bands and artists such as Brazen Abbot, John Norum, Madison, Karmakanic, Street Talk, Kharma, Crossfade, Signum Regis and Richard Andersson among others.

Now he is involved with Karmakanic.

Madison Diamond Mistress (1984) Best in Show (1986)
Swedish Metal AID - Give A Helpin' Hand (1985)
John Norum Total Control (1987) Live in Stockholm (1990)
Von Rosen - Like a dream (single) (1988)
Glory - Danger In This Game (1989)
Alien - Shiftin' Gear (1990)
Yngwie Malmsteen Eclipse (1990) Fire and Ice (1992)
Alian (1990)
Fortune (1992)
Glory Positive Buoyant (1993) Crisis vs. Crisis (1994) Wintergreen (1998)
Brazen Abbot Live and Learn (1995) Eye of the Storm (1996) Bad Religion (1997) Guilty as Sin (2003) My Resurrection (2005)
Flintstens Med Stanley - Stenhårda Låtar 1 (1995)
Talisman - Best of... (1996)
Thomas Larsson - Freeride (1996)
Sand And Gold – "Remember My Name" ('97) Debut album of duo Pete Sandberg and Jonas Reingold. Pete was born in Norway and at that time he lived in Malmö, Sweden, where he met Jonas. At that time Sandberg had recorded with Madison (where he replaced his friend Göran Edman), Alien and Von Rosen.

Street Talk Collaboration (1997) Transition (2000) Restoration (2002) Destination (2004) V (2006)
Snake Charmer Backyard Boogaloo (1998/2003)
Johansson The Last Viking (1999)
Reingold Universe (1999)
Kharma Wonderland (2000)
Reingold – "Universe" In 1999 Jonas still had his band 'Midnight Sun' but he found that he needed another band to release material that he had written in a different style and in another context. He asked his friends top-vocalist Göran Edman (Malmsteen), drummer Jaime Salazar (Bad Habit) and axeman Marcus Jacobsen to join him. Pete Sandberg - "Push" ('99)

VV.AA. - Power from the North (2000)
Nikolo Kotzev Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus (2001)
Benny Jansson Save the World (2002)
Karmakanic Entering the Spectra (2002) Wheel of Life (2004) Who's The Boss In The Factory? (2008)
Lion's Share (2001)
AOR LA Reflections
AOR - Dreaming of LA (2003)
Crossfade White on Blue (2004)
Talisman (2003)
Minstrel Spirit (2004)
Heed - the call (2005)
Xsavior Caleidoscope (2005)
Swedish Erotica (2005)
Richard Andersson Ultimate Andersson Collection (2005)
Time Requiem Optical Illusion (2006)
Gutter Sirens (2006)
Goran on debut Signum Regis
Signum Regis was founded by bass player Ronnie König and features Goran Edman. The other members are guitarists Ado Kalaber and Filip Kolus, keyboard player Jan Tupy and drummer Ludek Struhar. It's a brand new band that focuses on melodic rock/metal with many neoclassical elements, obviously influenced by Malmsteen and Rainbow. The songs are of high quality, with long inspired solos, clever guitar themes, and majestic vocals. Give it a try if you like this genre.

New Time Requiem album ('06)
New album of Richard Andersson's Time Requiem with Göran Edman on vocals. This band is more progressive oriented than Richard's other neo-classical oriented projects Space Odyssey and Majestic. This is their 4th release (3 studio and 1 live album) and Jonas plays on 2004's studio album "Inner Circle Of Reality" and co-produced the first two albums. (Check out the discography section.) This album shows stunning musicianship, thrilling guitar and keyboards techniques, brilliant vocals and melodies and is complex enough to shock any classical composer and really cheer up anyone who is into melodic progressive metal.

Corin & Edman Roc De Light (2006)
Jayce Landberg Lost Without You (EP) (2007) Break The Spell (2008) Good Sleepless Night (2010)
The Poodles - Sweet Trade (2007)
Voices of Roc (2007)
Vindictiv Vindictiv (2008) Ground Zero (2009)
Signum Regis Signum Regis (2008)
Silent Call (2008)

Shadrane Temporal (2008)
GEFF Land Of The Free (2009)

Solo efforts:

Xsavior; New project by Göran Edman
Caleidoscope is the 2005 debut album of new band XsavioR started by Göran Edman and Benny Jansson. Edman's voice is intriguing and playful as always and it's a real pleasure to listen to his perfectionistic performance that lifts the music a lot. The band sounds very well balanced, as if they have played with each other for years, and also the production is clear and well done. Comparisons can be made with Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery.
Göran Edman - Lead Vocals
Benny Jansson Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matt Norberg - Keyboards
Mathias Garnås - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums, Backing Vocals

Görns fanpage MySpace.




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