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Angels of Merci.

News Feb 2012:
Banks Of Eden is the new album, release date June 2012.
Legendary progressive, iconic, symphonic rockband "The Flower Kings", formed in 1995 by guitarist, singer, composer Roine Stolt ( Transatlantic ), announce their immediate return to service in 2012, after an almost 5 years well earned hiatus.
The band consisting of Roine Stolt, bassplayer extraordinaire Jonas Reingold, keyboarder grand deluxe Tomas Bodin, singer & guitarist Hasse Froberg and new 26 year old Berliner dextrous drummer prodigy Felix Lehrmann, started the recording of a new album at Varispeed Studios in Sweden on January 23rd.
If all Gods and muses are onboard the new TFK is scheduled for an album release on June 6th on the Inside Out Music label (Century Media/EMI).
The band is likely to embark on a headline European Tour in September this year, but will have it's official first re-union gig at the "Sweden Rock Festival" in June 7th - 2012.

Tour dates.

Scandinavian band clearly influenced by the old Genesis.
Roine Stolt the leading man got involved with Transatlantic.
He did some sessions for the Belgium journalist John Bo Bo Bollenberg (As only Stones could speak '02).
Thomas Bodin is the man behind the keyboards and also he made some solo-albums.

The made a few albums before they got well known outside Scandinavia.
Two important side projects of them are called Kaipa and Karmakanic.
And in 2003 there's an excellent collaboration in The Tangent project.

The Rainmaker (2001) a double one:

Roine Stolt - Lead & backing voices, guitars, bass guitar

Tomas Bodin - Piano, organ, synthesizers, mellotrons

Hans Fröberg - Lead & backing voices, acoustic guitar

Jonas Reingold - Fender Precision & fretless basses

Jamie Salazar - Drums

Hasse Bruniusson - Percussion, mallets, chains, voices

Unfold the Future is from '02 and as limited edition again a double album. The old Genesis en Yes with some jazz-rock like Pat Metheny. Nice album. ' Its Guy Mannings favorite, see below; The Tangent.

Zolton Csorsz - drumkit,

Jonas Reingold - basses,

Hasse Frörberg - vocals,

Daniel Gildenlöw - vocals,

Roine Stolt - vocals, guitars & Keyboards,

Thomas Bodin - keyboards,

Hasse Bruniusson - orchestral percussion,

Ulf Wallander - soprano & tenor sax,

Andres Berccrantz - trumpet.

Meet The Flower Kings @ Live Recording two DVD's! A must have for the Flower King fan.

Roine Stolt: Guitars and Vocals,

Tomas Bodin: Keyboards,

Hans Froberg: Guitars and Voice,

Daniel Gildenlow: Guitars, Voice, Keys and Percussion,

Hasse Bruniussen: Percussion and Voices,

Jonas Reingold: Bass guitar and Bass pedals,

Zoltan Csorsz: Drumkit.


The new album will be called Adam&Eve (june 2004).
It is 79 minutes of classical Flowerkings music, ranging from more light acoustic joyful singalong to dark and depressing...eh.
Same lineup as on "Unfold the future" minus Ulf Wallander:

Roine Stolt: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Tomas Bodin: Keyboards
Hans Fröberg: Vocals
Daniel Gildenlöw: Vocals
Jonas Reingold: Basses
Zoltan Csörsz: Drumkit
Hasse Bruniusson: Percussion

And with: Meet The FlowerKings - A Live Recording .
(Released on Inside Out in October)

Roine Stolt - Guitars and Voice
Tomas Bodin - Keyboards
Hans Fröberg - Guitars and Voice
Daniel Gildenlöw - Guitars, Voice, Keys and Percussion
Hasse Bruniusson - Percussion and Voices
Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar and Bass Pedals
Zoltan Csörsz - Drums.


NEWS February 2005:
Zoltan is no longer the drummer of the Flower Kings. He's been fired and replaced by Marcus Liliequist.

Instrumental offspring Circus Brimstone - a Live CD named BrimStoned In Europe" - was released on September 20th in the tradition of recent "Live Official Bootlegs". It was released as a Official bootleg and will be sold on the TFK website shop, at live shows and assorted mailorders and through the regular sources. The CD was recorded by soundman Petrus Konigsson on the European tour April 2005 and has a good quality multitrack "boardfeed" recording that was later mixed in Cosmic Lodge Studio.

Marcus Liliequist-Drumkit
Jonas Reingold-Bassguitar and Basspedals
Tomas Bodin-Keyboards
Roine Stolt-Guitars.

At the moment, September 2006, THE FLOWER KINGS are presenting their just completed live double DVD, Instant Delivery. It shall be out by the end of September and features the complete recording of a concert at the Dutch city of Tilburg in April of this year. Limited worldwide to an edition of 8.000 copies, "Instant Delivery" will also be released as a limited edition, with extended booklet and a live double CD as bonus.

The Sum Of No Evil ('07).
The tracklisting of the new album is as follows:

  1. One More Time
  2. Love Is The Answer
  3. Trading My Soul
  4. The Sum Of No Reason
  5. Flight 999 (Brimstone Air)
  6. Life In Motion
The album will be available in a regular edition as well as a ltd edition digipack which contains a bonus CD with 4 extra tracks and a "making of".

A preview medley of the new album can be heard on the Flower Kings Myspace site.

Art work by Ed Unitsky. The Flower Kings Music is full of fantasy and flair, just as you'd expect from Flower Kings. Most of all, this is The Flower Kings "TO THE MAX", according to Roine. “It has everything a prog lover would loves and it delivers both skill and passion with no cheese moments and no pointless prog noodling just for the sake of proggin'.”
The music has passages of keyboard heavy transitions, reflecting the progrock of the 70’s, plenty of true analog Hammond B3, Wurlizer, Rhodes pianos, Mini-Moog and CS 80 galore.
A top 70’s vibe prog rhythm section of Drums and Bass from Zoltan and Jonas along with some cool epic guitar leads. Hasses’ high and strong pitch vocals deliver the epic chill, and Roine’s lower vocal unique vocals that take you to unseen places. This is an album that is pure prog. It has no pop songs, no jazz noodling (unless you consider Crimson or Zappa to be jazz) and no ambient experiments, just as a progger surely enjoys. On one track The Flower Kings had a 320 men/women choir flown in from Budapest and 3 imported German Church organs that were taken down and rebuilt in the studio for that Grand Final chord of the last song and a long sustained one that last for 54 seconds . A fantastic intense REAL PROG EPIC ENDING.

So set the pot to brew for your favorite cup of tea, gather your headphones and enjoy!

NEWS May 2008
The Flower Kings announce two new members: drummer/percussionist Erik Hammarström and vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist Ola Heden. Premiere of the new line-up will be on the Loreley festival in Germany on July 19th.

Erik Hammarström plays also drums in the promising new band Bright eye Brison.

The band is working on a number of sideprojects at the present including new releases from Karmakanic (yes finally) and Tomas Bodin (Cinematograph), and there are two yet unnamed project/groups from Dr Stolt & Dr Reingold and Erik Hammarstöm is part of the new Brightseye Brison CD release.... any day now . Flowerkings will reunite in a couple of weeks for a series of rehearsals for upcoming shows/festivals and later also for a new CD recording.

More : the CD / Merchandise shop at www.flowerkings.se is up and running again and one good reason to go there might be to get the new Official Bootleg live in USA 2006 CD called "Carpe Diem".

Upcoming shows are as follows:

Saturday, 19th July 2008
Loreley outdoor Festival "Night Of The Prog" (with Roger Hodgson, It Bites, Pain Of Salvation, Fish, Neal Morse, Isildurs Bane, Barclay James Harvest etc.)

Sunday, 24th August 2008
"3 Rivers Festival" The Pepsi Roadhouse, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (with California Guitar Trio, Spock's Beard, Rocket Scientists, etc.)

Tuesday, 26th August 2008
BB Kings - Lucilles Grille (237 W 42nd Street) New York City, NY, USA

Wednesday, 27th August 2008
Regent Theater Arlington, MA, USA

Saturday, 30th August 2008
Martyrs (MARTYRS' 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL, USA

Saturday, 6th September 2008
Another progfestival Cascais - Portugal

Saturday, 11th October 2008
Motstoy (Prog & Metal) Festival Norway




The TANGENT Project CD ("The Music That Died Alone..") featuring Andy & Sam from Po90, Guy Manning, plus Roine, Zoltan and Jonas from the Flower Kings and David Jackson from Van Der Graaf Generator! ..the prog album of 2003!


Malmö Jonas Reingold worked with/ in Midnight Sun, Rheingold and Karmakanic ('02). Metal, Symfo, Jazz-rock, space-rock, loads of Dream Theater, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Ayeron and Transatlantic.

Thomas Bodin (also keyboards in the Flower Kings) made a few solo-albums, such as An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary Life ('96) and with Reingold & Csörz called Pinup Guru ('02); a flashback to ELP, Genesis and the Nice, Pinup Guru is entirely instrumental. Sonic Boulevard ('03) with;

Tomas Bodin : keyboards, bass; vocals Jonas Reingold : electric bass,
Zoltan Csörz : drums,
Anders Jansson : lead vocals, choir,
Jocke JJ Marsh : electric guitars,
Hans Bruniusson : percussion,
Ulf Wallander : soprano saxophone,
Jonas Knutsen : soprano saxophone,
Roine Stolt : electric guitars (on songs 1 and 8),
N’nogo Bjurhäll : African scat.

Tomas Bodin and Swedish Family proudly present:
Bo Dean –- Hammond Organ
Veke Berg -- Bass
Algot Davi -- Accordion/Flute/Vibraphone
Redar Gitsdorf -- Guitar
Inge Naning -- Rhodes Piano/Minimoog
Britt Marie -- Percussion
Hadde Wattnåt -- Drums
Alf Willberg -- Soprano Saxophone.

I A M (2005)
A fulminant Prog-Opera in three acts.
1. I 23:12
2. A 21:18
3. M 18:43


Tomas Bodin - keyboards
Jonas Reingold - bass
Marcus Liliequist - drums
Jocke JJ Marsh - guitars (ex Glenn Hughes and Planet Marsh),
Anders Jansson - vocals
Pernilla Bodin - vocals
Helene Schönning - vocals

Cinematograaph (2008).
A great album with great scenes and interesting tunes.
”You Are” will be the title from a new album of Thomas, expected to release after the summer.
Thomas Bodin
Simon Åkesson backing vocals, barbershop lead vocal & arrangement (Moon Safarie)
Janne Hellman backing vocals/high pitch veils
Hasse Fröberg backing vocals (lead vocal line)
Helene Schöning backing vocals
Pernilla Bodin backing vocals/fx voice/handclap
Peter Lindberg pedalsteel, electric 12 strings, Fender telecaster
Ulf Lovéus Martin acustic 6 & 12 strings
Samuel Bodin Gibson SG electric guitar/handclap
Mats Johnsson French Horns
Alexander Lundberg Cello
Adam Bodin handclap/fx voice
Moa Berglund fx voice
Bony as the angry boss!
Renee Fischer radio voice
Don Cassidy radio voice
Atmospheres recorded in NYC.

His band is called:
Eggs & Dogs.
Michael Stolt: Vox & bass,
Jocke JJ Marsh: guitar,
Marcus Lilijequist: drums & Tomas Bodin:keys.

Sessions for:

Stolt * Big Daddy (Single)
* Burning Bridges (Single)
* The lonely heartbeat (CD)
* Gammal Fäbodspsalm (Maxi-single)
Annika Frölander * Stackars Caroline
* Hur ska det gå för Caroline (CD single)
Kent Wennman * Anna
* Kattguld Stjärnor och Havsdjup
* Omodern och glad
Viviann Vindenes * Närhet
* Endelöse Drömmer

The D Project (Shimmerimg Lights, with Fred Schendel (Glasshammer) and Thomas Bodin (Flower Kings)).

Childrens Songbook I and II (Polygram) Theatres/Movie productions

* Pyspunka (Cabaret Berns Salonger)
* Ungdomsår
* Skilsmässa
* Lilla Boye (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* Sagan on den lilla farbrorn (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* Det blödande pepparkakshjärtat (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* Blå dunster (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* En Emigrant (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* I tid och otid (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* En gammal meny (Written and Directed by Tomas) (Uppsala Stadsteater)
* Tr-la-la-la (Riksteatern)
* Dom vuxna (Riksteatern/Circus Circör)
* Världens Bolla (Riksteatern)
* Boston Marriage (Royal National Theather of Drama)
* Lilla Dora (Swedish Filminstitut/Lambert Production)
* Mamy Blue (Lima production)
Cross (The Thrill of Nothingness '09)(with Bruno Edling (Violent Silence) and Kent Kroon).



Was more or less the start of the Flower Kings (see above). And was reformed in '02. Notes from The Past is a really nice album with good keyboards a fine guitar-work.

Hans Lundin (Hammond organ, synthesizers, mellotron, piano, vocals),
Roine Stolt (electric and acoustic guitars) with the additional help of drummer ,
Morgan Ågren (Zappa, Mats & Morgan),
lead vocalist Patrik Lundström (Ritual) and
bass player Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings),
Tove Thorn Lundin - vocals,
Aleena - vocals.

In 2003 with Keyholder

Hans Lundin: Hammond organ, synthesizers, mellotron, pianos & vocals
Roine Stolt: Electric & acoustic guitars, percussion & vocals
Morgan Ågren: Drums
Jonas Reingold: Fretless & Yamaha custom basses
Patrik Lundström: Lead and backing vocals
Aleena: Lead and backing vocals

Mindrevolutions ('05)

Hans Lundin: Keyboards & vocals
Roine Stolt: Electric & acoustic guitars, percussion & vocals
Morgan Ågren: Drums (Zappa)
Jonas Reingold: Fretless & Yamaha custom basses
Patrik Lundström: Vocals
Aleena: Vocals

Angling feelings ('07)
This is the first Kaipa album with new guitar player Per Nilsson. Kaipa’s mastermind and keyboard player Hans Lundin and Per are old friends and worked together recording the album “Hagen: Corridors of time” in the late 90’s. Per is nowadays mostly famous as the lead guitar player in Swedish metal band Scar Symmetry.

Hans Lundin: Electric, acoustic and virtual keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson: Electric guitars
Morgan Ågren: Drums
Jonas Reingold: Electric basses
Patrik Lundström: Vocals
Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guest: Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles.

Hans describes the birth of this album: During the summer of 2005 I worked with the Kaipa box and I didn’t make any attempt to write new music. When I started to write the songs for this album in October 2005 I was afraid that I was totally out of ideas but the fact is it was like opening a magical box and in less than three months most of the songs for the new album were written. With this album I allowed the music to find it’s own direction and sometimes flow in very unexpected directions but also to be very simple when I felt it was necessary. I wanted to make a progressive music but not in the traditional way. When I listen to the final result I think the best description of the music on this album would be: Progressive-fusion-folk-rock. The title track “Angling feelings” is inspired by Jan Ternald’s original artwork for the album and as a fact I think during the whole writing process I tried to keep up this positive vibe I find in this artwork. This is probably the most joyful and relaxed recording session I’ve ever been involved in and I hope you can hear it in the final result.

In The Wake Of Evolution ('10).

Hans Lundin: Electric, acoustic and virtual keyboards, vocals
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Jonas Reingold - Electric basses
Peter Nilson - guitars (also in Scar Symmetry)
Aleena Gibson - vocals
Patrik Lundström - vocals
Fredrik Lindqvist (Ritual)

Fredrik Lindqvist - flute
Elin Rubinsztein - violin

Listen to a few sound samples at: www.myspace.com/kaipa.

Vittjar (August 2012).
Line Up:

Hans Lundin: Electric and acoustic keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson: Electric and acoustic guitars (Scar Symmetry)
Morgan Ågren: Drums (Mats & Morgan, Zappa)
Jonas Reingold: Electric basses (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic)
Patrik Lundström: Vocals (Ritual)
Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guests:
Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles (Ritual)
Elin Rubinsztein: Violin.

Picture from Ken Ansted at Progfest 2004.



Jonas Reingold, member of the world famous group The Flower Kings, wrote in the autumn of 2000 a couple of progressive masterpieces. He joined forces with Roine Stolt, Jaime Salazar, Zoltan Csörz, Johan Glössner, Göran Edman, Robert Engstrand and Tomas Bodin, all prominent members of the progressive rock family. Karmakanic was born. They recorded their debut album ,Entering the spectra, in 2001 and It's due to be released the 7th of October 2002.
Read more at their own page.

Roine Stolt

Is also involved in:
Pär Lindh and Björn Johansson - Dreamsongs From Middle Earth as bassplayer on one song!

ProgAid ('05).

Neal Morse ('05).

Wall Street Voodoo (November 11th '05). A solo double album.

Neal Morse
Alumni Hasse Bruniusson on percussion and
Marcus Liliequest on drums, as well some rather illustrous named characters
Slim Pothead, aka?, (wurlitzer, mini moog and Hammond organ),
Victor Woof, aka?, (bass), and
Gonzo Geffen, aka?, (congas and loops).

Dave Brianbridge, Songs for Luca II ('05).

Agents Of Mercy project players:
Nad Sylvan: Lead & Backing vocals
Roine Stolt: Composer - Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing vocals
Biggo Zelfries: Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Minimoog & Violin
Pat Mastelotto: Drums & Percussion (King Crimson)
Zoltan Csörsz: Drumkit
Jimmy Keegan: Drumkit
Jonas Reingold: Fretless Bass
East Underground Horns: Horns

AN ENDLESS SPORADIC: Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold recently worked with progressive rock duo An Endless Sporadic on their first self-titled full-length CD:
In May, An Endless Sporadic was recorded, and mixed in Lund, Sweden in only three weeks, with internationally-renowned progressive rock guitarist, vocalist and producer, Roine Stolt, producing. Mastering took place at M-Works Mastering Studio in Boston.

Jonas Reingold

His skills lie beyond just playing bass with The Flower Kings and playing bass and writing songs with his own band Karmakanic. Jonas is also busy with mixing and producing albums for other artists and he performs live on stage with other bands and projects too. Flower Kings
The Downtown Clowns - "DTC" ('94)
Sweden Bass Orchestra ('95)
Sand And Gold – "Remember My Name" ('97) Debut album of duo Pete Sandberg and Jonas Reingold. Pete was born in Norway and at that time he lived in Malmö, Sweden, where he met Jonas. At that time Sandberg had recorded with Madison (where he replaced his friend Göran Edman), Alien and Von Rosen.
Midnight Sun - "Above And Beyond" ('98) "Nemesis" ('99) With Jonas Reingold and Anders "Theo" Theander, Jaime Salazar and guitar virtuoso Magnus Karlsson. Jonas' long-time friends Pete Sandberg and Jaime Salazar are also present.
Pete Sandberg's Jade ('99)
Reingold – "Universe" In 1999 Jonas still had his band 'Midnight Sun' but he found that he needed another band to release material that he had written in a different style and in another context. He asked his friends top-vocalist Göran Edman (Malmsteen), drummer Jaime Salazar (Bad Habit) and axeman Marcus Jacobsen to join him. Pete Sandberg - "Push" ('99)
Mansson - "Arch Of Decadence" ('99)
Anatholi Bulkin - "Initiation" ('99)
Midnight Sun - "Metal Machine" ('01)
Par Lindh Project – "Veni Vidi Vici" ('01)
Pete Sandberg's Jade - "Origin" ('01)
Reptilian ('01 & '02) Quite a nice new band. Founders Jonas Blum and Joel Linder played and recorded with the band "Majestic" just one year earlier. Jonas Reingold also played bass. Keyboard player Thomas Blum is the brother of the vocalist. The performances of the musicians are of a high quality, and quite technical but also rather neo-classic.
Opus Atlantica - "Opus Atlantica" ('02) Debut album of Opus Atlantica where Jonas was re-united with vocalist Pete Sandberg (he sung on all three albums of Midnight Sun) and drummer Jaime Salazar. On this album the line-up is completed by young guitar wizard Johan Reinholz.
Tomas Bodin – "Pinup Guru" ('03)
Karmakanic ('03 -'10)
The Tangent – "The Music That Died Alone" ('03 and on all the other Tangent albums).
Time Requiem - "The Inner Circle Of Reality" ('04) Their second studio album with 50 mins of brilliant flashy progressive rock/metal featuring Swedish keyboardist extraordinaire Richard Andersson, Jonas on bass and Zoltan Csörsz on drums.
The Tangent – "The World That We Drive Through" ('04)
Pete Sandberg - Reflections ('04)
Floodgate - "More" ('04)
Jonas plays on a couple of tracks on this album of singer Daniel Dahlqvist and keyboard player / guitarist Ola Hedén
Tomas Bodin - "I Am" ('04)
Kaipa ('05, 07)
The Tangent - "A Place In The Queue" ('06)
Tomas Bodin - Cinematograaf ('08)
Lalle Larsson - Seven Deadly Pieces DVD ('08)
Inferno, A Progressive Rock Epic ('08)
The Tangent - Not As Good As The Book ('08)
Karmakanic ('08-'10)
Angel of Mercy ('09)
Splinter ('09) (producer with on one track Zoton Görs)
3rd World Electric ('09)
Roine Stolt - Guitar
Jonas Reingold - Bass
Lalle Larson - Piano, Keyboards
Karl-Martin Almqvist - Saxophone
Dave Weckl - Drums
Zoltan Czörsz - Drums
Ayi Solomon - Percussion
The Power of Two ('10)
AN ENDLESS SPORADIC: Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold recently worked with progressive rock duo An Endless Sporadic on their first self-titled full-length CD:
In May, An Endless Sporadic was recorded, and mixed in Lund, Sweden in only three weeks, with internationally-renowned progressive rock guitarist, vocalist and producer, Roine Stolt, producing. Mastering took place at M-Works Mastering Studio in Boston.

Other Side Projects

Goran on debut Signum Regis
Signum Regis was founded by bass player Ronnie König and features Goran Edman. The other members are guitarists Ado Kalaber and Filip Kolus, keyboard player Jan Tupy and drummer Ludek Struhar. It's a brand new band that focuses on melodic rock/metal with many neoclassical elements, obviously influenced by Malmsteen and Rainbow. The songs are of high quality, with long inspired solos, clever guitar themes, and majestic vocals. Give it a try if you like this genre.
CLARK is a new swedish band that got together in 2004, but the members all have been friends for years and have played in several local bands in the past. They play melodic pop/rock with driving guitars and vocals and extremely catchy melodies. So what's about this band? Well, on drums you will find Marcus Liliequist, who is a permanent member of The Flower Kings and who has played live with Karmakanic too.
New Time Requiem album ('06)
New album of Richard Andersson's Time Requiem with Göran Edman on vocals. This band is more progressive oriented than Richard's other neo-classical oriented projects Space Odyssey and Majestic. This is their 4th release (3 studio and 1 live album) and Jonas plays on 2004's studio album "Inner Circle Of Reality" and co-produced the first two albums. (Check out the discography section.) This album shows stunning musicianship, thrilling guitar and keyboards techniques, brilliant vocals and melodies and is complex enough to shock any classical composer and really cheer up anyone who is into melodic progressive metal.
Krister Jonsson is Waiting For Atonesjka ('05)
Second album of Krister Jonsson Trio. [First one is "I`ll Stay Out Here And Talk To Harry" from 1999.] Krister plays guitar with Karmakanic [and The Tangent] but his own style lies in the area of modern progressive/electric jazz and on this album he added cellist and composer Svante Henryson for a peaceful and enchanting effect.
Xsavior; New project by Göran Edman
Caleidoscope is the 2005 debut album of new band XsavioR started by Göran Edman and Benny Jansson. Edman's voice is intriguing and playful as always and it's a real pleasure to listen to his perfectionistic performance that lifts the music a lot. The band sounds very well balanced, as if they have played with each other for years, and also the production is clear and well done. Comparisons can be made with Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery.
Göran Edman - Lead Vocals
Benny Jansson Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matt Norberg - Keyboards
Mathias Garnås - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums, Backing Vocals

Hasse Fröberg
Successful soccer coach!
Started his first band on the age of 10: HPP3: Patric Pettersson - drums, Patric Cohen - keyboards, Hasse Fröberg - vocals and guitar.

When he turned 15 a new band called: Rampljud: Janne Olander - Bass, Thomsson - rhythm guitar, Janne Isaksson - drums, Hasse Fröberg - vocals and lead guitar.
Spellbound, started in 1982: Al Strandberg - guitar, Ola Strandberg - drums, Thomsson - bass, Hasse Fröberg - vocals. Later in 1983 J.J Marsh joined our forces on guitar.

Solid blue ('87): Janne Olander - bass, Palle Isaksson (Janne Isakssons older brother) -drums, Sören Cederberg - leadguitar, Rikard Zander - keyboards, Hasse Fröberg - vocals, rhythm guitar.
And in '97 he joined the Flower Kings till 2008.

Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion:
Hasse Fröberg - Vocals, guitar
Thomsson - Bass
Kjell Haraldsson - Keyboards
Anton Lindsjö - Lead guitar
Ola Strandberg - Drums

He joined
Mark Trueack at his "Hope" project ('10). Mark is one of the leading forces in Unitopia.




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