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UNITOPIA - (yu-nih-to-pi-E): meaning living together as one in a place of ideal perfection especially in law, government and social conditions.
Our music is dedicated to a hurting world and we truly believe that world peace and the love of all mankind are attainable goals.

  • Unitopia's first dvd at pre-sale "One Day in Europe", more info.

  • Live pictures!
    The first video's and photo's on this page..
  • More news: here below.

  • Unitopia are one of Australia's most exciting progressive rock acts. Based in Adelaide, South Australia they released their debut CD More Than a Dream in 2005 to critical acclaim.


    Their follow-up CD The Garden was released by InsideOut Music and has been touted as one of the best progressive rock releases of 2008.

    The Garden ('08):

    Mark Trueack - vocals/hand percussion
    Sean Timms - Keyboards/Vocals/Mandolin/lapsteel/backing vocals
    Matt Williams - Acoustic & Electric Guitars/Vocals/Banjo
    Shireen Khemlani - Electric and Acoustic Bass/Vocals
    Monty Ruggiero - Drums/Percussion
    Tim Irrgang - Tuned and Un-Tuned Percussion
    Mike Stewart - Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones/Flute/Clarinet/Percussion/Keyboards
    Amanda Timms - Flute
    Kiki Celarik - vocals
    Ed Unitsky - art work.

    The Garden is a double album with a variety of songs, it's absolute prog, but also some toch from rock like Toto and some Peter Gabrielesque tunes. And the brittish prog-songwriter Guy Manning came up in my mind.
    So proggy tunes with sometimes a jazzy underlayment and doors that let some pop come inside.
    Very enjoyable and exciting.
    Think we'll hear more form this band from Adelaide {(please say hi to my auntie ;-)}.

    Artificial (May 2010):

    Mark Trueack - Lead Vocals/Percussion.
    Sean Timms - Keyboards/Backing Vocals/Mandolin/Lap Steel & Acoustic Guitars/Banjo.
    Matt Williams - Acoustic & Electric Guitars/Backing Vocals.
    Jamie Jones - Drums/Percussion.
    Shaun Duncan - Bass.
    Tim Irrgang - Tuned and Un-Tuned Percussion.
    Peter Raidel - Saxed.

    Ed Unitsky - Art.

    This first and special Edition of “Artifical” will feature a 20 pages booklet plus three bonus tracks and we are pleased to announce those attending RoSfest 2010 will be able to purchase this special Edition directly from the stand on May 1st.
    Ed Unitsky is signing on once again to do the magnificent artwork for the album. Ed is known for his complex and captivating Surrealistic Images that expand the mind creating an imaginary place where one can journey into the fantastic realms of the imagination.

    The best release of 2010? A four double review by DPRP;
    points, 9, 7.5, 8 , 10 out of 10!!!

    And another great review at www.backgroundmagazine.nl.

    UNITOPIA: announce guest sax player Ian Ritchie...

    Peter, our regular sax player cannot be with us on tour and there was no way we were performing without one, so we had to look for just the right person to fill his shoes. After a lot of searching, Unitopia is proud to announce our very special guest sax player for the tour, Ian Ritchie.

    Ian’s main activities are composing for TV programs and commercials and gigging as a saxophonist with a variety of bands. On the playing front he has completed a world tour with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, performing ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and other Floyd favourites from 2006 to 2008. You can read more about Ian at his page.

  • New personel:
    Craig Kelly – bass player.
    Craig is a self-taught but university-trained musician, who tries not to let that get in the way of his playing. Despite loving music from an early age, he was musically a relatively late starter – not picking up a guitar until his mid teens (inspired by heavy metal loving school mates), and not seriously taking up bass until his mid 20's when he enrolled in a Jazz degree at the University of Adelaide.
    Heavily influenced in his childhood years by the music of Warner Bros cartoons, random advertising jingles, the RnB/soul/funk/jazz stylings of early Sesame Street episodes, and iconic Australian country music singer Slim Dusty (whom he emulated age 3 complete with acoustic guitar and cowboy hat), it is no surprise that he enjoys playing a wide range of styles. His musical tastes range from Miles Davis to Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald to Sepultura, the Beatles to John Zorn, James Brown to Jamiroquai – making Unitopia a very agreeable outlet for his instrumental talents.
    In between learning and rehearsing the entire Unitopia back catalogue, Craig somehow finds time to teach bass and to be active in the Adelaide music scene playing a variety of pop, rock, groove, jazz and country music – as well as touring nationally with 'Laura Hill & The Tuesday Bandits' and 'Vorn Doolette'.
    David Hopgood – drum player.
    David was born raised in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, and exposed to music from the beginning. His father, a trumpet player and trad. jazz buff, would play him records featuring drummers like Baby Dodds, Zutty Singleton and, more notably, Chick Webb. He bought him a snare drum at age 5, having noticed his propensity for wandering around the house and hitting things in rhythm, and he first took drum lessons around age 9. Before long his interest in music and drumming was super-charged by an older cousin who turned him on to Deep Purple, E.L.P., Yes and, later, Weather Report.
    In his formative years David played drum-kit in jazz bands, 60/40 bands and concert bands, high school musicals and the state schools stage band. He went to university in 1986 to study music teaching and further my jazz drumming. At the same time he was involved in his first original rock band with Van Halen and Living Colour influences. Since 1991 David have been teaching percussion with the South Australian Education Department’s Instrumental Music Service and published his first book of drum and percussion solos in 2007.
    As a drummer he’s known in metal circles, jazz circles and a few circles in-between. In the 90’s he drummed for rap/rock hardcore group Hobson’s Choice who released two e.p.’s, toured the eastern states and played on the Big Day Out festival in 1996. Since 2003 David has been the drummer in successful corporate band Club Schmaltz and done several shows with Cucumber Slumber, a Weather Report tribute band.
    David has studied tabla as well as drum-kit and he plays DW drums with various Zildjian and Sabian cymbals.
    His favourite music right now includes: Rush, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard, Fleetwood Mac, Free, Muse, Frost, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Opeth, Killswitch Engage, Sigur Ros and lots of other prog rock, prog metal, jazz, jazz-fusion and alternative.
    His biggest drumming influences include: Ian Paice, Carl Palmer, Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Bill Bruford, Dave Weckl, Jeff Porcaro, Neil Peart, Will Calhoun, Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Steve Flynn (Atheist,) Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Ndugu Chancler, Jimmy Chamberlin, Danny Carey, Simon Kirke, Marco Minnemann, Gavin Harrison, JoJo Mayer and Zakir Hussain.

  • Shaun & Jamie leeft the band!
    Concerning the band, bass player Shaun Duncan and drummer Jamie Jones have both had to move on. We want to thank Shaun and Jamie for their amazing contribution on Artificial and wish them the best of luck with their future projects.
    Sean, Mark and Matt, being the heart of the band, decided that we would get more specific about the commitments that we’ll request from musicians to be able to play with us. With the European tour coming in October, (see our tour dates at http://www.unitopiamusic.com/tour.cfm ) we have to make sure that all the members are financially and schedule-wise, able to make the trip. We have a few great musicians in mind but we can’t reveal anything until it’s official.
    Thanks to all the reviewers for the great reviews on Artificial so far, and to you people who are spending your hard earned money to buy our CD’s. We love you all.
  • "Artificial" gets some excelent reviews.
  • ' Interviews:
    An interview of my friends of DPRP you can find at this spot.
    And this is an interview at the great BackgroundMagazine.

    They've made some new videos aswell; "Gone in a Blink of an Eye" & "Iside the Power". Both videos are sublime and i wonder how long it takes that MTV's catch this ones.
    See the list here on the right:

    Video @ YouTube
    Gone in a Blink of an Eye NEW!
    Inside the Power
    Here I'm
    This Life
    We got it right
    The making of

    Unitopia will do a special version of a Flower Kings track for new Box Set which will consists of 30 other progressive rock bands from around the world. More news to come. For now, enjoy the album cover!

    March 2010
    We are pleased and proud to announce our contribution to Melodic Revolution Records "Songs For Haiti - Relief Through Music's project. "Still Here" from More than a dream album is now available throught this project.
    Riversea is one of the other contributors.
    Songs For Haiti.

    Beside of the plans to release a cover album, see for info above, the band is busy with re-releasing their debut album More then a Dream.

    One Night In Europe DVD (2011).
    **Pre sale time offer: Get a free download of one of "More than a dream
    -A dream within a dream" new track version**


    Artificial world
    Nothing last forever
    Not human anymore
    Gone in a blink of an eye
    The Great reward
    More than a dream
    The Garden
    One day
    Inside the power


    Update from Mark:

    Nowadays Unitopia is,
    Mark Trueack (singer/songwriter/producer
    Sean Timms (keyboards, mandolin, Koto, producer, songwriter, backing vocals)
    Matt Williams (electric guitars,12 string,6 string acoustic, Erhu , producer, backing vocals)
    Craig Kelly (bass guitar,Backing vocals)
    David Hopgood (drums, backing vocals)
    Tim Irrgang (all Percussion)
    Ian Ritchie (All sax, flutes, penny whistles) guest player on shows in Europe and session work note: Ian toured exclusively with Roger Waters
    Dan Burgess (All sax, Flutes, Oboe, Didgeridoo.

    We have just released “One Night in Europe” DVD/CD.
    We will be releasing Covered Mirror in December this album is concept project, imagine hearing classics arranged in progressive style Unitopia are to release an album composed mainly of cover versions "by the end of this year". In an announcement on the band's website it was revealed that Covered Mirror Vol. 1 will include about 15 cover songs Unitopian style, and will be available online by the end of this year. Whether the album will be download only or will also include a physical CD release is unknown at this time.
    He wote me earlies this year this: For now the tracklist should be something like that:

    1. Signs of Life (Prelude) Sean Timms
    2. Calling Occupants (Klaatu)
    3. Easter (Marillion)
    4. Man of Colours (Icehouse)
    5. Genesis Medley (Genesis)
    6. Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)
    7. Even in the Quietest Moments (Supertramp)
    8. Can We Still be Friends (Todd Rundgren)
    9. Speaking The Truth (Dan Burgess/Matt Williams)
    10.Everybody’s Gotta learn Sometime (Korgies)
    11.Yes Medley (Yes)
    12.To one in Paradise (Alan Parsons)
    13.The Way the Waters Moving (The Flower Kings) Bonus Track Remix 2012

    Bonus Download tracks after purchase during pre sale only
    Real Love (john Lennon)
    Sweet little Mystery
    Owner of Lonely Heart (alternative version)
    Everybody’s gotta Learn Sometime (with Ian Ritchie)

    That's a cool list isn't?

    The next Unitopia project is under the name THE HOPE which will be produced by Stephen Layton, Sean Timms, Matt Williams and directed by Mark Trueack It will be a double album and will feature artists from all over the globe, each song will be aligned to a sponsor and a charity Recording is well on the way, as Jon Anderson teamed up with Mark Trueack on song called “Water” this piece focuses on the issues that the world has in reference to water harvesting. The Inetersting thing about mixing Trueack’s and Anderson’s voice is how they complement each other. This album will be ready for sale Feb 2013

    The Next full on UNITOPIA album is called “Turn Left” this album will start early January and will possibly be a double CD.

    Well that’s about it for now,
    Mark Trueack.



    Solo / Sessions

    Mark Trueack
    Mark Trueack's mission Statment - The Hope / Balanced Time (A collection of songs that can change the World) Mark has started a concept project with his production team Sean Timms and Mathew Williams and are currently in production on the Hope, a 15 song masterpiece of new art music. The Hope is an innovative music experience blending the talents of artists from around the world to contribute elegant and elaborate music to the cause of hope. It will be as Mark states, “The world playing as one.” The current song list includes songs which explore the meaning of hope as well as where we can find hope in a world torn by economic, political, and ecological strife. The tentative release date for the project is November 2011.

    * Mark Trueack
    * Laurie Larson
    * Nikki Squire
    * Mary Katheryn
    * Hasse Froberg (Flower Kings)
    * Brittany Trueack
    * Holly Trueack
    * Claire Vezina
    * France Flory

    * Matt Williams
    * Guy Manning
    * Rob McDade
    * Paul Fisher
    * Gregory J Bachman
    * Eric/Enzo Montana

    * Carolyn Lamb
    * Shireen Khemlani
    * Simon Slee

    * Jamie Jones
    * Tim Irrgang

    * Sean Timms
    * Chris Audren
    * Jimmy Bax
    * Owen Lelean


    Tim Irrgang
    Here is Tim's Groups/bands/people he plays with.... Sirca, Unitopia, Solartricity, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Billy Hydes Raiders Drum Corp, Luke Thompson/Paul Whitney Trio, Fig Jam, Rataque, The Rhythm Works, Soultana, Taylor Made, Australian Girls Choir, Alex Frost, and other freelance stuff. Highlight.....Quidam, Cirque Du Soleil (Adelaide) and South Africa.
    Sirca is an original 7 piece band from Adelaide.
    The current line up began early 2007 and has been performing regularly since. Sirca have gained much popularity and respect within the local musical community.
    Their lineup includes vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, sax, violin, drums and percussion. With a mix of different styles and sounds, they tread genres of alternative, funk, fusion, folk, and acoustic rock.
    With a strong percussion feel, Sirca ventures into the 'world' category, and include odd times, and changes to their original compositions which adds to their unique sound.
    Sirca just released an album simply called "Sirca" and plan to spread their sound even more by continuing to write, and perform both locally, and nationally.
    The album will be available through itunes and cdbaby soon.

    Sean Tims
    Sean has scored music for many award winning short films including 'The Book Keeper' and 'Gargoyle', two highly acclaimed animated films produced by Anifex, written and directed by Michael Cusack.


    M.A.S.T. is Mark Arezio (Vocals, Guitars, songwriting) and Sean Timms (Keyboards, backing vocals, songwriting, production)
    After completing the 2nd Unitopia CD 'The Garden' and a compilation of his classical film music 'The Gargoyle and Other Stories', Sean wanted to professionally spread his wings and collaborate with other musicians. Having worked with Mark in the past and being an admirer of his vocal, guitar and song writing skills, he asked him if he would be interested in a side project. The answer was yes and so began M.A.S.T.-the name taken from the initials of each of their names.
    No release date expected yet.


    Matt Wiliams
    He's in a band called Fighterpilot. Formed in 2002 and they've earned a big live reputation n Australia

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