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The driving force of this group seems to be Marc Atkinson. He went to school with Bryan Josh and Liam Davison, they're members of Mostly Autumn. Marc did some session for them, so that is why i made a page of his Gabriel in the first place. Because i'm great fan of Mostly Autumn and i think Bryan's guitar work is sublime, i ordered the ceedee Ascension ('00)(see below). And indeed the guitar solo's of Bryan are great, but i must confess the music of Gabriel is nice to listen too, graceful and well-crafted, easy-listening pop-songs, they bring you in a happy mood, in a mood that make you work on a Brave New World. Influences include Del Amitri and Sting, i would compare them with Jimmy Nail. It has an acoustic edge to it.

Marc build his own studio The Barn and played in several bands such as The Company ('95). They played with The Kinks, The Strawbs, Tanika Tikaram and Mostly Autumn. Maybe the'll support Marillion on their up-comming live gigs...

An interview by me!

It all started with:
EXPRESSIONS and The Early Years. Formed in 1984 by Bryan, Liam and Marc, they played gigs and wrote many songs together until 1990 when Bryan left the band. The group continued as FRONTIER with Liam taking over on lead guitar. In '91 we recorded a 5 track EP called BIG TALK at Faireview studios in Hull with Mr John Spence producing (Bryan came down for some of the recording and loved the studio and was impressed with Mr Spence.... the rest is history!).

Much more laters Marc formed Gabriel.

Gabriel was:

Marc Atkinson - vocals, guitars,
Andy Rob Swann - keyboards (he made a 4 track solo-album called About Time),
Andy Seddon - bass,
Graham Hodge - guitar since '54 and solo with Fools like Home ('01),
Paul Cusick - guitar,
Allan Scott was the first drummer and was member of Mostly Autumn first.
Dave Dickinson is the new drummer and 18 years young ('02).
Gina Dootsons, see below.

Bryan Josh plays guitar on three tracks (for the ceedee Ascension)('00) (and a HUGE guitar solo on "Faith & Betrayal"), other great guitar-work from Liam Davison & Colin Elsworth.

Marc Atkinson - vocals, acoustic guitar,
Graham Hodge - vocals, acoustic guitar,
Andy 'Rob' Swann - keyboards, percussion,
Andy Seddon - bass,
Colin Elsworth - electric guitar,
Allan Scott - drums, (ex-member of Mostly Autumn),
Bryan 'BJ' Josh - electric guitar, (member of Mostly Autumn),
Liam Davison - electric guitar, (also ... ),
Heather Findlay - backing vocals on 4 tracks, (also ... ),
Angela Goldthorpe - flute and (also ... ),
Iain Jennings plays keys on one song, (also ... ). See Mostly Autumn,
Janine Atkinson (sister of Marc),
Ruth Hodge,
Matthew Seddon &
Gary Watkinson - backing vocals.

Gina Dootson and Marc appeared on the DVD/Cd The Story so Far ('01) and on Heroes Never Die/ The Anthology Album ('02) backing vocals, both albums of Mostly Autumn.

They made another Unplugged album.


The Feel EP Release Date 8/8/02.

Demology 1 - Limited Edition Release Date 2/11/02.

Marc Atkinson - vocals, acoustic guitar,
Graham Hodge - vocals, acoustic guitar,
Andy 'Rob' Swann - keyboards, percussion,
Paul Cusick - guitars & webmaster,
Andy Seddon - bass &
the new great drummer is Alex Cromarty.


They did some great live gigs in the last year and the popularity is growing. In a really nice review i read "... they sounded equally impressive in their Marillion meets Pink Floyd escapades...".

Sketch - CD (Release Date 01/01/04).
This CD features Gabriel's lead vocalist Marc Atkinson and his sister Janine performing some unplugged songs from various artists.

The Demology Collection ('04).
A re-issue of the first Demology album. A nice album.

In the mean time Marc is playing a lot of acoustic sets at his own and with his sister. Rehearsing and writing new songs for a new album:
Seasons of my life (August 2004). The album was truly a labour of love for Marc - who not only wrote all of the songs - but also engineered produced and mixed the CD himself.

With Paul Cusick on guitars, Rob Swan on drums (formerly on keyboards !) and Dave Clements on bass and vocals they formed a cover band Ripp'd. Doing stuff from U2 till Del Amitri. Good luck!

NEWS spring 2006.
Marc is currently hard at it working on tracks for his new solo album 'THIS IS WHERE WE ARE'.
Ex-Mostly Autumn keyboard player Iain Jennings recently joined Marc in the studio to lay down keyboard parts for the album.

On this moment this are the players on the new album;

Marc Atkinson- vocals, bass, drum computer, guitar,
Mark Rowen - guitar, acoustic guitar, electric sitar and always friendly, also involved in Iain's live band:
Iain Jennings - keyboards,
Dave Clements - bass,
Paul Cusick - guitar, Janine Atkinson - backing vocals,
Hannah Grathe - backing vocals,
Graham Hodge - acoustic guitar/backing vocals,
Gary Watkinson - backing vocals,
Andy "Rob" Swann - keyboards.

Heard some very good sounding samples of this new one. Thanks Mark!


News 26th of May 2006:
Mark Rowen is involved with a review of On an Island, see this page.
With members from Mostly Autumn, Magenta, Pendragon, The Reasoning and others....


Light & Shade ('12).
A brand new album from Marc is ready for pre-order.




The Demo EP ('08):
Brendan Eyre - keyboards,
Marc Atkinson - vocals, guitar,
Paul Cusick - bass, guitar.
March 2010
"We are pleased and proud to announce our contribution to Melodic Revolution Records "Songs For Haiti - Relief Through Music's project. "All around the World" is a new track from Riversea."
Unitopia is one of the other contributors.
Songs For Haiti.

Out of ancient World (June 2012):

Marc Atkinson- vocals, acoustic guitar
Brendan Eyre - keyboards
Alex Cromarty (e(ex-Gabriel, Heathers Findlays band) - drums, backing vocals
Adam Dawson- guitars, ex-Breathing Space,
Adrian Jones - guitars (Nine Stone Close),
Ashley Mulford Mandala Band, BJH ex Sad Cafe - guitars,
Bryan Josh (Mostly Autumn),
Liam Davison (Mostly Autumn),
Mark Rowen, (ex-Breathing Space),
Dave Clements, (Kings of Queen) - bass guitar,
Tony Patterson - flute
new Olivia Sparnenn, (Mostly Autumn, ex- Breathing Space)
Janine Atkinson Benn (the Darkflowers) and
Louise Dawson (the Wigglers) - backing vocals

An absolute marvelous smooth groovy smooth rockin' album. Great sound and well produced. Marc has an excellent clear voice, sometimes sweet.
All songs are very laid back, but have enough power and layers to track your attention till the last not is played.
This album will end very high in my album top 3 of 2012. It even has beaten Anathema right now, after the second turn in the player.
Read a review at Tim Halls place: www.kalyr.com/.

Ed Unitsky provided the artwork for the album , Marc "...He's already painted the CD cover and it looks totally amazing. Iím really pleased what he has come up with... I think it suites the music perfectly"



As mentioned before: he's friends with Bryan Josh and Heather Findlay, so he did some backing vocals for

Mostly Autumn and laters for

Bryan Josh solo.

Mandalaband ('09 & '11).

Nine Stone close (Traces '10)

Adrian Jones on guitars
Marc Atkinson (Mandalaband, Riversea) on vocals & keysboards,
Brendan Eyre (Riversea) on keyboards and
Neil Quarrell on bass.

Ed Unitsky - art work.

Very laid back proggy stuff! Recomended!!!

video by Ed Unitsky



After working with Marc and Iain Jennings, she made her first solo-album called 3am generation, followed up by an 3 track ep Edge on. You'll find more info about her at www.ginadootson.co.uk..

Gina did also some singing for Mostly Autumn. She the picture above!
And you can find her in Blakely too, where Mostly Autumn will have some gigs too.

Good luck Gina.

Hi Nick,
in answer to your questions -

1. My music is quite diverse I think. Some songs are very strong, raw and earthy, whereas some are very gentle and soft. I play acoustic guitar on most of my songs. I like writing about real-life situations.
2. My album 3am Generation was written, performed and produced by myself. I had some help from friends, for example Marc Atkinson and Andy 'Rob' Swan from Gabriel (see the top of these page).
3. The credit regarding me playing sax for Mostly Autumn (which seems to be on quite a few websites now) is incorrect. I do not play sax and definitely did not play sax on their album! Someone must have got confused along the way.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards


This is what she wrote early November 2005:
Just thought I'd let you know about some great news. I wrote a dance song with a DJ from York called Steve Helstrip (aka The Thrillseekers) called "By Your Side".... and its taking off. It's in Pete Tong's Top 10 and he's played it on his Essential Selection show on the last 3 Friday nights. Pete Tong also interviewed Paul van Dyk (recently voted world number 1 DJ of 2005) and asked him live on Radio 1 what his favourite track of the moment was and Paul van Dyk said "By Your Side" by The Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson"!!!!!!!! It is getting regular play on Galaxy fm and is starting to spread. The single is due for release in February 2006. I know its quite different from my usual stuff, but I think you'll agree that it could well open some major music industry doors for me.

I'm booked in the studio with the band in early December to start recording lots of new songs... can't wait.

Much love,

Gina x

She got a hit single with the Thrillseekers "By your Site" ('05).


Paul Cusick (aka Q)

One album called; Focal Point('09).
Paul Cusick: All songs, Vocals, Backing Vox, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Forgetting stuff, hitting computers (I mean "producing and arranging")
Alex Cromarty: Drums
Andy Edwards: Drums

Paul has released another album called P'dice ('11):

Words, music, vox and all instruments: Paul Cusick. except...,
Drums on tracks 1,3,4,5,9: Marco Minnemann.
Drums on tracks 2,7 and 8: Gavin Harrison.
Additional Vocals on track 9: Sammi Lee.
Gavin and Marco are know from their work with Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and others ;-) Marco; Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) and European superstar, Nina Hagen, Terry Bozzio to mention a few.





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