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Mostly Autumn Dutch tourdates X-mas 2013:
Friday 13 Dec 2013: Gebouw T , Bergen op Zoom www.gebouw-t.nl/?
Saturday 14 Dec 2013; Parkstadtheater Heerlen www.parkstadlimburgtheaters.nl [ seated! ]
Sunday 15 Dec 2013: Estrado Harderwijk www.estrado.nl [ afternoon show: 15:00 hours ]

More dates @ tour dates-page.

Announcement from Bryan (May 2013).

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much to everybody who came to see us last weekend, it was great to get back on the road. Your appreciation was superb and it seems we have discovered a wonderful new venue - The Citadel in St. Helens - what a great place - I think we'll be back there! As you will have noticed if you came to any of the gigs, there was a different drummer - in order for Mostly Autumn to progress and move forward freely I have had to take the decision to choose the line-up on a tour by tour basis, as members sometimes, quite rightly, have their own commitments. For the rest of the year, barring 3 concerts, Alex Cromerty from the Heather Findlay Band, will be drumming with us in place of Gavin.
Hannah Hird (most recently seen harmonising with Ellie Golding on her recent tour) will be fulfilling the rest of the year on harmony vocals and keys in place of Anne-Marie.

We sincerely wish Anne- Marie and Gavin the best of luck with anything they do and look forward to embracing the many talents of Hannah and Alex. The rest of the band will be as normal.

Can't wait to see you all again.
Bryan Josh.

Live at the Boerderij! Stunning, filmed by John Vis and his team.

Get it here!


Other video's

  • A review of "Ghost Moon Orchesta" by Lord of Metal (in Dutch) .
  • A review from The Ghost Moom Orchstra by DPRP, by ProgWereld, Zware Metalen, Rockportaal .

  • A live review by O2 Academy London 02/09/12.
  • A review of "The Ghost Moon Orchestra" by Classic Rock.
  • An review from Mostly Autumns release party from 12 May and the first impressions of their new album can be found at www.kalyr.com/.

  • A review of "Ghost Moon Orchesta" by Progwereld (in Dutch) .
  • And beautiful pictures from Cambridge Rock '12 Mostly Autumn by Roger Newport.

  • Mostly Autumn are very proud and excited to announce the launch the special edition of their new album... The Ghost Moon Orchestra.

    The special edition is limited to 2000 and will consist of, as well as "The Ghost Moon Orchestra"; a second album entitled "A Weather For Poets", which will be an acoustic album with some new and some re-worked Mostly Autumn songs.

    "Some songs, which don’t fit the "vibe" of the main album, but work beautifully as acoustic songs make this special edition album the ideal place to showcase them. Also some Mostly Autumn songs work really well acoustically and again, this is the ideal way to put a different slant on them. I hope you will enjoy it." Bryan Josh

    This special edition is sold out....

    As always, thank you so much for your support – we wouldn’t be able to do this without you.


    More info: Ghost Moon Orchestra.

    At this page you can find the videos of the TV appareance and pictures, a lot and beautiful ;-)

    NEW: Live Review from Mostly Autumn in York November 2011.

    May 2011:
    Live Review April 2011
    + picures by Tim Hall.
    Radio BBC2, interview with Bryan and acoustic live!
    BBC2, Radio, Bob Harris Sunday, go to 1:18 hours.

    An interview with Bryan Josh about Heather, Olivia and more side projects:
    at this spot.

    Liam Davison will release his first solo album soon, here a teaser.

    Live pictures from their Dutch tour:

    Roger Newport / Zoetermeer.
    from Groningen by Bert Treep.
    Jorrit van Bennekom / Groningen & Verviers.
    Jaak Geebelen / Verviers.

    Iain Jennings/
    Breathing Space

    Odin Dragonfly
    Chris Johnson / Parade
    Heather Findlay
    Bryan Josh
    Liam Davison

    Solo / Sessions
    Family Tree By PeterP.

    Dutch X-mas Photos 2009
    + more links

    York Grand Opera House 5.12.09
    Crewe M Club 12.12.09
    Live Photo's NEW!
    More new photo's>

    Heathers farewell pictures.

    Music with heavy emotions, organic, powerful and atmospheric floydian spheres with a Celtic edge; songs about life. Influenced by Pink Floyd, Genesis, Fleedwoodmac, Fairport Convention, Deep Purple and the Lake District! I'm sure that the band will be hugely successful in the future.

    Mostly Autumn's sound incorporates the uses of flute, low and penny whistles, violins and vocal harmonies - over a powerful band, existing of keyboards, two guitarists, bass, drums and lead-vocals by Heather and Bryan.


    With the huge sweep of symphonic art rock music, a spectacular light show, innovative film projections and a highly theatrical stage show it’s no surprise Mostly Autumn are being widely hailed as the new Pink Floyd.

    The band is touring in th eUK and The Lowlands, some of their shows will have a full thechnicol coloured gig with all the extra's you can get.



    The band was formed in York and the inspiration was found in the beautiful English Lake District.
    It started with the Expressions and The Early Years. Formed in 1984 by Bryan, Liam and Marc Atkinson they played gigs and wrote many songs together until 1990 when Bryan left the band. The group continued as Frontier with Liam taking over on lead guitar. In '91 they recorded a 5 track EP called BIG TALK at Faireview studios in Hull with Mr John Spence producing (Bryan came down for some of the recording and loved the studio and was impressed with Mr Spence.... the rest is history!)...

    The line-upp in those early beginning was:

    Bryan Josh - Founder member - Lead electric guitars, acoustic 6 + 12 strings, e bow, vocals, he played in a rock band called Expressions and some Pink Floyd cover bands. He was a guitar-teacher and he prefers the Fender Stratocaster just like Henk Marvin, Richie Blackmore and David Gilmour.
    He likes Pink Floyd, The Alan Parsons Project, Maddy Priors "Arthur the King" and the early Genesis stuff and more...
    Heather "lady Galadril" Findlay - Vocals, Bodhran, Tambourine, 6 + 12 string acoustic guitars. Vocals on Shed Seven on their album Let it ride. You can hear vocals on the track entitled In a hole on which she harmonises with their frontman Rick Witter. In April 1997 Heather was asked to join Mostly Autumn.
    She likes Led Zepplin, the Beatles, Metallica, Fleedwoodmac and more 60- and 70-ies bands.
    Iain Jennings - Keyboards, Synthesisers, Hammond Organ, trumpet, trombone and vocals, did some miscellaneous studies in Music,
    Liam Davison - Electric guitars, 6 + 12 string acoustic guitars and vocals. Iain is now a full time lecturer in Popular Music at Hull College. Iain came to play for Mostly Autumn in 1997 when he stood in temporarily, and has been with them ever since.
    Angela Goldthorpe - Flute, Low & High whistles, recorders and vocals. Angela first met Bryan and Mostly Autumn as their lighting engineer. Her musical influences a re All About Eve (see index on the left side) and Jethro Tull.
    Bob Faulds - violin.

    bryan heather Iain
    liam angie bob

    The bass and drums changed on every album. The new guys are (2001);
    Andy Smith - Bass, he runs an lighting business with Angela, The Rolling Strones are one of his favourites and he's the oldest of this team!
    Jonathan Blackmore - Drums, (no family of Richie), born in '81 (and great already), he likes enjoys surfing and extreme sports in his spare time.

    andy jonathan
    John Spence - who engineered and produced all of Mostly Autumns albums has said "They are the best band I've heard in years, "you just don't get albums like this anymore". John has worked with the likes of Beautiful South, John Parr, The Phoenix Horns (Phil Collins band), The Mission, Bill Nelson (Be-Bob Deluxe) and many more.

    Bob Carruthers is as executive producer involved since 2002. He's an author, film producer (mostly documentaries about the war), fan of Uriah Heep, born in Scottland,

    And in April 2004 they announced that Jonathan Blackmore leaves the band for personal reasons...
    Andrew Jennings, brother of Iain, is the new man behind the drumkit. And as a fully trained classical percussionist Andrew will bring an impeccable musical pedigree to the band. The first performance by Mostly Autumn with Andrew Jennings on drums was at the Y Theatre Leicester on April 3rd.



    The Albums, click on the titles for more info.
    For All We Shared (1998)
    The Spirit Of Autumn Past (1999)
    The Last Bright Light (2001)
    + the single Prints in Stone.
    The Story So Far DVD/ CD (2001)
    Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings (2001)
    Catch The Spirit - The Complete Anthology (2002)
    Passengers (2003)
    The Next Chapter DVD (2003)
    Live at The Opera House DVD
    Limited Edition Astoria DVD.
    Storms over over still Water CD (2005)
    Storms over London Town live cd (2006)
    Heart full of Sky (2007)
    Glass Shadow CD (2008)

    A Different Sky (Official Promo Video).
    Pass the Clock 3 geremasterd cd's/ best of cd (2009)
    Live (2009) 2 albums!

    Go Well-Diamond Heart (2010)!
    To Heather.....
    ‘Through Valleys of Evergreens and Violets
    We walked for a while,
    We reached for the heart of the sun
    And a forest of stars,
    But down in the fields
    I realised a dream
    That they all shone from the back of your eyes’

    Go well, friend of mine
    Bryan Josh

    thatnightin That Night in Leamington Spa (2010)(Farewell gig Heather Findlay!)

    thatnightin Still Beautiful Live 2011
    High Voltage Live (July 2011).
    Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012).


    The band changed often, drummers went and new sat down the kit, even Liam, one of Bryans close friends left for a short while, Chris Johnson replaced him and Iain Jennings. The heart core was always Bryan, Heather, and Andy. When Angela became pregnant she decide to leave and Ann Marie Helder replaced her. Some people did know her of Karnataka and later from Panic Room.
    In the meantime they had added a young backing vocalist, called Olivia Sparnnen, she would end up in Iain Jennings band, Breathing Space for a long time.
    For some people the line-upp got a big crash when Heather Findlay annouced that she would leave (Jan 2010).

    For a very long time this was the line-upp the band is:

    Bryan Josh - guitars and vocals (solo in Josh & Co),
    Olivia Sparnenn - lead vocals, (Breathing Space) Liam Davison - guitars and backing vocals (also Breathing Space),
    Andy Smith - bass,
    Iain Jennings - keyboards and backing vocals (Breathing Space),
    Ann-Marie Helder - flute, keyboards and backing vocals (Panic Room & Parade),
    Gavin Griffiths - drums (Panic Room & Fish).

    January 2010:
    Heather Findlay left the band after 13 year, read more here.

    Because Ann-Marie Helder and het band Panic Room are very busy, some live dates of Panic Room, collapsed with Mostly Autumns and Gavin is also playing with Fish....
    So the last line-upp during the Dutch Wedding Trip (June 2013) was with:

    Olivia Sparnenn-Josh: vocals
    Bryan Gilmour-Blackmore-Josh: guitars and vocals
    Iain Jennings: keyboards
    Liam Davidson: guitars
    Andy Smith: bass
    Alex Cromerty from the Heather Findlay Band): drums
    Hannah Hird (most recently seen harmonising with Ellie Golding on her recent tour): harmony vocals and keys.

    Pictures by Jaak Geebelen, Nando & Eric de Bruijn.


    Iain Jennings
    Odin Dragonfly
    Bryan Josh
    Solo / Sessions
    Mostly Autumn Page 2
    for more news\

    Go Well-Diamond Heart (review)!

    live 2009
    Heart Full of Sky Review
    Live 2007/ '06 / LowLands!

    Storms Over Still Water
    Launch Party 4 June 05
    Storms Over London Town
    Interview with Heather Findlay Sound Samples
    live-reviews and pics
    Pictures of Bristol 17 March 05
    013 live review
    dvd at the Grand Opera House
    Mostly Floyd DVD
    sound samples passengers
    Album-reviews by DPRP; see this Page.
    An long inter view with Heather and Bryan,
    by Jon Hitchliffe thanks Fireworks!
    Some lyrics

    Solo / Sessions
    See Mostly Autumn Page 2
    for more news and gosspis

    Iain Jennings
    Odin Dragonfly
    Liam Davison
    Bryan Josh


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    A Present

    Mostly Autumn 14 April 2010
    TV Limburg.


    The Rain Song.


    For all who we've lost, where ever they are.