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BRYAN JOSH; Through these Eyes ('08).
Mostly Autumn guitarist Bryan Josh has just released his first solo album, under the name of Josh & Co. Limited, entitled "Through These Eyes".

The man who founded Mostly Autumn, more as 10 years back, has delivered an exceptional good Rockin' cd.
Together with Heather Findlay he proved that they could write songs that carries a lot of emotion, songs a bout live, death and love. Bryan introduced a new theme; humor. Some lyrics are really funny and will let you smile. With a different approach i think that some of the songs could had become Mostly Autumn tracks, o this fine release is really a solo album from the man who is introduced as "The Heart And Guitar of Mostly Autumn".
The cd starts with an instrumental intro, strings and a guitar, really moody. The songs that follows rock more then an overall Mostly Autumn song and some have not that dept intensity, but are a pleasure to listen to. Sometimes I've a critical note to Bryans voice, but this time not, his voice is very pleasant. But his guitar play is the main chord that represent his tunes, like the great solo in "Through these Eyes" (where he introduces his favourite fantasy band) and the fabulous solo's in "Into Your Arms".
It has certainly not become a Prog album, although "Not a Dream" became an epic, it's more mainstream. And a song like the "Appian Way" could easily become a Top 10 Hit, to my humble opinion... Since 4 - 5 years Bryan started to play more and more keyboards, his way of play remains me to the late Richard Wright, not the amount of keys are important, but the space between them...
Olivia Sparnenn added some great (backing) vocals, like on "Old Friends", with that beautiful piano interlude.
For me this is a stripped down "On An Island", it's not so "big", Bryan played almost everything by himself, but yeah i can imagine that if this was recorded on a boat on the Themes and with some more help "Through these Eyes" would have become that BIG.

An absolute great soft Rockin' album with great guitar work. Funny & emotional lyrics from this man that made an album that reminded me to David Gilmour and Ritchie Blackmore.
Very nice recording and all the tracks are form the a very pleasant quality.
A must have for the Mostly Autumn fans and maybe a record that bring in some new audio aficionados to this band too.
4 out 5 stars.

DPRP: 9 out of 10!

The track listing is as follows...

Merry She Goes (about Merry one of the dogs of Bryan)
Land Of The Gods
The Appian Way (yes he spent some weekends in Rome)
We Graze
Black Stone
Slow Down
Through These Eyes
Into Your Arms
Old Friends
Not A Dream
Only In The Loss
Going Home
Carry Me (Great love song for Olivia)

The album includes contributions from:
Olivia Sparnenn - vocals (backing vocals in Mostly Autumn, lead vocals in Breathing Space,
Gavin Griffiths - drums (Panic Room & Mostly Autumn,
Henry Bourne - drums (ex-Mostly Autumn),
Sarah Dean - flute

John Spence - mixed, engineerd and mastered.

Mike Herbert - intoduces the band &
Roger Newport - crowd sounds.

Richard Naggy - artwork,
Chris Walkden - layout.

The CD is available from the Mostly Autumn website.
More info here!
We live. We love. We dream.
We reach out to appreciate moments in life and love.
But only in the rarest glimpse do we catch hold.
We back away and try again.
But only in the loss is it fully illuminated.
Then we know he would have loved to have loved.

Only in the Loss/ Bryan Josh


Bryan Josh & Co live,
14 November 2009:
It really was a privilege to be in the audience for Bryan's first gig performing Through These Eyes. Excellent sound quality in the venue as well. Not the largest of crowds, almost certainly due to the appalling weather we had to endure on Saturday that made travelling very difficult. The Dartford bridge being closed was extremely unhelpful.
Back to the gig. On a historic night, Parade kicked off the night with what I believe was also their first live gig. The musicians were all excellent. Chris Johnson is a fine live performer, and has written and produced a very good debut album that just gets better with each listen. The vocal duets with Anne-Marie were superb and a real highlight. Both Chris and Anne-Marie also switched easily between keyboards and guitar, as well as lead vocal duties. The lead guitar work, from Simon Snaize, at times had a real lacerated edge to it on the heavier numbers. It was a very impressive performance of the album, and a straight band performance without the sound effects. Indeed The Dogs, one of their best songs, was done without the distortion on Anne-Marie's vocal. They were very well received by the audience after such a commanding performance. Anyone who goes to the other Josh & Co gigs should make sure they catch the Parade set as well.

When Josh & Co took the stage, Bryan was joined by Parade's Chris Johnson on guitar, Patrick Berry on bass, and Gavin Griffiths on drums. Well done to those guys that played in both sets after quite a short break in-between. It was also a very pleasant surprise to see Iain Jennings working his magic on keyboards. Bryan often took time during the set to explain the songs and concept behind the album. All the songs really came to life.
The most interesting part of the set was the title track itself. Bryan explained that there would be other songs involved in this one. I think it was midway through the song that a strange looking chap with a big bushy ginger beard, who appeared to be some kind of MC, walked on stage, grabbed the mic. and introduced "the band". It was all part of the dream that Bryan was witnessing. The band members being introduced were Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham and John Entwistle. All of sudden, Bryan led the charge as he tore into All Along The Watchtower. Before anyone had a chance to catch their breath, it was staight into Gavin's unmistakable drum intro of Led Zeppelin's Rock And Roll. A real belter of a song with Livvy starring on lead vocals. Then into The Who's Behind Blue Eyes. Certainly one of The Who's best songs. It was all part of the dream, and everything seemed to make almost perfect sense. The band encored with, if I remember correctly, the final track from the album Carry Me. We were also treated to a second rendition, and a very lively and energetic Appian Way to finish off the set. Great stuff!
We all know how good Bryan's wonderful guitar work is. At times delicate, at times dreamy, and often quite moving. In other passages,some searing guitar solos that took the breath away. In addition, I have to mention that his vocals were particularly outstanding. It was clear to all in the audience that Bryan had put so much into this performance. Genuine feeling that really shone through. Beautiful vocals too from Livvy on Old Friends. And on one of the best parts of the album where her voice comes bursting in, seemingly out of nowhere, on Slow Down. It all sounded fantastic live.
There were no MA songs played. There were plenty of professional looking cameras there, so hopefully we'll get some great shots of the night on the website before long. After the gig, the audience were invited to the bar downstairs to meet, drink, and chat with both bands. A really nice touch. I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Bryan, Iain and Anne-Marie afterwards. It really made my night following such a great night's music.

Thanks to Jerry and both bands for putting on such a fantastic night of great music.
Steve Hughes.

Pictures from Howard R.

More pictures
from Howard Rankin.
And more form Roger Newport.

The live band was;

Bryan Josh- guitar and vocals,
Olivia Sparnenn - vocals,
Chris Johnson - guitar, backing vocals (Parade, ex-Mostly Autumn),
Patrick Berry - bass,
Gavin Griffith - drums,
Iain Jennings - keys, backing vocals (Mostly Autumn).

Josh & Co Live:

05.12.2009 Grand Opera House York
11.12.2009 Islington Academy London Christmas Show
12.12.2009 M Club High Street Crewe Christmas Show
13.12.2009 JOSH & CO LTD Robin 2 Bilston Wolverhampton VERY SPECIAL GUESTS 'PARADE'
14.12.2009 The Brook Portswood Southampton

Pictures from Roger Newport, Nov 2009.
More from Roger Newport.




Ascension – Gabriel,
Julia Jenkins - Shine, see above,
John BoBo Bollenberg ('02).
Apperently he's doing a guitar solo on Gina Dootsons (with The Thrillseekers) new single called "By Your Side" ('05).
Bryan mentioned that he had small plans for a solo album, just like Heather.

White Noise the new project fronted by former Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow front man Dougie White and featuring Bryan Josh on Guitar.
Keeping up the Rainbow connection the White Noise project features members of Mostly Autumn including Iain Jennings, Liam Davison and of course Blackmore protégé Josh. [September 2004].

ProgAid ('05).

In august 2006 he played with Fish at his Convention weekend and gove away a few great solo's.

Parade - Chris Johnsons new band ('09).

Riversea / Mark Atkinson ('11).



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