david gilmour, mostly autumn, pink floyd, rpwl, pendragon, iq, magenta, richard wright and more.
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Collected "related" bands.

All those bands are related to ProgAid ('05).

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Singer from Wales.

Jesus Christ Superstar the musical (he was Jesus)('96)

All I'm is his solo cd from '02

Played on the 50th anniversary of the Fender (with David Gilmour, Paul Rodgers etc.!) ('04)

Poe - More Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Eric Woolfson, plans for a musical are made, (there was already one gig in '03)

Live Musicals at the Ahoy Rotterdam ('04) See Eric Woolfson.

Nic Kershaw ('02),

Mars Lasar ('02),

Meatloaf ('03),

Margo Buchanan; "I Should've Done This Years Ago" ('06)( with Miles Waters (guitars, co-producer) Robbie McIntosh (electric guitar, known from The Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Paul Carrack, Krist MacColl and and) & Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens (keyboard co=producer)). Margo sung with David at the Meltdown gigs. The Storys (Steve's own band),

Chimpan A, a new project with great names ('06).

Rob Reed,
chimpana Prob Thompson,
Steve Balsamo,

Sam Brown,
Aitch Mc Robbie (Jools Holland, David Gilmour, Deep Purple),
Christina Booth,
Margo Buchanon (Seal, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Joni Mitchell),
Sian Cothie (Phantom of the Opera),
Tony Dallas - spoken word,
Nigel Hopkins, - strings,
Ruchard Bluey Cornhill - decks,
Andrew Griffiths - trumpet.

See www.myspace.com/chimpana or www.chimpana.com.

"An astonishing album of new music for 2006 with influences from Floyd to Moby. Pushing bounaries and breaking new ground....".

John Lord Concerto for group and orchestra (live '09).
IO Earth ('09)
Mario Frangoulis - Mario & Friends 2... It Makes The World Go Round ('09)
Oystermouth - Five Songs For Jen EP ('11)
Mario Frangoulis - Beautiful Things ('11)
Rob Reed ('12 from Magenta).

Steve is a prolific songwriter, having scored hits in Europe and Australia, with artists as diverse as Meatloaf, Anthony Callea, Jonathon Cerrada and Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame.


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Decidedly at the heavy end of the folk rock spectrum, Bluehorses fuse Celtic themes, classic rock improvisations and thoughtful, witty lyrics.

Skyclad (an EP from '04)

Liz Prendergast - Lead Vocal, Electric Violin, Electric Celtic Harp, Space-Mandolin & Synths
Twicky Nic Waulker - drums, programming
Nathan Thunderthumbs Waulker - bass, piano and backing vocals
Fast Jakey Zeerider - guitars, backing vocals, space mandolin
Invisible Stan Wagner - big Lovely, driver, back line Techie and The Fifth Bluehorse.

Other albums to mention are "Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End ", "Cracking Leather, Skin and Bone" and "Dragons Milk and Coal".

In the mean time the line up has been changed;

Liz Prendergast - vocals and and,
Jay MacDonald - Electric Guitars,
Twicky Nic Waulker - drums, programming
Nathan Thunderthumbs Waulker - bass, piano and backing vocals

Jay or Jason is involved with; New Super Group, but it failed... :
David O'List (The Nice),
Bob Dalton (It Bites / Kino),
Andy Tilison (The Tangent) and
Jason McDonald (The Blue Horses)

Lizzy plays violins & mandolins on Awakening a new stunning album of The Reasoning.

Jay plays guitars during the Dutch tour of The Reasoning
Jay plays guitars in the new band Sankara, a shoot of project of the Reasoning: Sankara, with Gareth Jones & Vinden Wylde.


More of this band at: www.myspace.com/bluehorsesrock.


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Chris play bass in Sack Trick and he worked with:

Bruce Dickinson (ex Iron Maiden)
Ricky Gervais
Ace (ex-Skunk Anansie)
Tony Hadley & Peter Cox
Renato Tribuzy
Balance of Power
Smashing Pumpkins.


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Ezra was formed in the summer of 1990 in West Glamorgan, Wales. The main band consists of Andy Edwards (vocals & guitar), Gareth Jones (vocals and bass) and Darren Jospeh (drums). Ezra's music sounds more like guitar rock than prog rock; more towards the style of bands like Therapy and Soundgarden (according to dprp).

As on their Shades CD, Rob Reed ( Cyan / Magenta) guests as keyboard player.

Big Smiley Sun ('98), is a nice rockin' album which leans to psychedelic and progressive music. The title track is a strong one indeed, with powerfull riffs of the bass and drums and very catchy guitar solo's. "Ming Thing" is the psychedlic link of more as 11 minutes and "The 7th Conjecture" is Ezra meets a Bond Theme, it reminds me to "Flaming" of Pink Floyd and their vision of a Bond Theme. Rob Reed plays Hammond on this track.
"Noboddy Loves Us" is not for depressed people.
A bit of Pineapple Thief, Radiohead, David Gilmour, Syd Barrett, some rolling rock an a bit of Rush done by a energetic three piece band. Certainly a nice album to have.

ezra Listen to their mp3's (full version) of Big Smiley Sun and the the 7th Conjecture; GREAT! You'll be sold.

Keyboard supremo Colin Edwards has joined up with Ezra. Colin has worked with: Cyan, The Fyreworks (also with Andy) and Magenta (all F2Music-artists and all related to Rob Reed).

Their latest release is Songs from Pennsylvania ('05), Produced by Rob Reed (of course at F2Music).
An absolute great "feel good" album. Amazing guitar riffs and solo's, catchy keyboard loops, a groovy rythm section and a very good clear dreamy production. Strong melodies and songs that are from a well respectable length. Some guitar work and vocal harmonies will remind you of Yes and the rockin' David Gilmour! And if that is not enough to run to the store immediately, it also have some great lovely psychedelic parts. Proggy Quatlity Rock!
This makes you feel happy like a "Big Smiley Sun"!

Highly Recommended!
Andy Edwards - guitars vocals & percussion,
Colin Edwards - keyboards & vocals,
Gareth Jones - bass,
Daz Joseph - drums & percussion, with

Jon Fraser - violin &
The Nutopia-Chang Children's Choir.

And to make the circle complete, they played a few gigs as support band for Magenta.

More of this band at: www.ezra.co.uk/news.htm.
Long sound samples here on myspace/ezrawales.

Andy and Colin are in ProgAID ('05).

A interview you'll find with Andy here!

Have you heard the music
they released these days
plastic bands that sound the same
after several plays

I remember when music
stirred my soul
no one's bothered
in saving rock and roll

We're still around
making it underground
making our sound
keeping it underground

Radio plays the songs
that they're paid to play
we all keep on listening
in our sweet way.

How do you write the songs, is that done by you all, by jamming around?
[ae] What happens is myself or Jim might come to rehearsal with a riff and if everyone likes it we might develop the idea over a few weeks and produce a demo of the song so we can see if its going to work, the lyrics are generally written later, although Daz has given me a stack of ideas for lyrics. We are lucky that all of us can write and we all take part in the fine tuning of the song, thats why we are all happy with the finished tracks, there is no one person who has the final say.
What is the mark in your music, what's the recipe?
[ae] Like any recipe we try and vary what we come up with to keep it interesting, if it sounds good then lets use it, obviously we will have certain influences.
What are your musical influences and do they reflect the sound on the cd?
[ae] Weve always loved the music of Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis and having grown up listening and learning from these bands and there are going to be influences that come out in our music, but youve got to put your own stamp on it and thats what makes it sound like an Ezra track.
The cd is breathing out a happy feeling, was that a goal?
[ae] No not really, thats just the way it happened, we didnt sit down and say lets make a happy one this time we are all quite positive about things and enjoy a good laugh, I think sometimes bands take themselves far to seriously, its easy to be dark and moody youve got to have a good sense of humour about things, maybe that reflects in the music.
Are there any particular inspirations, or stories behind the songs off the new album?
[ae] Well A Little Bit More is about someone with an addictive habit that got the better of them in the end.
Everyday is about the love of music and the person it makes you, there is a line.
in the song as a tribute to Rush who we had just seen on their 30th anniversary tour.
Summer Again is about being with your mates and having a good drink and remembering all the times youve done it before.
Underground is about Ezra
(see the lyric on this page)
Chances could be about anything
Lazy says it all in the lyrics
Alive well make your own mind up on that one.
When did you become fan of Alex & David?
[ae] Ive been listening to Rush and Floyd since I was 13, although I was into King Crimson and Mike Oldfield before them, myself and a friend (Dave Powell) used to wear out Tubular Bells, Omadawn and In The Court of The Crimson King. In the UK we use to have a radio one program called the Friday Rock Show hosted by the late great Tommy Vance he used to play all these bands regularly, he was a great rock teacher.
Are you listening a lot too them lately?
[ae] I listen to them all the time
Did you see them live, or you gonna see them soon?
[ae] I 've seen most of my favourite bands live, most recently Rush 3 times on their last tour, one of the gigs was the night before my wedding which made it the best stag night ever.
What are the best albums they made?
[ae] Floyd: Dark Side of The Moon/Animals,
Rush: Moving Pictures/Signals/2112/All of them
What are your last 3-5 new albums in your collection?
[ae] David Gilmour On An Island
Black Sabbath Best of Black Sabbath
Slade The Very Best of Slade

Is there anything else you want to join with us?
[ae] Weve started writing for the next album and weve got gigs coming up, hope to see you in The Netherlands soon

And to make the circle complete, they played a few gigs as support band for Magenta.
Theire live bass player is Jim Bradley. andy wrote: "He is a great songwriter, weve known him for some time and he is now an essential part of the band and cooks a fantastic Thai curry."

Andy and Colin are in ProgAID ('05).

Another interview you'll find with Andy here!

News 26th of May 2006:
Andy is involved with a review of On an Island, see this page.
With members from Pendragon, Mostly Autumn, Magenta and others....


Ezra are pleased to welcome Chris Jones (guitar) and Gareth Hill (keyboards) to Ezra. In their recent press release, the band stated 'We have ditched the sequencer and replaced it with real people. Those of you who have followed us over the years will have seen various line-ups of the band, some with keyboards some with sequencer, but it's the first time we've had another guitarist in the band. There are plenty of guitar parts on the albums that we can now play live for the first time. This now makes Ezra a seven piece! Both have fitted into the band perfectly and played their first performance on 23/04/2007 supporting Peter Banks (ex Yes).


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Fair prices and a great collection.



French quintet formed in 1989 under the leadership of guitarist/vocalist Alain Charazzo. Their style straddles the worlds of both symphonic prog and guitar-driven rock, alternately featuring beautiful, acoustic melodies and jazzy fireworks. Chiarazzo's outstanding guitar play and the strong foundation behind every piece is the band's strength. They became more and more jazzier.
Their first album was called Eclat de Vers ('91).

Denis Carnevali / narrator
Alain Chiarazzo / guitar, voices
Fabrice Di-Mondo / drums
Pascal Versini / keyboards
Laurent Thomann / bass

They made a few albums more and a live album to ('98).
ECLAT (ECLAT DE VERS) Le Cri De La Terre ('02).

Alain Chiarazzo / guitar, vocals
Thierry Masse / keyboards
Fabrice di Mondo / drums, percussion
Bruno Ramousse / bass, backing vocals
François Fiddler / violin
Jean-Marc Negre, Regis Sevignac / backing vocals.

Alain is in ProgAID ('05).


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Founded in '96 by Rob Gould, the whole line up was:

Nadeen Plant - Vocals,
Rob Gould - Keyboards,
Jason Gilman - Guitars,
Nigel Moss - Bass Guitars.

A Cassette was released and a lot of people came and a lot of people went.
The talented singer Janet Galloway joined the band in 97 and a successful gig at the front of 1000 people was their first great success. But Janet left...
Zoë Stafford joined and they recorded BADAM '99 a promotional CD (Girl in the Window) and the cd Dark Matter ('99). Zoë was tempted away by another band with good prospects and left Fula.
2000 - 2002.
Line Up: Josie Bostin - vocals, Rob Gould - Keyboards, Jason Gilman - Guitars, Nigel Moss - Bass Guitars, Greg Boulton - Drums.
Fula were nominated for the Best New Band award at the Classic Rock Society ('01).
But woman go and...
Fiona Ford joined!
After extensive mastering and the development of a multimedia CD-Rom section, FCD-2 The Beautiful, The Delicate & The True was finished. At around the same time, singer Fiona Ford and guitarist Simon Lind joined the band and the line-up was again complete. In November, Fula returned to the Classic Rock Society's stage in Rotherham.

Fiona Ford - vocals,
Rob Gould - Keyboards,
Simon Lind - Guitars,
Nigel Moss - Bass Guitars,
Greg Boulton - Drums.

Two new EP-length CD singles are now available to pre-order from former Fula keyboardist, Rob Gould, When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears and A Billion Ghosts. These releases feature special contributions from members of Strangefish (Paul, O Neill and Julian Gregory) and Fula (Nigel Moss, Fiona Ford and Jason Gilman) respectively.

Fiona and Rob are in
ProgAID ('05).

More of this band at: http://www.fula.co.uk/index.html.


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Band formed in '85, and still on the road.

YEAR ZERO (2002) is their latest album (nice cover) and more important nice reviews. Compared with Marillion, Yes, VDGG and Porcupine Tree!

"Looming cathedral organs, Floydian guitar sunsets and high octane rockin', it's all here. A must."
TIM JONES, Record Collector magazine

zero ROY KEYWORTH: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar on Democracy, noisy effects and Ding Dong.
STUART NICHOLSON: Most of the main singing, lots of background singing, ethereal choiry stuff, all the words and a teeny weenie amount of keyboard mayhem.
SPENCER LUCKMAN: Drums and all manner of strange percussive interludes.
DEAN BAKER: An old but perfectly formed Fender Rhodes Piano, Steam Driven Mellotron, reasonably stable Mini Moog, Taurus bass pedals, assorted modern digital synthesizers and rack mounted trickery, sampling, programming, wedding and 'glamor' photography (e-mail for prices)……we jest not!!!
NEIL PEPPER: Bass guitar and Lord Lucan impersonation.

Cantori featuring:
Jonathan Prentice - Baritone voices
Lorraine Rowan - Soprano voices
Nicki Clewlow - Alto voices
John Wetton - Vocals and back up vocals
Sarah Quilter - Flute, saxophone, clarinet and vocals
Rob Booth - Trumpet
Sabino Andreotti, Wai Lim Kai, Yun Hwa Son - various atmospheric voices

They are working on a new album too: Empires Never Last will be the title. Release date; somewhere in 2005...

In November 2005 they've found a new bass player:

Lee Abraham - bass.

With the new studio album EMPIRES NEVER LAST in the final throes of production, Galahad has confirmed some live dates for later this year:

Fri 02 Jun | The Cartoon | Croydon | England (with Also Eden as special guests)
Fri 17 Nov | De Boerderij | Zoetermeer | Holland
Sun 19 Nov | The Spirit of 66 | Verviers | Belgium

Stu is in ProgAid ('05).
A interview you'll find here!

Lee, a multi-instrumentalist, particiated in a other Tsunami project and made a few solo albums, View from the Bridge ('05), with:

Martin Orford from IQ (also featured in the Tsunami Projekt CD),
Karl Groom from Threshold,
Sarah Bolter from Galahad and
Barry Thompson (the Tsunami Projekt CD Directo).

Resonance ~ Live In Poland.
Tracklist: Intro: Montagues And Capulets (Prokofiev), I Could Be God , Year Zero [Parts 1 to 4] - I) Yearzeroverture, II) Belt Up, III) Ever the Optimist, IV) The Charlotte Suite, Bug Eye, Sidewinder, Sleepers, Empires Never Last, Termination, This Life Could Be My Last... Recorded on the same night as the Pendragon DVD.

Read a great review at DPRP.
Galahad are proud to announce the release of a double live album ''Sleepless in Phoenixville – RoSfest Live ' (GHCD10) which was recorded at ROSfest 2007.

The album is a double CD that has not been edited at all, you literally get the whole concert including all the inter song waffle!! It is as it was, i.e. no editing, reparation or auto tune!!! Consequently, it hopefully captures the spirit and momentum of a triumphant debut Galahad concert in the USA.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the audience who made us feel so welcome over the duration of this wonderful festival of progressive music.

The track listing is;

I Could Be God
Year Zero (parts 1 to 4)
Bug Eye
Lady Messiah
Exorcising Demons
Empires Never Last
This Life Could Be My Last

More of this band at the official site: Galahad.


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Band with great names:

John Mitchell ( Arena) Guitar vocals
John Beck (It Bites) Piano vocals
Pete Trewavas (Marillion) Bass vocals
Chris Maitand (ex-Porcupine Tree) Drums vocals


The new album Picture will be released in February/ March.
The band played live in Utrect and Cologne in december 2004 with Bob Dalton (also of It Bitess fame) is stepping in to provide the drums. The show in Colognes was recorded for TV: RockPalast.
And will be the support act of Spocks Beard in 2005.

Nice melodic proggy rocksongs.

Pete, John and John are joining in at ProgAID.


They'll hit the road again in 2005 with Bob Dalton on drums.

03.10.05 -Kino & Steve Thorne TOUR DATES

Saturday 10.12.05 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Sunday 11.12.05 - Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium (early start)
Monday 12.12.05 - Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany
Tuesday 13.12.05 - Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Wednesday 14.12.05 - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland only Kino
NEW!! Thursday 15.12.05 - Lucky & Co, Rijssen, Netherlands only Kino
Friday 16.12.05 - Borderline, London, UK (book your ticket online)
Saturday 17.12.05 - John Dee, Oslo, Norway only Kino.

The Cutting Room Floor is their new album ('06) with live tracks and demos.

Bob Dalton is involved with a New Super Group:

David O'List (The Nice),
Matthew Cohen on the six string bass (Magenta),
Bob Dalton (It Bites / Kino),
Andy Tilison (The Tangent) and
Jason McDonald (The Blue Horses)


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This band is busy since '89 in some other disguises. After a good review at The Classic Rock Society ('01) with a self financed 'Reeled In' E.P. in their pocket, they finally made plans for a full album:
Full Scale ('03). Line-up:

full-scale Steve Taylor - vocals,

Bob Lawson - guitar,

Julian Gregory, multi-instrumentalist, violins, ( the most recent fish; August 2001),

Dave - drums.

They provide support for the likes of Mostly Autumn and Karnataka!

CRS Best of The Year Awards 2004:

Best Band: Strangefish

Best Male Vocalist: Steve Taylor

Best Guitarist: Bob Lawson

Best Multi-instrumentalist: Julian Gregory

Influences that are:
Genesis, Pink Floyd, It Bites, Yes, Frank Zappa, The Flower Kings, Spocks Beard and Alcohol! Among others.

Strangefish will take to the stage for the first time in 2005, to preview their forthcoming album Fortune Telling. They will be playing “The Royal Arms”, Manchester Road, Cadishead, Manchester on Saturday 5th March 2005.

Album release: 15th January 2006!


25th February - Classic Rock Society: Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, Rotherham.
Support act by
Odin Dragonfly!
6th May - Classic Rock Society "Rotherham Rocks" festival...

Hello dear Steve,
[st] Hello again to you too Nick.

Hope you're doing well. Can you tell me more about your new album?
[st] Fortune Telling is a story about an ordinary man who, after resisting all the material temptations that are put his way in life, decides to take to gambling intrigued as to wether he would be happier if he had access to all the trappings that comes with wealth. Is it wrong to seek fame and fortune? Is it so bad to want things? You only get one shot at life so why not make it a good one. The music takes you on his journey through the highs and lows of winning a large amount of money. The album also contains a bonus studio recording of our live knees up 'The Lighthouse Jig' featuring Julian on Violin and Mandolin.

Who is involved, the same line up as Full Scale? Any other breaking news?
[st] It is the same line up as on Full Scale. As far as any other news is concerned we are currently in the throes of trying to get gigs to promote Fortune Telling and we have an album launch already arranged in Rotherham, England on the 25th February for the Classic Rock Society where we will be playing the whole piece for only the third time live.

You choose for Odin Dragonfly as support act, why?
[st] Good old Martin Hudson of the Classic Rock Society chose for us. I think I owe him one there!

Do you know the lovely girls or the band they involved with?
[st] We do know the girls and are very fortunate to have them on the bill with us, I shall look forward to hearing how they sound together outside of their normal Autumnal surroundings.

Steve is it a more Rock album? Or would you say it is a Prog or Symfo album?
[st] We have definately gone in a more progressive direction with this album. Sorry I don't know your music at all. I'm in general interested in Prog. like Mostly Autumn , Magenta, RPWL, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, but good Rock like David Gilmour, Coldplay, Unicorn, Jacksen Browne, Warren Zevon, U2 (to name a few) is great too. By the way "all around the World " is my music... really i like that. So how would you subcribe your album? Once again this has been a self financed album with all the recording taking place in a hired studio and then the mixing being done by ourselves, it's a great learning curve that we are on. We had the idea for the theme of the album a while ago but wanted to stay away from the title of 'concept' album preferring instead to call it a story as unfortunately there is such a great stigma attached to the word concept. Trouble is when people hear it they will instantly use the word! Hopefully though the qaulity of the music will speak for itself.

What are you musical influences?
[st] Quite varied. I'm very much into prog myself and currently I am listening to Carptree, Neal Morse and Porcupine Tree but to be honest if I hear a good song then it doesn't matter to me what tag is given to it, I will still enjoy it. The rest of the band have influences ranging from Peter Gabriel era Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Dream theater, it Bites and Kings X right through to Classical music (mainly thanks to Julian our Bass player with him being a classically trained violinist).

Are you interested in David Gilmours new album?
[st] I'm afraid that I shall have to plead ignorance here as I haven't heard it as yet.


Thanks Steve, hope to see you soon.


17 March 2006:
The album, Fortune Teller, is a beauty a nice mix of rock, prog & symfo.
Adventureous and very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended.


Steve had worked on the ProgAID Project (2005).


More of this band at: Strangefish.


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Tryxer, LaPaz, MidnightBlue (included guitarist Alex Dickson who would later go on to join Gun, Bruce Dickinson, and Robbie Williams), Chain, Iron Maiden, Cozy Powell, Rainbow (since '94), Yngwie Malmsteen are a few names he worked in or with.

And don't forget the White Noise Project with Bryan Josh.
The live gigs will features members of Mostly Autumn including Ian Jennings, Liam Davison and of course Blackmore protégé Josh. [September 2004].


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Hope everything will work out fine!

Nick of the lovely South of the Netherlands.


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