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From: Matthew Cohen
Date: Feb 01 2005.


Just a quick mail as I am dashing out the door. The week-end was incredible and the christina-matthew whole thing is sounding superb. The atmosphere was amazing and wish you could have been there to experience it. We met with Neal Morse today and recorded his parts and WOW, is all I can say :o) Speak to you soon and take care.



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With: Steve Gee
Date: Feb 02 2005.

Hello dear Steve,
How is life?
[sg]: Not bad! Certainly better than some people in the world!

What was your occupation when you first heard the news about the Tsunami?
[sg]: Well, it was 'Boxing Day' here in the UK and so I was just chillin' out at my home following Christmas Day dinner with the rest of my family, the day before. I saw what had happened on the TV news but like so many didn't appreciate the extent of the disaster until the few days that followed.

Is there a picture of the disaster that is burned in your head?
[sg]: Not one image in particular; there was so much coverage. All of it shocking. But some of the 'home movie' footage, from people right in the middle of it, really captured the horror. I think, if I'm pressed, I'd have to say seeing the masses of children that were turned into orphans in an instant.

When did the ball started to roll for you? Did you know David Robbinson?
john-steve-dave [sg]: I knew David Robinson from his work as author of his book 'The British Progressive Rock Directory'. He'd also seen Landmarq at one or two festivals.
After some e-mails i phoned with David. I was on the phone with David for quite a while and that started a whole series of emails back and forth between the two of us plus the other guys organizing things (Rob Reed and Matthew Cohen) waiting for details about where and when the recording would take place.

Were there other ideas for a song (note; Borders?), what this song is about? Did you know the song 'All Around The World', do you think it is going be a success for all those victims of the Tsunami?
[sg]: I didn't know if any songs had been suggested or submitted at the time. I did mention that I had an idea during the Iraq war to do a similar thing with the Landmarq song, 'Borders', with the UK charity Warchild. I always saw this song as a kind of 'anthem' for Europe and beyond. I also contacted Clive Nolan, who wrote the lyrics for 'Borders'; Clive was happy to help get things together too. But the Warchild charity were actually already involved with a similar CD album project at that time with some pretty big names (e.g., David Bowie, etc.) so it didn't quite happen.
However, I think the ProgAID song ('All Around The World') is excellent and I hope it does really well raising lots of funds for the tsunami victims. The highlight for me (and many others) was when we (about 30 people) all 'squeezed' into the studio sound room and sang our hearts out on the chorus. Great stuff!

Were you pleased to see all the names who are involved?
[sg]: Absolutely! It was great to spend the day with so many fellow Prog muso's; making our individual contributions to the song, then spending much of the time chatting and hanging out with various people. Some we already knew, some we met for the first time. But all were great friends by the end. It was easy to forget why we were there in the first place. But I'm sure this was in everybody's mind. All in all, it was a very special and unique day.

What are the members of Landmarq doing at this moment?
[sg]: Probably sleeping! I'm answering this in the middle of the night (haha!).

Plans for a new album?
[sg]: You bet! We've been writing material for the last couple of years or more and have previewed much of the new material at our shows in the UK and Holland. With great reaction, I might add. There's no date as yet for the album - hopefully later in 2005.

Will there be some live gigs again?
[sg]: We have a few in the book including a trip to Poland in March for a concert that will be recorded for release as a DVD. We're quite excited about that. We'll also be playing a few dates in the UK but hope to visit elsewhere, whenever possible. Ok, since you asked(!) - the Landmarq dates so far for 2005 are:

4th March - Club Riga Musicbar, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
14th March - DVD concert, Poland (more details to come)
15th April - Uplands Tavern Swansea, S. Wales
2nd December - Uplands Tavern Swansea, S. Wales
3rd December - Club Riga Musicbar, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Is there anything else you want to say?
[sg]: Just to wish the ProgAID project the very best of luck and every success.
Also, is it too late to wish everyone a happy and peaceful 2005? Oh, I guess I just did! :)

Thanks Steve for all the help,
Nick Gielkens of the lovely South of the Netherlands.

[sg] Cheers, Nick!
Steve Gee
Official site
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Tracy Hitchings and Dave Wagstaffe are also involved with ProgAID see the Landmarq pages at this site.
The picture above is: John Jowitt, Steve and Dave Wagstave.

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With: Stu Nicholson.
Date: Feb 03 2005.

Hello dear Stu,
How is life in cold wet England? Where do you live?

[sn] I live in the south of England in a place called Ferndown near Bournemouth, cold in the winter but generally warm and pleasant in the Summer months. It's a beautiful part of England, very close to the sea and the New Forest. life is full and fun..most of the time..mainly taken up with Galahad and music in general!!

What was your occupation when you first heard the news about the Tsunami?
[sn] I was sitting in my lounge on Boxing Day when I saw the news and couldn't believe what was being said and what we were watching, I was both mesmerised by what was unfolding and scared at the same time!! stuart

What did you tought when you realized that this catastrophe was zo big?
[sn] It took a while to hit home, however, I did think that the fataility figures given to begin with were going to be far too low having seen what had happened, then sure enough, unfortunately, they started risng dramatically hour by hour and day by day it was like something out of a disaster film only far more real but at the same time almost incomprehensible and unbelievable

Is there a picture of the disaster that is burned in your head?
[sn] There are so many images of what happened repeated in the media especially on Sky News etc..they are firmly etched in my head and I don't think they will ever leave!

You're involved in this project, who did contact you, were did you know him from, have you worked together?
[sn] A guy called Danny Mayo contacted me on behalf of Dave, Matthew and Rob. He very kindly asked if I would like to be a part of the project. Naturally I said yes...anything we can do to help on even the smallest scale is worthwhile.
I've known Danny a long time, he has been to many a Galahad gig over the years as has Dave Robinson who runs F2 records. I know the Magenta guys a little through Galahad having played on the same bill with them a couple of times.

Did you know the song 'All Arround The World", do you think it is going be a succes for all those victims of the Tsunami?
[sn] I didn't know the song before I received an MP3 to get familiar with but I do now after singing the chorus several dozen times last weekend!!
In my humble opinion It's a good catchy pop song with a proggy twist (even a few Mellotron prases), great simple chorus which is what you need for a track like this.. .nothing to long and complicated. Having said that I haven't heard the finished version(s) as I guess they must be still mixing at the moment. Can't wait to hear the finished product!!
I just hope that the guys will be able to get good distribution and a fair amount of exposure in the form radio airplay both terrestrial and on the Internet and Sky and also magazine exposure. If they can do that I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be successful.
But success is relative, it could still be regarded as a success even if it only raises a few hundred pounds, but hopefully it will raise thousands as well as keeping up, in some small way, an awareness of the problems caused by the Tsunami which aren't just going to disappear in a few weeks. It will take months, years for most of the areas affected to get back to normal.
Also, I think just getting everyone involved was a fantastic success as it was no mean logistical feat. I really do my hat off to those guys.

How was it the recording weekend?
[sn] Absolutely fabulous. We had a fantastic couple of days. Everyone was very friendly and accomodating, no clashes of egos..it was a very warm friendly atmosphere. THe waiting room was basically a pub which was wonderful except that we probably drank too much whilst waiting for our respective stints in the studio!!

Did you know all the musicians, did you met them before?
[sn] I knew some of the musicians of old from playing gigs with them in the past. It was great to catch with so many of them such as Nick Barrett from Pendragon, John Jowitt from IQ, Jadis , Bruce Soord from Pineapple Thief, Tracy and the Landmarq guys and Alan Reed from Pallas who is always good fun. We just swapped stories, old anecdotes news etc...
Also got chatting to a few guys who I had never net before, who were all very friendly, it's always great to get other peoples perspectives on life and music etc...

Is there anything happend that weekend that will stay wih you?
[sn] Yes, the feeling of everyone coming together, the camaraderie, the way it was all so laid back and easy with, as I said before, no ego's getting in the way. It was interesting to hear the track gradually evoving ion to somethingh wonderful. The finale was also wonderful with severral dozen of us crammed in to the studio all singing the chorus together being conducted by Alan Reed who was flailing his arms around like some mad conductor...absolutely brilliant!! won't forget it for a long time.

What are the members of Galahad doing at this moment?
The last album got many good reviews. Any plans for a new album? Will there be some touring again?
[sn] We have written all the songs for the new album and hope to start recording shortly. It will be called ironically 'Empires Never Last'. I couldn't possibly tell you when it will be ready...hopefully some time this year. ENL will be more song based than Year Zero and soundwise will be a little heavier, well that's the idea at least!! Once the album is out we hope to put a string of dates together including quite a few in Europe..but I couldn't say when at then moment.

What is your occupation next to making some nice music?
A profesional Dreamer, I saw at you site, what is that?
[sn] That is just a joke, basically, I'm just trying to say that I have dreams like everyone else, you write, rehearse and record an album in the hope that a few or maybe more than a few people will pick up on it and give you the recognition you feel you deserve. An acknowledgement for all the hard graft that has gone in to keeping the band going as a creative force over the years would be nice!! the same for any band really.
But that's enough about Galahad and myself, the focus for this interview has to be on this project to raise funds to help victims of the Tsunami. And to that end I sincerely wish the project all the success it so very much deserves, especially after all the effort that the organisers i.e. Rob, Dave, Matthew, Danny and no doubt others who I haven't met or don't know have put in during the last few weeks.

Is there anything else you want to say to the people All Around The World?
[sn] Not really, other than..buy this single when it comes out, you could be saving someones life or even helping them to build a new one!
Apart from that stay safe, be happy and live life!!

Thanks Stu for all the help and support,
Nick Gielkens of the lovely South of the Netherlands.

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With: Martin Orford.
Date: Feb 05 2005.

Hello Martin,
How is life rolling in the lovely South?
[mo] Life is good but it's pouring with rain here at the moment!

What was your impression of the terrible Tsunami that hit Asia? What was your occupation when you first heard of it?
[mo] I suppose I saw it on the TV news like most people did. Nothing much in this world shocks me any more; if anything I'm quite surprised and pleased that natural disasters such as this are relatively uncommon. However on the rare occasions they do occur it's nice to be able to help even in a very small way such as this.

Who contacted you for this Project? Did you liked the idea?
[mo] I had a deluge of e-mails from Dave Robinson, Matthew Cohen and Rob Reed so how could I possibly refuse? It's a good project anyway.

Was you amazed by the many Proggers that joined forces?
[mo] Not really. The prog rock crowd are a good bunch and you can normally rely on them in a crisis.

What did you do?
[mo] I recorded my parts at home, and I did a bit of Mellotron on the choruses, a synth lead on the end and odd bits of organ and flute. I don't know how much of that the guys will use but I was keen to give them plenty of options.

Did you heard the demo already, what do you think could it become a hit for Asia?
[mo] I think it's a good song, but being in the prog rock vein I think it's incredibly unlikely that it will be a hit. However any money it raises for Asia is better than no money at all.

IQ, is also involved with the Tsunami Project with Spocks Beard, what is happening on that front?
[mo] I'm not personally involved in that, but Mike Holmes has done a special re-mix of our song "The Darkest Hour" which we have donated to the project. It's very unusual, and I think very moving as he has interspersed the lyrics with newsreel recordings of the Tsunami reports.

Do you want to say something to the people All Around The World?
[mo] I never answer questions like this. Why would people around the world care what I think, especially those that have just been hit by a tidal wave?

Thanks Martin!

[mo] All the best, Martin Orford

IQ & Jadis at this site.
Official site at: www.gep.co.uk/iq/ opens in a new window.

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Phone call
With: Dave Robbinson.
Date: Saturday 05 Feb 2005.

Had a long talk with Dave Robbinson, of F2Music and the man who had the same dream, but just needed a small spark to start this 3.5 liter, 375 horsepower V8 with a 6 speed manual overdrive engine.
We talked about the recording weekend, Dave said it was hectic to organizise but so much fun to do. All the musicians gathered in the studio, no big ego's, all very helpfull and full fun.
The single sounded already great, althrough Rob Reed had to mix another 120 tracks into the piece of work. Some recordings had to take place this week.
The problem was to find a good company with connections and promo activity who wants to distrubute the single, without making money of it. Alway s money is the problem in this world. He hoped that he could sell the single aswell through his own label as by a bigger brother in law. And that the price could be low.
What the outcome will be, Dave agreed that the single was already a success, with all the spontaneously help of everyone involved this was a victory for solidarity.
We spoked about his book he wrote in a previous live, kids, Magenta's plans (that were a bit disturbed by this ProgAID), tourplans, the geografy of the Netherlands, about President Bush and that he makes it nescerray that there'll be another ProgAID next year, the possibilities to do a live ProgAID and and and...
But there was some important game, Wales-England, that afternoon so we said thank you, speak to you soon and a kiss for your wife and lay down the phone.
Thanks David for all the effort!

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