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Sad News:
Eric Woolfson died 2th of December 2009. What a lost!


Alan Parsons- vocals/guitar/synthesiser/producer,

Andrew Powell- keyboards, arranger, orcheststration,

Eric Woolfson- songwriter, producer, piano and vocals (till '91).

David Paton- bass (till '93),

Ian Bairnson- guitar,

Stuart Elliott- drums,

Richard Cottle- sax, bass & synthesiser (from '84),

Alan Parsons earned his first money as sound technicus, assistant engineer and producer for a.i. The Beatles & Pink Floyd.

Together with friend Eric Woolfson, a Scot born in Glasgow in 1945, they worked as a filmcomposers, they write a script, search the right people for the job and start with recording. The most people are from groups were Alan worked with; Pilot, Cockney Rebel and Ambrosia.

Andruw Powell takes care of the orchestration. He worked with John Miles (Music), Ambrosia, Cockney Rebel, Kate Bush, Chris de Burgh and many others. He wrtote the music for the film Ladyhawk.

Vocals on the albums;

Colin Blunstone,

John Miles,

Chris Rainbow,

Lenny Zakatek,

David Paton,

Geoff Baradale,

Gary Brooker (Stereotemy '84 and live once),

Graham Dye (from '86),

Christopher Cross ('96),

Eric Stewart (from '90 / 10CC),

Jacqui Copeland ('93),

Chris Thompson ('93 & live, / Manfredman),

Peter Beckett ('95-'96)

Neil Lockwood ('95-'97 -'99)(Box of Frogs, Mica Paris, John Parr, Elaine Paige, Pete Bardens '86-'87, ELO '90-'92, Asia '01, Men Without Hats '94, Boyzone '94, John Miles, Deborah Harry and Simple Minds. He released a (singersongwriter) solo album in 2004),

Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet),

Beverly Craven,

Marie Brennan ('99),

And of course their self and their wives; Smokey, Hazel and Jane.

Tales of Mystery And Imagination ('76). A great Album about the stories of writer poet Edgar Allan Poe.

tales 1976

Andrew Powell- keyboards, arranger, orcheststration,

Eric Woolfson- songwriter, producer, piano and vocals (till '91).

David Paton- bass (till '93),

Ian Bairnson- guitar,

Stuart Elliott- drums,

Orson Welles- narration,

Christopher North- keyboards

David Pack- guitar (Ambrosia),

Stuart Tosh- drums (Pilot),

Arthur Brown,

John Miles,

Terry Sylvester (the Hollies),

Jack Harris,

Jane Powell,

The English Chorale,

Billy Lyal- piano (Pilot),

Francis Monkman- organ & harpsichord,

Kevin Peeks,- guitar,

Laurence Juber- guitar,

Hugh D'Alton- mandolin,

Les Hurdle,

Joe Puerta &

Daryl Runswick- bass,

David Snell and Leonard Whiting- narration & vocoder,

Hayden Bendall, Patrick Stapley & Chris Blair- engineer mastering

I Robot ('77, coverdesign Hypnosic). Verry strong album, on side two a Pink Floyd atmosphere.

The story of the rise of the machine and the decline of man,
which paradoxically coincided with the discovery of the wheel...
and a warning that his brief dominance of this planet
will probably end,
because man tried to create robot in his own image.






Duncan Mackay- keyboards,

Mr.B.J. Cole -steelguitar,

John Leach- cymbal,

Alan Clarke, Steve Harley,

Jack Harris,

Peter Straker,

Jaki Whitren,

Dave Townsend &

Lenny Zakatek- vocals

Alan, David, Eric, Stuart, Ian, Smokey Parsons, Hilary Westren, Tony Rivers, John Perry, Stuart Calver, The English Chorale and The New Philharmonic Chorus- backing vocals.

Pyramid ('78) with;






Phil Kenzie- sax,

Dean Ford,

John Miles,

Smokey and Hazel.

Eve ('79, Hypgnosic) the concept was to make album with all female vocalist;

Leslie Duncan,

Clair Torry,

Chris Rainbow,

Dave Townsend,

Lenny Zakatek, -vocal


Lesley Duncan,

David Paton,

Ian Bairnson,

Stuart Elliott

Alan & Eric -miscellaneous instrumentation.

The Turn of a friendly Card ('80, coverdesign of Lol Creme & Kevin Godley) and Eye in the Sky ('82 the project scores a few single-successes.

Colin Blunstone -vocals on Old & Wise

Mel Collins -saxes,

Elmer Gantry - vocals of Maybe a Price to pay (The Turn) & Psychobabble (The Eye).

The next albums, Ammonia Avenue ('84), Vulture Culture ('85), Stereotomy ('85), are all very interesting. The line-up: NH-3- avenue; vocals; Eric, Chris, Lenny, Collin, other soundscapes; David, Ian, Stuart, Mel, Andrew, Alan (fairlight) & Eric (synthesisers). Vulture Culture; the vocalists; Eric, Chris, Lenny, David Paton en Colin, bass, drums, guitars, piano; David, Stuart, Ian & Eric and the new man Richard Cottle on sax and keyboards synthesisers. Stereotomy; vocals; Johnie Miles, Chris, Gary Cottle.

Andrew Powell and the Philharmonic recorded in the meantime a Best Off ('84).

La Sagrada Familia (on Gaudie, '86) vocals by John Miles is another masterpiece. David Paton is replaced by the brother of Richard;

Laurie "Trix" Cottle -bass. John Miles,

Geoff Baradale,

Lenny Zakatek &

Eric Woolfson -vocals,

Ian -guitar,

Stuart -drums,

Alan &

Eric -keyboards/ production.

Woolfson and Parsons getting different interests; Woolfson wants to perform in the theatres; Freudiana ('90) is a concept about Sigmund and the last effort of them both. Woolfons wrote the biggest and best numbers.

Try Anything Once ('93, magnificent cover by Storm Thorgensen)

David Pack (Oh Life)

Ian Bairnson,

Andruw Powell,

Chris Thompson (ex-Manfredman),

Jaqui Copeland (Mr Time) - vocals

Jeremy Parsons (son of ...)plays a little guitar,

Alan Parsons.

After a few try outs on The Night of Proms in Antwerpen the Project is going on the road;

Stuart Elliot,

Andrew Powell,

Ian Bairnson,

Richard Cottle,

Chris Thompson,

Gary Howard (the flying Pickets,),

Jeremy Meeks- bass.

Alan Parsons.

Of course the whole show is recorded on Live ('94), Studio-recording could be another possible name for that album; it sounds magnificent. A year later ('95) there is a new live-tour with Peter Beckett (instead of Howard) and Felix Kirsh -bass.

On Air. Elliot & Bairnson are responsible for the most songs (happily)(with cd-rom), with:

Richard Cottle,

Andruw Powell,

the Philharminoa Orchestra,

Eric Stewart,

Neil Lockwood,

Peter Beckett,

Chistopher Cross

Grahm Dye,

John Giblin-bass,

Gary Sanctuary- keyboards,

Alan Parsons.

In '97 plays the band together with Yes in North America:

Ian Bairnson,

Stuart Elliott,

John Gilblin,

John Beck- keyboards and

Neil Lockwood- vocals.

Alan Parsons

The Time Machine ('99);

Ian Bairnson (also on bass, keyboards, motorcycle en sax),

Stuart Elliott -drums and percussion,

Richard Cottle -keyboards,

John Giblin -bass,

Andrew Powell- keyboards- orchestration,

Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet),

Beverly Craven,

Maire Brennan (Clannad),

Neil Lockwood,

Chris Rainbow,

Graham Dye &

Colin Blunstone -vocals.

Robyn Smith - keyboards,

Julian Sutton- melodeon,

Kathryn Tickell- nothumbrian pipes,

Julia Singleton,

Jackie Norrie,

Claire Orsels &,

Dinah Beamish- violins, viola & cello.

Mike Myers/ Austin Powers.

Jeremy Parsons remixes the title track into a house-techno- version,


In Munchen the band gives a few concerts, together with Jack Bruce and Ringo Starr; so the circle is round again; Alan did start his highly successful carrier in the Abbey-road studios with the Beatles. The line-up including contributions of Jack Bruce and Ringo was; Tony Hadley (vocals, from Spandau Ballet), Neil Lockwood (vocals), Tim Renwick (guitar), Dick Nolan (bass), John Beck (keyboards), Stuart Elliott (drums).


In 2001 he's on the road again with;

Ann Wilson (from Heart),

Todd Rundgren,

John Entwistle (Who),

David Pack (Ambrosia),

John Beck (keyboards),

Steve Luongo (drums) and

Geoffrey Townsend (guitar).

They play own songs and some covers from the Abbey Road Studio, where it all began.

In Japan he will do some concerts with:

Ian Bairnson,

Stuart Elliot,

Niel Lockwood,

John Beck - keyboards and

Dick Nolan - bass.


Alan Parsons has begun work on the new album (end 2002). This will be the first record without his long-time bandmates Ian Bairnson, and Stuart Elliott. The new album will be take Alan in a new direction and into world of electronica.
The album is still in its very early stages but Simon Posford of the electronica band Shpongle has already helped on a track or two.

Alan Parsons will hit the road again (end 2003/ start '04) with:

Lenny Zakatek,
Ian Bairnson,
Stuart Elliott,
David Paton!


Cover of "A Valid Path" The new Alan Parsons album A Valid Path is released in August 2004.

This is the first record without his long-time bandmates Ian Bairnson, and Stuart Elliott. The new album will be take Alan in a new direction and into world of electronica.

Artists appearing on this record include:

Alan Parsons - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, nuendo programming and sequencing, guitars, slide (on "the raven"), bass,
Jeremy Parsons - keyboards, nuendo programming and sequencing, co-writer,
Lisa Parsons - additional vocals,
Tim "Q" Wills - nuendo programming and sequencing,
Simon Posford - logic programming and sequencing, additional vocals, writer,
Michelle Adamson - processed vocals,
Ken Jordan - digital performer programming and sequencing,
Scott Kirkland - digital performer programming and sequencing,
Alastair Greene - lead guitar (on "we play the game"),
Nortec Collective,
The Crystal Method,
PJ Olsson - nuendo programming and sequencing, lead vocals,
Tim "Q" Wills - nuendo programming and sequencing,
David Pack - guitar and co-writer and
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour,
Orsons Wells - narration,
John Cleese - special guest appearance,
Eric Woolfson - co-writer.

The cover artwork for "A Valid Path" was created by Storm Thorgerson.

The album starts very impressive with "Return To Tunguska" with David Gilmour doing his job as we want, an absolutely marvelous solo, on an impressive layer of Eastern influenced "logic Programming and sequencing" by Simon Posford (Shpongle).
Mammagamma 04 is full of spacey instrumental electronica, but the original got my favour. We Play The Game, with The Crystal Method has a link to Richard Wrights broken China and the next song Tijuaniac is a more slower instrumental song. L'Arc En Ciel has an intro with an echo from Pink Floyd's soundscapes and alan Parsons fascination for perfect sounds, then kicking of with Tangering Dreams electronica, nice riff and guitar solo!
From Jeremy's version of The Raven I did expect more, a bit flat. I think the original will be the best version ever, with that great guitar solo of Ian Bairnson. Do you remember when you heard that song for the first time? That was just such as a moment when Neil Amstrong set his first step on the moon, you'll never forget.
You Can Run with Ambrosia's David Pack brings us back in trance remixes, nice but David Pack can play guitar and this is what i miss in this song. Chomolungma is a good song to end with this electronic dance scene-bases cd, referring to Faithless, Orzic and Ashra Temple. Not all the songs are my thing, but i prefer this as another "Time Machine" album.
With this album the former Beatles and Pink Floyd engineer can sit back, give his studio to his children and close his succesfull career.
Well done.

Highly Recommended


Alan Parsons has released 3 Aniversary discs:

I Robot ('77)
Eye in the Sky ('82)
Vulture Culture ('87).
With Bonus material and some extra artwork and sleeve notes... Wauw, I'm listening to I Robot for the seond time today, what an excellent sound quality what a suberp Music. Do they still make such a beautifull layered Music today??? Mmm yes a few bands do, but jeemie this was my childhood, my first albums... still can sing-a-long word for word.

Other re-issues:

JUNE 2007:

Pyramid Expanded Edition
The Turn Of A Friendly Card Expanded Edition
Stereotomy Expanded Edition


Eve Expanded Edition
Ammonia Avenue Expanded Edition
Gaudi Expanded Edition

Please visit the official site at:
You can buy the albums there aswell.


EYE TO EYE ('10).
New live Alan Parsons Live album:

I Robot
Can’t Take It With You
Don’t Answer Me
Breakdown / The Raven
I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You
Damned If I Do
More Lost Without You
Don’t Let It Show
Prime Time
Sirius / Eye In The Sky
(The System Of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether
Games People Play

There 's a dvd version (region free).
Eye 2 Eye – Live In Madrid” filmed and recorded 14 mei 2004 in Playa Mayor te Madrid, Spain.

BAND ALAN PARSONS: Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
P.J. OLSSON: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
GODFREY TOWNSEND: Lead Guitar and Vocals
STEVE MURPHY: Drums and Vocals
MANNY FOCARAZZO: Keyboards and Vocals
JOHN MONTAGNA: Bass Guitar and Vocals



Watch an interview of Alan on the German site Arte.tv.
Read a review of Eye 2 Eye, Alan Parsons Live in Madrid.
Read an interview with The Huffington Post.
Read an interview with The Trades.


Alan writes:

After many years of touring with our mostly New York-based band, for many reasons, I felt the need for a change. On a purely practical level, there were scheduling conflicts for our 2010 touring plans with some of the existing band personnel and my wish to rehearse new material at home in California. So for this tour I  decided to make a few changes to the band line up and came up with a new set list. Some material has never been performed live before.  The decision to include The Turn Of A Friendly Card came from you - the fans - just as you had suggested that it should be included on the Essential Collection CD compilation. It has been going down a storm. All Our Yesterdays is the song recorded specially for The Art And Science Of Sound project. It will be released online as a single soon and is included in the current live set. 

I will always be grateful to the talented band musicians who have over the past years contributed to the success of our shows. In particular, I would like to give a special mention to Godfrey Townsend, Steve Murphy and John Montaga.

This is the first time we have ever performed in Israel, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia .  

P.J. Olsson and Manny Focarazzo remained on board with the band for this tour.

New band members on this tour are:

Drums  - Danny Thompson
Bass - Guy Erez
Alastair Greene  - who some of you may have already seen at shows in the USA .

Our first show in Tel Aviv was a triumph, though I say it myself.  We were thrilled when the entire audience sang along with us to TheTurn Of a Friendly Card - we were almost drowned out. 

I am currently working on the post-production and final touches for my documentary video project, The Art And Science Of Sound Recording. After two years of hard work, we are almost there and I am grateful for everyone's patience while we get it completed. Much of the program is already available online for download and video streaming at  www.artandscienceofsound. com . We hope to release the 3-DVD set in April.  If you pre-order the DVD, you get the currently available downloads for free!

P.S. For an interesting read check out a blog entry about Alan's early days at the 'Coffin Club'.

A recent interview (April '10) from my friends at Prog-Nose.


ALAN PARSONS & DAVID PACK (Ambrosia) in concert. The Four Events in one special is to be held on
Sunday 11 April 2010 at Spaghettini Jazz Club, Seal Beach, California...
Storyteller Session and 5.1 Surround Playback (7.00-8.00)
Premiere of New Music + Video on Large Screen (8.00-8.30)
Concert of All Time Greatest Hits (8.45 to 10.00)
Surprise Guest Jam Session (10.00-Late)

For more information visit the Alan Parsons website.

News March 2011:
Alan Parsons Launches New Project: SubClonesFamed.
Renowned award-winning producer/engineer Alan Parsons has created an enigmatic new group, SubClones, and is recording their debut album at LA hit-makers' studio, The Village. Known for his enduring work with Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Yes, The Hollies, Al Stewart, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ambrosia and his own Alan Parsons Project, he is the man behind billions in record sales.

After three years spent creating his new instructional 3-DVD series, "The Art and Science of Sound Recording" (http://www.artandscienceofsound.com), to glowing reviews, Parsons is now working on his first major artist production since the mid-80s.

"I feel that the public deserves some genuinely innovative music and It's been a long time since I've heard some that truly excites me -- it made me want to get back into the studio and do another 'Dark Side'," Parsons jokingly refers to one of the biggest selling and most popular albums in history. Alan Parsons.

The identity of SubClones is presently a closely-guarded secret, but they are rumored to be known as well-respected, highly experienced and remarkably talented musicians. The dictionary definition of "subclone" is a clone or descendent of a mutant occurring in a previous clone. Parsons has been working non-stop in the music business since his teens. He started at Abbey Road studios working as an assistant engineer, was soon promoted to first engineer, and then quickly gained major success as a producer, as well. His career went full circle in 1998, when he spent a period as Vice President at Abbey Road. Since then, he has been recording his solo records and successfully performing in sold-out international tours. With the formation of SubClones he is once again back in the studio as producer. To listen to SubClones, visit: www.subclones.com/.




Eric Woolfson.

With great sadness:

Glasgow-born songwriter and musician Eric Woolfson, one of the key figures in The Alan Parsons Project, has died.
He recorded a string of albums with record producer Alan Parsons, as well as writing his own musicals and writing and producing songs for other artists.
Woolfson, 64, had been battling cancer and died in London on Tuesday night, his friend Deborah Owen said.[

jeemie he and Alan Parsons were my 2 first musical heroes, i was deeply impressed by The Tales, I Robot, Pyramids, The Turn....

My condolances to his family and friends.

Partner of
Alan Parsons in the The Alan Parsons Project. In the late 80-ies they went both a different way. Freudiana ('90) was their latest team-effort, mainly written by Eric.

Stuart Elliot, (Pilot, Alan Parsons, Kate Bush and more),
Laurie Cottle, (he played with: Eric Clapton (August), Cher, Seal, Eno and Jaco, Michael Kamen (Lethal Weapon and Mr. Holland's Opus) & Alan Parson's Project album Gaudi),
Ian Bairnson,
Richard Cottle,


Kiki Dee,
Leo Sayer,
Graham Dye,
John Miles,
Chris Rainbow, (solo, Alan Parsons, Camel),
Eric Stewart, (10cc & Alan Parson & Nick Mason),
Marty Webb,
The Flying Picketts.

After this Eric did some theatre productions, mainly in Germany and Austria. Gambler & Gaudie where two productions.

Now, july 2003, he presents his first new concept album in thirteen years.
"My fascination with the world of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) began more than thirty years ago. It led to the creation of the Alan Parsons Project and the first album ‘Tales Of Mystery And Imagination – Edgar Allan Poe’ in 1976. At that time, I already had in mind a volume two of ‘Tales’, but a change of record labels took the APP in other directions."
Poe- more Tales of Mystery and imagination

Steve Balsamo, - vocals, (sung in Jesus Christ Super Star),
Fred Johanson - vocals,
John Parricelli (played THE mandolin in Captain Correlli’s Mandolin),
Laurence Cottle (played with Sting, Cher, Seal and Alan Parsons),
Simon Chamberlain (played with Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney) and
Ralph Salmins (played with Madonna, Bjork, Burt Bacharach, Hamish Stuart, Mike Oldfield, Tom Jones, Tori Amos, George Martin),
A forty piece orchestra and 80 strong choir were used in the recordings

Nice album, impressive sound with good vocalist.
The album is performed live once in the Abbey Road studio's, there're plans for a Musical.

Edgar Allan Poe The Musical (2009)

The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was (2009)
I only know that Ian Bairnson is involved, no futher info avaiable...

A nice perfect sounding album, and yes you can hear that this man was an important guy behind the scenes of the Alan Parsons Project. A kind of "best of Alan Parsons Project" of songs that never saw the daylight.
Eric is gifted with a beautiful vocals a songwriters talents.
So if you liked the APP, buy this album, you'll not be dissapointed.
Beside some guitars licks of Ian Bairnsons i don't know who is playing on this album. On one song Eric mentioned Ian, Mr.Cottle and David Paton, that's it. Please help me !
More info at www.the-alan-parsons-project-that-never-was.com/.


An interview from Progressive World.Net.


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