Born in London, 29 may '49. Unmistake voice in Procol Harum (wich means "beyond those thing", '67- '77). Who doesn't like 'A whiter shade of pale'?

Gary Brooker - lead vocals, mellotron, keyboards,
Robin Trower - guitar,
Matthew Fisher - mellotron, keyboards,
David Knight - bass,
B.J.Wilson - drums.

After the splitt of Procol Harum, he became nabour of Eric Clapton and barkeeper of The Parrot Inn, where Eric and Mel Collins sometimes drunk a beer and did some jam-sessions.
Solo with:

No more Fear of Flying ('79), Produced by George Martin.

Lead me to the Water ('82):

Eric Clapton,
George Harrison,
Tim Renwick,
Albert Lee (- all guitar),
Scott Mathews,
Henry Spinetti,
Steve Holy &
B.J. Cole,
Phil Collins, on drums,
Kent Middleton - percussion,
Chris Stainton &
Kent Alberg - keyboards,
Dave Markee (he played with Eric Clapton) and
Chris Solberg - on bass and of course sax player
Mel Collins.

Echoes in the Night ('82):

Tim Renwick,
Phil Palmer (- all guitar),
Rory Gallgher - slide guitar,
Henry Spinetti,
Matt Letly &
B.J.Wilson, Ray Cooper - percussion,
Chris Stainton &
Mathew Fisher - keyboards,
Dave Bronze &
John Giblin - on bass Jamie Talbot - sax,
Keith Reid - some words.

Echoes and Lead me are available as ceedee set.

In July 1989, there's a very interesting concert in Surrey, England, with this impressive lineup:

Gary Brooker (vocals, keyboards)
Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar, vocals)
Mike Rutherford (guitar)
Dave Bronze (bass)
Mel Collins (sax)
Frank Mead (sax)
Steve Winwood (keyboards, vocals)
Phil Collins (drums, vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
Danny Hammond (percussion)
Vicki Brown (backing vocals)
Sam Brown (backing vocals)
Margo Buchanon (backing vocals)
Carol Kenyon (backing vocals)

They sang and played some classics from the bands of some of the members (Procol Harum, Traffic, Sam Brown, etc.). In September 1991, Procol Harum comes to tour life again, in order to promote their recent The prodigal stranger.

Gary Brooker (vocals, piano)
Tim Renwick (guitar), Tim was later replaced by Geoff Whitehorn
Dave Bronze (bass)
Matthew Fisher (keyboards)
Mark Brzezicki (drums)

He made some single i wanted to mention; Two Fools in Love (with the dutch singer Lori Spee) and No News from the western Frountiers (with the dutch dj Ad Visser ).

In '93 & '95, they did some touring again with the same line-up only with different drummers; with a new drummer, Ian Wallace and in '95 Graham Board.


Session for;

George Harrison (All things must pass, 1970)
Allan Clarke (My real name is 'arold, 1972,
Jack Lancaster (Peter and the wolf, 1975,)
Lonnie Donegan ('77, with Rory Gallagher, Nicky Hopkins, Elton John, Albert Lee, Zoot Money, Mick Ralphs, Henry Spinetti, Klaus Voormann, Pete Wingfield)
Frankie Miller (Full house, 1977, with John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, Chris Spedding, Ray Minhinnet, Chrissie Stewart, James Hall, Graham Deacon)
Mickey Jupp (Juppanese, Oct 78)
Mickey Jupp / Legend (Legend, 1978, compilation, with Tim Renwick, Henry Spinetti, B.J. Wilson and others)
The Hollies ('79),
Wings (Back to the egg, '79)
Tim Renwick ('80),
Paul McCartney (Concerts for the people of Kampuchea, 1981)
Stephen Bishop (Red cab to Manhattan, 1980, with Eric Clapton, John Giblin, Andy Newmark, Chris Stainton, Willie Weeks)
George Harrison (Somewhere in England '81)
George Harrison (Gone troppo '82)
Ringo Starr ('83)
Eric Clapton (August '86)
Alan Parsons Project (Stereotomy on the beautiful Limelight, 1988 and live at the first live gig from the Alan Parsons Project/ Night of the Proms Antwerpen '88, i believe, he had a great voice and played on keyboard as well)
Kate Bush ('93),
Bill Wyman ('92, live '97),
Ian McDonald (Drivers Eyes '99).



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