George Harrison.



25 Februari 1943 Liverpool, he passes away in LA 29 November 2001. The youngest Beatle and a nice guitarist. 'While my Guitar gently weeps' is probably his best Beatle song. "Taxman', 'Something' and 'Here comes the Sun' are other best of Beatles tracks. When the Bealtes fell apart he came out with a triple album: All Things must Past '70 (with the classical songs 'My Sweet Lord', 'What's Life' and 'Isn't it a pitty'):

Eric Clapton,
Phil Spector,
Ringo Starr,
Gary Wright,
Gary Brooker (Procol Harum),
Klaus Voorman,
Dave Mason,
Jim Gordon,
Billy Preston and more.

In '71 he is one of the leading force in The Concert for Bangla Desh with friend and personal goeroe Ravi Shankar.
Dark Horse is from '74 :

Eric Clapton,
Robben Ford,
Alvin Lee,
Ron Wood- guitar,
Gary Wright,
Billy Preston- keyboard,
Willie Weeks and
Klaus Voorman- bas,
Jim Keltner,
Andy Newmark &
Ringo Starr- drums.

He gets involved in the music business; Monthy Phyton 'The Life of Brian' is financend by his production company. He played a small roll in it.
Somewere in England '81 with the number one hit 'All those Years ago' ("You were the one who Imagined it all", after the death of John Lennon). :

Paul McCartney,
Ringo Starr,
George Martin,
Ray Cooper,
Dave Mattacks,
Jim Keltner,
Dainy Laine,
Tom Scott,
Gary Brooker,
Willi Weeks.

Cloud 9 is from '87 and had a few hits; 'got my mind set on you' and 'cloud 9', 'when we was fab' is a funny song about ..., with:

Eric Clapton - guitar,
on a cloud he's Jeff Lynne - guitars, bass, keys and producer,
Elton John - piano,
Gary Wright - piano,
Ringo Starr -drums,
Jim Keltner - drums,
Ray Cooper - percussion,
Jim Horn - saxes,
Bobby Kok - cello.

Me made more albums with he got succes with Jeff Lynne in the Travelling Wilburies, with Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.

Life he hits the road with (Live in Japan ('92)):

Eric Clapton,
Andy Fairweather Low,
Greg Phillinganes,
Chuck Leavell - keyboards, background vocals,
Nathan East - bass, background vocals,
Steve Ferrone,
Ray Cooper - drums & percussie,
Tessa Niles &
Katie Kissoon - background vocals.

In '99 someone want to cut him with a knife, happily nothing seriously happend. Cancer ended his life on 29 November 2001. I was home the next day and when my son (10 years) came home from school he started to play keyboard (unknowing of the terrible fact); Here comes the Sun... . Family said that he died with love on his lips.


A year later a posthumous release of Brainwashed sees the daylight (with a lot of Jeff Lynne): :

George Harrison - Guitars, Dobro Acoustic and Slide Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dhani Harrison - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jools Holland - Piano
Jeff Lynne - Bass, Percussion, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Guitar (12 String), Producer, Bass (Acoustic), Wurlitzer
Herbie Flowers - Bass, Tuba
Jim Keltner - Drums
Sam Brown - Vocals (bckgr)
Joe Brown - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Ray Cooper - Drums
John Etchells - Recorder
Mike Moran - Keyboards
Marc Mann- Keyboards
Jane Lister - Harp
Mark Flannagan- Guitar
Jon Lord - Piano


Session for;

Cream (Goodbye '69),
Jack Bruce ('69),
Doris Troy ('70 with Eric Clapton),
Leon Russell ('70),
Billy Preston ('70),
Badfinger ('71),
John Lennon ('71, '72),
Harry Nelson ('72),
Alvin Lee ('73, '92 / '95),

Ringo Starr ('73, '74, '76, '80, '98),
Splinter ('74/75 & '77),
Ravi Shankar ('87),
Jim Capaldi (o.a. Something so strong '88),
Eric Clapton (Journeyman and more),
Berlinda Carlise ('89),
Tom Petty ('89),
Roy Orbinson ('89),
Lethal Weapon (II, with Eric Clapton),
Gary Moore ('90),
Vicki Brown ('90),
Jeff Healy ('90),
Bob Dylan (Under the red Sky '90),
Jimmy Nail ('92), Alvin Lee ('92, '94, '95),
Gary Wright ('95),
Mike Batt ('95),
ELO (Zoom '01),
Jim Capaldi (again in 2001, with Steve Winwood, Ian Paice (he played drums with Paul McCarteny and David Gilmour) and more old friends) and his lst recording (?)

Jools Holland,

Horse To the Water, recorded Tuesday 2nd October 2001 (there written "Rip Limited 2001" beneath the lyric...).




Updated February 2003 by Nick.

Shine On George!

Your guitar will gently weeps forever.