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Terrible news.
It is with great sadness that John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest announces the passing of Woolly Wolstenholme. In recent weeks Woolly’s mental health had taken a turn for the worse and sadly he took his own life on Monday 13th December 2010. As you can imagine, John, Craig, Jez and Kevin and everyone associated with the band are stunned that a shining light of Barclay James Harvest is no longer with us. In this difficult time our thoughts are with Woolly’s partner, Sue. We would ask all of Woolly’s fans to remember his incredible contribution to popular music and his unique presence on stage.

Yours in profound sorrow,
Keith and Monika.

Founded in '67 by John Lees, vocals guitar, Les Holroyd, bass, vocals and Mel Pritchard, drums. And of course one of the main acts of the label
Smooth symfo with a lot of fans in Germany. John Lees and his fellows did some sesion for the Mandalaband.
And Wooly again in 2009!

A few albums to mention:

BJH ('70),
Gone to Eart ('77),
Berlin, a concert for the people ('82),
Caught in the Light ('93),
River of Dreams ('97).

Mel died in January 2004.

They are touring again and The Barclay James Harvest live DVD, "On The Road", featuring Les Holroyd, will be released by Pure Music on January 24th 2005. The DVD features music from the Bad Godesburg Stadthalle on 30th October, 2002, and footage from nine concerts on the band's October/November 2002 tour.

Les Holroyd was also incolved in the Excalibur Triology ('07).

Nowadays there are 2 BJH, one with Les and the other with Woolly, and both are on tour...
See this page for dates.


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Founded in '68 and very often compared with Wild Flowers and Softmachine. A spin off was Soft Heap.
Main-members where:

Richard Sinclair - bass, guitar & vocals,
David Sinclair- keyboards,
Pye Hastings- guitar & vocals,
Jimmy Hastings- flute & sax, Richard Coughlan- drums,
David Grinsted- percussie and later
Jan Schelhaas- keyboards ('76),
Geoff Richardson - violins/ viola &
John Perry.

Selective biblo; Plump in the Night ('73), In the Land of Grey & Pink ('76), The Show of Our Lives ('98), Surprise Supplies ('99).
Steve Miller joined the group shortly.


The Unauthorised Breakfast Item ('03):

Dave Sinclair,
Pye Hastings,
Richard Coughlan,
the charismatic Geoffrey Richardson,
Jim Leverton,
guitar wunderkind Doug Boyle and the return of
Jan Schelhaas.

Richard Sinclair, session and solo-projects:

Wild Flowers,
Hatfield & North ('74/ '75),
Robert Wyatt ('74),
Camel ('78, '91),
Steve Hackett (the blues-album & '99 DarkTown),
RVSP ('94 & '95).

Regarded as the 'lost' album, as it is the only Caravan release never before available on CD, Eclectic Discs have won the right to release Better By Far and it is out on February 14th 2005.


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Pop-group with classical influencens, born after the Move died. When Roy Wood, flute, cello, bass, guitar and flute, leaves ELO ('72), Jeff Lynne becomes the captain and brings in even more cello's and violins. Bev Evan playes the drums, Kelly Grought- bass and Richard Tandy- keyboards.
The band comes every decade to live again even in the new century.

Jeff Lynne becomes a succesfull producer of fe: George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbinson, Evely Brothers & Tom Petty. Wich results in a new band called the Traveling Willburries.

A few albums to mention:

Eldorado ('74),
Out of the Blue ('77),
The Balance of Power ('86).
Zoom (01), with:
Jeff Lynne - guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards and more,
Ringo Starr - drums on a few tracks,
George Harrison - lap-steel guitar on a few tracks,
Rosie Vela - vocals.

Kelly Groucutt (bass) died on Thursday 26th Februari (heart attack).


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Brittish symfo-giant with Keith Emmerson (ex-The Nice) - keyboards, Greg Lake (ex-King Crimson) - bass, guitars, vocals and Carl Palmer (ex-Atomic Rooster).
The group fellt apart in '79. Emmerson and Lake tried it agian with Cozy Powell.
Emmerson played in Free Creek ('73) and much later for Smoke on the Water (for Rock Armania '90) & Glen Hughes ('99).

A few albums to mention:

ELP ('70),
Tarkus ('71),
Pictures of Exhibition ('71).

The band was still touring and several bandmembers were in volved with other projects.
Sadly thi news reached the world (may 2009):

KEITH EMERSON: was forced to cancel the European & USA tour dates... and the Emerson, Lake & Palmer tour as well!
Dear Friends, It is with much regret that I have to announce that due to past right hand injuries the resulting nerve damage and dystonic factor has made it unable for me to play the keyboards to the high standard I have always set myself and have to cancel my forthcoming Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla USA and European tours. I am also going to have to cancel the proposed Emerson, Lake and Palmer tour which we were going to do at the end of this year. I will of course continue with my physical/chiropractic/acupuncture therapy etc. in the hope that this will eventually get me back on form.
This is absolutely devastating to me as music will always be my main key to communicating with a world-wide audience. I know how much my fans and fellow band members were looking forward to these shows and it saddens me greatly to have to come to this decision and make this announcement.


  • They played on High Voltage Festival 2010 London Victoria Park 24-25 July 2010.

    KEITH EMERSON & GREG LAKE: Two out of three ain't bad, or so the saying goes. Despite the reunion gig at the upcoming High Voltage festival, Carl Palmer will not take part in a full-fledged reunion tour. Instead Keith Emerson and Greg Lake will be performing a series of concerts in the US under the name "An intimate evening with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, featuring the music of Emerson Lake and Palmer, the Nice and King Crimson."

    Greg Lake worked with Geoff Downes aswell.



    Dutch band (begin '70) with guitarist Jan Akkerman (first in Brainbox with Kaz Lux), Thijs van Leer on flute, piano, keyboards & jelling, Pierre van der Linden- drums (also from Brainbox later in Ekseption) & Bert Ruiter- bass (played in numerous dutch bands).
    Very popular even in the States. The story goes that the boys of Yes where visitors and that Frank Zappa did the support act!
    Again pop with classical influences. Both, Jan and Thijs, gone solo, Jan Akkerman even was called the fastest guitarist of the world! He made a numerous of solo albums, from arabesque new age, heavy rock till some floydian stuff (Noise of Art '90). Thijs went best known album is Introspection ('72).

    In 2002 he went back on the road with Focus, a festival in the States was included, with Asia, Nektar, Uriah Heep, Mostly Autumn and Karnataka.

    Focus will be embarking on an extensive tour of South America, Japan and England next March ('03). For a full list of dates, check the official website. In the autumn, Focus will be touring the Dutch theatre circuit under the nomer About Time - Focus' greatest hits revisited. Meanwhile, Focus nucleus Thijs van Leer will be entering the studio with reknowned Dutch keyboard player Rick van der Linden (Ekseption, Trace) this month for what will be their very first collaboration.

    Picture from Ken Ansted at Fleece & Firkin gig in Bristol.

  • Focus will play with Breathing Space at the Io-Pages Festival in Zwolle, Friday 26 Feb 2009.
  • And they played at High Voltage Festival 2010 London Victoria Park 24-25 July 2010.

  • More tour dates 2011.

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    Member of Kahn also solo, Nick Mason plays ocasionally drums for him (Green), and producer/ member from fe;

    Kevin Ayers ('73),
    Bob Geldof ('82),
    Cock Robin ('85),
    Tony Banks ('89),
    Simple Minds,
    It Bites,
    The Orb,
    System 7 (live on Pink Pop '97).


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    ('67-'70). A mix from Tchaikovsky & Bernstein with pop. Foundations of Emersons style and ELPs future were laid here and in particular on the song "America." They toured with Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett missed a few shows, so it became that David O'List played with Pink Floyd on lead guitar! "THE THOUGHTS OF EMERLIST DAVJACK" is the only album on which Dave O'List plays and contains the classical hits 'Rondo' & 'Dawn'.

    Keith Emmerson - keyboards,
    David O'List - guitar,
    Lee Jackson - bass and vocals.
    Brian Davidson - drums.

    The reformed The Nice are playing life again (autumn 2002).
    The band will consist of original members Keith Emerson, Lee Jackson and Brian Davison.

    In 2004 David re-formed the band Attack. The Attack was originally formed by singer/guitarist David O'List in London (1966) featuring a fusion of American Soul and Blues.

    Ade Cook on Hammond organ also known as ‘Ace’ has many big credits; Steel Pulse, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Moody Blues and Stevie Wonder, was recording with Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart recently for a movie sound track. (‘ALFIE’).
    SPY on bass guitar, an actor and a model (?),
    Sam Kelly on drums. Sam has played with; Ben E. King, Billy Ocean, Desmond Dekker, Eddie Floyd, Dr. John, Robert Plant and Ruby Turner, etc.

    David O'List worked with other renowned artists such as Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, John Cale and The Velvet Underground.

    New Super Group:

    David O'List (The Nice),
    Bob Dalton (It Bites /
    Andy Tilison (The Tangent) and
    Jason McDonald (The Blue Horses)


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    She was one of the driving forces of Steeleye Span an English folk-rock group born in the end of 60-ies. Ashly Tiger Hutchings (ex-Fairport Convention) played bass and another know person of Steeleye Span was Tim Hart.
    The Carnival Band ('87-01) is another band where she got involved with.
    No this is not a folk website, but Maddy made Arthur the King ('01) a favourite of Bryan Josh and Heather Findlay of
    Mostly Autum. And if Cyclops says "a proggy album" i've to mention it. And i must confess it is a nice album, not realy proggy, more singer-songwriter. I can imagine why Heather and Bryan like this album ;-)

    - Maddy Prior - vocals,
    - Nick Holland - keyboards, backing vocals (he worked with Ryiuchi Sakamoto, David Byrne, Tears for Fears, Loyd Cole & ...?)
    - Troy Donockley - uillean pipes, electric and acoustic,
    guitars, low whistle, tin whistle, cittern, backing vocals, (known from Iona)
    - Terl Briant - drums and percussion.

    Troy is a friend of Bryan and Heather and did some session for Mostly Autumn. He also played on her album from '99.
    Ballads & Candles ('00) is a more folk album with almost the same line-up including Rose & Rick Kemp.
    Gold, Franincense & Myrrh is a sort of x-mas album with world music, which she did record with the Carnival-band.

    Maddy did some session work fe:

    - Michael Chapman: Deal Gone Down ('74),
    - Steve Ashley: Speedy Return ('76),
    - Jethro Tull: Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die! ('76), David Palmer & Ian Anderson did session for her '78,
    - Mandalaband: Eye of Wendor ('78),
    - Richard & Linda Thompson: First Light ('78),
    - Mike Oldfield: Incantations ('78, '79),
    - Albion Band: Albion River Hymn March ('79),
    - Tim Hart: Tim Hart ('79, '82).
    - Rick Kemp: Escape ('96),
    - Status Quo: Don't Stop ('96),
    - Jennifer Cutting Ocean ('04), with Peter Knight, Dave Mattacks, Troy Donockley and others.



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    Born and raised in NY. Studied piano & journalism and got an award with an interview with Martin L.King. He moved to London and gets familiar with the musical bussines and becomes producer (from fe David Essex).
    "The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one/He said," keens Justin Hayward on The Eve Of The War ('78), "but still—they come!" Indeed they do. Britain's best selling soundtrack of the last 25 years, adapted by Wayne from the H.G. Wells novel. With;

    Richard Burton,
    David Essex,
    Juli Covington,
    Justin Hayward,
    Phil Lynnot (Thin Lizzy),
    Jo Patridge &
    Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann),
    Chris Spedding,
    Ray Cooper,
    Barry Morgan.

    Spartacus ('92), is a attemp to make another succes, but it failed totally. Even Fish can make it work with Chris Thompson, Lady Back Mombazo, Catharina Zeta Jones, Jimmy Helms (London Beat), Incarnation, Carol Kenyon, Anthony Hopkins, Bill Fredericks (ex-Drifters)- vocals, Pino Palladino, David Sinclair- bass, James Cassedy, Jeff Wayne - keyboards & Jo Patridge - guitar.
    Jeff did some session for Rick Wakeman.

    In 2005 he sets up a live show "War of the World".

    Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of War Of The Worlds - Live on Stage ! is the title of a DVD from that show.
    Read a great review at DPRP.

    With (2010 line upp);

    Justin Hayward
    Chris Thompson
    Jason Donovan
    Rhydian Roberts (Atomic Kittens)
    Liz McClarnon
    and and many many others like Chris Spedding.





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