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NEWS May 2013:
Camel back on the raod again!
They initially announced one concert, at London’s Barbican Arts Centre, on October 28. They’ll perform their third album The Snow Goose in full for the first time since 1975.

Now they’ve listed a total of eight shows, five of them in the UK, all ahead of the London performance. And their official website hints there could be more in the offing.

Andrew Latimer will be joined by Colin Bass, Denis Clement, Guy LeBlanc and special guest Jan Schelhaas for the shows, their first since their farewell tour in 2003.

The band previously explained of the now sold-out London appearance: “The evening pays tribute to former band member Peter Bardens, who died of cancer at the same time as frontman Latimer was battling a terminal illness.

“Ten years later, Latimer has regained health and is willing to celebrate a career that spans over four decades. This two-set show will also embrace compositions recorded throughout those years in a personal covenant of appreciation for a deeply rewarding life of music.”

Andy Latimer (17-5-47, Surrey)- guitar, vocals and flute,
Pete Bardens (19- June-47 / 22-January-2002, London)- mellotron and synthesizer,
Doug Fergusson (4-4-47)- bass,
Andy Ward (28-9-52)-drums.

Pete Bardens was the driving force in the beginning, he started the band in the spring of '72. Kevin Smith, later a member of Unicorn was shortly a guitarist too.

The first two albums are called Camel and Mirage ('74 & '75).

With Snowgoose ('75 after the book of Paul Gallico) Camel impresses a big audience. In '77 Fergusson is be replaced by Richard Sinclair (ex-Caravan) and Mel Collins.

Camels changed a bit to a more jazzy sound (Raindances '77).

Pete Bardens left in '78, Dave Sinclair (brother of Richard) and Jan Schelhaas (also ex-Caravan) are the new guys.


Peter Bardens,
Mel Collins,
Richard Sinclair,
Andy Ward,

Phil Collins is unmentioned with a little percussion on "I can see your House from Here" ('79), produced by Rubert Hine.

Nude ('81) is a breakthrough in positive way;

Duncan Mackay - keyboards,
Andy Ward- drums,
Colin Bass- bass & vocals,
Mel Collins,- flute piccolo & sax,
Jan Schelhaas- piano (also in Caravan),
Chris Green- cello,
Herbie Flowers- tuba,
Caspar Lawal- percussion,
Andruw Lattimer - vocals and guitar.

The Single Factor ('82);

Andy Lattimer,
Ton Scherpenzeel (from the famous Dutch group Kayak),
Hayden Bendall-fairlight (borrowed from Kate Bush),
David Paton- bass, (ex-Pilot),
Stuart Tosh- drums (ex-Pilot & -10CC and Alan Parsons),
Chris Rainbow- vocals and keys ,
Mel Collins- sax,
Francis Monkman - harpsichord (Curved Air)(the last 5 persons are know from The Alan Parsons Project),
Anthony Phillips;
and live with Kit Watkins (ex-Happy the Man) on keyboards.

A few years later they released On the Road 82, a life bootleg, recorded in The Hague (with 3 (ex-)members of The Alan Parson Project):

Andrew - guitars & vocals,
David Paton - excellent bass and lead-vocals on Hereos,
Chris Rainbow, keyboards and beautiful vocals (a man with a golden voice!),
Stuart Tosh - drums & backing vocals,
Kit Watkins keyboards &
Andy Dalby - back guitar.

Stationary Traveller ('84):

David Paton,
Chris Rainbow,
Mel Collins,
Ton Scherpenzeel,
Hayden Bendall,
Paul Burgess (ex-10CC and shortly in Yethro Tull ('83)) & of course
Andrew Latimer.

Pete Bardens is at the studio for a short moment and even live he's at the party (Pressure Points '84):

Colin Bass - Bass and vocals,
Paul Burgess - Drums And Percussion,
Richie Close - Keyboards, (died a few moutnhs later! Also in the Mandalaband),
Andrew Latimer - Guitar and vocals,
Chris Rainbow - Vocals and Keys, Peter Bardens - Organs Guest Appearance,
Mel Collins - Sax on Fingertips Guest Appearance.

And there's a huge gap, what happened to our camel?

Dust & Dreams ('93),

Guitars and flute: Andrew Latimer,
Bass: Colin Bass,
Keyboards: Ton Scherpenzeel, Andrew Latimer, Don Harriss,
Drums: Paul Burgess, Christopher Bock,
Oboe: Neil Panton,
Timps & Harmonica: Kim Venaas,
French horn: John Burton,
Vocals: Andrew Latimer, David Paton and Mae McKenna.

Lattimer has enough camels collected, so the album isn't so good i think.
In '96 is Lattimer back on front with Harbour of Dreams;

Colin Bass
David Paton- vocals and bass,
Mickey Simmonds- keys.

Again he goes on tour with;

Colin Bass,
Foss Paterson,
Dave Stewart.

Colin Bass makes a own album ('99). And Latimer stays busy with his camels;

Rajaz '99 (he looks back to Snowgoose). The layout is very camelesque. With;

Colin Bass,
Ton Scherpenzeel,
Dave Stewart- drums,
Barry Phillips- cello.


Begin 2002 a lot of older material is released again with some extra bonus tracks.

An interview from Progressive World.Net.


A Nod and a Wink ('02):
A very flodian & camelsque-album, great solo's, bits of the Snow Goose and Rajaz, it reminds me a few times to "Amused to Dead".
And dedicated to Peter Bardens, who died in January this year.

Andru Latimer,
Guy LeBlanc - keyboards & backing vocals (ex-Nathan Mahl and solo in 2004 with All The Rage),
Denis Clement - drums,
Colin Bass - bass guitar & backing vocals, additional musicians are;
Terry Carleton - drums, percussion & backing vocals &
J R Johnston - backing vocals.

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary;
a great album!



Guy LeBlanc: keyboards : vocals,
Denis Clement : Drums,
Colin Bass : Bass, vocals,
Andrew Latimer : Guitars

Go and see them!
Tourdates are canceled because Guy's wife had a heart-attack! Hope she will recover soon.
Camel have found two replacement keyboard players for Guy LeBlanc. Tom Brislin, who recently toured with Yes on their Yessymphonic tour, will be joining Camel on the USA leg of the tour, while old Camel cohort Ton Scherpenzeel, who previously worked with the band in the early eighties, will be tinkling the ivories on the postponed European leg. October looks to be the period when the European tour will be rescheduled, but no specific dates have been announced yet. In the meantime, earlier this year Andy Latimer sat down with some very old friends to record an album. These very old friends are none other than Camel members of the first hour Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson! A release is expected late this or early next year. Source: Camel/ DPRP (thanks to 'Paris', 'Chris', 'Jeroen', 'Eric' & 'Peter').



I believe this was the set list
(Believe or not):

Lady Fantasy,
Uneven Song,
Him to Her,
a song from rajaz?,
Snowgoose / Rhayader,
Spirit of the Water,
a new song Arubaluba,
Mother Road,
Fox Hill,
For Today,

introduction to the band,
Never let go.



Andru Latimer - guitar, vocals,
Colin Bass - bass and vocals,
Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards & backing vocals,
Denny Clement - drums & keyboards.

A wonderful show in a wonderful beautiful old Theater!

More pictures at www.prog-nose.org


Andrew became very ill, heard is slowly getting back to normal live again.
We wish you all the best Andrew!


NEWS 2013:
Camel have re-recorded The Snow Goose as teaser for the upcomming shows. All shows are sold out except Manheim and Fulda!.




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