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Guitar. Anthony Phillips was one of the founding members of Genesis, having attended the Charterhouse School in Surrey with Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, and Michael Rutherford. Phillips and Rutherford (who had played together in another band before linking up with Gabriel and Banks. The succes of the band forced Anthony to reced into the background, propelled by a crippling onset of stage-fright that forced him out of the line-up and went back to school. Made a lot albums from symfo till New Age (Private Parts & Pieces I t/m XVI) His debut The Geese and the Ghost with;

Mike Rutherford,
Phil Collins, Rob Phillips: Oboes,
John Hackett: Flutes.

Wise After The Event ('77) is his second solo-album with Rubert Hine, Mel collins and more boys and girls.

A highlight for me is Slow dance ('90).

Anthony Phillips: Emax (I), Jupiter 8, Casio CZ5000, Roland 808, Tom Drum Machine, Alvarez 12-String, Fender Stratocaster, Yari Classical Guitar, Ovation 6 String, Gretsch Fetless Bass, Yamaha QX5 Sequencer,
Martin Robertson: Clarinet,
Ian Hardwick: Oboe,
Michael Cox: Flute, Piccolo,
Tjborn Holtmark: Trumpet,
Julie Allis: Harp,
Ian Thomas: Drums,
Frank Racotti: Percussion & Off Spin,
Strings: Conductor: John Owen-Edwards, Leader: Gavin Wright, Fixer: Isobel Griffiths, Speachi Quartet on the "Harp" section conducted by Sir Ralph Bernascone.

Private Parts & Pieces VIII: New England ('92):

Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Mandolin, Charanga, Keyboards & Vocals,
Martin Robertson: Soprano Saxophone, African Drums,
Simon Morris: Cello,
Paul Clarvis: Rainstick, Cymbals, Shakers, Darbouka, Tabla on Sunrise And Sea Monsters,
Joji Hirota: Rolled Cymbals, Prayer-Bell, Mark Tree, Gong on Sunrise And Sea Monsters, Shakers, Japanese Drum on Pressgang.

Private Parts & Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams ('96):

Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals,
Quique Berro Garcia: Guitars,
Cover Design: Colin Lucas.

Radio Clyde ('03). A "live in the studio" session recorded at Radio Clyde in Glasgow in the Summer of 1978. Solo -performing of the master himself.

Field Day is the new studio album (October 2005) - Anthony Phillips: 6-string guitar, 10-string guitar, 12-string guitar, Parlour guitar, Cittern, Bazouki, Charanga,
followed by
Wild Life ('08).

Private Parts & Pieces and Back To The Pavilion ('10) which are scheduled for release as a double CD set on 15th February. Both of the albums have been re-mastered for this release and Private Parts & Pieces also features a previously unreleased extra track in the form of a 1976 recording of Movement IV from Guitar Quintet.

NEWS Feb 2010:

Ant and Harry Williamson's large-scale orchestral work Tarka is due to receive it's World Premier live performance in Melbourne Australia in February 2010 as part of a unique Community Music and Water Event called Precious Music, Precious Water. Ant has assisted with the preparation and checking of the scores for the concert as some parts from the original required re-scoring.
Ant is unfortunately unable to attend the concert so his original parts will be played by guitarist Doug De Vries alongside Harry Williamson. Doug and Harry will be joint soloists with the Whitehorse Orchestra, (conducted by Gerald Keuneman) for the performance of Tarka.
The concert is taking place at the Melbourne Town Hall on 27th February 2010 and there will be two performances at 2 pm and 7.30 pm.

Ahead Of The Field is a library album which Ant composed for music publishers De Wolfe/Rouge Music. Originally commissioned in 1984, it's now being released as a commercial album for the first time. The album's primarily a showcase for Ant as a composer rather than a performer. As a library project it had a number of requirements in the initial brief, a key one being the use of then-contemporary electronic drum and synthesiser sounds.

Ray Russell: Guitar
Paul Westwood: Bass
Harold Fisher: Drums
Trevor Bastow: Keyboards
Additional guitar and keyboard overdubs by Anthony Phillips

In 2 weeks time we'll also be accepting pre-orders for Ant's Sail The World 2010 reissue. Ant has again agreed to sign all pre-orders! Sail The World (originally released in 1994) features music composed and recorded by Ant for the TV coverage of the Whitbread Around The World Yacht Race. It's a remastered reissue with 3 extra tracks and new artwork!

Seventh Heaven (2012) is a double album of co-written orchestral and acoustic portraits (featuring some outstanding arrangements by Andrew) which have been recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.
Additional pieces have also been recorded with a string section and an orchestra of leading session musicians. The orchestral tracks are complimented by some acoustic guitar and piano pieces to create a rich and musically diverse collection.


Session for / colloborations with:

Charterhouse Choral Society :Take This Heart ('75)(Written by Anthony Phillips & Mike Rutherford),
Intergalactic Touring Band: Reaching Out ('77)(Written by Danny Beckerman & Wil Malone, Vocals: Annie Haslam; from the classical rock band ‘Renaissance’ ),
Camel ('82),
Mike Rutherford ('80),
Iva Twydell: Duel ('81)(with backing vocals from; Colin Blunstone, Annie McCaig & Mo Turner),
Mike Oldfield ('83),
Denis Quinn: Open Secret ('87)(with Andru "Camel" Latimer),
Denis Quinn: Mystic Heart ('89),
Asher Quinn: Open Secret - Asher's first album which was released in 1987. Ant contributes guitar and keyboards to this album as well as co-producing it with Asher. Andy Latimer also guests on this album.
Asher Quinn: Mystic Heart - Asher's third album, which was released in 1989. Ant plays guitar on this album as well as co-producing it.
Asher Quinn: Amadora - Asher's fifth album, which was released in 1991. Ant plays keyboards and guitar on this album as well as co-producing it.
Asha (Denis Quinn): Amadora ('91) ,
anthon Tarka - Large scale orchestral work composed with Harry Williamson ('95),
Gypsy Suite- 4 part guitar-based work composed & recorded with Harry Williamson,
Meadows of Englewood - with Guillermo Cazenave ('95),
David Thomas & Ronnie Gunn: The Giants Dance - a compilation of demo recordings from the 1970s by Ant's friends David Thomas and Ronnie Gunn, which was released by Voiceprint Records in 1996.
Time & Tide - by Ant and Joji Hirota ('97),
Live Radio Sessions - recorded with Guillermo Cazenave ('98).
Battle of the Birds - An expanded re-release of the 1981 Mother Gong release Battle of the Birds, which was previously only available as a limited cassette release.
Anthonny is on board at ProgAID ('05).

Asher Quinn Open Secret ('09)(original released in '87).

Asher Quinn: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Spanish, Bass, Rhythm & 12-string Guitars, Mandocello
Andy Latimer: Lead, Tex-Mex guitars
Tristan Maillot: Drums, Percussion
Ivor McGregor: Violin
Cythia Robertson: Flute Anthony Freer (The Enid): Oboe
Jemma Sidell: Pizzicato Cello
Phil Thornton: Recorder on Open Secret (vocal version)
Steve Hackett (oct '09 & 2011).


More info at: www.anthonyphillips.co.uk

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