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The recent death of Peter Bardens has cast a long shadow of sadness over Camel and all the fans.

This is a song Peter wrote in 1976 for the album 'Moonmadness' called:

"Spirit of the Water":


All alone and all together

Every day,

Come what may...

By the time we find each other

We can live, we can die...

But nothing stops the river as it flows by.

Nothing stops the river as it flows.

* * *



Synthesiser, vocals and melotron. Member of Them and a short time in Shotgun, with Mick Fleedwood, Peter Green and Rod Stewart ('66).
The driving force of Camel till he left.
Together with a few guys from The Alan Parsons Project he formed Keats.
In '95 he was touring Europe with a band called Mirage. The band included Andy Ward, Dave Sinclair and several more ex-Caravan related members.

Session for;

Peter Green ('70-'77-'91, one of the founders of Fleedwoodmac),
van Morrisson ('78),
Colin Blunstone ('82, also know from The Zombies & The Alan Parsons Project; Old & wise).

A few albums to mention are;

Speed of live ( '88 ) & Blue Sky, with;
Mick Fleedwood,
Andy Latimer,
Niel Lockwood (vocals, he sings with Alan Parsons too).



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Shine On Peter!