Happy the Man.

Jazzy Prog from the States, the band was highly succesfull in the 70-ies and made a few good albums like Happy the Man (1977) and Crafty Hands (1978).

Beginnings ('90). This recording is a collection of music from Happy The Man's first two years - 1974 and 1975. Featuring material never before released, the album offers an hour of meticulously-crafted compositions from one of America's best progressive bands.

Mike Beck: Drums, percussion
Cliff Fortney (tracks 2-5) Lead vocals, flute, Rhodes
Rick Kennell: Bass
Kit Watkins: multi-keyboards, vocals
Stanley Whitaker: Electric guitar, vocals
Frank Wyatt: Keyboards, Alto Sax, Flute, Vocals.

Live ('97). A great album that reflects their carreer and music. Bits of the symfonic Yes, combined with the smoothnes of Camel and with some jazz-influences like bands as Henry Cow and Soft Machine.
The live CD was recorded July 1, 1978 at The Cellar Door and October 8, 1978 at Louie's Rock City (*) by Skip Pizzi.

Kit Watkins: Keyboards, Flute
Frank Nakahara-Wyatt: Keyboards, Sax
Stanley Whitaker: Guitars, Vocals
Rick Kennell: Bass
Coco Roussel: drums, percussion

Stanley was in the band Ten Jinn untill the end of the 90s.They played a prog rock festival in Mexico when he was askes if there was change that Happy The Man would a rise. The promise was made that thy could haedline the NearFest Fetsival;
The Muse Awakens ('04).

muse-awake Joe Bergamini: Drums, percussion
Frank Wyatt Saxes, Keyboards, Woodwinds
Stanley Whitaker Guitars, Vocal
David Rosenthal Keyboards
Rick Kennell Bass.


Kit Watkins played in Camel (live '79 - '82) and did some solo stuff; Azure and Holographic Tapestries (95).


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