Birth name is Chris Harley, born in Glasgow Nov. 18, 1946. He initially studied graphic arts during the 1960s before turning to music.
Vocals, keyboards, sometimes guitar & percussion.
Before he sang lead for The Alan Parsons Project, Chris Rainbow had embarked on a solo career in 1974. Before that he played with his first band called "Hope Street".
Looking Over My Shoulder and Home of the Brave were his first albums. Five singles followed: "Living in the World Today," "All Night," "Mr. Man," "Give Me What I Cry For," and "Solid State Brain." Rainbow met David Knights, formerly of Procol Harum. Knights remained Rainbow's manager through 1986.
In the beginning of the 80-ies he worked with Camel and they made a few great albums.
Another band that Chris has had considerable involvement with is the Scottish band Runrig.
In '85 he worked on Body Music; a video. After a few years of silence he started recording again as a solo performer in 2000, and the result is the album In a Perfect World which hit store shelves during the summer of 2001.

Looking over My Shoulder ('78):

Chris Rainbow - Vocals,
Mo Foster - Bass, [ played with: Mike D’Abo (‘70-’71 & live), Barry Ryan (’71), Jimmy Helm (’73), Cerrone (’78), The London Symphony Orchestra, David Palmer, Gerry Rafferty (‘79-‘80), Fancy (‘75-‘76), Michael Schenker (‘80), Jeff Beck (’80, ’85), Tim Renwick (‘80), Phil Collins (‘82), Peter Green (‘83), Tony Banks (‘83), Ringo Starr (’83), Kenny Rogers (’89), Martin Barre (‘95), Guy Fletcher (’96), Soraya (’96, zie Rod Argent, met Peter v.Hooke), Colin Blunstone (The Light Inside ’98), Debbie Bonham ('99). In ‘86 solo with Simon Phillips- drums, Peter van Hooke- percussie, Gary Moore & Ray Russel- guitar & Rod Argent- keyboard. In ’91 agian two albums Bel Asis: with Simon Phillips, Peter v.Hooke, Garry Moore, Stan Sulzman & Rod Argent, Southern Reunion with Gary Moore, Ray Warleigh, Oavry Husband & Frank Ricotti. ]
Dave Wintour - Bass,
Pete Zorn - Bass (Firth Fred),
Dave Markee - Bass,
Clive Chaman - Bass,
Pat Donaldson - Bass,
Seymour Duncan - Guitar, ,
Simon Phillips - Drums,
Pete Baron - Drums,
Henry Spinetti - Drums (played with Gary Brooker, Ringo Starr and many others),
Andrew Steele - Drums,
Chris Karan - Drums,
Jan Cochrane - Drums,
Martin Jenner - Guitar,
John Barham - Strings,
Jonathan Hamilton - Synthesizer,
Dave Lawson - Synthesizer.

White Trails ('79):

Mo Foster - Bass,
trails Simon Phillips - Drums,
Chris Rainbow - Vocals,
Chris Thompson - Vocals (also a great voice; Manfred Mann & solo),
Ian Bairnson - Guitar,
Marilyn Bairnson - Vocals,
Shug Barr - Guitar,
Martin Jenner - Guitar,
Dave Lawson - Synthesizer,
Max Middleton - Keyboards, [ Piano in the new Jeff Beck Group (‘71/’72) & Hummingbird (‘75-‘76), later again with Jeff Beck (f.e. Blow by Blow ’75). Session for Lenny Zakatek (’79 & ‘89), Kate Bush (‘80), John Martin (’82), Andruw Powell (‘83), Snowy White (’86), Bill Wyman (’97), and from ’86 Chris Rea’s buddy. Solo with Robert Ahwai; Another Sleeper (’79): Richard Bailey- drums, Kuma Harrada- bass, Steve Gregory- sax & flute (ex-XTC), Chris Rainbow, Linda Taylor & Chrissie Thompson- vocals and others.]
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone (from the Smits),
Derek Quinn - Percussion,
Linda Taylor - Vocals,
Pete Zorn - Bass,

In '99 there was an cd/ EP (?) released called The Instrumental Chris Rainbow. With Ian Bairnson, Ronnie Scott, Max Middleton, Dick Morrissey, Richard Bailey, Robert Ahwai, Kuma Harada, Kim Beacon, Marilyn Martin & Bobby Tench.

Unreleased & Demo Tracks 1973-1983 was released in 2000.

He's working on a new album called: In a Perfect World . I hope I, he, can give you info soon.



Lennie McDonald Hard Road (1975) Percussion, Vocals,
Alan Parsons Project Eve ('79), lead vocals on Winding me up,
Max Middleton & Robert ('79),
Jon Anderson Song of Seven (1980) Vocals,
Colin Townley Townley (1980),
Alan Parsons Project The Turn of a Friendly Card ('80), lead vocals on The Turn & Snake Eyes,
Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky ('82), lead vocals on Gemini,
Panorama Can This Be Paradise Vocals (with friend Ian Bairnson),
Camel Single Factor (1982) Keyboards, Vocals,
Camel On the Road 1982 (1994) Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar (12 String),
Jon Anderson Animation (1983) Vocals,
Alan Parsons Project NH3-Avenue ('83), lead vocals on Since the last Goodbye,
Alan Parsons Project Vulture Culture ('84), lead vocals on Days are Numbers,
Camel Pressure Points: Live in Concert (1984) Keyboards & Vocals (and he was great!),
Camel Stationary Traveller (1984) Vocals,
Culture Club Waking Up With the House on Fire (1984) Vocals,
Alan Parsons Project Stereotomy ('85), lead vocals on Beaujolais,
Alan Parsons Project Gaudi ('86),
Runrig Cutter and the Clan Vocals ('87), Producer,
Runrig Once in a Lifetime Producer ('88),
Freudiana Freudiana (1990) Vocals, lead vocals on Destiny,
Runrig Amazing Things ('93),
Wolfstone Half Tail Producer ('96),
Donnie Munro - producer ('00),
Alan Parsons Project Time Machine ('01),
Camel Anthology (2001) Keyboards, Vocals,


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