Aka; Sabah Habas Mustapha.
Bass and vocals in Clancy and then he had a spell in Steve Hillage's band ('76 -77) & Duncan Browne, but we know him from Camel (Nude from '81 and again in the 90-ies).

Later in;

Jim Cuomo: Jim Cuomo (’82)
Stella Rambisai Chiweshe : Chisi (’89)
Oumou Sangare: Ko Sira (’89)
Amarok: Neo Way (’93)
Jenny Weisgerber (’05, "Ambitious Love" ’09)
Colin Bass & Josef Skzrek: Planetarium (’05)
After: Endless Lunatic (’05)
Prince Robinson: Almost From Sunrise (’07)
John Lees' Barclay James Harvest (live ’09)
Jan Schelhaas. (live ’09)

Solo ('99);

An Outcast of the Islands (a nice album):
Andruw Latimer,
Dave Stewart- drums,
Ssymon Brezinski- guitar,
Maciek Meller- guitar,
Zbysek Florek and
Marcin Blaszyck - keyboards,
Wojtek Karlak- hammond,
Tatjana Kauczor- vocals.
(The last mentioned are members of Quidam and Abraxas).
And they play at home in Polen;

Live at Polskie Radio3 ('99).

In the summer of 2002 he released a single with four tracks. The first two tracks are taken from Bass' upcoming album Gently Kindly.

Colin Bass' new studio album In the meantime was released last monday February 17th 2003. Not a really proggy album, but nice to listen to, an album with a simple and warm approach!

Colin Bass: vocals, bass guitars, guitars, keyboards, drums,
Zbyszek Florek, (Quidam) &
Andreas Hirche - keyboards,
Maciek Meller, (Quidam) &
Michal Wojtas,
Hendrik Maass,
Ben Mandelson - guitars,
András Tiborcz - violin,
Admiral von Schneider,
Beryl the peryl,
Lars Törders, Lord Snooty,
Hans Niesson - drums.


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