labelHarvest began on 6-th June 1969 as EMI's response to the growing emergence of "underground" or "progressive music". Malcom Jones was on of the chief sin charge. They worked together with Blackhill Enterprises, a agency set up by the earlie management team, Peter Jenner and Andrew King, of the Pink Floyd.
The Harvest label wasn't only music, just look at most of the sleeves, they were "underground" or "progressive music" too.
A few acts to mention:

deep purpleEdgar Broughton's Band ('69),
Michael Chapman,
batteredornaments Shirley and Dolly Collins,
The Battered Ornanaments and
Pete Bown,
Deep Purple ('69-'73, '80),
The Pretty Things,
The Third Ear Band,
Kevin Ayers ('70-'77),
Syd Barrett ('70),roy harper
Roy Harper ('70-'78, covers mostly done by Hipgnosis),
Chris Spedding ('70, '72),
Barclay James Harvest,
greatestshow The Greatest Show On Earth ('70-'75),
Pink FLoyd, ('70-'79)
Ron Geesin and Roger Waters,
The Move,
Ashley Hutchings,
Southern Comfort,
Jan Akkerman ('73),
Kayak ('74 two elpees),
tannedleather Electric Light Orchestra,
Roy Wood,
Tanned Leather,
The Albion (Dance) Band,
Softmachine, ('74, '77)
The Gods,
The Saints,
Tomorow (With Keith West and Steve Howe),
Babe Ruth,
Climax Blus Band,
Unicorn ('76-'77),
David Gilmour ('78),
Richard Wright ('78),
scorpionsScorpions ('79 cover done by Hipgnosis),
Eberhard Schoener,
Max Middleton & Robert Ahwai ('79),
John Lees (from BJH),
The Shirts,
Wire, they made the last release of Harvest end '79.

In '99 they released a 5 box ceedee set with a nice book.




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