Art-designers founded by Storm Thorgenson and Bo Powell. Famous are the covers of The Pink Floyd, (Theire debut, Relics (Nick Mason did the drawings), The Wall (Gerald Scarfe) and the "last" album, The Final Cut (concept by Roger Waters) are not from Hipnosis) and Alan Parsons Project (all the covers except The Turn Of A Friendly Card).
Most of their work came out on the famous Harvest-label.

syd & girlfriend



The Creation ('66, '67),

Syd Barret (The Madcap laughs '68),

Roy Harper (i believe all his covers till '80),

Aynsley Dunbar (To Mum, from Aynsley and the Boys '68),


Quatermass (Quatermass '68),

Gravey Train ('70),

The Pretty Things (Parachute '70, Silk Torpedo '74),

T'Rex ('71),

Nine Days of Wondere ('71),

ELO ('71, '73(,

Emmerson Lake & Palmer ('72),

Edgar Broughton Band ('73),

Led Zepplin (House of the Holy '73),

Precense '76),

The Creation ('73),

Argent (In Deep '73),

Humple Pie (Thunderbox '74),

Wishborn Ash ('74, '76),

UFO (Phenomenon '74,

Force It ('75),

Al Stewart (past Present & Future '74),

Genesis (The Lamb lies down on Broadway '74), quatermass

10 CC ( How dare you '76),

Unicorn ('76),

Deceptive Bands ('77),

Peter Gabriel ('77- '80),

Space (Deliverance '77),

Yes (Going for the Edge '77),

Strawbs (Deadlines '78),

Black Sabbath (Never say die '78),

David Gilmour (David Gilmour '78),

Richard Wright (Wet Dreams, '78, Broken China '97),

Fabulous Poodles ('78),


Scorpions (Love drive '79),

Animal Magnetism ('80),

The Alan Parsons Project (all except The Turn),

Godley & Creme (Freeze Frame '79),

Nick Mason (Fictive Sports '79),

Rick Wakeman (1984, '81),

Def Lepard (High & dry '81),

Rainbow (Difficult to Cure '85).

and many more...




Updated May 2002 by Nick.
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