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07-07-12 (Shine on Syd Barrett!):
Roger Waters will start work on his next studio album of original music after his 2012 leg of The Wall Live tour completes on 21st July at a spectacular outdoor concert at Les Plaines D'Abraham in Quebec, Canada.
Roger is also working on the financials for putting an outdoor stadium tour of The Wall together for Europe in the summer of 2013 in Europe.
In an interview in the New York Times today, when asked has he been writing any new songs, Roger Waters responded, "I have. I have written so much, and its been 20 years since I made a record. I came up with a song a few weeks ago on the road and then I started playing it a bit with the band in rehearsals. I think it may be the central part and also the kicking-off point for another album."
When asked will he start work on the album when The Wall tour closes on 21st July, Roger said, "Yes. If I dont work on it later this year, it might disappear, and I might never do anything again. So I think I have to and Im very enthusiastic about it. And it encompasses a lot of the other songs Ive written over the years. There are tons of them. I just never found a big enough hook to hang them around."
2012-07-06 Roger Waters Yankee Stadium Bronx (New York) USA
2012-07-07 Roger Waters Yankee Stadium Bronx (New York) USA
2012-07-09 Roger Waters RBC Center (Raleigh) Raleigh (North Carolina) USA
2012-07-10 Roger Waters Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte (North Carolina) USA
2012-07-12 Roger Waters Verizon Center (Washington) Washington, District of Columbia USA
2012-07-14 Roger Waters Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
2012-07-21 Roger Waters Les Plaines DAbraham Quebec City (Quebec) Canada

Roger Waters to Release a Wall Tour DVD, Plans New Solo Album!
Roger Waters participated in an almost four-hour interview recently on Sirius/XM's Deep Tracks channel and spoke about future release plans.
First up is a DVD of The Wall tour on which he has concentrated for the last couple of years.

Weve been filming almost everything as we go along, remorselessly. We filmed for a week when we did shows in Athens and we were filming all over South America, so yeah, there will definitely be a DVD of this whole experience coming up in the near future. Sometime after that, look for a new solo album from Waters. Even though he said that The Wall tour would be a wrap up to his career, it's looking much more certain that this would be the end of his live career with recording still very much in his plans.
Ive got a strong feeling that I have a new album literally about to pop out. Ive written a song while I was on the road, which I think will provide me with the impetus, emotionally and philosophically and politically to create a new album. If the album is released, it will be his first full album of new material since 1990's Amused to Death.

www.vintagevinylnews.com or in Dutch: classicrockfestival.weblog.nl/.

David Gilmour and Nick Mason join Waters onstage!
The surviving members of Pink Floyd reunited onstage tonight at London's 02 Arena during a stop on Roger Waters' Wall tour - marking only the second time that Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Roger Waters had played together in the last 30 years. Waters and Gilmour performed "Comfortably Numb" as the crowd at the arena went absolutely insane, and during the finale of "Outside the Wall," Gilmour returned to the stage alongside Mason, who played a tambourine.

As he did on the original 1980/81 tour, Gilmour played his epic solo on the top of the Wall. Last July, Waters promised that Gilmour would play the song during one show on the tour, but drummer Nick Mason's involvement was kept a secret. They last performed together at Live 8 in 2005. Original keyboardist Richard Wright died in 2008.

YouTube: Comfortably Numb

YouTube: Encore with Nick & David.

According to Roger Waters website all 6 shows at London's O2 arena will be filmed and recorded. Hence there will probably be a DVD and a CD of The Wall Live tour in 2011. This could mean that David Gilmour will be playing at one of the London O2 concerts. A very nice treat indeed!

According to a note on Roger's website, "Roger Waters will be filming and recording all 6 shows at The O2 Arena in London in May. For these shows, photographs are permitted but we must insist on NO Flash photography. Flash wipes out the images projected on the Wall, which are the most important part of the show. Any person who uses Flash will have their camera confiscated and could be removed from the Arena."

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tour dates

15th JULY 2010:
David Gilmour to play Guitar on The Wall Tour.
Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is to join his old band mate Roger Waters on The Wall Live Tour either in 2010 or 2011 AT ONE concert to play Comfortably Numb on guitar!
Now, before all the messages start flooding into my inbox, please be aware that not even David Gilmour k nows which concert he will be playing at so we will all have to wait and see!

More beautiful pictures by Polly Samson at;

Pictures by Polly Samson, read more here.
Read here what Roger Waters has to say.

11TH JULY 2010:
Roger Waters and David Gilmour perform charity show together last night
It seems London was the place to be last night: in a bolt out of the blue, David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, playing Wish You Were Here! Guy Pratt performed bass duties, whilst Roger was on acoustic guitar. For those of you surprised by Guy's inclusion, some of you will recall from our Guy Pratt interview back in 2005, Guy was asked to play bass for Pink Floyd at Live8 when the reunion happened...
News of the show, and the appearance by David and Roger, was broken by one of the hosts of the evening, TV presenter Fearne Cotton, who tweeted about the event in the early hours of this morning. There's a number of pictures from the performance, and the evening itself, over at Getty Images, and if you click the thumbnail to the right, you'll go directly to them.

New video; Roger talking about the new Wall tour!

Roger says that this could be his farewell tour

Roger Waters management has confirmed that "Roger is seriously considering touring The Wall in its entirety in 2010 and 2011". How the Tour will be staged is still unknown. There are rumblings of a star studded lineup reminiscent of the Berlin Show. . Stay tuned to Outside The Wall for the latest details surrounding this event!

15 September Start tour North America
tour dates 14 December End tour North America
And here are the Europian dates!
More dates in Antwerpen, Arnhem and London are added!

The Wall Live Tour Musicians

* Drums: Graham Broad
* Guitars: Dave Kilminster &
* G.E. Smith &
* Snowy White
* Bass: Roger Waters
* Keyboards: Jon Carin &
* Harry Waters
* Lead Vocals: Robbie Wyckoff, Roger Waters
* Backing Vocals: Jon Joyce, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon (these are the boys of venice)
New December '09:
Interview with Roger Waters about everything you want to know:


Pink Floyd, including Nick, Rick, David and Roger have played a wonderful set at Live8 July 2 2005.


Quote Roger:
"It's actually quite emotional standing up here with these 3 guys after all these years. Standing to be counted with th rest of you. Anyway, we're doing this for anyone who's not here. Particularly Syd."

total roger-david
More Pictures and News at the Pink Floyd, Nick Mason and David Gilmour page.

Roger Waters was interviewed by Sal Cirrincione, of Premiere Radio Networks in the US, about the reunion with Pink Floyd, at the London Live 8 concert on July 2nd.

The interview, aired today, was broadcast on hundreds of North American radio stations. In the interview, Roger said:

"I enjoyed the soundcheck [on Friday] and I enjoyed the gig. It was a long day waiting, you know, a lot of adrenaline flowing about. When I'm doing my own tours, you know, I'm sort of more in control of everything, and I tend not to get nervous, just a slight flutter maybe before going on.

"But that was quite nerve-racking waiting for hour after hour after hour to go on and do it, and wondering what it would be like. But I really enjoyed it, and I felt a lot of warmth off the audience and it was cool to be up there with the rest of the guys and doing that thing for a good cause. It was cool."

Another Show a second Pink Floyd reunion is at hand as the band has been inducted at the 2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame. See the . news page for more info
David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright are to re-unite for the second time in 24 years, to attend the 2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame ceremony. We can reveal that Channel 4 TV and Initial will tomorrow announce that Pink Floyd are amongst the inductees to the Hall Of Fame.

The four of them will attend the ceremony, to be held in November. It will be only the second time in almost a quarter of a century that the whole group has appeared on stage together.

Roger 99 He was born in Great Bookham, Surrey, England on 6 September, 1943 and moved to Cambridge as a two years old.

While studying architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic School of Architecture, he met Nicky Mason and Richard Wright. This meeting led eventually to the formation of the Pink Floyd.

Waters was the most successful songwriter of this (so far faceless) band ( "...and by the way, which one is Pink?.. ") But when he left at 1985 the other three Pinks found out that a band needs more than only good songwriting skills to stay in the spotlight.

Roger Water's traumatic life makes absorbing stuff to write about. His father, Eric Fletcher was killed in 1944 in the battle of Anzio (Italy) during WW II. So his mother had to raise him up on her own. These experiences probably caused the basic conception of "The Wall". Later on he went on a holiday to Germany. This trip brought about the creation of " The Pros & Cons of Hitch-hiking".

Waters performed in numerous bands, e.g.

The Tailboard Two ('62) - on guitar;

Sigma 6 ('63);

The Abdabs ('64) - still on guitar;

Spectrum Five -on bass and guitar and vocals;

Leonard Lodgers -on bass,

The Pink Floyd Blues Band ('65);

The Tea Set ('65);

The Pink Floyd Sound;

Pink Floyd ('65 - '85);

The Bleeding Hearts Band ('86 - '90).

He performed Solo as well, e.g.

The Body ('70) with Ron Geesin.

And on the song "Give Birth to a Smile" with;


David Gilmour,

Rick Wright,

Nick Mason,

and some "nice lady" who sang.

The Pros & Cons of Hitch-Hiking; with


Eric Clapton -on lead guitar (it is said that Mrs Clapton and Mrs Waters did drink the odd "cup of tea" occasionally).

Michael Kamen -on keyboards, production and arrangements;

Andy Bown -on hammond organ and guitar,

David Sanborn -on sax,

Ray Cooper -on percussion,

Ralf Ravenscroft -on sax,

Madeline Bell,

Katie Kissoon & Doreen Chanter -vocals.

Kevin Flanagan &

Vic Sulivan - horns,

The National Philharmonic Orchestra


Welshman - Andy Quigley,
Wife - Beth Porter,
Man - Roger,
Hitchhiker & Waitres - Cherry Vanila,
Truckdrivers - Manning Redwood &

Ed Bishop,

Hells Angel - Jack Palance,
Girlfriend - Madeline Bell


Roger went on tour with;

Eric Clapton, who played the guitar wonderfully but could not match the floydian solos of David.

Tim Renwick (who hated going on tour and if it hadn't been for Eric, he would have left).

Michael Kamen -on keyboards,

Mel Collins -on sax,

Andy Newmark -on drums,

Chris Stainton -on keyboards and on bass,

Doreen Chanter & Katie Kissoon -vocals.


When the Wind Blows ('86) a sound track with Squeeze, Genesis, David Bowie, Paul Hardcasttle &

The Bleeding Heart Band;

Mel Collins - saxes,

Paul Carrack - vocals and on keyboard,

Claire Torry - vocals,

Nick Glenny Smith &

Matt Irving - keyboards,

Jay Stapley - electric guitar,

Freddie KRC - drums,

John Gordon - bass,

John Linwood - Linn Programming.

Radio Kaos ('86); with;

Andy Fairweather Low - guitar,

Jay Stapley - guitar,

Mel Collins,

Paul Carrack,

Graham Broad - drums,

Clare Torry,

Vicky Brown & Katie Kissoon.

John Gordon - DX7, Emu & bass,

John Linwood - Drum Programming.

Matt Irving - keyboards.


Ian Ritchie,

John Phirkell,

Peter Thoms.


Jim & Shelley Ladd,

Andy Quigley,

Jack Snyder,

Ron Weldy,


Jim Rogers,

John Taylor,

Harry & India Waters- children

Roger went on tour in the United States, but even the smaller stadiums and theatres didn't sell out. The other three Pinks went on tour in the States at the same time and their tour was one of the most successful ones in Pink's history.

The Wall Live at the Potzdammerplatz, celebrating the destruction of the Berlin Wall, on July 21,1990; With;

The Scorpions,

Orchestra of the Sovjet Army,

The Rundfunk Orchestra,

Brian Adams,

Van Morrison,

Jerry Hall (" are these all your guitars?")

Shenead O'Conner

Marianne Faithfull,

Joni Mitchell,

Rick Danko,

Cyndi Lauper,

The Hooters,

Thomas Dolby,

The Bleeding Heart Band;

Snowy White,

Rick DiFonzo &

Andy Fairweatherlow -on guitar,

Graham Board -on drums,

Peter Wood-on keyboards.

In Seville it is time for; "The Guitar Legends Festival" with;

Monk Bordeaux,

Graham Broad,

Doreen Chanter,

Andy Fairweather-Low,

Bruce Hornsby,

Katie Kissoon,

Pat Leonard,

Tony Levin,

Gary Mazaroppi,

Louis Orapollo,

Snowy White & Peter Wood ('91).

Amused to Death ('94); with several masterpieces of Roger's hand.
The New York University professor Neil Postman, author of "Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse In The Age Of Showbusiness", which inspired Roger Waters' for this title, sadly died in October '03 aged 72, after a battle with cancer.

Isn't it a shame that the general public haven't taken to this work with more enthusiasm! Fortunately he caught one of the best guitar players for this album;

Jeff Beck- on guitar,

Andy Fairweather Low,


Patrick Leonard,

Don Henly,

Graham Board,

Jeff Porcarro,

Steve Lukather,

B.J. Cole,

Robert Bundrick,

Michael Kamen,

Katie Kissoon,

SEE AN INTERVIEW. I believe he's ;-(


The album was printed in vinyl aswel on cd, Roger prefers the vinyl for better sounding.

Towards the end of '98 he started to write a musical, called "Ca Ira".


And " surprise, surprise" he sets out on another American tour with;

Andy Fairweather Low -on guitar and bass,

Snowy White - guitar (!),

Doyle Bramhall II -on guitar (a young blues man from Texas) and vocals,

Graham Board -on drums,

Jon Carin - keyboards, guitar and vocals

Andy Wallace - hammond and keyboards,

Katie Kissoon,

Suzannah Melvoin &

P P Arnold - vocals.

Norbet Stachel - soprano and tenor saxophone.

He wrote a new song called: Each small Candle. There's a story about it.

Lost Boy Calling is a song he wrote for the soundtrack The Legend of 1900 (1999). With;

Ennio Morricone,

Patrick Leonard,

and guitarist Eddie Van Halen.


In the Flesh (November 2000) is a double-live recording with solo-work, old Pink Floyd stuff and even a new song called; Each small Candle. Comfortably Numb of the ITOT was my favorite but this one is can tip on that. Doyle Bramall II and Snowy White have an enjoyable battle at the end. Songs from The Wall, Dark Side (Roger singing Time), Amused to Death and more.

James Guthrie did produced the cd, the sound-quality isn't so as we are used of the perfectionist Mr. Waters. But who cares it's live and the music is great and it seems that they had fun.



A more priced DVD disc will appeal to the fans to empty their purse again. But who cares?


An European tour will start in 2002, see this link for tour dates and places.
The rumor goes that his axe-man Doyle will not join this tour. :-(

The European Tour 2002.
A very overwhelming set, al through the last song, "Flickering Flame" wasn't the best choice to end this great concert. Mark Fisher and Jonathan Park did again the stage design; simple but very overwelming. Great slide show, the ode to Syd was very properly done.

Roger Waters vocal, guitar and bass,

Andy Fairweather Low guitar and vocal,

Snowy White guitar,

Chester Kamen guitar and vocal, taking over the parts of David Gilmour,harry waters

Harry Waters keyboards,

Andy Wallace keyboards,

Graham Broad drums,

Norbert Stachel saxophone, (he worked with Aerosmith, Prince, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, Sheila E and more bands!)

Katie Kissoon singer,

PP Arnold singer &

Carol Kenyon singer, she joined in May 2002.


In the Flesh
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Southampton Dock
Pigs On The Wing, Part 1
Dogs (awesome!)
Set The Controls
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
Welcome To The Machine
(alas, no cigar...)
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-9


Breathe (In The Air)
Every Stranger's Eyes
Perfect Sense
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
It's A Miracle
Amused To Death
Brain Damage
Comfortably Numb

encore: Flickering Flame

Well, not only did Nick Mason participate in the sound check for Roger Water's gigs at the Wembley Arena on June 26th and 27th, but he also climbed behind the drumkit for Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun during the shows themselves. Thus was half of the classic Pink Floyd line-up briefly reunited.


Flickering Flame (Part 1) is a collection of his solo-work, with for example; Knockin'on Heavens Door (which he first played after the assassination on John Lennon 08 December '80, but this version is from a Israeli movie 'The Dybbuk of the Holy Apple Field' in 1998), Lost Boy Calling (demo), a Dylanesque ballad Flickering Flame )he played live on his tour) and other, regular, songs. Released during the European Tour 2002.

The Royal Festival Hall website announces that Roger Waters will be guesting for Jeff Beck on two concerts in the Hall, which is situated in London, England, on September 12th and 13th 2002. No further details have been made available other than that Andy Fairweather-Low and PP Arnold will also be appearing.

Roger Waters has been added to the line-up for the Music To My Ears concerts in Boston and New York City, which will benefit the family of Timothy White, the late editor in chief of Billboard magazine. Waters is set to perform at Boston's FleetCenter on October 7th and at Madison Square Garden in New York on October 8th. Other luminaries appearing at the concerts include Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, John Mellencamp, Sting, and James Taylor.

On October 16, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will give the premier performance of the Overture from Roger Waters' opera, Ca Ira. In addition, Roger will play 2 songs with his band and the RPO. The concert is given in aid of The Countryside Alliance. This organization wants to preserve hunting with dogs as a part of the English culture, no less.


Bits and pieces of his tour-book

Here you can find a recent interview from Roger.

Here you can read how Roger met Nick and if he likes Radiohead too.

Roger in Rio 2002 with his son Harry.

Roger in Melbourne an interview.

The dark side of an enlightened mind By Kristen Piec (Added 06-06-04).


In April 2003 a DVD of his Wall concert in Berlin can be seen.

At the end of 2003 he's still working on his opera (in Paris).


new Check out Roger Waters.com - there are two brand new songs available to download. Both are a response to events in the Middle East. According to Waters, he began work on his new songs "immediately after the invasion of Iraq...It seems apposite to throw them out there on the Net, before the [USA] election. Historically, there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about things they believe in and they should continue to do so. I shall certainly continue to do so, whether it has any effect or not, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself to do that."

Roger Waters -Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Keyboards
Graham Broad -Drums
Andy Fairweather Low -Guitar
Katie Kissoon -Vocals
Carol Kenyon -Vocals
PP Arnold -Vocals

Produced by Roger Waters and Nick Griffiths
Engineered by Nick Griffiths
Mastered at Hilton Grove
Photographed by David Silverman courtesy Getty Images
Artwork by Hudson Wright

Roger Waters - Ca Ira
Image source Roger Waters

ROGER WATERS: has now completed work on his "operatic history of the French Revolution" a Ira, set for release on Tuesday 27th September 2005.
The lavish first edition of "a Ira," an opera in three acts for full orchestra, soloists and choirs, will include a double SACD DigiPack and a deluxe 60 page four-color booklet including Roger Waters' lyrics based on Etienne Roda-Gil's original French libretto, the original illustrations created by Nadine Roda-Gil, biographies of Waters and the opera's cast, background and production notes on the opera.

roger As a bonus for Roger Waters fans, "a Ira" includes a special DVD documentary chronicling the "making of" the opera. The "a Ira" DVD traces the history of the project, from conception to completion, and includes revelatory interviews with Waters and the musicians and cast of "a Ira" as well as exclusive in-the-studio footage of the recording of the opera.

"a Ira" is being released in the hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD) format in Dolby Digital 5.1 SurroundSound. The hybrid SACD disks are compatible with standard CD players."

Waters' work on "a Ira," his first opera for full orchestra and voice, began in 1989, during the Bicentennial of the French Revolution. The well-respected and successful songwriter Etienne Roda-Gil and his wife, Nadine, had created an original libretto for an opera, written in French, as part of the Bicentennial. Entitled "a Ira," after a revolutionary song of the period, the Roda-Gil's original manuscript, copiously and beautifully illustrated by Nadine, portrayed the events and the spirit of the French Revolution through a multitude of perspectives--ranging from Marie Antoinette to the eyes and ears of the period's revolutionaries and common people--using a circus as a central theatrical framing device and metaphor.

roger & ying huang Introduced to Etienne Roda-Gil by a mutual friend, Waters was immediately and deeply impressed by the passion and the power of Etienne's manuscript and began work on creating a full orchestral score for "a Ira." Work on the project was suspended when Nadine died tragically of leukemia. Several years passed before Roger and Etienne returned to "a Ira."

In 1997, Roger began writing an English version of the text. "It's not just a translation," he says. "I've stuck very much to the spirit of Etienne's original, adding to it somewhat. Although it's rooted in the history of the revolution, its philosophical slant is, I suppose, contemporary as well. It's more than just a history of the French Revolution, it's a piece about the human potential for change."

Roger: " If the intellectuals of the modern
opera world are catty about it, so be it."
The finished version of "a Ira" features orchestration and choral arrangements by Rick Wentworth and Roger Waters, also the album's producers. Principal characters in the opera are brought to life by the Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel (the Ringmaster, the Troublemaker, Louis Capet - the King of France); internationally acclaimed soprano Ying Huang (Marie Marianne - the Voice of Liberty, Reason and the Republic, Marie Antoinette - the Queen of France); American tenor Paul Groves (A Revolutionary Priest, A Military Officer); and Nigerian "one man orchestra" Ismael Lo (a Revolutionary Slave). Other parts are sung by Jamie Bower (Honest Bird - the young Revolutionary Priest) and Helen Russill (Madame Antoine - the young Marie Antoinette).

Before the rise and fall of the guillotine, before the terror took hold, the People of France fought for a better world based on the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity rather than one ruled by a callous and outmoded nobility. It is this story of hope and promise that inspired "a Ira." Set during the optimistic early days of the French Revolution, "a Ira is a work of stunning power and beauty, invoking the passion, madness, and triumph of faith in a time that forever changed the nature of the world."
artwork Rumours are still floating around that Roger will be performing a Ira later this year in Rome.

The wait will soon be over, as Roger Water's long-awaited opera a Ira will be released by Sony Music on September 27th.
The album will be available in three formats: a lavish digipack with two Super Audio CDs, an English version and a French version.


Comment of Nick:
It's not my cup of tea... The DVD is interesting and the music has some highlights too. The artwork is beautiful done by Nadine Roda-Gil, sadly she died of leukaemia. Wish it was more instrumental, don't like the dramatic voices. Don't like opera in general. Maybe if I've reached the age of Roger it would become more enjoyable.
Besides that my pc didn't liked the dvd and audio cd's...think that because it is scad release.
A few names who worked on a Ira:

Gavyn Wright - orchestral leader.

Jamie Bower, Helen Russill, Bryn Terfelo, Ying Huang, Paul Groves & Ismael Lo are the solist.

Rick Wentworth - conductor.

Cult movie with Roger Waters penned theme gets US DVD release ('09).
One of the latest releases from the Criterion DVD company in the US is the 1984 UK cult movie, The Hit. Legendary British actor Terence Stamp is Willie, a gangster's henchman turned "supergrass" (informer) trying to live in peaceful hiding in a remote Spanish village. Sun-dappled bliss turns to nerve-racking suspense, however, when two hit men - played by a soulless John Hurt and a youthful, loose-cannon Tim Roth come to bring Willie back for execution.

With an instrumental theme co-written by Roger Waters and Eric Clapton, and a score by Clapton, it has long be sought out by Waters fans. Well, search no more, as the (region 1, NTSC format) DVD hits stores in North America yesterday (April 28th), complete with a new, restored high-definition digital transfer, commentary, interview and booklet.



Marianne Faithfull; Vagabond Ways album, released: June 8, 1999. The song 'Incarceration of a Flower Child' is an old Pink Floyd song demode in 1968, but never recorded by Pink Floyd. The song is written by Roger Waters. Waters also plays the bass on the song. Faithfull co-performed in the Berlin show of The Wall and she has also been singing a duet with Ismael Lo written by Roger Waters. Here you'll find the words of this song and the lines of Each Small Candle.

Ringo Starr, Roger did session for a new song from Ringo Starr, co-written by Eric Clapton, about the death of George Harisson (expected release 2003).


Roger Waters guitar, bass guitar, vocals (for 2 songs. What God Wants Part 1 and Part 3)
Jeff Beck guitar
Andy Fairweatherlow guitar
Tony Hymas bass guitar guitar
Randy Hope-Taylor guitar
Jennifer Batten guitar
Steve Barney drums
Katie Kisson backing vocals
PP Arnold backing vocals
Carol Kenyan backing vocals

A Tribute to Timothy White '02
Roger Waters guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Don Henley guest vocals
Norbert Stachel penny whistle
Steve Jordan drummer/music director
Willie Weeks bass
Danny Kortchmar guitar
Waddy Wachtel guitar
Ricky Peterson keyboards

In aid of the Country Alliance '02 at The Royal Albert Hall.
Roger Waters guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Andy Fairweatherlow guitar
Snowy White guitar
Chester Kamen bass guitar
Graham Broad drums
Harry Waters, keyboards
Andy Wallace keyboards
Ian Ritchie, saxes, penny whistle
PP Arnold backing vocals
Katie Kissoon backing vocals
Carol Kenyan backing vocals

Don Henley & Friends Private Party
Don Henley & his touring band
Stevie Nicks
Roger Waters.

Tsunami Aid: Former Pink Floyd frontman participated in a star- studded tsunami benefit show on US network NBC Universal, on Saturday 15th January at 8pm EST, called "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope". He played with Eric Clapton, again, and backing singers Katie Kissoon, Carol Kenyon and PP Arnold (Wish You Were Here).
Alse were performing; Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Kenny Chesney, Gloria Estefan and more.

The Band of his 2006 tour was:

* Andy Fairweather Low Guitar

* Snowy White Guitar

* Dave Kilminster Guitar and Vocals (worked with Keith Emerson, Ken Hensley, Steve Vai, John Wetton, Anne Marie Helder, & Martin Orford

* Jon Carin Keyboards (now on tour with David Gilmour)

* Harry Waters Hammond

* Graham Broad - Drums

* Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold and Carol Kenyon Backing Vocals


On Magny Cours, Nick Mason was behind the drums the first set.

Quite a line up isn't?!?

The first life apperances:

At Highclere Castle, Newbury, Berkshire, 20 May 2006.
Roger played a few songs with Nick Mason, Eric Clapton (electric guitar on WYWH & second solo on Comfortably Numb!), Geoff Whitehorn (played lead on the first solo), Mike Rutherford, Andy Fairweather Low & Georgie Fame (also connected with On An Island).
That night also appeared; Bryan Ferry, Roger Taylor, Gary Brooker among others.
and more... See Brain Damage for a full report.



June 2nd, 2006: Rock In Rio Festival, City Of Rock, Lisbon, Portugal
Capacity: 69,000
Concert starts: Multi-artist festival

FIRST HALF: Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick, Mother, Shine On, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Set The Controls, The Gunners Dream, Southampton Dock, Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.
ENCORE: In the Flesh, Vera Lynn, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

Picture: thanks to Joao Pinto and Pedro Ferreira.

Graphics from Rogers show.
More: http://www.mediastation.co.uk/rogerwaters.html.

See for Pictures of Arrows & setlist this page!

syd barrett




11th of May 2007
The tribute show for Roger "Syd" Barrett, Madcap's Last Laugh was held at the Barbican Hall in the heart of the city of London (11th of May), it featured an array of Syd's fans and colleagues, performing a healthy chunk of his back catalogue. Amongst these, were Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, between them performing three songs in honour of their old bandmate. Profits from the concert were donated to the mental health charity SANE, nominated by the Barrett family (who were represented at the gig.

syd One of the first big surprises of the evening, was the introduction of Roger Waters. Coming on stage with Jon Carin he explained why he chose his own song, "Flickering Flame": "I was thinking about this, and [this song] seemed apposite, so we'll try and struggle through it."
And so on stage, billed not as Pink Floyd, but Rick Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, came the second shock of the night. With them all looking pleased to be able to offer their tribute to Syd, David commented that Syd "really was everything they say he was, our Syd." On hearing calls for "Roger Waters!" David replied: "Yes, he was here too... now the rest of us!"
They played "Arnold Layne" and with everyone joing on stage except Roger "Bike" was performed.

Nick Laird-Clowes and Joe Boyd organized this event (with others).

Roger Waters live Megaland Landgraaf in the lovely South of the Netherlands
date 11 May 2008.

Roger Waters bass, acoustic guitars,
Snowy White guitars,
Dave Killminster - guitar & vocals,
Chester Kamen guitar & bass (he'll join Harry Waters for his jazz band),
Ian Ritchie sax, clarinet & acoustic guitar,
John Carin keys, acoustic guitar & vocals,
Harry Waters keys,
PP Arnold, Carol Kenyon & Sylvia Mason-James vocals & percussion.


In the flesh, Mother, set the heart of the sun, shine on, have a cigar, wywh, Southampton dock, the Fletcher memorial home, perfect sence part I & II, leaving Beirut, sheep.


Happiest days of our live, another brick II, Vera, bring the boys back home, comfortably numb.

A nice show, with excellent musicians and an enthiosiastic and peaceful Roger, cheering up the crowd. Highlights; Set the Heart of the Sun, Perfect Sence, Sheep (with the inflatable pig getting loose and dissapering in the night sky) and the whole Darkside in full range dolby surround quadrohonice sound..
Dave Kilminster and Jon Carin took over the vocals of David Gilmour and Richard Wright and by the way Roger was sounding good too.
Impressive new and old videos, the lightshow was not so impressive but the fireworks were booming.

So it was cool to see Roger again and it was a unforgetable evening out for al us older young people.


waters Roger Waters by Erick Luyten.

Cinema For Peace gala
The 8th Annual Cinema For Peace Gala takes place this coming Monday, February 9th, at Berlin's Konzerthaus, and amongst the people taking part is Roger Waters, it was announced yesterday.
The evening is said to feature a special performance by Roger Waters alongside German band Shne Mannheims. The organisers say that they will "offer their take on 'The Wall' and 'Wish You Were Here'"



Personal facs:

Roger did have a few marriages;

Judy was his first wife and her picture is on the inside cover of Ummagumma ('69). They were divorced in '75.

Carolyne Christie was his second wife, whom he married in '76 and divorced in '92. They have two children. Carolyne was a niece of the Marquis of Zetland. Previously she was working for Bob Ezrin who introduced them to each other.

Priscilla Phillips who is an actress, is his third wife.

I believe he got two children; Harry & India, both you can hear on Radio Kaos.
Harry (born in '77) was as child an classically trained on the piano. India is a fashion model, yeah and she got nice looks.BR>

Oke H2O's

A picture of his '99 tour in the V.S..




Harry Waters

Born in '77.
Harry Waters has joined the band of his father Roger Waters for the 2002 world tour. He has played keyboards for many years.
He played in tribute-bands (Led Zeplin - Greatful Dead) and he likes Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and experimental electronic music and so he teamed up Rogers European Show '01-'02.
Harry will be playing keyboards for Ozric Tentacles tour 2004-05.

Harry and his sister India Waters (a fashion model) was heard as "children in the garden" on Radio K.A.O.S. from 1987.

In 2009 he released his first solo album, with:

Harry on piano,
Ian Ritchie on tenor sax,
Chester Kamen on acoustic guitar, and the excellent
Yaron Stavi on double bass (Yaron forms part of Phil Manzanera's current band for the Firebird V11 project),
Seb Rochford: Drums
Roger Beaujolais: Vibraphone
Alan Barnes: Alto/Baritone Saxaphone, Clarinet
Quentin Collins: Trumpet.

The album's style and infectious jazz-centred tunes might take you by surprise!

Harry on Myspace, please check him out.




See who-sung-what for a list of all regular Pink Floyd albums and info about who sung when and what. Including solo-albums.




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"Major Update: 19 May 2002 by Nick, after seeing him in Koln".
Thanks Helen, hope you had a unforgettable birthday-party XXX
And the last update is from September 2010.
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