Born in the United Kingdom in 1971. For many years he performed with Hamish Stewart.
Session with;

David Bowie,

Daryl Hall,

Tom Jones,

Withney Houston,

Robbie Williams ('00 - '02),

Roger Waters In the Flesh '00,

This information is from Roger's tour-book.


There's another Andy:



New Yorker Wallace began his career by gravitating to Los Angeles in 1974, where he opened his own studio and became chief engineer. After re-mixing tracks for Springsteen and Prince, among others, Wallace landed his big break by producing Run D.M.C.'s "Walk this Way" teaming with Aerosmith.
He did job for numerous bands. So just a small review of his work:

Jeff Beck Flash (1985),

Jeff Buckley,

Nirvana Nevermind (1991),


Alice Cooper (in the 90's)

Soul Asylum,

Skunk Anansie; (1995-99),

Sheryl Crow; Globe Sessions (1998),

Heather Nova; Siren, Heart & Shoulder (1998),

Faith No More,

Guns N' Roses Live Era: '87-'93 (1999),

Limp Bizkit ('97-98),

Sinéad O'Connor Faith and Courage (2000),


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