October 7, 1964.
Vocals, daughter of Vickie and she looks nice.

Session for:

Small Faces (just 12 years old!),

John Lord ('82, '01, she co-wrote a song),

Adam Ant,

Dexy Midnight Runners,


Roger Chapman ('84),

Spandau Ballet (live),

Keith Jarreth,

David Gilmour ('84, for so far as i know only on the track Cruise) and in June 2001 & Januari 2002 live, March 16 2006 On An Island tour.

Sam Brown at the Olympia with David Gilmour. March 2006.
Picture by Vincent Dachelet.

the Dream Academy ('85),

The Firm ('85 with Jimmy Page & Paul Rodgers),

Pink Floyd ('86),

Roger Waters ('87),

John Astley ('87),

Jim Capaldi ('88 and more),

Spirits of the Forest ('89 with David Gilmour),

Gary Moore ('89),

Red Balloon (a charity-concert '89),

Jools Holland (Together Again '91 with David Gilmour, Hop the Wag '00 and also live on tour and on his album Small World Big Band, with a disappointed Valentine Moon, but she looks good on the picture, she always looks good...;-),

James Brown ('91),

Zoe ('92 with Youth, Guy Wallis & Gary Pratt),

Jimmy Nail ('92, with Guy Wallis, Gary Pratt & David Gilmour),

Alvin Lee ('94),

Fish (Just good Friends, '95) a great single, Sam was pregnant when they recorded it,

see the booklet of the next item (!)

Pink Floyd (live Pulse '95).

Mustard Gas & Roses ('96 with Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn and Jakko),

Wicked Woman Charity ('98, with a new song),

Deep Purple in concert ('99).

Trahsmonk ('99).

George Gershwin George Gershwin [Box Set] (2000),

George Harrison; Brainwashed ('02).

Alvin Lee Nineteen Ninety (2002)

Robert Miles Organik Remixes (2003)

Stereophonics You Gotta Go There To Come Back (2003)

Erasure Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (2003)

Mark Murphy Timeless Mark Murphy (2003)

valle Venia (Fragile '03),

Bonnie Tyler Heart Strings (2003)

Jon Lord; classicalish album Beyond the Notes ('04 and live),

Chris Field's last single Make It Tonigh ('05),

Hugh Trowsers Band; Old Is The New Black ('05),

Chris Jagger ('06) with David Gilmour

Joos Holland Swinging The Blues, Dancing The Ska ('05). And also live in 2006: 17th to 19th March 2006 in the LowLands.

David Gilmour live in Paris 16 March 2006, performing "Great Gig in the Sky".

Chimpan A, a new project with great names ('06).


Selected Albums:

sam brown/ pulse

Stop ('88) with a.i.:

Vicky Browne,

Danny Schogger

David Gilmour (This Feeling and I'll Be In Love).

Gavin Harrison - drums and percussion.

April Moon ('90) with David Gilmour on Troubled Son, the bass-player is Chucco Merchant, he and Sam played with Gilmour in June 2001 & Januari 2002.


The Box ('97)

Richard Newman- drums,

Aaron McRobbie- bass vocals,

Claire Nicolson- keyboards;

Pete Brown- guitar and vocals,

Jim Capaldi- drums and percussion,

Danny Shogger


Reboot, is a new album from 2001.

Sam Brown: Vocals, Juno, Hammond, Percussion, Programming, Keyboards, Clock Programming, Rhodes, Bass,

Robin Evans: Drum Loops, Programming, Drum And Percussion Programming,

Pete Brown: Guitars, Programming, Vocals, Percussion, Bass,

Jools Holland: Piano,

Richard Newman: Drums,

Aaron McRobbie: Bass,

Christopher Holland: Hammond, Piano,

Claudia Fontaine: Backing Vocals,

Aitch McRobbie: Backing Vocals,

Gordon Godge McIntosh: Bongos, Fire Extinguisher,

Des Barkus: Harmonica,


Tour News.
Sam will be touring the UK in spring 2006 with her one-woman-show: Just Sam, her piano, ukulele and bass guitar creating a charming, revealing and highly charged atmosphere. She's also doing a couple, hang on, make that three, special intimate new year shows in a nice pub.
So she'll not being doing a tour with David Gilmour .... ;-(
But she did a guest apperance in Paris on 16 March 2006; a "Great Gig In The Sky". Wauw, wish I was there!




Session for:

The Small Faces,

Elton John,

Eric Burdon,

Manfred Man,

Carla Bley,

John Lord,

Brian Ferry,

Roger Chapman,

Carly Simon,

Jim Capaldi (a.i. Child in a Storm '81),

David Gilmour ('84),

Justin Hayward ('85).

Roger Waters ('87)

New London Chorale.



On her album of '88 play a.i.

Gary Moore,

Mitch Dalton,

Mel Collins,

David Gilmour (Can't let go).

On her last album, About Love And Life, are playing;

George Harrison

David Gilmour (I'll Always Be Waiting),

Gary Moore,

Phil Palmer

Mel Collins.

Sam produced the album.


Sadly she died in '90 (cancer) .


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