A man with roots in South-America and he plays nice bass, mostly double and some percussion:

Pete Townshend, on the album White City (with David Gilmour) and later live,
The Pretenders ('84),
The Dream Academy, Dream Academy (1985)(with David Gilmour),
Eurythmics ('live '83-89),
Sam Brown (April Moon '90)(with David Gilmour),
Phil Manzanera, Southern Cross (1990)(a friend of David Gilmour),
Bonnie Tyler,
Dave Stewart (Lilly was here '89 & Greetings from the Gutter '95),
Shakespear Sister ('89),
Steve Hogarth (Ice cream genius),
Billy Bragg,
Michuel Rios ('91),
Elliott Murphy ('95),
William Bloke (1996),
Bonnie Tyler (Free Spirit '96),
chucco '02 Luz Casal Como La Flor Prometida (1996),
Alisha's Attic Alisha Rules the World (1996) Bass, Double Bass,
Los Aterciopelados Pipa de la Paz (1997),
Robert Wyatt, Sheep '97, (Robert is a friend of David Gilmour too),
Pete Townshend live in '99,
Kirsty MacColl, Tropical Brainstorm (2000) Bass, Double Bass,(it's becomming boring... but David Gilmour got his connections with her too and her brother played live with David on the Meltdown gigs),
Cabas Cabas (2002)
David Gilmour live in 2001 & 2002.
Everything but the Girl ('02),
Cabas ('02),
Robert Wyatt (Shleep bonus tracks '02),
Billy Bragg ('03),
Pete Townshend (live in Chicago/ Magic Bus '04),
Nick Laird-Clowes ('04),
Pastora (Pastora '04),
Miguel Rios ('04),
Tommy & Quadrophenia (live DVD '05),
Phil Manzanera (Vozero bonus tracks '05),
Working Week (Pay Check '05 with Robert Wyatt, Nic France & others),
and and....





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