The start of the Dream Academy with Nick Laird Clowes and Mark Gilmour, brother of David.....
He is filmed at the Super Bear Studios, Miravel France were six tracks from the album David Gilmour were filmed for promotion on TV. Mark & David were joined by Ricky Wills and Willy Wilson.



Nick Laird-Clowes- vocals, guitar/producer-songwriter,

Gilbert Gabriel- keyboards/ piano,

Kate St.John- sax/oboe, piano, ukele & vocals.

Laird-Clowes played with Mark Gilmour, brother of David, in The Act.

He helped Gilmour on the album About Face ('84). The two get well so David produces some of theire albums and played some nice guitar on theire albums.


The Dream Academy (’85). With the very strong single Life in a northern Town, it starts with an icy-flodian wind. Only to get by japanese import. With;

Pino Palladino- bass,

Luis Jardim- percussion,

Guy Pratt- bass,

Sam Brown- vocals,

Peter Buck- guitar, vocals (from R.E.M.).

David Gilmour- producer

Chucco Merchan - double bass (he plays with David Gilmour in 2001),

Ronnie Lane- producer together with TDA.

Rememberance Days ('87) without Gilmour.

Hugh Padgham,

Patrick Leonard &

Lindsey Buckingham – producers

Paul Carrack- keyboard, vocals,

J.D.Souther- guitar, vocals,

Jerry Marotta- drums & percussion, (he worked Peter Gabriel),

Larry Fast- keyboards, (he worked Peter Gabriel too),

Guy Pratt- bass.

A different Kind of Weather ('90)(nice album) with;

Jon Carin- keyboards & programming,

David Gilmour- nice solo-work!

Guy Pratt- bass,

Anthonny Moore- programming (he’s a friend of David & co-writer),

Gary Wallis- drums & percussion,

all known from Pink Floyd and some other guys on vocals and miscellancelous instruments.

Live with;

David Gilmour,

Guy Pratt

Gary Wallis.



20th of May '09:
Guy Pratt and David Gilmour are involved in a song fro Greenpeace.
Much-respected musician and producer Nick Laird-Clowes (Dream Academy), who has been a long-term collaborator (and in some cases, co-writer) with David Gilmour. He's been talking recently on social networking sites about the music he has just completed for a Greenpeace documentary about The Kingsnorth Six, which is set to go viral on the Greenpeace website from May 28th.
It is said to include a new song, 'Mayday' ("a meditation on street protest - circa '09") which Nick notes includes David Gilmour on backing vocals and guitar, and the "pounding" bass of Guy Pratt. More details of the documentary, which is directed by Nick Broomfield, as it emerges.

Session and solo work.

Nick Laird-Clowes co-writes songs for the Division Bell.
The support to David Gilmours 18/1/02 show in London was Trashmonk - Nick's new band.
On Mona Lisa Overdrive by the mentioned Trashmonk are playing
Jon Carin & Sam Brown amongst others.

The storry goes that he has been asked to score a new Cameron Diaz film.
He also wrote the soundtrack for The Dreamers ('04) & The Invisible Circus ('04) with Kate St.John, Trashmonk & Chucco Merchant on bass and Jon Carin and others.

Nick worked with:

Neulander (Smoke + Fire '04),


Kate St.John: Has done much session work, including Shadowland ('89 not the Symfo-band), Modern English, Julian Cope, Julia Fordham, Kristy Maccoll , Connells, Morrissey, Roger Eno ('93), Channel Light Vessel ('94 & '96, see below), Thomas Fersen, Bryan Ferry, Boris Grebenshikov, Stephen Gately, Shed Seven (Heather of Mostly Autumn is appearing on this one too!), The Cornelss, Jeb Loy Nichols, Blur, Shack, also being a part of Van Morrison's road band, included on his 1994 release A Night In San Francisco and featured on Roger Eno's 1998 solo album, Flatlands.
In late 1997 on All Saints (UK) and Thirsty Ear (US), she stills does some session work: XTC, Slappy Hap, S Club &, Sendiva, The Underwolves, Sid Griffin, Charlotte Church, Adam Masterson, Jools Holland’s Big Band, Egberto Gismonti and Nigel Kennedy, Jars of Clay, Edwina Hayes ('05) and more.

And of course with her friend Nick in Second Sight ('04)(see above) &
Channel Light Vessel, a group comprised of Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe), Roger Eno, Kate St. John, percussionist Laraaji, and Japanese cellist Mayumi Tachibana.
The first album is called "Automatic and was released in '94, another album came out in '96 ("Excellent Spirits"). The band was descriped as the new world Ambient super group.

Released her first solo album, Indescribable Night, in 1995, with exceptional less sax, sophisticated compositions come across as gently and delightfully tuneful.

Roger Eno - Bass, Piano,
Georgie Fame - Piano, Vocals (See On an Island David Gilmour '06),
Brian Kennedy - Vocals,
Virginia Astley - Piano, Vocals,
Matt Backer - Guitar,
B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel,
Chris Lawrence,
David Coulter - Mandolin, Sound Effects, Ukulele, Shaker, Guiro, Clay Pot,
Alec Dankworth - Bass (Acoustic),
Markus Dravs - Engineer,
Paul Kendall - Mixing,
and more people.

Her follow-up, Second Sight also with Roger Eno.

You can find her site here: Kate St.John Official Site.


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