Peter Denis Blanford Townshend, 19-5-45 London. The windmill of The Who.

Solo he is less aggressive, his first solo is from '72. A year later he plays at the Rainbow-concert, with;

Eric Clapton &

Steve Winwood, among others.

Rough Mix ('77), with;

Eric Clapton,

Charlie Watts,

Chris Lawrence - doble bass,

Mel Collins- sax

Henry Spinetti- drums, among others.

White City ('85);

white city

David Gilmour,

Simon Phillips- drums (Toto and many others),

Pino Palladino- bass,

Chris Stainton - keyboards (Joe Cocker and many more).

Chucco Merchant - bass (in 2001/ 02 with David Gilmour),

Mark Brezecki - drums,

Steve Barnacle.

Gilmour plays a few live-gigs with his friend in the following year and when the DVD-marqet is almost overfludded with dvd's there's live at Deep End too.


In '96 live in Hyde Park; The Who;

Roger Daltrey,

Eric Clapton,

Bob Dylan,

Zak Starkey (son of Ringo),

John Rabbit Bundrick,

David Gilmour.

In '99 he plays with;

Jon Carin (known from Pink Floyd)- keyboards,
Chucco Merchant - bass & percussion,
Pete Hope-Evans - mouth organ, jews harp,
Jody Linscott - percussion,
Tracy Langran - hi-string guitar, vocals.

Eddie Vedder has a small guest apperance.

A semi-acoustic set (a bit like David Gilmours Meltdown-concerts).


Scoop 3 ('01) with the track All Lovers Are Deranged (Pete's Version) Credits David Gilmour.


Session for:

Crazy Arthur Brown ('68),

Thunderclap Newman ('70/ something in the Air),

Eric Clapton ('73),

Rough Mix / Ronnie Lane ('77),

Paul McCartney (Back to Egg; '79 with a.i. David Gilmour, Press to Play;'86),

MicVicar ('80),

David Bowie ('80),

Elton John ('82, '84, '85, '88),

Mick Jagger (She's the Boss; '84 and in 2001 again).

Sun City ('85).

He did some writing for David Gilmour's Pink Floyd (MLOR).

David Bowie (slow-guitar in 2002).


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