19-12-47 Brother off Mick. Designed clothes, a jacket for Jimmy Hendrix for example. Went on trip to Nepal and India. Ended in a film recorded in Egypt and so in Hair.

He wrote some songs for Dirty Work and Steel Wheels.

In '93 solo with R&B, Rock&Roll, Cajun and Swing (Chris Jagger's Atcha):

Leo Sayer,

David Gilmour,

Dave Stewart &


He knows David true a mutual friend of Jokers Wild (mid '60).

Together they play on Bop for Bosnia ('94).

End '97 again solo and live (in bars) in Europe.

One of his latest album is called Channel Fever and he's touring in Australia at the start of 2005.


Act of Faith ('06);
A new album with: 'Got Me Where you Want Me' featuring the great singer Sam Brown. 'DJ Blues' is the first duet ever recorded by Chris and Mick Jagger, and the desolate haunting 'Junkman', one of Chris' greatest songs, features an unforgettable atmospheric guitar cameo from David Gilmour.

Chris Jagger acoustic guitar, harp, occasional washboard and lead vocals,

Charlie Hart keyboards, accordion, fiddle, vocals,

Malcolm Mortimore drums and percussion,

Paul Emile bass and vocals,

Jim Mortimore electric and acoustic guitars and vocals & the special guests:

chris-david David Gilmour (#1,#6),

Andy Mackay (#2),

Sam Brown(#1,#2,#12),

Frank Mead (#3,#5),

Jon Newey (#3),

Mick Jagger (#4),

Billy Jenkins (#8); Carol Grimes (#8),

Ben Waters (#9)(he played with David live "Bop for Bosnia" & "Tango for Tibet". See www.benwaters.com.) .

David & Chris at his 60-ies
Birthday party.



1. It's amazing (what people throw away)
2. Got Me (where you want me)
3. 15% extra free!
4. DJ Blues
5. On the road
6. Junkman
7. Cream in my cof fee
8. Everybody party
9. Love is strange
10. She's a jewel
11. Baby come back
12. Rain Rain

And I must admit that the David Gilmours contribution is worthed to buy this record.
A cd with driving cajun rockers, growling blues, slippery New Orleans funk and swinging country/zydeco! So if you like some adventuous music you'r in for this one.


Chris is on tour in Europe, so please check out his webpage: chrisjaggersatcha.com.




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