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7-8-49 Born Timothy John Pearson Renwick into a musical family in Cambridge, England.
So he plays guitar and he does it very nice!
Together with Syd Barrett he was a scout. He was sitting in a bar when his friend David Gilmour came to tell him that he, David, was asked to come and play with The Pink Floyd. And yes he was stinky jealous.

His bands:

WWAGES OF SIN and LITTLE WOMEN were his first bands, with Rick Wills (bass), Dante Smith (keyboards), Jerry Shirley (drums, later to join Humble Pie), John 'Willie' Wilson (drums) and others.


Mick Wayne (guitar, vocals)

Tim Renwick (guitar)

John Lodge (bass, later in The Moody Blues)

Graham Kelly

John Cambridge (drums)

They made one progressive album ('69) and the line-up ended in the Hype a live-band for David Bowie, later they all did some session for David. The bands with David Bowie changed a lot, a moment of time the line up was:

David Bowie (vocals)
Mick Wayne (guitar, vocals)
Tim Renwick (guitar)
Mick Ronson (guitar)
Tony Visconti (bass)
John Cambridge (drums)

Quiver, they played sometimes as support act of Pink Floyd.

747 & Knocks.

With The Sutherland Brothers, Quiver played again as Ďback upí band, David Gilmour was a few times with them; Reach for the Sky '75, Arms of Mary 19??.

Iain Sutherland (vocals, guitar)

Gavin Sutherland (vocals, guitar)

Tim Renwick (guitar)

Bruce Thomas (bass)

Peter Wood (keyboards)

John 'Willie' Wilson (drums)

Muff Winwood produced their first album Dream Kid. Bassist Bruce was later replaced by Terry Tex Comer and when he left Gavin took over.

Lazy Racer ('79/'80).

Tim has recorded only one solo album so far ('80).

Tim Renwick (guitar, vocals),
Nosha Fox (vocals, from the band Fox),
Mo Foster (bass),
Charlie Harrison (bass),
Dave Wintour (bass),
Gary Brooker (keyboards, from Procol Harum),
Tim Gorman (keyboards, later with The Who),
Jennifer Jones (keyboards) &
Mick Burns (drums).
Bruce Rowlands (drums)

His new album Privateer will come out in spring 2008.

Henrey Spinetti &
Steve Jackson - drums,
Guy Pratt - bass,
Paul Harris - keyboards,
Willi Wilson (Syd Barrett, David Gilmour and...) &
Frank Ricotti - percussion,
Martin Bell - Fiddle,
Alan Glenn - harmonica,
Steve Turner - national Guitar.


Session for;

David Bowie (Space Oddity '69, The Man Who sold the World '70, '72 also live, The Hype; Mick Wayne (guitar, vocals), John Lodge (bass), Graham Kelly & John Cambridge and later on with Tony Visconti & Mick Ronson), Live at the Beeb ('00),

Ian Matthews ('71),

Al Stewart (a.i. Orange & Year of the Cat '76, '78, '88),

Michael Chapman,

Elton John ('78),

Nick Heyward ('78, '81),

Procol Harum ('78, '91 live),

Gary Brooker (Lead me to the Water & Echoes of the Night '79/'80, also starring Eric Clapton), later on he did some touring with Gary/ Procol Harum.

Andy Gibb,

Matthew Fisher (ex-Procol Harum),

Paul Carrack Nightbird '80, '87, '96, '97,

Mike Oldfield (live '82),

Andruw Powell (The Best of The Alan Parsons Project '83),

Nick Heyward ('83),

China Crises (Flaunt the Imperfection '85),

live with Roger Waters with Eric Clapton ('85), (he didnít liked it, although he and Eric did get well. So he played later on a tour with Eric).

Pink Floyd; A momentary Lapse of Reason, live and live again with Pulse,

Paul McCartney ('87),

Blue Pearl ('90),

Mike & the Mechanics ('91 also live, '95),

Maggie Reiley ('92-'93),

Debroah Harry ('93),

Cecille Dion ('93 & '02),


Joshua Kadison ('93),

Paul Young (Crossing '93),

Proclaimers (hit the Highway '94),

Mitch Malloy (Calling & Walls '94),

Paul Carrack ('95),

10cc (MirorMiror '95),


Richard Wright ('96),

Bonnie Tyler ('96),

Cameron Silver ('96),

Michael Kamen (Mr Holland Opus '96)

Joe Cocker ('97).

Paul Thorn ('99),

Edyta Gorniak ('99 with Paul van Hooke, Louis Jardim and Paul Carrack)

Alan Parsons live (a benefit gig).
Alan Parsons (keyboards), Tony Hadley (vocals, from Spandau Ballet), Neil Lockwood (vocals), Tim Renwick (guitar), Dick Nolan (bass), John Beck (keyboards), Stuart Elliott (drums). They also backed Ringo Starr, with the valuable addition of Jack Bruce on bass.



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