Group gathered arround Durga McBroom (October 16, 1962 in California). She was one of the Great Gigs in the Sky during Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. Durga wrote me this:
"I became a Backing Vocalist with Pink Floyd because the man producing the first concert videos for The Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour (Michael Pillot) recommended my sister and me. And incidentally, the Backing singers called ourselves "The Flatulettes", not "The Amoeba Sisters" (we always performed after dinner, you see, and things always got a bit rumbly in our tummies)."
Thanks X Durga!

Her sister is called Lorelei, she did some writing an singing for Sister Sledge & Phillip Bailey. When she was in a studio with her sister working with Nile Rodgers they met David Gilmour. Durga started with toring with Pink \FLoyd and Lorelei joined. She can be seen in the music videos for "On The Turning Away" and "Dogs Of Wars". She was also on stage for the TV-transmitted concert in Venice. The Pink Floyd concerts were Lorelei McBroom’s first experience to “the road”, but soon after she joined Rolling Stones on one of their big tours.
Now Lorelei is a producer and concert promoter, working in differnet ways together with Grace Jones, Lou Reed, Billy Idol and often with Nile Rodgers, Queen Latifah, Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross and many others. Today Lorelei McBroom is pursuing a solo career.

Almost the intire live cast of the MLOR-tour plays on her ceedee ('90):

David Gilmour,

Richard Wright,

Gary Wallis,

Guy Pratt &

Tim Renwick

The cover of Kate Bush Running up that Hill is a pearl.

Youth did the producing job and he plays various instruments.


She did some session for:

Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder (1988) Vocals,

Knebworth The Album live: various artist ('90),

James Seven (1992) Vocals,

Billy Idol: Cyberpunk (1993) Vocals,

Nina Hagen: Revolution Ballroom (1994) Vocals,

Pink Floyd: Division Bell (1994) Vocals,

Pink Floyd: Pulse (1995) Vocals,

David Gilmour: live (2001/02 + dvd).




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