roy '73

12 June 41 Manchester. Folkie /songwriter. His debut is in '66 and is called Sophisticated Beggar. In '70 he signs a contract by Harvest and with that the covers get a special look; Life Mask ('73; again done by Hipgnosis). He was one the cricketeers of Pink Floyds-team and with Roger he played golf.

He becomes a favourite bard, in '75 (HQ) are playing with him;

Jimmy Page (he used a nickname before; S.Flavius Mercurius ('71)),

John Paul Jones (also from Led Zeplin),

Roger Waters,

David Gilmour,

Bill Bruford (King Krimson, Yes, Genesis also live in '75),

Chris Spedding (Roxy Music),

Keith Moon (The Who),

Ronnie Lane,

Alvin Lee,

Peter Jenner.

Bullinamingvase ('77) with:

Linda & Paul McCartney,
Ronnie Lane,
Alvin Lee,
Andy Roberts &
The Vauld Symphony Orchestra.

The unknown Soldier ('85) David wrote a few song and plays guitar on a lot of tracks:

Playing Games Guitarist, Composer,
I'm In Love With You Guitarist,
The Fly Catcher Guitarist,
You (The Game Parts 1-5) Guitarist, Composer, (with Kate Bush on vocals),
Old Faces Guitarist, Composer,
Short And Sweet Guitarist, Composer,
First Thing In The Morning Guitarist,
The Unknown Soldier Guitarist,
Ten Years Ago Guitarist,
True Story Guitarist, Composer.

David Gilmour, Andy Roberts, Jimmy Bain, Andy Newmark, Dave Lawson, Kate Bush, Joe Patridge, Timmy Donald, Hugh Burns, Don Grolnick, Tony Levi, Sal DiTroia, Dave Scane, Will Lee, Neil Jason, Steve Broughton, Jimmy Maelen, Jim Cuomo, B.J. Cole Pete Wingfiled, George Constantino, Sara Pozo, David Bedford, Hayden Bendall & Peter Jenner.

On In between every Line '86 David is only co-writer for a few songs.

In '90 (Once) he got a new nice album with;

David Gilmour,

Kate Bush (Burn the World).

Burn The World ('90): David Gilmour (The Unknown Space Cadet) plays on Burn The World (Studio Track) guitar. On Hats of ('01): again guitar on two tracks: You and The Game.

In '95 with

Jimmy Page,

Tony Carr- drums en percussion.

The Dream Society ('98).
Additional musicians: Ian Anderson, Steve Barnard, Noel Barrett, John Fitzgerald, Nick Harper, Felix Howard, Misumi Kosaka, Colm O'Sullivan, Ric Sanders, Bonnie Shaljean, Jeff Ward .
Sound engineers; John Leckie, Jeff Ward.

Royal Festival Hall London June 10 2001.
A very nice souvenir from Roy's 60th birthday party. Recorded live 2001-06-10 at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Beautiful sound. Released in 2001.

Additional musicians:
David Bedford, Troy Donockley, Jeff Martin, Nick Harper, John Renbourn, Andy Roberts, Ric Sanders.

After this he made several Best Of Ceedees.



Session for:

Bert Jansch It Don't Bother Me ('65)

Led Zeppelin III

Pink Floyd (Have a Cigar –vocals, '75),

David Gilmour ('78),

Kate Bush ('80),

Hawkwind This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic, A live album recorded at Stonehenge in 1984.

Tea Party ('95),

The Nice, America: The BBC Sessions. Roy sings & wrote lyrics for St. Thomas, recorded live at BBC 1969-06-02. Released in 1996.

Robert Berry ('96).

Alhambra. The song Time is sung and co-written by Roy. ('96).

Anathema, Eternity. Roy recites Bad Speech ('98).

Gavin Moore, Until Today ('01).





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