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30-7-58 Vocals, piano, pantomime. David Gilmour saw her playing and offers her to help her to make an album;

Kick Inside ('78) Andruw Powell -producer also on the second album Lionheart ('78). Mucisians;

Ian Bairnson -guitars,

David Paton -bass,

Stuart Elliott -drums,

Duncan Mackey -keyboards,

Francis Monkman -harpsicord, (This guys above are know from The Alan Parsons Project).

Peter Perrier- drums,

Pat Martin- bass. Two members of Unicorn

David Gilmour, guitar, producer & engineer,

Alan Murphy &

John Gilblin - bass.

Barry DeSouza - drums

Paul Keogh - guitars

Bruce Lynch - bass

Alan Parker - guitar

Alan Skidmore - saxophone

Morris Perth - percussion,

Never for Ever ('80);

kate bush

Larry Fast,

Max Middleton

Roy Harper a.o..

The Dreaming (1982):
Stewart Arnold: vocals, background vocals
Jimmy Bain: bass
Ian Bairnson: acoustic guitar, vocals, background vocals
Brian Bath: electric guitar
Kate Bush: piano, strings, arranger, keyboards, vocals, producer, fairlight
Paddy Bush: harmonica, mandolin, strings, stick, vocals, background vocals, bullroarer
Geoffrey Downes: trumpet, trumpet arrangement
Percy Edwards: sound effects, vocals
Stuart Elliott: percussion, drums, stick (Alan Parsons Project)
Gordon Farrell: vocals
David Gilmour: vocals, background vocals
Rolf Harris: didjeridu
Preston Heyman: drums, stick
Gary Hurst: vocals, background vocals
Seán Keane: violin
Dave Lawson: synthesizer, synclavier, string arrangements
Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki, bouz
Alan Murphy: electric guitar
Liam O'Flynn: pipe, penny whistle, uilleann pipes
Del Palmer: bass, vocals, fretless bass
Teri Reed: assistant engineer
Esmail Sheikh: drums
Danny Thompson: bass
Richard Thornton: vocals, choir, chorus
Eberhard Weber: bass
Bill Whelan: horn arrangements, string arrangements

Michael Kamen takes over from Andruw ('84, '89 & '93, with Charlie Morgan on drums).

Kate borrows the heli from the Wall for Hounds of love '85.

The sensual World ('89)

Alan Murphy- guitar (Level42, he died before this album was released)

Nigel Kenedy- violin,

Stuart Elliot,

John Giblin,

Mick Karn (Japan).

The Red Shoes ('93)





Eric Clapton,

Jeff Beck

Gary Brooker,

and more guys.



With Stuart Elliott, Mick Karn, Peter Erskine and others she worked on "Aerial". The late Michael Kamen wrote the string arrangements for two tracks which will appear on the new album. She recorded what she has described as "some beautiful orchestral movements" with him and the London Metropolitan Orchestra at Abbey Road in October 2003. Chris Hall has played accordion on one track. Classical musicians Emma Murphy and Susanna Pell have also recorded for the album. Del Palmer is said to be engineering. Kate had her new recording studio serviced and upgraded and started recording in late 1999. Release date was planned at the start of 2005, but:
A double album entitled Aerial saw the dayligh November 7th.
It will follow a single, King of the Mountain, released on 24 October, with both the single and album produced by Bush herself.
The 47-year-old performer's last album, The Red Shoes, reached number two in the UK album chart in 1993. Her last public appearance was in 2001, when she received Q magazine's "classic songwriter" award in London.

King of the Mountain 

Could you see the aisles of women? 
Could you see them screaming and weeping?
Could you see the storm rising? 
Could you see the guy who was driving?
Could you climb higher and higher? 
new-album Could you climb right over the top? 
Why does a multi-millionaire 
Fill up his home with priceless junk?
The wind is whistling
The wind is whistling
Through the house 

Elvis are you out there somewhere
Looking like a happy man? 
In the snow with Rosebud 
And king of the mountain 

Another Hollywood waitress
Is telling us she's having your baby
And there's a rumour that you're on ice
And you will rise again someday 
And that there's a photograph
Where you're dancing on your grave

The wind is whistling
The wind is whistling
Through the house

Elvis are you out there somewhere
Looking like a happy man? 
In the snow with Rosebud 
And king of the mountain 

The wind it blows 
The wind it blows the door closed 

Written and Produced by Kate
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Del Palmer
Mastered by James Guthrie 
Drawing by Bertie

News at: www.katebushnews.com/ or her new flashy website: www.katebush.com/.

Musicians on King of the Mountain:

Mick Karn,

John Giblin &

Eberhard Weber - bass

Stuart Elliott,

Peter Erskine &

Steve Sanger - drums

Bosco D’Oliveira - percussion,

Gary Brooker - Hammond Organ,

Dan McIntosh - electric & acoustic guitars,

Paddy Bush and Lol Creme provide vocals,

late Michael Kamen - orchestral arragements

Paddy Bush, Michael Wood, Gary Brooker and Lol Creme provide vocals,

Rolf Harris - didgeridoo.

October 2010:

A sound clip featuring about 60 seconds from “She Moved Through the Fair”, the duet that Kate (relatively) recently recorded with Rolf Harris, has surfaced on Youtube Ralp sung with Kate on Aerial aswell.

News March 2011.
Kate Bush releases an unusual new album “Director’s Cut” on May 16 on her own label Fish People, in conjunction with EMI.

On “Directors Cut” Kate revisits a selection of tracks from her albums “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes”, a process that presents a fascinating portrait of an artist in a constant state of evolution. She has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song – making it something of a director’s cut but in sound, not vision.

A new version of “Deeper Understanding” will be released as a single in April. Although written some twenty years ago, the song may be more relevant today than ever…

And she is working on new material.

This from a film sound track:

50 Words For Snow a new release in Nov 2011!

Kate Bush – vocals, piano, keyboards, bass
Danny Thompson - bass and 72 years young, (Alexis Korner, Pentangle, Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left, David Sylvian, Talk Talk and and and)
Andy Fairweather Low - vocals and a bit younger (Roger Waters, Eric Calpton and and)
Stephen Fry - keyboards
Steve Gadd - drums, (Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Chick Corea, Eric Clapton, Al Di Meola, Carly Simon, Jon Bon Jovi, The Bee Gees, Michael McDonald and and and )
Albert McIntosh - talks and just became 13 years young
Stefan Roberts and Michael Wood - vocals
John Giblin - bass (Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds, Fish, Alan Parsosn, MAnfred Man and and and
Elton John - vocals
Del Palmer - bass, bells
Dan McIntosh - guitar
Jonathan Tunick - orchestral arrangements

A review by John Mulvey.


Session for:

kate & dave 18-01-02

Peter Gabriel Don't give up ('86)

Midge Ure Brother & Sisters,

Roy Harper ('90 with David Gilmour).

Brazil (Soundtrack with Michael Kamen & Mel Collins '85),

Go West ('87),

Alan Stivel ('94).

David Gilmour Januari 2002, live in London.


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