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A live review @ this site (oct '08).


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The Reasoning

Adventures in Neverland Release Information August 2012 –

Listening to the first tunes of
Adventures In Neverland, very floydian!

Pre-order available www.cherryred.co.uk/ or www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Neverland-Reasoning/.
Release Date: 24/09/2012.

Touchstone & The Reasoning double headliner shows:
12-10-12 The Garage London UK
14-10-12 The Globe Cardiff UK
15-10-12 The Robin 2 Bilston UK
16-10-12 The Duchess York UK

And while Owain is still missing and the band has to go futher they found a new guitarist: Keith Hawkins.


The Reasoning in 2010


"The Reasoning" formed in August 2005 after Matthew Cohen (Bass) left the progressive rock giants, Magenta, in July 2005. He has played all over the world with Magenta including the USA, Mexico and Europe where they gained a large fan base and rave reviews wherever they went. He was also one of the key-promotors of ProgAid (where he met Rachel Jones ;-).
After he met Dylan Thompson they decided to start a new band. Zoe-Marie Davies was their first singer, but in July '06, replaced by Rachel Jones (ex-Karnataka) and Rhys Jones (also ex-Magenta) was the first drummer, but replaced by Steve Hughes (Kino, The Enid, Whimwise and Big Big Train) (September '06):

Dylan Thompson - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar;

Matthew Cohen - 6 string Bass Guitar and Bass Pedals;

Lee Wright - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar;

Vinden Wylde - Drums

the band Rachel Jones - (ex-Karnataka - ProgAid) - Lead Vocals and Percussion;

Gareth Jones - Keyboards Lead and Backing Vocals.

"BIG" Dave Parsons Road Manager / Chief Tech
Danny Mayo PR To The Reasoning.

Awakening ('08) is the the name of the debut album.
Track Listing:

1. Awakening
2. Chasing Rainbows
3. Playing The Game
4. Aching Hunger
5. Chasing Rainbows
6. Sacred Shape
7. Fallen Angels
8. Shadows Of The Mind
9. Within Cold Glass

Session musicians on the album are:

Liz Prendergast ( Blue Horses) - violins & mandolins(9)

Steve Rothery (Marillion)- guitar solo (9)


Matthew, Dylan & Lee.

Hey Nick,
So great to hear from you sir. ..... I am very busy with my new band, The Reasoning. We are currently recording demo songs for the album and things are coming on very nicely. I also have the original Magenta drummer, Rhys, on board with me too, so that is cool. We are doing a more rock thing but with prog influences/ We will be more like Coheed and Cambria, Amplifier and Pure Reason Revolution.


Good luck dear friend,

Dylan, Matthew & Lee.


News 23th of April 2008:
Lee Wright left the band!
But Matthew found a replacement for the Dutch tour, guitarist Jay MacDonald from the BlueHorses.

The Dutch Tour (May 2008) was wonderful
(Amstelveen, Heerlen & Hengelo):

Pictures info and pictures on this page.

Dutch interview by Michiel Scheijen.

So for all the Dutch fans an interview of Io-Pages you can find here &
Part II
Thanks to Io-Pages.

Dark Angel ('09).
A fantastic new album, dark, heavy riffs and those 3 vocalist are amazing.
A double review of Dark Angel.

A fantastic trailer.
Release date 6th October and release party 6th of September; London the Royal George.

John Mitchel (Arena, IQ, It's Bites, Frost, The Urban) is busy with the mix of the new darker album!

A special edition is now on pre-sale. This will take the form of a 1,000 run pressing which will include the album plus a bonus DVD. On the DVD will be the "making-of", plus some on-the-road footage...and some little extras.
A double review of Dark Angel you can find here.

Crikey! I can't believe it has been one whole month since we last spoke! Apologies for that, but I do have a good excuse, honestly. For the past 30-odd days, I have been holed up in my studio with the band, beavering away on the latest tunes for our 2nd album Dark Angel. Everything is very exciting right now, and I love the material we have been coming up with. There seems to be a natural flow happening – with the music itself and also as far as our writing methods are concerned. On Awakening we were trying to find our feet as writers [and as musicians!], exploring the directions in which the music took us. This time around, however, the music has literally been flooding from within us…and it's taught us a lot about who we are as a group of writers and performers.

So far we have written about 13 tracks, although not all of these will make the final cut. I am very happy to confirm that we have a definite 7 in the bag which are ready to rock – and these will certainly define the album. There are several more writing sessions scheduled for this month – and by December we will definitely have completed tracks for this release – plus a great deal of additional material for future use, too!

For those of you who'd like a sneaky preview of a few "working" song titles, the following are for you [in no particular order!] –

1 - Dark Angel
2 - Breaking The Fourth Wall
3 - How Far To Fall?
4 - Sharp Sea
5 - A Musing Dream
6 - Call Me God?
The 7th track is called "Song 7" at the moment, so watch this space!

July '09.
Vinden Wylde (on drums) & Gareth Jones (excellent on vocals and keyboards) have left the band.
Both joined forces in Sankara.

September '09
After some hassling the new band is:

Tony Turrell (keyboards/vocals)(ex-Fish),
Rachel Cohen - vocals,
Matthew Cohen - bass,
Dylan Thompson - guitars and vocals,
Owain Roberts - guitar,
Maria Owen - vocals and percussion,
Jake Bradford-Sharp - Drums.

First show at the Globe Cardiff 21 November.

August '09.
The Reasoning released a single called "The Chaffeur", indeed a cover from DuranDuran. You can download it here at Amazon.
They did a gig at the Fish convention with the following new people:

Maria Owen - Vocals, percussion and mandolin
Scott Barnett - Acoustic guitar
Jonathan "Fred" Freeden - Piano
Jake Bradford-Sharp - Drums
Charlotte Evans from Mr.So&So.

A live review on this site (oct '08).

Adverse Camber ('10).
A new album. No futher news... sorry.


Apparently they're very busy; they released in July 2010 an acoustic album: Acoustically Speaking.
Within Cold Glass; The Thirteenth Hour; Aching Hunger; Dark Angel; The Nobody Effect; A Musing Dream; In the Future; Sacred Shape and Script Switch Trigger.

They did visit the States: Rosfest and that leads to a live cd:
In November 2011 they released their first live cd Bottle Of Gettysburg.
A live cd was released in October 2011, from their performance at Rosfest earlier this year.
On top of that, the band are working on a four track EP entitled And Another Thing…, which will be released on download only in December 2011.

The new ( 4th!) album will see the daylight early 2012.

Another thing/ (1012).
So here it is folks, the all new "And Another Thing......." EP cover created by Richard Pocock. We love it so we hope you do too. Pre-order details will be posted in full, tomorrow.
Hello, dear friends, we hope that all is well with you. So... (finally) our brand new EP, entitled And Another Thing....... is recorded, mixed and ready for mastering. This is somewhat of a milestone for The Reasoning, since it will be the last of our products to be released via our independent label Comet Music. This makes it a very special CD for us, not least because it marks the end of an era and the beginning of a whole new one. The EP is also the first release that's fully representative of our (now nicely established) 5 piece line-up: all band members have contributed to the song-writing for the first time, making it a real team effort. We're SO excited about you hearing these tracks!
So: how do you get hold of it? We have decided to do one last pre-order: this time, you'll be able to get the CD a week before the official release date (12th March 2012), and the first 500 copies will be signed by the band. We have kept the price as low as possible, and pre-orders will be separated into territories - UK / Europe / Rest Of World. This is so that we can be fair when it comes to the pricing of postage, etc.
Anyway, we suppose you want to know the track listing... which is as follows:

1) One By One
2) Apophenia
3) Pale Criminal
4) 21 Grams
All the songs were produced by Matt and mixed by Matt and James Kennedy (who fronts a band called Kyshera: do check them out). In our opinion, these songs sound fantastically fresh and alive - and there are a few little surprises in store as well. We'll be making available a sample clip of all the songs sometime around mid February, so watch this space.
Thanks for all your incredible support during the "Comet" years and here is to you and the future. See you on the other side.
Love as always,
Rach, Owain, Tony, Matt and Jake xxxxxxx

Click here for pre-order page.
Click here for soundsamples.

Here is a rather splendid review of the EP "And Another Thing......." for DPRP by Jim Corcoran. www.dprp.net.

Adventures in Neverland (Sept 2012).

Listening to the first tunes of Adventures In Neverland, very floydian!

Pre-order available www.cherryred.co.uk/ or www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Neverland-Reasoning/.
Release Date: 24/09/2012.

Rachel Cohen - Vocals & Percussion
Tony Turrell - Keyboards & Vocals
Keith Hawkins - Guitars & BV's
Matthew Cohen - Bass & BV's
Jake Bradford-Sharp - Drums & BV's.



Matt Cohen & Rachel:
ProgAid ('05) and they fell in love....

Matt Cohen:
Riversea / Mark Atkinson ('11).

Sankara / Vinden Wylde, Jay MacDonald ('12).

Shadow of the Sun / Dylan Thompson ('12).

Please visit their sites:
The Reasoning.


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