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Heather Findlay

Mostly Autumn.
Iain Jennings.
Odin Dragonfly.
Chris Johnson.
Mark Atkinson.

NEWS June '12

  • Band line up November 2012:
    Dave Killmister and Steve Vantis will be replaced by: Simon Snaize - guitars, (Wooden Horse which also featured Chris Johnson, Halo Blind and solo)
    Stu Fletcher - bass, (The Seahorses, Happy Mondays, Seven Shed, We Could Be Astronauts, and solo).

    NEWS June '12

  • Fans of Heather Findlay (ex-Mostly Autumn): Heather Findlay and Maidu: //www.junodownload.com/artists/Maidu/ electronica-based tunes.

  • Farewell Mostly Autumn
    As many of you may already know my final performance as front-woman with rock band Mostly Autumn took place on 2nd of April this year and was filmed for a now soon to be released DVD.
    I hope the film captures the true spirit of what was a thoroughly emotion drenched evening, super charged, in my opinion, with some of the band's most energetic performances to date. Last week took me to Fairview studio's where I sat in on the mixing sessions for the audio with Bryan Josh and John Spence and the audio alone stands up to being some of the best ever captured during my time with MA and I'm sure the visual aspect, which none of us have yet seen will only enhance this further. Keep an eye on www.mostly-autumn.com for news on its' release date.

    Off Radar
    I've been somewhat quiet publically for a month or two, but since having announced my plans to depart from Mostly Autumn my feet have barely touched the ground! Alongside working very hard on writing for my new solo venture, I have also been involved with some very exciting side projects too...!

    more pictures.
    Pictures by Jorit van Bennekom.

    Awesome photos by Roger Newport.


    Born on 7 March.
    Artist, painting, singing, percussion, bodran, whistles and guitar.
    After Bryan Josh formed his Mostly Autumn and his girl friend Heidie Woodrop left the band, Heather joined.
    Mostly Autumn became one of the established Brittish Prog- Rock bands.
    In 2010 Heather went solo.
    She here below for her statement and Bryans answer.

    Heather has always been open to working with other artists, both live and on record. She made several live appearances throughout 2002 with Damien Wilson and then in 2003 Arjen Lucassen invited her to sing and collaborate with him on his Ayreon release “The Human Equation”. This album featured a multitude of singers, each playing a different part in Lucassen’s tale of a road accident victim whose emotions battle amongst themselves within him while he is in a coma in hospital. Heather’s part was that of “Love” and was one that perfectly suited the warmth of her voice. However, it is the tracks “Day Eleven: Love” and “Day Thirteen: Sign” that are her standout contributions. The former features Heather singing in an uncharacteristic yet spookily Kate Bush-like style while the latter song has her singing with a far more familiar, warm, soft romantic quality to her voice. Arjen’s faith in Heather’s abilities was further endorsed by him asking her to write to the lyrics for both of these songs, something he rarely trusts to others.
    Heather also sang on, and wrote the words for “August Fire”, an acoustic track that was originally recorded for (but eventually wasn’t included on) “The Human Equation” and was released on Ayreon’s single “Come Back To Me” in 2005.
    Heather still found time to make a couple more guest appearances, the first with Uriah Heep at their Magician’s Birthday Party (sharing lead vocals on “Love In Silence” and then joining in on backing vocals on “Lady In Black”) and the second with John Wetton at the Mean Fiddler.

    She likes to make some art for the Mostly Autumn sleeves. An her illustration for the song “Hanging Tree” of Ritchie Blackmore, was included in the sleeve of “The Fires at Midnight”.
    You can buy and see her artwork at this sot.

    The albums that feature Heathers voice include:

    Let it Ride - Shed Seven, (vocals on "In a hole”)
    Ascension – Gabriel,
    Delicate Flame of Desire - Karnataka,
    John BoBo Bollenberg ('02),
    Julia Jenkins - Shine, see above,
    Arjen Lucassen (2004) (With an interview). Arjen about her + Love a clip.
    She is also the co-writer and singer of the song "August Fire", recorded by Iain at the Bat Cave. She also plays bodran on this track. The song was released on the single "Come Back To Me" of Ayreon ('05).

    Uriah Heep DVD or SCAD release from teh annual Magician's Birthday Party.

    Dave Brianbridge, Songs for Luca II ('05).

    Heather wanted to work with Arjen again and has ideas for a solo album, with Angela; see Odin Dragonfly.

    Iona: The Circling Hour ('06).

    Fish Communion (duets, backing vocals, bodhran & low whistle).

    Troy Donockley; The Madness of Crowds ('09).

    Parade - Chris Johnsons new band ('09).

    Simon Snaize (2010) [ www.myspace.com/snaizesimon

    Rob McAndrews / Maidu (2010) [ Click here, for a little taster. ]

    jaakgeebelen Maidu
    Back in February I was approached by producer Tzfat who invited me to collaborate with him and 20 year old Rob McAndrews for an album the pair are working on and is due for release in March next year under the project title Maidu. Back in February I wrote lyrics for and sang on the as yet untitled track which is due for release as Maidu's first single on 4th October this year. Maidu can be described as being somewhat akin to similar artists Eskmo and Flying Lotus with the addition of melody - hence my involvement, and are being loosely termed as belonging to the Dubstep genre although being more 'glitchy, tripped out music infused with dub'. Working with Maidu gave me a real chance to experience a totally different style of music as a writer and performer. As you know I love so many different types of music and am always willing to explore new avenues, so on hearing the track and being given the brief, I happily accepted! Click here, for a little taster. More info as I get it...
    Download the songs with Maidu here: //www.junodownload.com/artists/Maidu/ electronica-based tunes.
    A review from this Maidu collobaration at Tim Halls blog A HREF="http://www.kalyr.com/weblog/2012/06/27/maidu-heather-findlay-the-way-i-see-you/" target="_blank"> www.kalyr.com/weblog/.

    Liam Davison, long term member of Mostly Autumn and dear friend has asked me to collaborate with him on his forthcoming album A Treasure Of well Set Jewels.
    Liam asked me to write lyrics for and sing on album track 'Once In A Lifetime' which is a beautiful piece with a gorgeous concept. I accepted Liam's offer and recorded a guide vocal for which a couple of weeks ago now and am due to record the final version during the album sessions sometime in the next month or so. Working with Liam was so effortless and the collaboration came together very quickly, the album is to be recorded at Fairview with John Spence so I am expecting it to all be as comfy as a pair of old slippers. (If I were to ever wear any that is!)

    Touchstone (City Sleeps '11).
    Rob Cottingham (somewhere in November 2012).

    She went on tour in 2011 with:

    Chris Johnson,
    Dave Kilminster,
    Steve Vantsis (Fish) and
    Alex Cromarty.

    About leaving Mostly Autumn:

    Dear friends of Mostly Autumn,


    Although it breaks my heart, I am here to tell you that I have decided to step out of the Mostly Autumn fold.


    Life within the Mostly Autumn embrace has offered me the opportunity to explore myriad other avenues of creativity over the years alongside my role within the band.  Not least the ultimate experience in creativity for me - becoming a Mother. 


    I am sometimes baffled at the realisation that here I am with my 15 month old son, Harlan - without a doubt, through the toughest trials of bringing a healthy little baby boy into the world of toddling and early boyhood already, whilst still presenting myself to you as a performer of the stage and record.


    At times, I too had my doubts! But whilst thinking,

     ‘’Why not? Why cannot two dreams co-exist hand in hand?’’, a long pondered upon challenge presented itself to me to which, I rose and fulfilled. Of this I am very proud.  For not even one moment of executing which did I feel that Harlan had slipped rank from my number one spot. Nor do I feel that my performance within Mostly Autumn faltered. On the contrary in fact, I believe the fire within me, the one which ignites zeal, fuels creativity and makes dreams prosper, burned even brighter.


      ‘’So... maybe it’s time? Maybe the next challenge is to branch out?’’


    Over years gone by the one major thing for me, that has been left unattended on the back burner has been to branch out as a solo performer. It was never something I had even imagined to be an all encompassing venture.


      ‘’It’ll be fine. I’ll just fit it in around everything else’’ I thought.

      ‘’After all, amongst dabbling as an illustrator; forming a duo with Angela and having guested with numerous other bands and artists; I’ve lived in another country; I’ve travelled, I’ve become a Mum... Yeah, I can do this!’’


    -         Another year passes by, and another one... 


    That is until I brought that very prospect to the fore and gave it a stir. Or should I say, until it brought itself there! Niggling away, increasingly over the last few years it is fair to say that never has the pull been stronger towards this very day.


    You see, Heather Findlay is now Heather Findlay-Loftus. One unit of which = Heather Findlay + Ian + Harlan.


    At this point in time I can’t see a formula that allows Mostly Autumn to be part of the HF equation.  Not only for my own sake but for the sake of Mostly Autumn as well, which as you know requires 110% dedication.

    So, for now at least, I just cannot imagine having the time and energy it would take to tame and tailor the passion I have to pour into my own musical ventures alongside co-nurturing Mostly Autumn and giving to it all the love, care and attention that it so richly deserves. The timing I feel is right. I have not yet become involved in the new Mostly Autumn record and there are no shows imminently pending.  It is a new year and a new decade to boot.


    Although there are flutters of excitement, it is not without wistfulness, sorrow and indeed a certain amount of trepidation that I hereby step out alone to follow my own dreams. Mostly Autumn has been my life for over 13 years now.  It is a warm blanket of security. It is unlike any other band I have worked with. It is a family. It emanates a certain magic that pulls you in. For life, I imagine...

    I can only hope to succeed in capturing some of that magic to take with me. Even a fraction of which I know, will go a very long way...


    Mostly Autumn – Bryan’s dream - will always remain a very special part of me and I wish for every success to befall it in times to come.

    I have made some wonderful memories and shared some of the best times of my life so far with Mostly Autumn and its’ members both past and present. Many of which have become and I hope will remain some of my closest friends.


    You too are part of that family. You already know that none of it is possible without your presence and support.  I wish to thank you for being there throughout.  I wish for you the happiest of times ahead on your journey with Mostly Autumn and I hereby invite you along with me to embark upon the Heather Findlay journey which starts here.


    I am underway creating an album which I will be putting out this year.

    It will be a ‘full band’ project – the exact line up of musicians for which is still to be decided upon but, as soon as there is news I’ll make sure it reaches you.


    There are one or two other projects bubbling away also, about which I will be regularly updating you as and when I am at liberty to do so.


    You can keep tabs on me by joining my emailing list. To do so please drop me a line on heatherfindlaymusic@googlemail.com  whereby all news updates and info will reach you first.


    Please visit my website www.heatherfindlay.net to check in on album progress and general news updates (if not yet live - it is coming soon).  I hope to make this a multi-media experience by way of video and photo diary updates and audio samples as and when they arrive.


     At the moment the site is still in the embryonic stages of construction but, will be developing fast.


    For now I bid you a very fond farewell.


    Into the unknown I go...


    With love and very best of wishes you all,


    Heather Findlay x






    Dear friends

    Knowing you have all just read Heather’s announcement, I can join you all wholeheartedly in the sadness and heartbreak we feel at her departure.

    It has been a journey that will be so very close to my heart for the rest of my life, and on reflection, I wouldn’t change a second of it.  We grew together, moved together and we rocked the hearts and emotions of people all over the world together.  Those memories will always remain.

    Personally I am so very proud of what Heather has achieved, the force she has become, and because of this I know that she has to follow her heart and destiny – there can be no other way.

    As my father often said “Nothing stays the same, son” – and as we grow, these words mean more than we could have imagined.

    Mostly Autumn will not be the same, but just as something passes, something begins...and it is with sincere pleasure that I can announce that Olivia Sparnenn has agreed to take on the role, and I sincerely hope we can all embrace a new future, a new decade, with a glow in our hearts for the past.

    However, we feel we cannot let her go quietly, so I would like to announce that there is to be a farewell concert for Heather to be held at the Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa on Friday April 2nd 2010. Let’s send her off in style...

    And lastly – on other matters, as you may be aware, we are working on a new album, which is to be released in the spring, entitled..

    ‘Go Well-Diamond Heart’

    More on this soon

    To Heather.....

     ‘Through Valleys of Evergreens and Violets

    We walked for a while,

    We reached for the heart of the sun

    And a forest of stars,

    But down in the fields

    I realised a dream

    That they all shone from the back of your eyes’

    Go well, friend of mine

    Bryan Josh


    The farewell dvd of Heather Findlay, more info here.

    The dvd is shot bij John en Meriam Vis and has captured a wonderful event and the best of the Bryan Josh- Heather Findlay era.
    Carpe Diem, Spirit of Autumn past, Mother Nature & Heroes are sublime. Heathers ballet and singing is an Art and Bryans guitar play is roaring like a Pink Purple Blackmore....



    THE PHOENIX SUITE [EP] (April 2011)
    So, the first EP is to be called The Phoenix Suite. Its' character is dark, quirky, bohemian, rocky and very vibey! Oh, and did I say rocky? Well, that too!! I am still a tidsy bit undecided as to who I will be asking on board in the rhythm section department at the minute, although I am thoroughly excited to announce that guitarist Dave Kilminster will be joining us for EP number 1! For those of you that don't know him, he is a bit of a guitar-hero/god/meister! And fortunately, friend too so we probably won't have to gold-plate the studio bathroom taps... this time! :) Seriously though I first met Dave many years ago through Anne-Marie Helder, furthermore, on stumbling upon him (not literally you understand) at the Roger Waters after-show in Malta 2006, we became very good friends and have come to realise we have a lot of common ground in terms of musical tastes and indeed sense of humour so I can't wait to get jamming! The sessions with Dave are to take place before his departure for the forthcoming, all new RW tour which begins in late August this year.
    I plan to see 'EP number 1' released sometime in September. More updates soon!

    Heather Findlay – vocals, percussion
    Chris Johnson – guitar, vocals, program and assorted ideas
    Dave Kilminster – guitar
    Alex Cromarty – drums
    Steve Vantsis – bass (he's know from work with uncle Fish
    Review and another one by Tim Hall.

    Live at The Cafe 68 (nov 2011)

    Heather Findlay &
    Chris Johnson.

    Stripping down songs from their respective back catalogues to present them in their purest form, this wonderful album is a record of that gorgeous evening.

    Featuring the songs:
    Phoenix / Caught In A Fold / Blue Light / Magpie / Dear Someone / Out Of Season / Gaze / Evergreen / The Dogs / Yellow Time / Silver Glass.

    A review by Tim Hall from "Where the World Collides".

    At the end of September, Heather and Chris recorded an intimate, one-off show in York. The show is to be released as debut album,'Live at The Cafe 68'. The album will be available to order from Monday 14th November from www.heatherfindlay.net and of course from the merch stall's on the road!!!

    Heather official site.

    Mostly Autumn.
    Iain Jennings.
    Odin Dragonfly.
    Chris Johnson.


    Back to Mostly Autumn.
    More news about Olivia Sparnnen who will take over the lead vocals.


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