The Europian
More than a Garden of Dream tour
October 2010.

  • 09/10-10 Summers End UK www.myspace.com/summersendfestival
  • 14-10 Thursday Das Rind Russelheim Germany www.dasrind.de
    Support act ?? .
  • 15-10 Friday de Boerderij Zoetermeer the Netherlands www.boerderij.org DVD recording!
    Support act Odyssice!
  • 16-10 Saturday Bluescafe Apeldoorn the Netherlands www.bluescafe.nl
  • 17-10 Sunday Spirit of 66 Verviers Belgium www.spiritof66.be
  • 19-10 Tuesday Reichenbach Germany www.bergkeller-reichenbach.de
  • 20-10 Wednesday De Nieuwe Nor Heerlen www.nieuwenor.nl
    Suport act: Quantum Fantay!
  • More from Heerlen and London on this page.

    The Tangent & Unitopia!
  • Friday 22nd October – The Luminaire, Kilburn High Road, London – Unitopia on first
  • Saturday 23rd October – The Wesley Centre, Blyth Road, Maltby, Rotherham – The Tangent on first

  • After the Summers End gig they had a free day in London and then came to the lovely South of the Netherlands for a TV perfomance.
    A review from Summers End.

    Mark was not feeling well, he got a bit of the Dutch flew.
    But it all worked out well.

    Pictures from Bert Treep de house photographer of the day
    @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer.

    More pics of Bert Treep at his site.
    And on the DVD that will follow!!!

    A big thank you the camera team; John Vis, Meriam Verkeij, Marcia Krijnen, Rob de Groot, Edwin Roest, Suthana Kamerbeek & produced by Arjan van Leeuwen AVL productions.
    The sound and light guys of the Boerderij and Gert Jan who saved our butts.

    Above: Glimmer twins ;-) Left: mr Tetris.

    Above: Soundcheck with Gert jan who saved our butts.

    Pictures from De Boerderij
    15-Oct-2010 by me.

    Pictures from De Boerderij
    by Henri Strik

    In October 2010 Utopia, an Australian Prog-/Symphonic rock band had a small tour through Europe.

    I saw them playing in "de Boerderij", Zoetermeer, Holland at the 15th of October.
    During the concert some cameramen filmed the concert for a DVD recording.

    The evening started with the Dutch band "Odyssice". They play nice instumental prog.rock and have a new album out called "Silence". Great Camelesque moods and spheres, a very nice warm up.

    The "Boerderij" was filled with a great and big enthousiatic crowd.

    The intro "Suffocation" started and singer and nestor of the band Mark Trueack entered the stage. One by one the other members of the band (7 shiny guys !) followed. All were settled and the song "Artifical" the title song of their latest release started. After getting a big applause of the crowd the next songs , "Nothing lasts Forever", a Beatlesque song with parts in it that really sounds like the boys for Liverpool (Come Together), "Not Human, Anymore" a rock song with nice drums, guitar and a nice chorus in it also some Arabic melodies we know so well from Gazpacho's album Tick Tock were played. The crowd got more and more enthousiatic.
    This enthousiasm reached a climax in the song "Tesla" one of the longer songs. Still from their last album "Artificial". Nice saxophone soli from guest player Ian Ritchie, bass riffs from new bass player Craig Kelly and nice drum art from new drummer David Hopgood. Also some nice instrumental parts in the song. At the final part the crowd was singing a long with the band “All parts of the whole”. Some nice flute form Ian Ritchie and guitar player Matt Williams. One of my favourite songs they played. After this songs the crowd was yelling and applauding and shouting with a lot of enthousiasm. The band loved it.
    Hardly time to breath, "Gone in the Blink of an Eye", an uptempo song with nice verses but with i.mo. a not so nice chorus started.
    Time for a more quiet part of the gig": "The Great Reward" a very beautiful ballad, nice keyboards from Sean Timms and accoustic guitar from Matt.
    "Angeliqua" follwed and is from the album "The Garden". Nice intro with flute and percussion from percussionist Tim Irrgang. The song contents both easy as wild parts in it. The crowd was singing the chorus loudly.
    Time for 2 songs from the debut album "More than a Dream" (2005). The title song and "Justify" also wonderful and one of the longer songs.
    And than the Opus Magnus of Unitopia started: "The Garden" the title song of the second album. Nice rythmn, percussion, flute, keyboards, guitar riffs etc. All band players had their share in soli and the song contains a lot of nice pieces from quiet to wild and rough. Mark sung with a lot of passion the lyrics.
    Altough the flu had make the members sick, specially Sean had some trouble with his voice, the singing was good and if you didn't know about the flu, you think all guys were in top condition. I loved the jungle sounds in this song. The audience clapped during some rythmic parts. Also in the song a Jazzy piano piece from Sean is in it with some nice bass playing from Craig. What a Fantastic song this is.
    After this song the band left the stages under an enormous screaming, clapping and whistling of the crowd.

    The encores were, both from the album "Artificial", "One Day" a nice ballad almost accoustic, and the more rocky song "Inside the Power".
    Normally this would be the end of the show but we were very lucky because, for the DVD recording they had to play "The Garden" again due minor mistakes during the first play. It was an end of a wonderful show for an enthousiactic audience.
    This concert gave a good overview of what the band had produced over the last 5 years.

    After the gig you could talk with the members of the band and take some pictures with them. The sales were good I guessed.
    An unbeieveable great evening with a band from Australia and one guest player from London, think we'll not see them next year...

    By Ger van Ginkel.

    Set List:
    - Suffocation
    - Artificial World
    - Nothing Lasts Forever
    - Not Human Anymore
    - Gone in a Blink of an Eye
    - Angeliqua
    - More than a Dream
    - Justify
    - The Garden

    - One Day
    - Inside the Power
    - The Garden
    Band: - Mark Trueack / Vocals
    - Sean Timms / Keyboard and vocals
    - Matt Williams / Guitar and vocals
    - Craig Kelly / Bass and vocals
    - David Hopgood / Drums
    - Tim Irrgang / Percussion
    - Ian Ritchie - Saxophones and Flutes

    - More than a Dream (2005)
    - The Garden (2008)
    - Artifical (2010)

    Pictures from

    me at the Bluescafe Apeldoorn.

    Something totally different; the lovely and cozy Bluescafe in Apeldoorn runned by King John.
    The audience that was present during the soundcheck were pleased with a jam from almost one hour.
    Matt, Sean, Tim, David, Craig and bandleader Ian Jam made a jazz trip...
    Sean used the old Hammond that is in the venue, catching dust the most of times, but it had a lovely vintage sound.

    The slow version of "Slow Down" was remarkable.
    Tims percussion and the sax aka flute add something to the Music, certainly in this acoustic set.
    This night they played a cover; The Carpet Crawlers and almost the same setlist from de Boerderij. But they sounded very different as it seems more an acoustic set, beautiful, different arragements and a lot of fun on stage.
    Maybe the most remarkable tune they did was The CarPark Blues, they were stucked in a Belgium Carpark and wrote a song about it, Paul the drive and Tim played a leading role in it.. and oh the mess started when Sean shouted "Left", anyway ... words by Truey... Tears from laughing, really hilarius.

    Steve Adams made some wonderful pics from The Spirit of 66 @ Verviers.
    Run by the legend Francis Geron.

    By Marloes and by me (you can see the difference, she is lovely ;-)

    More photos from Wilma Hoogendoorn & Peter Vroon soon!
    More pictures + a clip from Heerlen and London on this page.




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