Lee Saunders.

Lee Saunders was born in Hammersmith, London, England. He studied music and visual art at Brighton University and was the founder member of the infamous band 'Crystal Void', later known as 'The Void'.

This man appeared with an album that has the spirit of a Roger Waters solo-album.

His masterpiece is called A Promise of Peace, if you like Rogers solo-work (especially "When the Wind Blows", "What God Wants" and "Pink FLoyds "The Final Cut"), you'll love this album.
A 77 minute during epic about WOII, about the front, the battlefield, home, the Nazi's and the final victory. Not looking back with pride but a tirade against the futility of war. And so still not out of date...


Lee Saunders: keyboards, synthesizers, sampling,

Jon Harris: bass, guitars and programming,

Chris Harvey: keyboards and orchestration,

Mark Rathbone: drums

Nei Sherwood: vocals acoustic guitar,

Nik Smith: guitars, synthesizers, programming,

Mark Sworden; guitars,

Sharon Woolf: vocals,

Rob Boyce: saxophone,

Andy Grinham: hammond organ,

"Those who do
not learn
from history
are doomed
to repeat it"


Winston Churchill: as himself,
Tommy: Brittish soldier,
Adolf Hitler: as himself.

His new project is in full flow. Further news regarding this new project will be placed on this page as events develop. Release date 2007.

In the meantime there was a great release of his first album.


According to Lee, this album is the first of a Puzzle Project.

'The Puzzle' is a project created by Lee Saunders that uses music, and visuals to look at key pivotal events of the 20th Century that have shaped the world in which we live today. These events of the 20th Century are all inter-related by cause or effect, and have set the course for the 21st Century. Using music and other forms of media, the project will build up a picture of the past that has brought us to the present.
This site offers a comprehensive look into the project and acts as the information backdrop to compliment the CDs available. The site allows visitors to access pages relevant to the music, the historical events that are featured and have inspired the project.
The information is available for those who want to know more about the inspirational events behind the music, and an insight into the ever expanding Puzzle project.
The next piece of 'The Puzzle' looks at another pivotol point of the 20th century, the Space Race and will be called The Eagles Fly.


Buy this album at: www.progrock.co.uk/ F2-Music.

Official site: www.LeeSaunders.co.uk.


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