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Rock Scientist.

Symfo-band with, certainly in their start, with a layer metal from L.A. With great success in Japan.

Lana Lane - vocals,
Erik Norlander - keyboards,
Tommy Amato - drums,
Dan Schiff - bass,
Niel Citron,
Mark Crite &
Danelle Kern- guitar.

Love is an Illusion ('95 & in '98 released '98), Garden of the Moon ('98), Queen of the Ocean ('99) are so as mentioned a littlebit heavy symfo albums. On the last album plays Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder and Niel Citron- solo) the bass.

Jacek Yerka is a Polish artist who's responsible for the artwork.

On Secrets Of Astrology there's Arjan Lucassen guest ('00) with bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm & Blue Murder) and smashing drumming of Ed Warby (Gorefest).
The Ballad Collection ('00) is a collection of ballads and covers of for example The NetherLands/ Daniel Fogelberg, Yellow Brick Road/ Elton John & Bernie Taupin and Seasons End/ Marrilion. This is album for me, not so heavy...

Eric Norlander,
Neil Citron,
Mark McCrite,
Tony Franklin - bass,
Greg Ellis,
Tommy Amato - drums,
Don Schiff - bass, cello, sticks,
Tuly Wingfield - vocals,
Greg Phelps - vocals & accordion &
Novi Novog - violins.


Covers Collection ('03)(Kansas, Argent, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Enuff ‘Z’ Nuff, Queen, Giant, Uriah Heep, Scorpions, Rainbow and more):

Erik Norlander,
and members of his band Rocket Scientists, together with
Novi Novog and Cameron Stone on strings,
Arjen (Aryeon) Lucassen,
Gregg Bissonette,
Tony Franklin and
Nick D’Virgillo.

A live album of their tour in '02, with Arjen Lucassen, was released in '03.

Lady McBeth ('05):

Lana Lane: lead and harmony vocals
Erik Norlander: keyboards

Peer Verschueren: lead and rhythm guitar
Mark McCrite: acoustic and electric guitars, harmony vocals
Neil Citron: lead guitars, mandolin
Kristoffer Gildenlöw: fretless and fretted basses
Don Schiff: NS/Stick
Ernst Van Ee: drums
Kelly Keeling: harmony vocals

There are two new cover albums in the pipeline, release dat before St.Nicolas day 2006:
Gemini and Hommage Symphonique will be released on November 23, 2006 on the Avalon label in Japan and then on January 30, 2007 on Think Tank Media / ProgRock Records with advance sales starting in December 2006.

Track listings:
White Room [4:58]
White Rabbit [2:25]
Long Long Way From Home [3:30]
You Can Never Go Home [6:02]

"Pink Moon Suite":
Breathe Introduction [1:15]
Johnny Moon [3:01]
Breathe in the Air [1:45]
On the Run [2:05]
Time [5:21]
Breathe Reprise [1:25]

Dream of the Archer [4:19]
Starrider [5:27]
Sunshine Of Your Love [4:55]
Wooden Ships [4:31]
Nights in White Satin [5:19]

Total running time . . . 56:45


1. Conquistador [4:08]
2. Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight [7:20]
3. Turn of the Century [7:38]
4. Pirates [13:32]
5. Clasp [4:51]
6. King of the Universe [7:09]
7. Children of Sanchez Overture [9:24]
8. Starless [12:04]

Total running time . . . 66:25

Vinny Appice,
Tony Franklin,
George Lynch,
Mark McCrite and
Erik Norlander along with
Kelly Keeling providing additional duet and harmony vocals.
Erik along with
Gregg Bissonette,
Don Schiff,
Mark McCrite with
Kelly Keeling - vocal duties.

Jon Pappenbrook - trumpets flugelhorn
Eric Jorgensen - trombones
Mike Alvarez - cello
David Schiff - woodwinds.

Red Planet Boulevard ('07):
LANA LANE - lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER - keyboards, bass guitar
PEER VERSCHUREN - guitars (from Venegance & the Dutch cover band "Into the Arena")
ERNST VAN EE - drums (indeed a Dutch man too; Highway Chile and others)

El Dorado Hotel release date: 25 January 2012.

Lana Lane - vocals
Erik Norlander - keyboards, additional guitars, bass and programming
John Payne - harmony and choral vocals, mandolin
Mark McCrite - guitars, bass, choral vocals, programming
Bruce Bouillet - guitars
Neil Citron - guitars
Freddy DeMarco - guitars
Guthrie Govan - guitar
Don Schiff - NS/Stick
Mark Matthews - bass
Jay Schellen - drums.






Lana Lane is from L.A. but she can talk a little Dutch, so it isn't strange that she came in contact with Arjan Lucassen (a Dutch symfo-wizard known as Ayreon). The Dark Side Of The Moon is one of her favourite albums.
Vocals on Once And Future King ('03) a Rock Opera written by Gary Hughes.

The The Roswell Six ('09).


Erik Norlander (yes he looks how is lastname suggested) and Lane are guest on a project of Arjan Lucassen called Ambeon (2001).
His favourites are; 1. Electric Light Orchestra "Time", 2. Rush "Moving Pictures", 3. The Alan Parsons Project "I Robot", 4. Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here", 5. Blue Oyster Cult "Secret Treaties", 6. UK "Danger Money", 7. Ayreon "Actual Fantasy", 8. Yes "Drama", 9. Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Brain Salad Surgery", 10. Supertramp "Crime of the Century".

Session for:

Threshold ('97).

The The Roswell Six ('09).
Asia featuring John Payne (live '09).


Solo with Into the Sunset ('00), with

Edward Reekers, (known from the Dutch band Kayak),
Glen Hughes, (bass and vocals in Deep Purple),
Tony Franklin,
Greg Ellis and of course

One of his latest effort is called Music Machine ('03). With:

Tony Franklin - bass,
Vinny Appice, Greg Bisonette & Virgil Donati - drums,
Kelly Keeling, Scott Kail, Mark Bouls, Robert Soetenboek & Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) - vocals.

Stars Rain Down ('04):

Erik Norlander- keyboards
Kelly Keeling - vocals
Lana Lane - vocals
Peer Verschuren - guitar
Don Schiff - NS/Stick
Ernst Van Ee - drums
Ed Warby - drums


Norlander, Schiff, McCrite and Amato are playing in Rocket Scientist (fe Brutal Architecture Life ('97) with Lana Lane and Earth below and Sky Above). See a few line below for more info.


Niel Citron (Guitar Dreams '98) and Amato did some solo-work too.

Mark Crite
session for;

River: Seven Songs (1996),

Steve Vai: Fire Garden (1997).

The Tsunami Project with Spocks Beard ('05).


The Rocket Scientist.
A side project of Norlander, Schiff, McCrite and Amato. It was formed in the late 1980s by keyboardist Erik Norlander and vocalist / guitarist Mark McCrite. The two released their first CD, "Earthbound", in 1993 joined by then - session bassist Don Schiff. Schiff quickly became a part of the band for their second release in 1995, "Brutal Architecture", and the three toured in the US and Europe in 1997 along with drummer Tommy Amato culminating in the live CD, "Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America". In 1999, Rocket Scientists released "Oblivion Days", raising the bar on already high expectations. At the turn of the century, Norlander, Schiff and McCrite all worked on solo projects in addition to backing symphonic rock vocal icon, Lana Lane on several tours around the world. The band's fourth studio double album and latest effort, Revolution Road, is a bold statement from these accomplished artists.

Mark McCrite - guitars, vocals,
Erik Norlander - keyboards,
Don Schiff - NS/Stick,

Gregg Bissonette - drums on all tracks except "Better View",
Simon Phillips - drums on "Better View" (beginning and end),
Shaun Guerin - drums on "Better View" (middle),
David McBee - vocals on Disc One: 2, 3, 6 and Disc Two: 4, 5, 7,
Greg Phelps - accordion on "Enjoy the Weather".

Revolution Road is an anmazing good album, with some excelent prog and here and there some more rocking songs. To my humble opinion an album with more power and more positive impact as the latest Spock's Beard album.
Mark McCrite - guitars, vocals
Erik Norlander - keyboards
Don Schiff - NS/Stick

Gregg Bissonette - drums on all tracks except "Better View"
Simon Phillips - drums on "Better View" (beginning and end)
Shaun Guerin - drums on "Better View" (middle)
David McBee - vocals on Disc One: 2, 3, 6 and Disc Two: 4, 5, 7
Greg Phelps - accordion on "Enjoy the Weather".

Looking Backward - The 2007 Sessions ('07).
This album contains expertly remastered CD editions of the band's first three studio albums, EARTHBOUND (1993), BRUTAL ARCHITECTURE (1995) and OBLIVION DAYS (1999) along with bonus tracks on each disc. All of the original artwork is included in the package as part of a full-color 64-page 5x7 book. The LOOKING BACKWARD book also contains thorough liner notes and commentary from the musicians along with extensive photos by Raj Naik, Neil Zlozower and Scott Streble.
MARK McCRITE - vocals, guitars
ERIK NORLANDER - keyboards, vocals
DON SCHIFF - NS/Stick, Chapman Stick, bass guitars

GREG ELLIS - drums and percussions
LANA LANE - vocals.



Solo with Peering Over Clouds ('05):
Don Schiff - NS/Stick
Greg Ellis - percussion.

- Kracked Earth ('12)

Tim Lynk: Vocals and descant recorder.
Andy Kinch: Keyboards and Acoustic guitar.
Doug Scarratt: Electric and Acoustic guitar (Saxon).
Simon Dennis: Bass.
Elyan Fernova: Drums. Percussion: Mark Millin.

Special guest musicians:
Troy Donockley - Pipes and Whistles.
Don Schiff - NS Stick Bass (Rocket Scientists)

Audio mix by Andy Kinch.
Artworks by Ed Unitsky.




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