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  • New drummer for Dream Theater; Mike Mangini ( Annihilator, Extreme, James Labrie & Steve Vai ) ! Live at Lorelei & Bospop 9 & 10 July!
  • James LaBrie (still in Dream Theather) sings on the new singel of Edens Curse YouTube.

  • Tourdates and some great festivals, like Bospop, Lorelei and High Voltage!

  • Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater !!!! Facebook

  • American symphonic band, with some heavy lines and sensitive ballads, metal influences and one singer from Canada.

    James LaBrie - 05 May 63 Penetanguishere, Ontario, Canada; vocals, favorite album The Wall,
    Kevin Moore - keys, followed up by ('97),
    Derek Sheridan (ex-Alice in Chains and Kiss-live),
    John Myung- bass,
    John Petrucci- guitars,
    Mike Portnoy- drums.

    Pink Storm Thorgenson does the art-work of Fallen into Infinity ('97) produced Kevin Shirley. In June '98 the guys give a show in Paris; Once in a Livetime. In '99 with a good selling Metroploizz. Derek is replaced by Jordan Rudess; Scenes of a Memory ('99).
    End 2001 with a Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance and they start a tour.

    Train of thought is the latest metal symfo ceedee of this band with the nick-name Dreammetallica:

    James LaBrie : vocals,
    Mike Portnoy : drums,
    John Petrucci : guitars,
    John Myung : bass,
    Jordan Rudess : keyboards.


    They played again a Pink FLoyd song (One of these days) on theire latest gigs in Rotterdam (January 2004).


    And this their album called Octavarium from 2005.

    newJames LaBrie

    John Petrucci

    Mike Portnoy

    Jordan Rudess

    John Myung


    Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour 3CD, ('06)

    Disc 1Disc 2Disc 3
    1. The Root Of All Evil
    2. I Walk Beside You
    3. Another Won
    4. Afterlife
    5. Under A Glass Moon
    6. Innocence Faded
    7. Raise The Knife
    8. The Spirit Carries On
    1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
    2. I. Overture
    3. II. About To Crash
    4. III. War Inside My Head
    5. IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
    6. V. Goodnight Kiss
    7. VI. Solitary Shell
    8. VII. About To Crash (Reprise)
    9. VIII. Losing Time/Grand Finale
    10. Vacant
    11. The Answer Lies Within
    12. Sacrificed Sons
    1. Octavarium
    2. Intro
    3. I. Someone Like Him
    4. II. Medicate Me
    5. III. Full Circle
    6. IV. Intervals
    7. V. Razor's Edge
    8. Encore: Metropolis

    Systematic Chaos ('07) is the regualr edition, there is a double edition of this album too.
    The Special Edition DVD includes:

    * the entire album mixed in 5.1 surround sound
    * "Chaos in Progress - The Making of Systematic Chaos"
    (a 90-minute documentary directed by Mike Portnoy)

    Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool songs) 2CD, ('08).

    A Nightmare to Remember
    A Rite of Passage
    The Shattered Fortress
    The Best of Times
    The Count of Tuscany

    Drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci are once again at the helm as producers, while Paul Northfield mixed the record.

    Raw Dog is the name from the instrumental sonmg that will be used for the playstation3 game "God of War III".



    Portnoy and Petruccie have some free time to support Liquid Tension a project of Tony Levin.

    Portnoy & Neal Morse (Spock's Beard), Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) are playing in Transatlantic.

    Mike Portnoy, Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation), Kevin Moore (Chroma Key, and ex-Dream Theater), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) and Sean Malone (Gordian Knot) have formed a new project. The group is entering a studio in the US virtually as we speak to record an album which is scheduled to be released on Inside Out Music at the end of October or beginning of November 2002.
    OSI is a new project with; Jim Matheus (Fates Warning), Kevin Moore (Chroma Key), Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Sean Malone (Gordian Knot). Nice booklet and again some nice heavy prog-rock.

    Liquid Trio Experiment - Spontaneous Combustion CD, 2007

    Tony Levin - Bass
    Mike Portnoy - Drums
    Jordan Rudess - Keyboards

    Amazing Journey - One Night In New York City 2CD, 2007
    Mike Portnoy's all-star tribute to The Who featuring Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Gary Cherone The entire concert recorded at BB King's in New York City on May 31st, 2006. And they played songs from the Who (yep the whole Tommy ;-).
    Live drums for the all star meatl band "Hail!".

    NEWS Jan 2011:
    Living Color:
    Drummer Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, TRANSATLANTIC), guitarist Steve Morse (DEEP PURPLE, DIXIE DREGS), multi- instrumentalist Neal Morse (TRANSATLANTIC, SPOCK'S BEARD), bassist Dave LaRue (DIXIE DREGS) and vocalist Casey McPherson (ALPHA REV, ENDOCHINE) have joined forces in a brand new project. Read more here.
    Beatleslesque tunes, for me it didn't worked.
    They will tour, check out the tourdates page please.

    Adrenaline Mob Omerta ('12):

    Mike Portnoy - drums
    Russel Alan (Symphony X) - vocals
    Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp) - guitars
    Live at Bospop 2012 and probably more gigs.

    Sheridan does some work with or in:

    Derek Sheridan Black Utopia ('03), with Al di Meola, steve Lukather, Simon Phillips (Toto) and many others.
    Yngwie Malmsteen, Attack!!('02), The Tribute album of Alice Cooper ('99), Jughead ,Jughead ('02) Planet X, ('99, '00, '02 2x) With co-writer Virgil Donati on drums, Tony Franklin- bass and Bret Garsed- guitar.
    Derek Sherinian, Inertia ('02),
    Platypus When Pus Comes To Shove ('99),
    Pat Torpey, Odd Man Out ('97),
    Alice Cooper ('95),
    Kiss ('93),
    Brad Gillis Gilrock Ranch ('93).

    He does some live gigs in '03, with;

    Derek Sherinian - Keyboards,
    Tony MacAlpine (Planet X, CAB) - Guitar,
    Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai) - Bass,
    Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani) - Drums.

    Mythology (2004)

    Derek Sherinian (keyboards),
    Zakk Wylde (guitars),
    Steve Stevens (guitars)(Billy Idol’s band),
    Steve Lukather (guitars),
    Simon Phillips (drums),
    John Sykes,(drums)(Blue Murder)
    Tony Franklin (fretless bass),
    Allan Holdsworth (guitars)(
    Softmachine, Gong, U.K. and more),
    Jerry Goodman (violin)(Mahavishnu Orchestra),
    Brian Tichy,
    Marco Mendoza.

    NEWS May 2011:
    I just finished my final keyboard overdubs today for solo record #7 (I still need an album title, and 7 song titles!!) Simon Phillips is mixing over the next 10 days.

    I am very excited about this record. It is very much in the vein of the early Jeff Beck instrumental records. I am using a lot of Vintage B3, Rhodes. Moog and piano throughout the record.

    Special thanks to Steve Lukather, Steve Stevens, Joe Bonamassa, Tony MacAlpine, Doug Aldrich, Jimmy Johnson, and especially Simon Phillips for your involvement. This record will be released in August on Mascot Records.

    I am going to take sometime off before the Black Country Communion tour kicks off in June. Look for the realease of BCC “2? in June.

    I hope to see you this summer.
    Derek Sherinian

    Petrucci, LaBrie & Sheridan working on the Explorers Club album Age of Impact ('98).

    LaBrie session for;

    Winterrose ('89),
    Fates Warning ('91),
    Working Man; A Rush Tribute ('96),
    Dragon Attack; A Tribute to Queen ('97),
    Shadow Gallery; Turanny ('98),
    Explorers Club ('98 & '02),
    Leornardo, a project of Trent Gardner,
    Tim Donahue's Madmen & Sinners ('04), see www.moodbully.com for more info,
    Ayeron ('04).

    Roswell Six ('09.
    International bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson has created an incredible fantasy universe with sailing ships, sea monsters, and the crusades. The first novel, TERRA INCOGNITA: THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, will be in stores in June from Orbit Books.

    Members Kevin J. Anderson (Bestselling Author),
    Erik Norlander (ROCKET SCIENTISTS),
    James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER),
    Michael Sadler (ex- John Payne (ASIA featuring John Payne),
    Lana Lane,
    David Ragsdale (KANSAS),
    Chris Brown (GHOST CIRCUS),
    Chris Quirarte (PRYMARY),
    Mike Alvarez,
    Shawn Gordon (ProgRock Records),
    Rebecca Moesta (Bestselling Author).

    Terra Incognita - a Line in the Sand ('10).
    Michal Sadler (ex-Saga),
    Steve Walsh (Kansas),
    Sass Jordan,
    Alex Froese (Frameshift),
    Nick Storr (the Third Ending),
    Henning Pauly (Frameshift),
    Charlie Dominici (ex-Dream Theater (vocals)!),
    Arjen Lucassen.


    Solo with:
    Mullmuzzler ('99, Keep It To Yourself, a project of James LaBrie, featuring Mike Mangini on drums, Mike Keneally on guitars, Brian Beller on bass and Matt Guillory on keyboards. The songs were written by Trent Gardner amongst others! Wayne Gardner also collaborated on this project.
    Mullmuzzler II is from 2002 and with the same people.

    James LaBrie's new solo album Elements Of Persuasion is scheduled to be released on March 29th, 2005 through Inside Out Music. Musicians appearing on the album include Matt Guillory (Dali'S Dilemma) on keyboards, Mike Mangini (Extreme, Annihilator) on drums, Bryan Beller (Steve Vai) on bass and a new guitar prodigy from Italy named Marco Sfogli. The album will also feature a special guest appearance by fellow Canadian Kim Mitchell (Max Webster). Engineering is handled by James' old Winter Rose bandmate Richard Chycki, who has done work for the likes of Aerosmith, Rush and the Jeff Healey Band.

    July 2010 new solo album from James!
    Static Impulse features the immensely talented longtime songwriting partner and keyboardist Matt Guillory. Another notable performance is Peter Wildoer from metal titans DARKANE on drums and screaming vocals. The group is rounded out by Marco Sfogli on guitars and Ray Riendeau on bass. Static Impulse is set for a September 27th release on InsideOutMusic and was mixed and mastered by the renowned Jens Borgen (Opeth, Katatonia).

    Kevin Moore has his own solo-project; Chroma Key.
    The Jelly Jam ('03), see Myung.

    Myung did some sessions for/ with Gordon Knot ('99) and Platypus ('98 & '00), where Sheridan sometimes like to play also. And he appeared on the Explorers Club in 2002.
    Together with Ty Tabor - vocals and guitars (King's X), Rod Morgenstein – drums (King's X) and Derek Sheridan on keys, they worked under the name The Jelly Jam ('03). Sheridan left this Jam, but another album is expected in october '04.

    Jordan Rudes who did followed up Derek Sheridan, goes solo with the Rudess Morgenstein Project, with Rob Morgenstein and Muyng...
    Solo with Notes of a Dream ('10). 6 piano covers from his session work with fe Dream Theater, but also 3 new pieces.

    With some great college's on As only Stones could speak from John BoBo Bollenberg ('02).
    And he's playing keys on Heathen David Bowie's new album spring 2002.

    Jordan Rudess appeared on keyboards with the band, BLACKFIELD in their east coast acoustic shows ('08).

    Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

    John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess.
    An Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess, which will be rereleased on May 18th 2004. This cd contains the semi-acoustic performance.

    Drums of Thought is advd of this drummer during some sesionrecodings.

    NEWS Jan 2012:
    Announcing Flying Colors, the new band from Steve Morse, Casey McPherson, Neal Morse , Dave LaRue and Mike Portnoy.

    Jelly Jam.
    Super Group trio, for the unaware, Jelly Jam rose from the ashes of Platypus after Derek Sherinian reducing Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs), John Myung (Dream Theater) and Ty Tabor (King's X) to a trio who kept on recording together albeit under a different name.






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