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At Jools Holand.
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David Gilmour

David Gilmour and Nick Mason join Waters onstage!
The surviving members of
Pink Floyd reunited onstage tonight at London's 02 Arena during a stop on Roger Waters' Wall tour - marking only the second time that Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Roger Waters had played together in the last 30 years. Waters and Gilmour performed "Comfortably Numb" as the crowd at the arena went absolutely insane, and during the finale of "Outside the Wall," Gilmour returned to the stage alongside Mason, who played a tambourine.

As he did on the original 1980/81 tour, Gilmour played his epic solo on the top of the Wall. Last July, Waters promised that Gilmour would play the song during one show on the tour, but drummer Nick Mason's involvement was kept a secret. They last performed together at Live 8 in 2005. Original keyboardist Richard Wright died in 2008.

YouTube: Comfortably Numb

YouTube: Encore with Nick & David.

NEWS Sept 2010;

The Orb with a new cd;

15th JULY 2010:
David Gilmour to play Guitar on The Wall Tour.
Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is to join his old band mate Roger Waters on The Wall Live Tour either in 2010 or 2011 AT ONE concert to play Comfortably Numb on guitar!
Now, before all the messages start flooding into my inbox, please be aware that not even David Gilmour k nows which concert he will be playing at so we will all have to wait and see!

Pictures by Polly Samson.
11TH JULY 2010:
Roger Waters and David Gilmour perform charity show together last night
It seems London was the place to be last night: in a bolt out of the blue, David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, playing Wish You Were Here! Guy Pratt performed bass duties, whilst Roger was on acoustic guitar. For those of you surprised by Guy's inclusion, some of you will recall from our Guy Pratt interview back in 2005, Guy was asked to play bass for Pink Floyd at Live8 when the reunion happened...
News of the show, and the appearance by David and Roger, was broken by one of the hosts of the evening, TV presenter Fearne Cotton, who tweeted about the event in the early hours of this morning. There's a number of pictures from the performance, and the evening itself, over at Getty Images, and if you click the thumbnail to the right, you'll go directly to them.
More beautiful pictures by Polly Samson at;
Read here what Roger Waters has to say.

JUNE 2010:
David Gilmour performs with Rev. Al Green.
David Gilmour performed with the legandary Reverend Al Green last weekend on BBC1's Friday Night with... Jonathan Ross. Also in the band, which was put together for one night only, was Jools Holland, his brother Christopher, Gilson Lavis on drums, Lisa Grahame and Phil Veacock taking on saxophone duties, Chris Storr on trumpet, and Barry Campbell, on bass. Although the rendition of Let's Stay Together was an excellent one, perhaps Mr Gilmour should have used a guitar that was plugged in!! It was barely audible! But I guess it lends itself well to the style of the song. You can enjoy the song below.
Watch the Video and view some photos forum.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/.

MAY 2010:
David Gilmour on Astoria during On An Island sessionsOver at DavidGilmour.com, there's some interesting new footage to be found on the homepage. Gavin Elder, the film-maker behind various documentary shoots of David recently, not least the Live In Gdańsk DVD, has been looking at some of the film shot at the Astoria studio during the On An Island sessions. The first clip released (click thumbnail, right) shows work in progress on "A Pocketful Of Stones".

It gives a fascinating, if brief, glimpse into the creative and recording process, and with the hopes of more clips in the future, something we hope is either carried on, or indeed the footage assessed for a full release (even if just via mail order at DavidGilmour.com).

In other news, the 1975 album from David Courtney, "David Courtney's First Day" has recently been released on CD for the first time. The album title is now "First Day - the Complete Story" and includes seven bonus tracks. Of particular interest to BD visitors is the news that David Gilmour plays the guitar on the track "When Your Life Is Your Own".

March 2010:
Recently David Gilmour played on Bryans Ferry upcoming solo album at Hugh Padgham's studio in West London.
Other guests on the album include Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), Nile Rodgers, Marcus Miller, Mani and Flea. Songwriting contributors include Scissor Sisters and Groove Armada.

Dr Alex Patterson, head honcho of top ambient band The Orb which formed in the late 1980s and rose to prominence in the early 1990s, has recently been talking about the music that he has been working on. Patterson (as The Orb) remixed Richard Wright's Runaway in 1996, crafting two different versions of the track for a single release [cover shown to the right] from Richard's Broken China album.
Recently, Brain Damage regular Sander Evers chatted to Patterson after an Orb show in Amsterdam, and he revealed to Sander that he was currently working with David Gilmour on some new material. Talking to The List in an article posted yesterday, Patterson confirmed that "I've just started working on an album with David... which I think every Orb and Pink Floyd fan will want to hear."
As it sounds like it is in the very early stages, it might be a while before we have any update on this story for you, but rest assured, as soon as we know more, so will you. Sounds a fascinating prospect!

A few days later:
Further to the recent story reported far and wide concerning David collaborating with Dr Alex Patterson, head honcho of top ambient band The Orb, there has been some clarification courtesy of David's official website. They note that the collaboration comments are true, albeit "up to a point. David has done some recording with The Orb and producer Youth, inspired initially by the plight of Gary McKinnon. However, nothing is finalised, and nothing has been confirmed with regards to any structure for the recordings or firm details re: any release plans." So there you have it...

July 2009:
'If You Believe In Justice' – "Chicago/ change the world".
David's re-recording of Chicago, also featuring Chrissie Hynde and Bob Geldof, and produced by Chris Thomas, is available today via the UK Daily Mail newspaper as a download with a voluntary donation.
Please join!

Vocals: Chrissy Hynde, David Gilmour, Bob Geldof & Gary Mckinnon
bass & guitar and keyboard;David Gilmour
keys and programming - Damn Iddins
guitar, vox and additional engineer - James Litherland
drums programming - Wilson Sharp
production - Chris Thomas & Damon Iddins
additional engineer - Julie Gardner.
Artwork - Steve Knee.
Track time; 3:39
Written by Graham Nash, additional lyrics by Janis Sharp (Gary's mother).

Watch the Video.

This campagne is about Gary McKinnon, a young guy who managed to get access of computers of the Pentagon and Nasa. He was convinced that the American gouverment had more info about green energy and UFO's. As appeared he suffers a desease called "Asperge Syndrome", a kind of autisme. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, one of the world's leading experts in autism, consulted him and stated: he had 'no terrorist agenda' and as posing 'no harm to society'.
Probably he must live his life in the American jail....

More info
More info II.

Previously Unreleased Rod Stewart Track with John Paul Jones, David Gilmour to Emerge.
A song recorded in the summer of 1992 by Rod Stewart, David Gilmour and John Paul Jones will finally be released this September after more than 17 years of collecting dust.
The track is called In a Broken Dream, and it's a remake of the song Stewart first recorded in 1969 as a special guest vocalist for a band called Python Lee Jackson, which had crossed over from Australia to England.
The story goes that in April 1969, Python Lee Jackson's regular singer, David Bentley, told his bandmates somebody else's voice would suit the song better. Somehow, they reached Stewart, who was then singing regularly for Jeff Beck, and he sat in on this and two other songs during the London sessions that month.

20th of May:
David Gilmour and Guy Pratt can be heard on a new song that's recorded for Greenpeace. The song is caled "Mayday".
Download it at this spot (4 free!).

Much-respected musician and producer Nick Laird-Clowes (Dream Academy), who has been a long-term collaborator (and in some cases, co-writer) with David Gilmour. He's been talking recently on social networking sites about the music he has just completed for a Greenpeace documentary about The Kingsnorth Six, which is set to go viral on the Greenpeace website from May 28th.
It is said to include a new song, 'Mayday' ("a meditation on street protest - circa '09") which Nick notes includes David Gilmour on backing vocals and guitar, and the "pounding" bass of Guy Pratt. More details of the documentary, which is directed by Nick Broomfield, as it emerges.

8th of May:
A unique performance in aid of the homeless charity, Crisis, took place at the Union Chapel, Highbury and Islington, last night, 25 May 2009, seeing David appearing with Malian singing duo Amadou and Mariam.

The special show was on Monday 25th May at a secret venue in Central London; ticket holders will be informed of the venue details on the day prior to the show.
Amadou & Mariam, whose albums include Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako) and their latest, Welcome to Mali, are huge David Gilmour fans and were able to meet him at the Mojo Awards a couple of years ago, so it was natural for Crisis to suggest a musical collaboration between themselves and David around their May 24th Jazz Café show. Crisis will receive all proceeds from the 'hidden' May 25th gig, which will include support acts, after which Amadou & Mariam will play with their electric band for around an hour, including a portion with David Gilmour on guitar.

YouTube "No Way";

'Wire Man' creator, 
David MacIlwaine, Exhibition of the wire man.

David MacIlwaine, the sculptor who created David's 'Wire Man' logo, has a new outdoor exhibition at Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice, London. He began sculpting 25 years ago when the need for a unique chandelier drove him to scavenge the twisted metal rods that supported the vines above his home near Viareggio in Italy.
Now appreciated worldwide, David's original Wire Man can be seen on the cover of David Gilmour In Concert, while other work includes the logo and graphics of the River Café and candlesticks for the Liberty retail emporium.

Twenty of his pieces, including The Saxophonist, The Pianist, and The Diver, will be on show from now until September at Clifton Nurseries, with selected large pieces displayed at the canal-side garden at Blomfield Road, Paddington Basin. Visit the Clifton Nurseries Web site here or the David MacIlwaine Web site for more details.

Entry to Clifton Nurseries is free, and prices range for £250 for a small sculpture to £6,000 for large scale pieces.

David MacIlwaine says about the David Gilmour Wire Man: "[It's] a piece I created after seeing David perform a solo show surrounded on stage by his guitars, a set up which reminded me of a circle of wagons drawn up in the wild west. His stance is uniquely recognisable and I guess he felt the same as he put a picture of this on the cover of his DVD David Gilmour in Concert and got someone to animate it as part of an ad on TV".

From Brain-damage:
David contributes a song to McKinnon.
Further to our story of March 26th concerning David Gilmour's contribution to a "sing-in" protest against the extradition to the US of Scot Gary McKinnon, we have an interesting update for you.

McKinnon is accused of hacking into US military websites. He has said he broke into them hoping to uncover evidence of UFOs, and his plight has gathered a lot of high profile support. David himself said: "Gary McKinnon should not be being extradited to the USA for his naïve hacking. It is a heavy handed response from the US and it's hard to understand that the English justice system could not be more effectively used to prevent this. I am hoping that common sense will prevail".

His supporters, lead by his mother Janis Sharp, are putting together a compilation CD which will include David's contribution.

The "sing-in" took place on April 2nd, involving a multi-artist rendition of Graham Nash's "Chicago" - itself referring to the 'Chicago 7' who were arrested for protesting at the 1968 Democratic Convention, and a suitable choice for the cause. David wasn't present at the protest.

Sharp said she hoped that the compilation CD would get US President Barack Obama's attention. The CD, which is slated to be released next month, will include Gilmour's recording, along with songs from other artists, whose identities have yet to be disclosed, she added. Obviously, as more details emerge, we'll update you on who and what will be on the compilation.

Sharp noted that the CD will be available for download, and that her son's supporters are looking to distribute in retail stores as well.

The full story can be found at ComputerWorld.com, and more details of the campaign can be found at FreeGary.org.uk. For an early taster of how the new version of Chicago may sound, along with the original, click here...

David live with Phil Manzenera;
David played with Phil Manzenera on Tuesday 10 Feb 2009 & made a guest appearance to raise money for charity on the 31th of January (see "live-appearances with").

David Gilmours latest album is;

"Live in Gdansk".

A Review.

"A great Day for Freedom" video,
now online!
.....New video from David Gilmour live in Gdansk now online; A great Day For Freedom .......

It will be released in several different formats, 2 cd's, 3, 4, 5 extra dvd's and even a 5 deluxe vinyll edition!
More info here.

A Review by me + extra info.

New studio album?
David reiterated that "the thought of going back to Pink Floyd just doesn't interest me," but hasn't ruled out future new solo material, once the Gdansk release is done and dusted. "I've got a lot of material left over from ['On An Island'], so... I've got a lot of start points. That starts to get the creative juices flowing and you start then to write new material. So it's good to have bits of music to start working on, but how many of them I will actually use and how much new stuff will come up is anyone's guess. That's in the lap of the gods."

The full article can be read over at www.Billboard.com.

Here it is! The sleeve for David Gilmours's DVD Remember That Night – Live At The Royal Albert Hall.

More News on this Page.

As stated on the front cover, it will be a 2-disc set, with Disc 1 comprising the live show from the Albert Hall.

It will be released in September, the 17th for Europe and the 18th 2007 for the States. See this page for more info.





Pink Floyd has been added to the list of acts appearing at next month's Live 8 concert in London. Roger Waters has reunited with band-members Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright for the show. The show, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to help fight African poverty, is one of five taking place around the world on July 2 2005.



David Jon Gilmour: born on 6 March 1946 Granchester, a picturesque village on the outskirts of Cambridge. Studied at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology.

Musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, plays the guitar (mostly a fender stratocaster), lap-steel-guitar, bass (for example, the heavy bass line ( a Rickenbacker) of "One of These Days" and for example Charvel Fretless Fender Precisio in "Hey You"), harmonica, piano, keyboards, tympani, drums (as heard on the Syd Barrett solo track "Dominoes", and other songs where he opted to play all the instruments), mean kazoo (Corperal Clegg) & vocals in Pink Floyd and for his family he plays sax with his son. and in '2006 he plays sax in public on the album "On an Island"& even live!
And as session player with numerous girls and boys he played on, or produced many songs.

See who_vocals.htm for a list of all regular Pink Floyd albums and info about who sung when and what. Including solo-albums.

david guest david


His first band was called;

The Ramblers, soon they called themselves

Jokers Wild;

John Gordon,

Tony Santi,

John Aaltman,

Clive Welham and


They played numbers of Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Manfred Mann, Wilson Pickett (In the Midnight Hour) and The Kinks:

Willie Wilson &

Ricky Wills are newcomers in the band,

They went to Paris with hardly any success, came back to England with a new name;

The Flowers and after a few personal changes;

The Bullet;

Rick- bass

Willie- drums and


Pink Floyd had already released their first singles and album (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn '67) and toured in England with Jimmy Hendrix, The Nice and others. Syd Barrett wasn't the most reliable person in the band, he forgot lines, didn't appear on stage, so the other three Pinks decided to search a fifth member; David Gilmour was a mutual friend and he played guitar. Dave didn't hesitate for one second and on 8 January 1968 he rehearsed with them. A month later he was officially announced as their fifth member. The new album is called A Saucerful Of Secrets and is the last with Syd. Who was to leave a few months later.

Since then he has defined the Pink Floyd Sound with his progressive guitar techniques and vocals, as well as leading the band after Roger's departure ('85).




In '78 there's the first solo-album from David, Roger was dominating the Pink Floyd camp with his wall. The album was just called David Gilmour. A really nice album, a must have for the Pink Floyd fans.

Comfortably Numb was mentioned to be a solo-project of David's first album, but he got not the right words for it, so Roger wrote the words and it became one of the highlights of The Wall. David worked on his first solo with;

Willi Wilson,

Rick Wills,

Ken Baker - songwriter of There's No Way Out Of Here (member of Unicorn).

Roy Harper - co-writer,

Eric Stuart (10cc)- co-writer,

Mick Weaver & David Gilmour - Piano on ‘So Far Away’.

Debbie Doss,

Shirley Roden &

Carlena Williams -backing vocals on ‘So Far Away’ and ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’

Storm Thorgenson takes care of the cover, the inside shows pictures of David and Ginger.

interview DG '78 Part-1 interview DG '78 Part-2..

1. Mihalis (5:46)
2. There's No Way Out Of Here (5:08)
3. Cry From The Street (5:13)
4. So Far Away (6:05)
5. Short And Sweet (5:30)
6. Raise My Rent (5:33)
7. No Way (5:32)
8. Deafinitely (4:37)
9. I Can't Breathe Anymore (3:05)

Produced by David Gilmour

All songs written by David Gilmour except ‘Cry From The Street’ by David Gilmour and E. Stuart; ‘Short And Sweet’ by David Gilmour and R. Harper and ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ by K. Baker.

There's No Way Out Of Here (edit)/ Deafinitely is a 7-inch single release 4-8-78.

After Roger has taken over Pink Floyd; The Final Cut in fact is a Solo-album of him, Rick had left the band, David played guitar, sang Not Now John and that was it, David made another solo-album;


About Face ('84); (songs).

Another excellent album, more prog. then his first.

Steve Winwood- keyboards,

Jeff Porcaro -drums,

Pino Palladino -bass,

Ian Kewley - hammond & piano, (played with Paul Young, Squeeze and others)

Anne Dudley -keyboards,

Louis Jardim &,

Ray Cooper -percussion,

John Lord- keyboards,

Michael Kamen -arrangements.

James Guthrie - mixer,

Pete Townshend &

Nick Laird-Clowes - co-writing

There were singles token of this album: Blue Light (edit)/ Cruise, Blue Light (extended US remix)/ Blue Light (instrumental) & Love On The Air/ Let's get Methaphysical.


1. Until We Sleep (5:15)
2. Murder (4:59)
3. Love On The Air (4:17)
4. Blue Light (4:34)
5. Out Of The Blue (3:34)
6. All Lovers Are Deranged (3:13)
7. You Know I'm Right (5:03)
8. Cruise (4:39)
9. Let’s Get Metaphysical (4:08)
10. Near The End (5:36)

Produced by Bob Ezrin & David Gilmour

All songs written by David Gilmour except ‘Love On The Air’ and ‘All Lovers Are Deranged’ by David Gilmour and Pete Townshend

He goes on tour with;

Chris Slade - drums, (Tom Jones, ManfredMann, Gary Newman & The Firm),

Sid Evans,

Jody Linscott- percussion, (Kokomo, Pete Townshend, Jackson Browne, Doobie Brothers),

Mickey Feat - bass, (Van Morrison, solo and session for The Dream Academy in '85),

Gregg Dechart- keys, (Uriah Heep, Sweet Blindness, session for The Dream Academy in '85).

Raf Ravenscroft- sax and friend

Mick Ralhps -guitar (Mott the Hoople, Bad Company, John Lord).

During the tour there were some guest appearances; Nick Mason played drums on Comfortable Numb & Roy Harper did show up in Hammersmith London.


live '87

After he had met Roger a few times in court, he got Pink Floyd on the road again with a nice album called A Momentary Lapse Of Reason ('87). Because the record company has doubts about the financial part of the tour, he and Nick Mason do the financing. (interview DG).

Richard Wright is back with the Pinks. And it is again one the most spectacular shows ever seen.

They do the trick again with The Division Bell ('94).

In the meantime he got divorced and met a new lover called Polly Samson, see below; Family.

If you looking for information about his latest live-performings, click here; Meltdown also info about A Tale of Two Cities ('02).

He has worked on a film-sound track for The Triumph of Love, a classical Italian piece of work from the 18th century. And as you can read a few lines above he did some Meltdown-gigs. See session-work.

Activity from David Gilmour is definitely picking up, with a new solo album (his third) and accompanying 12-date European tour planned for 2003. The release of Gilmour's In Concert DVD, containing his Royal Festival Hall performance earlier this year, has been postponed to the end of October.


The Gilmour's In Concert DVD contains a live recording of his Meltdown Concert at the Royal Festivall Hall, including:
I put a spell on you, with Jools Holland & Micca Paris ('92),

Don't, from the Leiber & Stoller tribute concert 2001,

Sonet 18 (William Shakespeare), with Michael Kamen (on David's boat the Astoria?).

High Hopes coral (nice!),

A home rehearsal of the singers, shot by Polly,

and more.

Musicians, according the inlay of the DVD:

Richard Wright, who lost some words...

Dick Parry, who left the stage before his solo ended...

Sir Bob Geldof (Mister Pink himself from the Boomtown Rats),

Robert Wyatt,

Michael Kamen - piano & english horn,

Nick France - percussion, ,

Chucho Merchán - double bass,

Caroline Dale - cello,

Neil MacColl - guitar and vocals (sun of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seegers & brother of Kitty),

Sam Brown,

Carol Kenyon,

Margot Buchanan,

david solo Claudia Fontaine,

Durga McBroom,

Chris Balin,

Pete Brown,

Michelle John Douglas,

Sonia Jones,

David Laudat,

Aitch McRobie,

Beverli Skeete.

Ofcourse is Storm Thorgerson and Pete Curzon involved in the designing of the DVD. Andy Jackson co-produced and the the engineering. Sound mastered by James Guthrie and Andy Jackson.

Tracks & Info:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5 (Gilmour / Waters / Wright)
2. Terrapin (Barrett)
3. Fat Old Sun (Gilmour)
4. Coming Back To Life (Gilmour)
5. High Hopes (Gilmour / Samson)
6. Je Crois Entendre Encore (Bizet)
7. Smile (Gilmour / Samson)
8. Wish You Were Here (Gilmour / Waters)
9. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour / Waters)
10. Dimming Of The Day (Thompson)
11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-8 (Gilmour / Waters / Wright)
12. A Great Day For Freedom (Gilmour / Samson)
13. Hushabye Mountain (Sherman / Sherman)

Royal Festival Hall Concert 2002
14. Dominoes (Barrett)
15. Breakthrough (Wright / Moore)
16. Comfortably Numb with Bob Geldof (Gilmour / Waters)

Special features:
- Spare Digits
- Home Movie
- ‘High Hopes’ choral
- Lyrics

Miscellaneous extras:
- ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (with Mica Paris and Jools Holland 1992)
- ‘Don’t’ (from Leiber and Stoller tribute concert 2001)
- ‘Sonnet 18’ (William Shakespeare)
- 5.1 sound tester

Produced by David Gilmour
Co-produced and engineered by Andy Jackson
Analogue recording mixed at Astoria

Directed by David Mallet
Produced by Rupert Style / Dione Orrom

More info about the dvd you'll find here.
Tracklist with some words from David etc.etc..
A review by DPRP!
new album review




Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has more than one reason to celebrate on his 60th birthday - March 6th 2006 sees the long-awaited release of his new solo album "On An Island".

Released on EMI Records, the album is the first solo release from David since 1984's "About Face". Following the release of "On An Island", David will embark on a European and American tour during the months of March, April and May 2006 - and we should have details of these dates soon.

Read more on this page:

On an Island, review, tracklist, musicians and more.

new album review
A New Darkside Of The Moon



Was released as single (2006).

download here.


DAVID GILMOUR - "Arnold Layne"

titlebowie Out now (January) in the Netherlands: two live recordings of Arnold Layne, the one with David Bowie and the other with Richard, both from The Royal Albert Hall!
Completing the package will be an acoustic performance of Syd's Dark Globe, again from David's 2006 dates.

Lyrics and more info.


Remember That Night DVD (2007).

Remember that Night / DVD
Latest Info

Release date 16 & 17 September. A week earlier you can watch the dvd in some UK & Duthch cinema's. See for a list the top of this page.

A life recording from David Gilmours shows in the Royal Albert Hall in 2006.
Among the nearly two hours of bonus features on the two-disc set are the documentary "Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine," a newly recorded version of the song "Island Jam," Gilmour's performance of "Astronomy Domine" from the new "Live From Abbey Road" series on Sundance Channel and performances of "On An Island," "Smile" and "This Heaven" from Sessions @ AOL.

01. 'Speak To Me'
02. 'Breathe'
03. 'Time'
04. 'Breathe (Reprise)'
05. 'Castellorizon'
06. 'On An Island'
07. 'The Blue'
08. 'Red Sky At Night'
09. 'This Heaven'
Remember That Night DVD (2007)

10. 'Then I Close My Eyes'
11. 'Smile'
12. 'Take A Breath'
13. 'A Pocketful Of Stones'
14. 'Where We Start'
15. 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'
16. 'Fat Old Sun'
17. 'Coming Back To Life'
18. 'High Hopes'
19. 'Echoes'
20. 'Wish You Were Here'
21. 'Find The Cost Of Freedom' (featuring David Crosby and Graham Nash)
22. 'Arnold Layne' (featuring David Bowie)
23. 'Comfortably Numb' (featuring David Bowie)

Remember that Night / DVD
Latest Info

"Live in Gdansk" (September 2008!)
It will be released in several different formats, 2 cd's, 3, 4, 5 extra dvd's and even a 5 deluxe vinyll edition!
And i can say it's a fantastic state of art. Beautiful shots and excellent recordings. Sometimes on a different way as we were used to hear.
A review you can find on this page plus additional info.


More info the official blog.


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All the interviews:
interview DG '78 Part-1 1978.
interview DG '78 Part-2. 1978.
Interview 1985?
interview DG 1997?

Remember That Night 
DVD (2007)

interview by fans late 1999.
interview Oct-2001

NEW Arjen Lucassen the man from Ayreon, Stream Of Passion, ProgAid and more did a nice interview.

Reviews of the gigs Januari 2002.
Review by DPRP of his dvd & concert!

Smile a new song Smile.

thanks to Katia.

More Faqs & Questions.

A chat with David
Record Collector May '03



Soundtracks, Films & more DVD's;

'78 Super Bear Studios, Miravel France.
Six tracks from the album David Gilmour were filmed for promotion on TV. Gilmour was joined by his brother Mark, Ricky Wills and Willy Wilson.

27-5-90 TV Broadcast London.
Soundtrack and music composed and performed by David Gilmour was featured in the documentary film Endangered Speices, which included music by Kate Bush, Soul II Soul, Peter Gabriel, Elton John and Seal.

'91 The Cement Garden.
Gilmour composed the song 'Me And J.C.' for the soundtrack of this film.

27-5-92 TV Broadcast London.
Soundtrack and music composed and performed by David Gilmour was featured in The Last Show on Earth, which dealt about ecological issues.

'92 TV Broadcast London.
Soundtrack and music composed and performed by David Gilmour; BBC2 series Ruby Wax Goes To California.

23-2-93/ 2-3-93 TV Broadcast London.
Soundtrack and music composed and performed by David Gilmour was featured in a two-part edition of the documentary series Without Walls entitled The Art Of Tripping. The Program devised by Storm Thorgerson, dealt with mind-bending drugs and their influence on artists, performers and composers.

'94 TV Broadcast London.
Soundtrack and music composed and performed by David Gilmour in Colours of Infinty, about fractal geometry.

He has worked on a film-sound track for The Triumph of Love, a classical italian piece of work from the 18th century ('01). The guitar-work isn't very spectaculor, i must admit. He played on the following tracks: Follow That Young ...Person, Agis And The Phocion: The Archery, I Am Aspasie, The Grotto, Phocion! & Phocion! (Reprise).

The Pink Floyd And Syd Barrett Story ('03), interview and live-tracks,

The Whole Story: Kate Bush ('94), video appereance on Love and Anger,

Concerto For Saxophone: Michael Kamen ('99), guitar on Sacha plus interview,

The Apprentice Tour: John Martyn ('97), guitar on several tracks,

Live At The Cavern Club: Paul McCartney ('00), guitar on all tracks,

The PETA Concert For Party Animals: Paul McCartney & Friends ('01),

Wingspan - An Intimate Portrait: Paul McCartney, Rockestra (Footage Of The Recording Session) Guitarist,

S.F. Sorrow Life At Abbey Road: The Pretty Things ('03), guitar on ,

Deep End: Pete Townshend, guitar on all the tracks,

Hysteria 2 ! The Second Coming ('09), My Girl Guitarist (With Jools Holland & Lenny Henry),

The Best Of Hysteria 3 ! ('93), guitar on Together Again (with Jools Holland & Sam Brown), Boogie (With Jools Holland and the Hysteria All Stars) and on Final (With Jools Holland, Sam Brown & Elton John),

The Secret Policeman's Third Ball ('93), Running up that Hill with Kate Bush,

Amnesty International's Big 30 - The Music Concert ('92), On The Turning Away, Hey Joe (With Seal), Kiss (With Tom Jones),

The Secret Policeman's The Bis Three-0 ('02); Tom Jones - I Can't Turn You Loose, Tom Jones - Kiss, Andrew Strong - Hard To Handle, Seal - Hey Joe, Spinal Tap - Big Bottom Bass (Guitarist Fretless), Daryl Hall - What's Going On ? and of course on: On The Turning Away,

Smoke On The Water - The Video Collection/ Rock Armania ('90), guitar on Smoke on the Water.

His DVD is mentioned in the SOLO-section.





Personal Facts;

The first record he ever bought was Bill Haley's 'Rock Around The Clock'. His baby-sitter sat on it and broke it!
The second was Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock'. "Don't" the song he did at the Leiber & Stoller tribute, was performed by Elvis first.

His first guitar was an old Tatay, a Spanish guitar with nylon strings, borrowed from a neighbor. His other early guitars include a Burns Sonnet and a Hofner Club 60.
But he always wanted a Fender Stratocaster - "because Hank Marvin had one". He used to shut himself in his room endlessly practising The Shadows Apache.

His earliest musical influences include BB King, Jimi Hendrix and Peter Green.
But his favorite artist is Bob Dylan.

Flying aeroplanes (read the lines of Learning to fly AMLOR), is one of his hobbies.

to david's airoplanesDavid's (ex) Aircraft Company. (he sold it).

Car-racing; he drove with Nick Mason La Carrera PanAm race in '91) and they made a video of it with new songs.
I hope he flies better then he drove that race; he crashed with his car...and Dave O'Rouke broke his both legs.

His other hobbies include football, cricket, sailing, scuba, theatre, literature and flying old airoplanes. He got his own runway in his garden...

After his marriage with Polly Samson (28th July, 1994); taking care of the kids.
Dave took up an alt-sax with his 11-year-old son Charlie, and they both passed their tests (March '01), together with merit. "I can read music for the first time in my life", he announced...

He spent some time at Castellorizon, a small Greek island for the coast of Turkey.

David is chairman of Crises, a organisation for homeless peoples, please take a look at http://www.crisis.org.uk/.

David’s favourite artists include Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, The Eagles and The Beach Boys. He has a fondness for Radiohead and Coldplay and said recently that he’s interested by what Mike Skinner is doing with The Streets. I don’t think there’s going to be a playlist at iTunes, though - certainly not until the tour’s out of the way! Interestingly, David’s wife Polly was once asked to name her favourite albums and chose ‘The Future’ by Leonard Cohen, Prokofiev’s ‘Lieutenant Kije’, ‘L’Arlesienne’ by Bizet and The Greatest Hits of The Kinks, so I’m sure any of those could be in David’s CD player.
In his car is mostly a Beach Boy cd turning round.


Danzka HomePage


Doug; Father and professor of genetics.

Fred; a nickname for David. Quiver '71).

Ginger; Dave's first wife from 5 June '75 till '90.

Mark; brother and also musician in The Act the start of The Dream Academy.

Peter; brother and bass in Jokers Wild.

Sylvia; mother and teacher and film-editor.

Polly Samson; born in London '62, journalist, writer and co-songwriter of the Division Bell. She married Dave in July '94. Their have three children; Joe ('95) and Gabriel ('97) and their daughter, Romany Rose ('01). Charlie is the oldest child of Polly from a previous relation. They live in a farm in Sussex.
She wrote books "Lying in bed" (1999) & her first novel "Out of the Picture" was released in 2000.
She was also involved by the creation of the book "Madcap" about Syd.
In a recent interview she admitted that this are her favourite albums:

The Future - Leonard Cohen
Lieutenant Kije - Prokofiev
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
L'Arlesienne - Bizet
The Kinks Greatest Hits - The Kinks

Talking about Wish You Were Here, she said: "It would be dishonest of me not to include this. David will be embarrassed but the truth is that I loved the album long before I loved him..."
She plays piano and sings on On an On an Island, and co-wrote a few songs.
And I may admit that she shoots lovely pictures.

rick-david phildavid
guest tympani Above left; Rick & David,
Left; Phil Manzanera & David.
All pictiures by Polly.
See davidgilmour.com for more excellent pictures.
Please take a look at her site: www.red-umbrella.co.uk/.

He, David, and her son Charlie passes their sax-exam in March 2001, so finally David learned how to read notes... But we know he could play with them already, and how!


Alice, Clare, Sara, Matthew, Charlie, Joe, Gabriel, Romany RoseSara are all their kids.


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The man and his music as a solo artist
By Richard Mahon (added 06-06-04).



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