9-6-41 Classical trained musician;

The Flower Pot Man (hits like ; Let's go to San Fransisco & A Walk in the Sky). Deep Purple,

Whitesnake ('79),

and again Deep Purple.

He is the initiator of Concerto for Group and Orchestra ('70). The score of this project got lost, a dutch-man, Frank de Goeij, wrote bit by bit the score again and so Deep Purple and a symfony-orchestra performed the piece again (september '99).

In his solo-work his clasical-training is well heard;

Sarabande with;

Neil Murray- bass,

Mike Rahps- gitaar,

Elmer Gantry, Sam & Vicki Brown- vocals,

Cozy Powell,

Ian Paice &

Simon Phillips- drums.

Session for;

Andy Summers ('76),

Stevie Nicks ('83),

David Gilmour (About Face '85 ),

Alvin Lee ('92).

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This is just a small piece from the original WhoIsWho; 600 pages, photo's, movie-files, wav, midi's, {about 300 mb (!)} about prog./symfo music; but in Dutch.