Sax. Born: December 22, 1942 in Kentford, England.
Together with David Gilmour in a schoolband called Soul Committee.

live with david '02


Session for:

Quiver ('71),

Andy Roberts ('73)

John Ashton & John Lord live (with Caremen Apprice, Ian Paice, Madeline Bell, Jim Creagoan amongst others),

Mike Vernom,

Bonzo Dog Band

Joker's Wild

Les Humphries Singers ('75 with Les Humphries (vocals), John Lawton (vocals Uriah Heep), Barry St John (vocals), Mick Clarke (guitar), Dave Caswell (trumpet), Dick Parry (sax), Howie Casey (sax) + others?)

and he did a wonderful job on The Dark Side of the Moon ('73 and live),

Wish you were Here ('75),

John Entwistle ('75),

Whiterspoon ('75),


Rory Gallagher (Jinx '82)


Division Bell ('94)

The Pulse-tour ('94).

Big Men Cry (Big Men Cry '97)

David Gilmour live June 2001 & Januari 2002 & 2006!

Duster Bennett (Fingertips 03 with Peter Frampton, George Caldwell, Nicky Hopkins, Rick Wills, B.B.King (?), Ian Wallace, Morris Perth amongst others )

Sigmund Snopek III ('05)

The Violent Femmes ('06).

As proffesion he makes (or made?) shoes for horses.


Thanks to Ross Halfin for the wonderful picture of Dick Parry
during the On an Island Tour 2006.



Home, home again.



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