A brittish band ('64- '66), with Dave Gimlmour, they made a ; . 12", Don't ask me/ Manfred Mann, Beautifull Delilah/ Chuck Berry, Big Girls don't cry & Walk like a Man/ The Four Seasons. It'sa exspensive collectors item.< /P>

David Atham,

David Gilmour,

John Gordon,

Clive Welham,

Toni Saintly,

Peter Gilmour,

Ricky Wills &

Willi Wilson (see below).



First they were called Junior's Eyes and after a few changes Quiver. The first group who played in the Rainbow Theatre.

Tim Renwick &

Carl Bachelor- guitar,

Pete Wood- keyboards,

Bruce Thomas- bass,

John Willi Wilson- drums.

Later they became the back-up band of the The Sutherland Brothers. On the first record did joined;

Dick Parry sax

and Fred Gilmour gets a word of thanks (Fred is a nickname for David).

Hypnosis designed the cover of their second album ('72).



8-7-47 Cambridge. John "Willy" Wilson- drums in


Quiver and later on in

Jokers Wild (both with David Gilmour).


Session for:

Syd Barrett ('70, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett),

David Gilmour ('78),

The Wall-live ('80-'81, also drums in the movie).

David Gilmour ( On An Island '06).


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