Besides that he's a session-player, and on most of his works with other artists you can hear the astonishing guitar solos;

Syd "Crazy Diamond" Barrett (The Madcap laughs and Barrett; both from '70 & the single, 7-inch; Octopus/ No good trying),

Roger Waters Together with Ricky Wright and Nicky Mason they did session-work for the track Give Birth to a Smile, on Roger Waters and Ron Geesins album Music for The Body ('70). The three other Pinks are not mentioned as session-players, but they get paid for the job. It is the nicest song on the album and that's not because David, Nick and Rick are involved in it but because the great voice who's singing, is the clue. I don't know who she is.

Unicorn (Blue Pink Trees; '74, Too many Crooks (guitarist on the title track; '76, One more tomorrow; '77 (with Muff Winwood), Slow dancing 12"; '78; all as producer/ engineer), The Shed Recordings ('92 he produced 3 songs),

David Courtney (D.C.'s first Day '75 on the track; When your life is on your Own),

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver (Reach for the Sky '75 on the track; Aint to proud, Arms of Mary 19??),

Roy Harper (H.Q.; '75 on the tracks; The Game 1-5, The unknown Soldier '85, What Ever Happened To Jugular (lp) David Gilmour wrote the music for 'Hope'. Pete Townshends version of the song is called 'White City', as co-writer and he played guitar on several tracks, In between every Line '86, as co-writer, and in '90 with Kate Bush on 'Once' and 'Once In The Middle of Nowhere' and 'Berliners', Burn The World ('90 on the title track), (he plays a live-gig with him once in a while), Hats of ('01) on You and The Game.

Hawkind (Kerb Crales '76 as mixer),

Rachid Bahri (R.B. '77, he played guitar on Oliver the Cornwell Road and Il survivor, with Nicky Mason),

Kate Bush (f.e. '78 (as co-producer of The Man with the Child in his Eyes & The Saxophone Song), '79, '80 Army Dreamers/ Passing to Air; he played on the B-side of this single, '82 The Dreaming; vocals in Pull out the Pin, '84 & '89 ( Love & Anger and Rocket Tail), on the video The sensual World/ Love & Anger) and on Secret Policeman Ball),

Paul McCartney / Wings (Back to Egg; '79 he played guitar on The Rockestra Theme and So glad to see you Here,
Give my Regards to Broad Street; '84 (listen to the solos of No more lonely Nights),
Flowers in the Dirt (When we got married); '89, and in '99 a new record with a old rock and roll-stuff and live in Liverpool;
Run Devil Run, a DVD from this concert is released in 2001, with Ian Paice (Deep Purple) on drums, Mick Green (Johnny Kids & the Pirates) guitar.

Doll by Doll (Grand Passion '82 on the track; Boxers hit harder when Women are around),

Atomic Rooster (Headline News '83; Hold your Fire/ Metal Minds/ Land of Freedom & Time),

friend Pete Townshend (White City; '85, (Give Blood & White Lighting), on the single Give Blood '86 & Deep End Live '86),

Arcadia (a shoot off-project van DuranDuran with Grace Jones en Sting, listen to Promise & Missing '85),

Grace Jones (Slave to the Rhythm '85, he played on the title track and The Fashion Show and he wasn't mentioned for itand the rumour goes that he played on "The Fashion"),

Brian Ferry (Boys & Girls; '85 he played on the title track, The Chosen One, Sensation and possible others, the 12" Is Your Love Strong Enough?/ Seven deadly Sins '86, and Bete Noir; '87; Seven deadly Sins/ New Town/ Kiss and tell/ Limbo and possibly The Right Stuff),

Nick Mason (Profiles; '85, he sung on the track Lie for Lie),

Supertramp (a smashing solo on side two Brother were you Bound; '85),

The Dream Academy ("his" hobby-band, Life in a Northern Town; '85, Different Kind of Weather; '90, live in '91),

Liano Boyd (classic, with Micheal Kamen; Personna '86, L'Enfant, Sorceress & Madonna),

Dalbello (She '87; guitar on the track Immaculate Eyes),

Berlin (Pink & Velvet; '87),

Holly and the Ivys (Christmas on 45, a 12" from 19??),

John Rabbit Bundrick (Dream Jungle '88 David Gilmour plays on 'Through The Clouds' and 'Conquest'& Rabbit Archives 19?? David Gilmour produced 'Rabbit Gets Loose'),

Peter Cetera (One more Story; '88; You never listen to me & Body Language),

Kristy MacColl (Kite; '88, wife of Steve Lillywhite),

Sam Brown ('88 Stop !, and in '90, April Moon, only vocals on Trouble Son), Rock Aid Armania (Smoke on the Water '89), Hysterial 2! - The Second Coming (David Gilmour plays guitar on "My Girl", 1989),

Transverse City from Warren Zevon ('89).

The Spirit Of The Forest (Virgin 7"/12", 1989, David Gilmour sings on the track), One World One Voice (Virgin CD, 1990, David Gilmour plays guitar somewhere on the album),

Vicki Brown (Lady of Time '89; guitars on Can't let go, and the album About Love and Life '90; I'll be waiting),

Propaganda (1234; '90, on track Only one World),

Roe (Roe '90, guitar on Como el Agua),

Paul Young (Other Voices '90; guitars on Heaven can wait & A little bit of Love),

Donovan ('91 on 'Lover O Lover', 'Everlasting Sea' and 'I Love The Way You Rock Me' but the album stayed unreleased).

Roy Harper ('90, also with Kate Bush),

Blue Pearl ('90, she was on of the gigs of The Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, he played guitar on Runnin' up that Hill & Alive),

Various Artists: The Earthquake Album ('90) on Smoke On The Water Guitarist.

Various Artists: One World One Voice ('90); Nr. 21 (With Howard Jones / Bob Geldof) Guitarist

M Base Collective Anatomy of a Groove Guitar ('91),

Rock the First,Vol. 5 Rock the First, Vol. 5 Producer ('92),

John Martin (o.a. No little Boy; '90 & Could't Love you more; '92 (together with Phil Collins), and live on stage in '95),

Paul Rodgers solo-project The Law ('91, with Chris Rea, David played on the track; Stone),

Jools Holland (Together Again '91), and again in 2001; see below.

The Best Of Hysteria 3! (David Gilmour plays guitar on "Together Again", "I Wish I Knew How It Feels" and "Honey Dripper" 1991, with; Gary Wallis, Tim Renwick, Pino Pallidino, Jon Carin, Jodi Linscott, Sam Brown, Margo Buchanon, Julie Harrington, Ian Harrison, Dave Bishop, Stuart Brooks, Mark Nightingale, Barry Knight, Phil Taylor, Chris Burns, Clint Driftwood, Simon Park, Dick Hayes and Andy Jackson backing Tom Jones and Spinal Tap ),

Hall and Place and the Stonkers (The Stonk 1991),

Amnesty International The Big 30! (1992, David Gilmour plays guitar throughout), Guitar (Warner Music Vision 1992, David Gilmour plays guitar on "Wish You Were Here" ),

Les Pauls (He changed the Music 19??, with Tony Levin on stage.),

All about Eve (Touched by Jesus '91; Wishing the Hours Away & Are you Loving), (interview with Juliane)

Jimmy Nail (Growin' up in Puplic; '92, guitars on Waiting for the Sunshine & Only Love can bring us Home),

Classic Rock Box. (WNEW-FM 25TH ANIVERSARY '92; Producer),

Chris Jagger (Chris Jagger's Atcha '94, guitar on Steal the Time), yes the brother of Micky.
In 2006 again on the album called Act of Faith with Mick Jagger and Sam Brown.

Tuneland ( 7th Level CD-ROM, David Gilmour plays guitar somewhere ) ( 1994 ),

Lost Tribe. (Soulfish '94; guitar),

Snowy White (Highways of the Sun '95, also Chris Rea plays on one number Melting '99, but that's old recording of Highways; Love Pain & Sorrow),

He co-wrote the song Talk to me with John Wetton an guy called Nichols and Phil Manzarena ('95).

The Who (Life '96 & '97),

Tom Newman on the album "Snow Blind" he played guitar "Nowhere To Go" (recorded 1983).

Catherine Wheel (Like Cats and Dogs '98, i believe he didn't play on that album, but they covered WYWH, Storm T. did the cover, Bob Ezrin produced their next album),

B.B. King ('98, together with Paul Carrack on 'Cryin' won't help you babe'.),

Seeger, Peggy. ('Period Pieces' and david gilmour plays on the song 'Winnie And Sam'. Peggy is the half-sister of Pete Seeger and the widow of Ewan MacColl, see Kristy MacColl), On Pete Seegers album " The Songs Of Pete Seeger Volume 3", he plays guitar on the track; "Sailing Down My Golden River".

Pretty Things (Resurrection '98, ...Rage before beauty '99).

Triumph of Love Soundtrack; the 18th-century French playwright Pierre Marivaux's "The Triumph of Love" gets a simple, elegant overhaul from director Clare Peploe and her husband, Bernardo Bertolucci. Most notable other contemporary touch is the sound of modern rock guitar work (by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, but no so spectucalor i must admit) within a mainly classical score. (2001). He played on the following tracks: Follow That Young ...Person, Agis And The Phocion: The Archery, I Am Aspasie, The Grotto, Phocion! & Phocion! (Reprise).

Jools Holland: David Gilmour's new recording of "I Put a Spell on You" will be released as part of a superstar compilation record Nov. 19. The number, with vocals by U.K. soul singer Mica Paris, will appear on "Small World Big Band," a new album by British musician and broadcaster Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
The 22-track set also features contributions from George Harrison, Sting, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Steve Winwood, John Cale, Joe Strummer, Taj Mahal, and many others.

Caroline Dale (Such sweet Thunder '02), only one song he plays guitar and he co-wrote the song.

Robert Wyatt Cuckooland ('03).

Jools Holland's "Later" TV show compilation DVDs are coming out. The first, "Jools Holland's Hootenanny" is with BB King's performance of "Eyesight To The Blind" which had David Gilmour on guitar, and Sam Brown on backing vocals. The other is "Later With Jools Holland - Giants" that includes Paul McCartney playing Brown Eyed Handsome Man and David on guitar.

Ringo Starr "Ringorama"('03); he plays guitar on "Missouri Loves Company" & "I Think Therefore I Love Rock N Roll". On the bonus DVD we can see him as drummer!

Alan Parsons David did some splendid guitar playing for the new Alan Parsons album, 2004.

Phil Manzarena 6PM ('2004).

Paul MacCartney is working on an album and David is spotted in his studio...

Chris Jagger Act of Faith with Mick Jagger and Sam Brown.
He worked before with Chris in '94. And yes he is the brother of Micky.


He played not on Steve Colemans (Drop Kick '92), Strata Institute Transmigration ('93), or on album of Cassandra Wilson, these people are jazz-musicians and there is David Gilmore who played with them.




310874 Hyde Park London; Gilmour joined Roy Harper.

101174 Newcastle; Gilmour and Wright guested Sutherland Brothers and Quiver so he shared lead guitar with Tim Renwick.

201184 Capitol Theatre, New Jersey, USA; A Guitar Greatest evening by MTV; David played two tracks solo and later he joined in with Johnny be good with Dave Edmunds, Neal Schon, Chuck Leavell and others.

130785 Live Aid, Wembley London; David joined Brian Ferry and his band which consisted of Neil Hubbard - guitars, Chester Kamen -guitars, Jimmy Maelen and Andy Newmark -percussion and drums, Marcus Miller -bass, Jon Carin -keyboards and the backing vocals; Michelle Cobs, Ednah Holt and Fonzi Thornton.

111085 Channel 4 TV Broadcast London; Together with Pete Townshend they raised money for charity (Deep's End).

01 & 02 1185 The Academy, Brixton; Another Deep End's Show.

230186 Gala du Minem, Cannes, France; another Deep End's Show.

090286 Colombian Vulcano Appael, The Royal Albert Hall, London; with Pete Townshend, Annie Lenox, Chrissie Hynde and others. Dave played in the band conceited of; Sam Brown and Paul Carrack- vocals, Simon Phillips -drums, Mick Ralphs -guitar, Jodi Linscott -percussion, Chuco Merchant -bass, and John Rabbit Bundrick -keyboards.

150287 The London Jam; charity for Childline.

28 & 29 0387 The Secret Policeman's Ball; London; Gilmour joined Kate Bush on Runnin'Up That Hill and Let it Be.

121287 NBC TV, New York, guest appearance.

180888 Majestic Theatre, New York; a gal for Les Paul, David stood next to Tony Levin and others.

270489 The Dinosaur Room, London; Charity with Mark Knopfler, Gary Brooker, Chris Rea, Sam Brown, and Gary Moore.

180989 Hysteria 2, London; he joined Jools Holland performing My Girl for a AIDS-charity concert.

300989 Soho Jazz Festival, London; Friends of the Earth benefit.

310390 The Shaw Theatre London; he guested John Martyn on two tracks; One World and The Appentric, later the show was released; Live.

1904 TV broadcast, London; he performed in a comedy show with Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore and Mark King.

010291 Rock-a-baby, London; A charity concert with David performing Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb with; Pino Palladino -bass, Andy Fairweather-Low -guitars, Andy Newmark -drums, Paul Young and Paul Carrack -vocals.

240291 The Bloomsbury, London; Gilmour guested The Dream Academy.

300691 Hysteria 3, London; again with Jools Holland.

281291 Central TV broadcast Nottingham; for Amnesty he played with Jools Holland, Tom Jones and Seal and "solo" with Sam Brown, Jon Carin, Pino Palladino, Tim Renwick, Jodi Linscott (On the turning Away).

??0692 Stars Ball Shoo London, Together with Nick Mason and Eric Stewart raising money for The Anthony Nolan Research Centre.

060692 Channel 4 TV, London; again with Jools Holland performing I put a Spell on You.

210692 ITV TV broadcast, London; he joined Tom Jones performing Purple Rain, with Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis and others.

220692 Own & Country Club, London; again with Tom Jones.

Chelsea Arts Ball, Royal Albert Hall, London; Gilmour, joined the house band - Guy Pratt, Jon Carin, Jodi Linscott, Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis and Sam Brown. Setlist; River Deep Mountain High/ The Sun ain't gonna shine anymore/ Golden Brown/ Stone Free / I put a spell on You/ Another Brick/ Comfortable Numb/ Wish You Were Here/ Superstion / Knock on Wood/ Kiss. Also with Tom Jones, Nick Mason, Rick Wright, Elvis Costello, Mica Paris.

180993 Cowday Ruins Concert, Midhurst, Sussex, England. This was an exclusive Charity-concert, with a ticket price of 80 till 140 pounds! The concert opened with Queen; Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Tim Renwick and Gary Wallis. also appearing wee Genesis, made up by Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis and Roger Taylor. Pink Floyd headlined with a fairly standard set but with the unusual addition of Mike Rutherford, Paul young (vocals on Run like Hell), Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis. Nick Mason sat behind Roger Talor's drum-kit, complete with the famous Queen logo. The last act was Eric Clapton, playing with David Gilmour, Taylor, Young, Collins en Renwick.

020694 Pop for Bosnia, BBC Studios; London; he guested Chris Jagger and others playing blues numbers.

290696 Hyde Park, London; Gilmour guested the Who on the last 4 numbers, which also featured Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Alanis Morissette.

200796 A Day for Tibet, London; he played for the Dalai Lama of Tibet at a benefit concert which also featured Senead OÇonner, Chris Jagger, Andy Summers. He gave a surprising solo-set; Terrapin (Syd Barrett), On the turning Away, WYWH and Coming back to Life.

1999; Run Devil Run; Live at the Cavern Club! See for details the Paul McCartney-issue, above.

22 June 2001: David complete solo with (he participate in Robert Wyatt's "Meltdown 2001" show):

Michael Kamen - Piano - Guitars and Vocals,
Nick France - Percussion, (worked with Phil Manzarena, Tanika Tikaram and more),
Chucho Merchant - bass, MELTDOWN
Caroline Dale - Cello,
Michelle Carol - Vocals,
Sam Brown - Vocals,
H.. - Vocals,
Largo - Vocals,
Slavia - Vocals,
Claudia Fontaine - Vocals (she sung with Pink Floyd before (PULSE '95) and Neneh Cherry '89, Chaka Kahn, Texas, Sam Brown (The Box '97), Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Paul Carrack '97, Dave Stewart, Robbie Williams ('98), Tina Turner '99 and more),
Chris - Vocals,
Pete - Vocals,
Dick Parry - Saxophone (Track 1 and 11),
Robert Wyatt - Vocals (Track 9),
See the lines of the new lyric Smile and the sett-list.
See for more new solo-gigs a few lines futher.

27 june 2001: Tricky, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, Suede's Brett Anderson, Elvis Costello, Baaba Maal and The Residents head the line-up for this summer's art/music Meltdown Festival at London's Royal Festival Hall from June 27. Meltdown is an annual music event curated by a different guest each year and usually focuses on more artistic and esoteric music and this year's Festival is curated by former Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt.
David stood on stage with Sam Brown, Carol Kenyon, Margot Buchanan, Caroline Dale, Claudia Fontaine, Nick France, Michael Kamen, Chucho Merchan, Dick Parry, Robert Wyatt, and some other guys.

29 June 2001: Roger Daltrey of the Who, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and U.K. singles chart regulars Westlife and Gabrielle will take part in the June 29 gala tribute to songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Billboard Bulletin reports. The event benefits Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, a charitable foundation supported by the U.K. music business.

Spinal Tab, live, David plays bass on "Big Bottom" You tube.

With The Pretty Things he did a show in London in october. On DVD out now! (November '03).

And another four solo-shows in Januari 2002, in London and in Paris. Come to the rest of Europe Dave, Verviers would be nice!
On the London stage there were:
Richard Wright, who lost some words... #
Dick Parry, who left the stage before his solo ended... #
Kate Bush, who sung Comfortable Numb at the last show,
Sir Bob Geldof, who sung Comfortable Nummero unno, #
Robert Wyatt, who sung Comfortable Numb too ehum two, #
Michael Kamen #
2002 Nick France - percussion, #
Chucho Merchan - double bass, #
Caroline Dale - cello, #
Neil MacColl - guitar and vocals (brother of Kristy MacColl), #
Storm Thorgerson?
Sam Brown, #
Carol Kenyon, #
Margot Buchanan, #
Claudia Fontaine, #
Durga McBroom, #
Chris Balin, #
Pete Brow, #
Michelle John Douglas, #
Sonia Jones, #
David Laudat, #
Aitch McRobie, #
Beverli Skeete. #

# those people are listed on the DVD David Gilmour in Concert october 2002.

The support to Gilmours 18/1/02 show in London was Trashmonk - Nick Laird Clowes's new band.

23 & 24 January- Palais des Congres de Paris, Paris, France (with Sam Brown, Margot Buchanan, Caroline Dale, Claudia Fontaine, Nick France, Michael Kamen, Carol Kenyon, Neil MacColl, Durga McBroom, Chucho Merchan, Dick Parry, Richard Wright and others)


Reviews of the gigs Januari 2002.
Review by DPRP of the DVD + concert!.


A Tale of Two Cities is a live bootleg from London and Paris. Nice recorded, of course with Kate Bush, Bob Geldorf, Rick Wright, Dick Parry, Robert Wyatt, Michael Kamen, Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Carol Kenyon and all the others. Nice artwork too.
See also his latest solo DVD.

When Love Speaks
10 Feb.'02 The Old Vic, London.
When Love Speaks is a concert version of a CD of Shakespeare's sonnets, produced to benefit the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts with many guest such as Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. David Gilmour performed, beautifully "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

With Jools Holland he did some show for T.V., see above Guest apperances.

fender-party On 1 April 2004 David Gilmour appeared as part of the Jools Holland & Friends show at London's Royal Albert Hall. The show was put on in order to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, Tom Jones, Solomon Burke, Chrissie Hynde, Ruby Turner, John Cale, and many others, also appeared on the bill and performed around in forty songs. The show was organised by The Who.
David Gilmour appeared very late in the proceedings, and performed "I Put A Spell On You" with Mica Paris (vocals) with the Jools Holland band doing the back up. David reappeared a few songs later and performed a song with Ruby Turner.

Strat Pack ~ The Fender 50th Birthday Celebration ~ 24 September 2004 Wembley Arena.
Famous guitarists such as Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Brian May of Queen, Eagle's Joe Walsh, Gary Moore, Hank Marvin, Paul Rodgers, Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack, Phil Manzanera, played at Wembley Arena on Friday night in a concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster.
Setlist David Gilmour: MAROONED - COMING BACK TO LIFE - SORROW and of course he played some rythm at the final encore.

Is among a notable cast of artists set to perform on BB King's Duets album slated for release later this year. Along with David are U2, Sting, Elton John, Van Morrison and many more. The album celebrates the legendary blues man's 80th birthday on 16th September 2005.

11th of May 2007
The tribute show for Roger "Syd" Barrett, Madcap's Last Laugh was held at the Barbican Hall in the heart of the city of London (11th of May), it featured an array of Syd's fans and colleagues, performing a healthy chunk of his back catalogue. Amongst these, were Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, between them performing three songs in honour of their old bandmate. Profits from the concert were donated to the mental health charity SANE, nominated by the Barrett family (who were represented at the gig.

syd One of the first big surprises of the evening, was the introduction of Roger Waters. Coming on stage with Jon Carin he explained why he chose his own song, "Flickering Flame": "I was thinking about this, and [this song] seemed apposite, so we'll try and struggle through it."
And so on stage, billed not as Pink Floyd, but Rick Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, came the second shock of the night. With them all looking pleased to be able to offer their tribute to Syd, David commented that Syd "really was everything they say he was, our Syd." On hearing calls for "Roger Waters!" David replied: "Yes, he was here too... now the rest of us!"
They played "Arnold Layne" and with everyone joing on stage except Roger "Bike" was performed.

Nick Laird-Clowes and Joe Boyd organized this event (with others).

With Ron Geesin and Caroline Dale, performing "Atom Heart Mother (Cadogan Hall, London - June 14th 2008 ).

Joining The Seat Of The Pants Band on stage to help out on The Beatles' "Come Together"!
The band were made up of local professional musicians, led by Wix Wickens (Paul McCartney's musical director)(also present at "On An Islans"), his wife Margo Buchanan (who performed backing vocals for David in his 2001/2002 shows in London and Paris), along with Madness frontman Suggs.

Phil Manzenera 10 Feb 2009.

8th of May:
A unique performance in aid of the homeless charity, Crisis, took place at the Union Chapel, Highbury and Islington, last night, 25 May 2009, seeing David appearing with Malian singing duo Amadou and Mariam.

The special show was on Monday 25th May at a secret venue in Central London; ticket holders will be informed of the venue details on the day prior to the show.
Amadou & Mariam, whose albums include Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako) and their latest, Welcome to Mali, are huge David Gilmour fans and were able to meet him at the Mojo Awards a couple of years ago, so it was natural for Crisis to suggest a musical collaboration between themselves and David around their May 24th Jazz Café show. Crisis will receive all proceeds from the 'hidden' May 25th gig, which will include support acts, after which Amadou & Mariam will play with their electric band for around an hour, including a portion with David Gilmour on guitar.

YouTube "No Way";

18 June 2009.
Kate Moss, at London's Cafe de Paris as part of a charity fundraising evening. The event - "Hoping's Got Talent" - was in aid of the Hoping Foundation, and raised over 500,000 during the course of the night. Hoping stands for 'Hope and Optimism for Palestinians In the Next Generation' and they aim to raise money for community projects involving children in Palestinian refugee camps.
Kate was supposed to be judging the karaoke contest that involved a number of Britain's top celebrities, but clearly couldn't resist the opportunity when it came along. A guest bid 47,600 to hear her and David perform together, which was an unscheduled finale to the show.
George Gershwin's standard "Summertime" was the choice of the two celebs.

4th of July 2009:
Jeff Beck in the Royal Albert Hall with David Gilmour.

JUNE 2010:
David Gilmour performs with Rev. Al Green.
David Gilmour performed with the legandary Reverend Al Green last weekend on BBC1's Friday Night with... Jonathan Ross. Also in the band, which was put together for one night only, was Jools Holland, his brother Christopher, Gilson Lavis on drums, Lisa Grahame and Phil Veacock taking on saxophone duties, Chris Storr on trumpet, and Barry Campbell, on bass. Although the rendition of Let's Stay Together was an excellent one, perhaps Mr Gilmour should have used a guitar that was plugged in!! It was barely audible! But I guess it lends itself well to the style of the song. You can enjoy the song below.

11TH JULY 2010: Roger Waters and David Gilmour perform charity show together last night It seems London was the place to be last night: in a bolt out of the blue, David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, playing Wish You Were Here! Guy Pratt performed bass duties, whilst Roger was on acoustic guitar.




Fender Dark Green Stratocaster (1973-1976) Stolen In 1976 Incident.
Fender Sunburst Stratocaster (1968-1986)
Fender Red Stratocaster (1986-1994)
Fender Black Stratocaster (1969-1975) Stolen in 1976 Incident.
Fender Red Telecaster (stolen) (1968). Then he bought another one in 1974, Same make and model, but then that one was stolen in the 1976 incident.
Fender Standard Sunburst Telecaster (1972-1983)
Fender Custom Sunburst Telecaster (1976-1983)
Squire Yellow Telecaster (1994)
Danelectro DC-2 (1969) Dave hasn't used this one very sporadically, but it was also stolen in the 1976 incident.
Gibson Les Paul (1980-1981)
Gibson Chet Atkins Spanish Electric-Acoustic Guitar (1994)
Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar (1969-1976, and again in 1986-1994) Dave had one that was stolen in 1976, and bought another one in 1986, and used it since then.
Ovation Acoustic Guitars (1968-1990) Dave owned 3 of these and 2 ofthem were stolen in the 1976 incident.
Fender 12-String Acoustic Guitar (1969-1972) This was stolen in the 1976 incident. Used for the background 12-string guitar on the original Wish You Were Here.
Jensen Pedal Steel Guitars (1971-1977)

Fender Deville,
Peavey Classic 50/212,
Fendertweed de luxe,
A Gretsch &
The acoustic he used on the Meltdown gig was actually a Taylor 712 CE, he played a 50's Gretsch Duo-Jet on some of the electric solos on Meltdown ( Comfortably Numb, Great Day For Freedom, etc.) Also he used a Martin D-28 on Dominoes. I also was watching a video of him with Kate Bush and he was using what looked to be an 80s Steinberg...not sure which model, Ian Riley (thanks Ian!).

Music Man Fretless Stingray bass guitar. Used by David while running the house band at the 1991 Amnesty International concert, during Spinal Tap's performance on "Big Bottom." (All guitarists played bass on this song, and David played a solo.)

At the Fender's Miller Strat Pack party of 24 September 2004 he was playing the first-ever Fender-made 001 model of the guitar.



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