An interview with Julianne of All About Eve about David Gilmour.


Julianne in 1991, in Eden Vol 1
Issue 5 (All About Eve fanzine), wrote:

"We did have a wonderful time making the album, so let me give you a
couple of highlights. One was the arrival of one Dave Gilmour of Pink
Floyd at Ridge Farm studio one day in March. Having been a Pink Floyd
fan for some fifteen years I was rather excited, but on the morning of
his arrival I was congratulating myself on how calm I was, (in spite
of my hero's imminent arrival....)... That was until ten minutes
before Dave's estimated time of arrival when I became unable to drink
my coffee without spilling it for some reason! The great man arrived
with his trusty stratocaster and after niceties and more coffee we
trooped over to the barn which housed the studio and played him the
track we wanted him to play on. The track was 'Wishing The Hours Away'
and within minutes Dave was playing along to it in his unmistakable
style. It suited the track to perfection. In the control room
we Eve's were casting each other very happy smiles indeed. Dave then
played along to another track entitled 'Are You Lonely' while we
swooned quietly to ourselves.

Throughout the recording Dave had been most amenable to any vague
suggestions thrown his way and came across as very unconceited and
courteous. We all had a spot of lunch back at the house and Dave
chatted very little about Pink Floyd and a lot about his aircraft
collection, which for all you plane buffs contains a helicopter, a
Gnat and a Sessner (I think....I'm not an authority on jets!). Then he
drove into the leafy lanes of Surrey leaving some guitar-work of great
beauty and some very contented Eves."

Thanks to:

Chris Wright, Nick.