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A personal review + info.

Friday 19th of October.

Home, home again, I like to be here when I can...

Came home from work and the pedal steel guitar of David Gilmour filled the hall ("High Hopes"), so I rushed into the living room... On the TV I could see David and his band, apparently playing in Gdansk. A lovely girl said; "Present! x", "Hi darling x ..... dank je wel!".
A glimpse of a shining Richard Wright filled my eyes.

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"Echoes" followed and the house became mad. In the meantime we had some coffee and opened the box with all the little goodies, excellent photos from Poly Samsons hand. On of the great stylish picture was from Richard, smiling…

DVD 1 ended with an excellent version with violins of "Comfortably Numb" and of course David and Richard singing great lines.


Sadly we had to go out for a long weekend, so I only had change to see a leading role for Richard Wright in "Wearing the Inside Out". So I played that 2 times, followed by the jam sessions (wonderful, a lazy bluesy floyd sound, for me one of many the highlights of the cd), "Echoes" the acoustic version.. awesome and again "Wearing the Inside Out" (and although Richard has troubles with singing the right lines it's fantastic and for me a bit emotional…).

So we went of to our farm house in the middle of the Netherlands, played all the 3 discs in the car, had a great weekend with friends and now we're back home, home again.


Tuesday 23th of October.

Great shots of the band the orchestra what makes this "Live in Gdansks" so special and all the extra songs from all over Europe (disc 5) are the cream on this cake. Highlights? "Wearing the inside Out" (emotional), "Fat old Son" (superb!), the great intro of Castellorizon (with orchestra), "On an Island" (with a great duel of the guitars of Phil Manzenra and David), the 3 Barn Jams (one with David behind the drumkit), "Take a breathe, (it will shake your body) , "Shine on you Crazy Diamond (majestic) and of course "Echoes" (again an excellent psychedlic version... very impressive... with a great Hammond sound in the middle section by Richard and tha band freaking out ).

"the barn sessions"
David, Richard & Jon.

"the barn sessions"
Guy and his father in law.

It is unposible to give a complete review of this documentary in 4 days (and please considder that i was away 2 days ;-). It's a great complete shot of David Gilmour and his band on the road. The sound is clean and together with the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Zbigniew Presiner, it become more as special. Mister "lightbulb" Marc Brinkman painted a kaleidoscope of colours and laserswhich created a great modernstate of art concert movie. The box is an expensive one, but you get a lot of extra little gimmicks and the dvd's are suberp.

And for me a tribute to Richard Wright, who died last week, much to early.


Thank you all who were on the shipyard... and specially Richard, it's great to see him again and again... wish he was here.

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Shine on,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


The musicians in David Gilmour's band are:

Phil Manzanera - Roxy Music guitarist and co-producer of 'On An Island'
Rick Wright - Pink Floyd's keyboard player
Guy Pratt - bass player with Pink Floyd and Roxy Music
Jon Carin - keyboards and longtime player with Pink Floyd
Steve DiStanislao - drums, recently played with Crosby & Nash
Dick Parry - saxes
Leszek Mozdzer - piano

The Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic
conducted by Zbigniew Preisner

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Live In Gdansk is available in several formats, all of which include all the orchestral tracks.

The 113-minute 'Concert DVD' includes footage of all the orchestral songs, plus Echoes and Astronomy Domine.

Wot's... Uh The Deal? is included only on the Vinyl LP set.


Live In Gdansk – 3-Disc set and 12-page booklet, features:
Disc 1 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 2 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 3 – Concert DVD and Gdansk Diary documentary

Live In Gdansk – 2-Disc audio only and 12-page booklet, features:
Disc 1 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 2 – Concert Audio CD

Live In Gdansk – 4-Disc set and 12-page booklet, features:
Disc 1 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 2 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 3 – Concert DVD and Gdansk Diary
Disc 4 – Extras DVD including three previously unreleased 'Barn Jams' and 5.1 audio version of On An Island


Live In Gdansk – 5-Disc Deluxe Box set and 24-page booklet with collectable memorabilia items, features:
Disc 1 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 2 – Concert Audio CD
Disc 3 – Concert DVD and Gdansk Diary
Disc 4 – Extras DVD including three previously unreleased 'Barn Jams' and 5.1 audio version of On An Island
Disc 5 – CD Bonus tracks (live from the 2006 Summer Tour).

Live In Gdansk (Vinyl) – 5 x LP Box Set and 20-page booklet, plus Webpass to download the album, features:
The full Live From Gdansk concert including Wot's... Uh The Deal?, plus extra audio tracks that include two of the private recording sessions known as the 'Barn Jams'.


Disc 1 – CD

Speak To Me
Breathe (reprise)
Castellorizon *
On An Island *
The Blue *
Red Sky At Night *
This Heaven *
Then I Close My Eyes *
Smile *
Take A Breath *
A Pocketful Of Stones *
Where We Start *

Disc 2 – CD
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Astronomy Domine
Fat Old Sun
High Hopes *
Wish You Were Here
A Great Day For Freedom *
Comfortably Numb *
* Accompanied by the 40-strong section of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zbigniew Preisner.

Produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera.
Audio Mixing by Andy Jackson, David Gilmour, Devin Workman and
Damon Iddins.

Disc 3 – DVD
Part 1 – Live in Gdansk

On An Island
The Blue

Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
Take A Breath
A Pocketful of Stones
Where We Start
Astronomy Domine
High Hopes
A Great Day For Freedom
Comfortably Numb
Produced by Dione Orrom.
Directed by Gavin Elder.
Part 2 – Gdansk Diary
36-minute film documenting the Solidarity Concert events.
Produced by Dione Orrom.
Director, Cameraman, Editor: Gavin Elder.
Disc 4 – DVD
Live At the Mermaid Theatre, London, March 2006.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Wearing The Inside Out
Comfortably Numb
Filming Directed by David Mallet.
Live from the AOL Sessions, New York, April 2006.
On An Island
High Hopes
Filming Directed by Gary Corrigan and Shauna O'Brien.
Live From Abbey Road, London, August 2006.
The Blue
Take A Breath
Echoes (Acoustic)
Filming Directed by AJ Jankel.
Barn Jams 2007 (previously unreleased), recorded live in the UK, January 2007.
Barn Jam 166
Barn Jam 192
Barn Jam 121
Filming Directed by Gavin Elder.

'Barn Jam' Personnel
David Gilmour: Guitar/Drums
Richard Wright: Keyboards
Guy Pratt: Bass/Guitar
Steve DiStanislao: Drums/Bass

Disc 4 – DVD
On An Island: 5.1 Surround Sound Version.

On An Island
The Blue
Take A Breath
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
A Pocketful Of Stones
Where We Start
Produced by David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera and Chris Thomas.
Disc 5 – CD
Bonus Tracks from the On An Island Tour, 2006.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Vienne, July 31/Venice August 12)
Dominoes (Paris, March 15)
The Blue (Vienne, July 31)
Take A Breath (Munich, July 29)
Wish You Were Here (Glasgow, May 27)
Coming Back To Life (Florence, August 2)
Find The Cost Of Freedom (Manchester, May 26)
This Heaven (Vienne, July 31)
Wearing The Inside Out (Milan, March 25)
A Pocketful Of Stones (Vienne, July 31)
Where We Start (Vienne, July 31)
On The Turning Away (Venice, August 31)
Produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera.
Audio mix by Phil Manzanera, Andy Jackson, Devin Workman and
Damon Iddins.


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Click here for the video of
David Gilmour and band playing
"Remember that day"

a tribute to Richard.
At Jools Holand.

Or have a look at his Gdansk Page with more clips.

Video's at YouTube

The Blue.

A great Day for Freedom.

Magdalena Amilkiewicz Cello
Maria Baczynska Double Bass
Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Orchestra
Ewa Baranowska Violin
Peter Bell Merchandising
Elena Bello Management
Malgorzata Bellwon Cello
Nick Belshaw Management
Hanna Bereza Violin
Jacek Birr Double Bass
Tomasz Bock Double Bass
Barry Branford Lighting Technician
Wieslawa Merong Calusinska Violin
Jon Carin Keyboards, Programming, Vocals, Lap Steel Guitar
Zdzislaw Cichocki Double Bass
Sylwia Cieslinska Viola
Cathy Cleghorn Merchandising
Mike Clement Bass Technician
John Crawley Audio Technician
Mickey Curbishley Lighting
Marek Czulak Viola
Tomasz Diakun Violin
Steve DiStanislao Drums, Vocals
Jonathan Dunlop Audio Technician
Gavin Elder Director, Editing, Camera Operator
Clarissa Faran Score Copyist
Ewa Fredrich Viola
David Gilmour Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals, Lyricist, Producer, Mixing
Blazej Golinski Cello
Dave Hallybone Accounting
Rachel Hands Accounting
Steve Hatton Merchandising
Howard "DJ" Howes Keyboard Technician
Damon Iddins Engineer, Mixing
Andy Jackson Engineer, Mixing
Marzena Kaczmar Kaminska Viola
Michael Kamen Orchestral Arrangements
Pawel Kapica Violin
Karmelita Wojciechowska, Elzbieta Viola
Nick Kelsey Accounting
Steve Knee Package Design
Malgorzata Kolcz Double Bass
Sylwia Kolinska Violin
Marek Kordas Violin
Anna Kulowska Cello
Bozena Kwasiborska Violin
Robert Kwiatowski Violin
John Lahiffe Lighting Technician
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Lukasz Lisowski Viola
Paul Loasby Photography, Management
David MacIlwaine Sculpture
Barry MacLeod Audio Technician
Paul Makin Lighting Technician
Malgorzata J. Maliszewska Coordination
Phil Manzanera Guitar, Vocals, Producer
David Morrell Coordination
Jadwiga Moskal Double Bass
Leszek Mozdzer Piano, Guest Appearance
Andrew Murray Coordination, Management
Eliza Napierala Violin
Michal Nesterowicz Conductor
Colin Norfield Engineer
Richard Ogden Coordination
Dione Orrom Producer
Henryka Orzechowska Cichosz Violin
Dick Parry Keyboards, Saxophone
Krzysztof Pawlowski Cello
Norman Perry Merchandising
Stefan Perskiewicz Promoter
Malgorzata Piotrowska Violin
Guy Pratt Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Zbigniew Preisner Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements
Steve Prior Guitar Technician
Bozena Pruss Czaja Violin
Anna Reinholz Viola
Mark "Sparky" Risk Lighting
Roman Rogowiecki Interpretation
Krystyna Rychlicka Violin
Polly Samson Lyricist, Photography
Doug Sax Mastering
Roger Searle Production Coordination
Jaroslaw Sellin Author
Radek Sikorski Author
Stephen Sinclair Lighting Technician
Claire Singers Publicity, Promoter
Anna Sliwa Violin
Miroslawa Sobczak Violin
Piotr Staniszewski Violin
Ian Sylvester Engineer
Joanna Szmit Macidlowska Violin
Phil Taylor Production Design, Guitar Technician
Nikki Treharne Merchandising
Ben Ward Management
Maria Wiczynska Viola
Anna Wloch Photography
Devin Workman Engineer, Mixing
Doug Wright Publicity, Promoter
Richard Wright Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Wynn Wilson Coordination
Lidia Zawadzka Violin



Shine on Richard. We love you!



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