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Some collected familiar news and assorted talks:

Mostly Autumn.
Mostly Autumn released their "The Ghost Moon Orchestra", and yep another highlight in their career. Olivia sings so wonderful, almost unbelieveable and Bryans guitar work is more as Gilmouresque. It became a bit darker, maybe a bit harder, but sometimes the old good fashioned stuff we're known from Mostly Autumn. Wrote some more words about it at my site.
This week 2.000 people got the special edition with disc 2; semi-acoustic songs, some old some new songs, and yes "i like". Looking out to see the band in September in Verviers and Zoetermeer (DVD recording!) and laters with 3 special X-mas gigs in the Netherlands.

Mostly Autumn on this site


Stolen Earth.
After Breathing Space (a band from Olivia and Iain Jennings (keyboards in Mostly Autumn)) splitt up, the other members started Stolen Earth, with the very first singer of Mostly Autumn; Heidi Widdop. Heidi left MA before the first MA album was released. The album "A Far Cry from Home" got interesting tunes, is laid back, with good guitar work, in the vein of Bryan Josh.

Stolen Earth on this site

Heather Findlay.
The ex-singer form MA went solo as we know, he latest collaboration is with Maidu, a kind of interesting dub-step. Mmm i liked it, but it's a kind of dup step. Only as download available. www.junodownload.com/artists/Maidu/releases/.
With Chris Johnson she is in the final stages of mixing The Heather Findlay Band's 'Kitchen Session' album which will be available on pre-release exclusively from their upcoming shows. They will do a few festivals in the Uk, so please check out the tourdates.

Heather Findlay on this site

Roger Waters.
Dave Killminster is the bridge to Heather Findlay, he plays in her band, when available, and is Rogers lead-guitarist. And Roger has plans for more touring in 2013 and a new solo album!

Roger Waters on this site

Panic Room.
Dave Killminster is the bridge to Ann Marie Helders band, love is the connection between those 2 .. Anyway, Ann and her former band mates from Karnataka and also Mostly Autumn (Gavin Griffiths, the drumer and Ann) have released a new rocky album, called "Skin".

Panic Room on this site

Riversea, is a project of a dear friend of Mostly Autumn; Marc Atkinson. Marc sung backing vocals in MA. He made some solo albums with Gabriel and now with Riversea. Some will know him from the famous Mandalaband. This new album is with Bryan Josh, Olivia and more great muscians. He has a sweet wonderful voice and the music is also a bit laid back, but also exciting. I was very impressed! Art work again from Ed Unitsky.

Riversea on this site


Speaking about Ed Unitsky; he did the art work for the Dutch band Silhouette. A big sound, but also laid back, 3 male voices and everythings seems to fit. You can listen to the album at: www.progstreaming.com/.
And you can see them live with RPWL: 2 November @ De Lakein @ Helmond NL.
And they'll tour with Landmarq in the UK and next year in Europe ;-)
Added some reviews to my site, please check them out!

Silhouette on this site


I guess i'll set up an competition for the new Mostly Autumn album soon. Will keep you informed, of course.
If you're interested in more good tunes go to DPRP and join the competition of Touchstone; you can win their latest cd + some extra goodies.
Touchstone and the Reasoning are on tour in September as double headliner, i think it's a great combination.
Both are nominated in the New Blood category for the 2012 Progressive Music Awards. awards.progrockmag.com.
The Reasoning finished the recording and mixing of their new album "Adventures In Neverland", this week.
The are giving awat 20 free downloads, please check their website ;-)

The Reasoning on this site
Touchstone on this site

An album that cathed my ears was from Frequency Drift called "... laid to rest", it's a bit Mostly Autumnish, with violin and moody atmospheres. It's apperently a new band that is connected to Farmlands (from RPWL). worthed to check out! Thx to Kalle and Bine for pointing me out.


Steve Wilson is working on his live DVD, more news assap, he wil tour with No-man, dates here. And as cream on a rainy ice: in 2013 he'll touring again with an album.
A video with No-man: YouTube.

And added a lot of more tourdates to my site: Roger Hodgons, Anathema, RPWL, Mostly Autumn, Marillion, Headspace, Maiden united, Clive Nolan, Focus and and and... below you find a selection.

CU at www.mostlypink.net or join me at facebook www.facebook.com/mostlypink.

have a great summer,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


Touchstone / Kim by
Neil Palfreyman.

Mostly Autumn / Olivia by
Tim Hall
+ www.kalyr.com/weblog/.

The Reasoning / Rachel by
Gianfranco Panico.

Gigs of interests:

23-7: Marillion: Amsterdam - Paradiso (nl)
24-7: Marilion Amsterdam - Paradiso (nl) + more dates !!!

2, 3, 4 & 5 August 2012 cambridgerockfestival.co.uk/
With Heather Findlay, Focus, It Bites, Caravan, Panic Room, Stolen Earth, Mostly Autumn, Don Airey, Touchstone, Mr So & So., Flamborough Head and more!

25-08: Pinkpop Classic (Toto, Fisher Z, Saga, etc.) Landgraaf Nl.
25-08: Koppelpop Susteren http://koppelpop.nl with Anneke van Giersbergen, Jaya The Kat and others
29-08: No-man with Steve wilson Germany, Cologne, Gloria Theatre
31-08: No-man with Steve wilson Zoetermeer, Netherlands, Boerderij
01-09: PROGMOTION Minor Gant - Galahad & Wolferine De Pul Uden NL.
2-9: Clive Nolan Caamora / 'Alchemy' Fundraising Concert Cultuurpodium Boerderij Zoetermeer NL

04-09: Flower Kings @ Verviers - The Spirit of 66 BE
07-09: Headspace & Haken (Headspace with Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman!!!) – De Lakei Helmond
14-09: Mostly Autumn Spirit of 66 Verviers Be
15-09: Mostly Autumn De Boerderij Zoetermeer
a dvd recording! + ticket surprise.

15-09: Anima Mundi & Mangrove – De Lakei Helmond
17-09: Flying Colours - Gloria Köln
20-09: Flying Colours – 013 Tilburg
20-09: Moon Safari - The Spirit of 66 Verviers Be
21-09: Flower Kings Zoetermeer De Boerderij NL
21-09: Moon Safari - De Lakei Helmond
21-09: Reincarnatus ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond.
21.09.2012 The Tangent & Believe Das Rind Rüsselheim Festival:
22.09.2012 Lazuli, Moonsafari, Seven Steps to the Green Door & Figuresmile Das Rind Rüsselheim Festival.

27-09 Bill Wyman Parkstad theater Heerlen 27-09: Touchstone & The Reasoning Poppodium W2 Den Bosch NL
28-09: Touchstone & The Reasoning Poppodium Nieuwe Nor Heerlen NL
29-09: Touchstone & The Reasoning Dru Cultuurfabriek Ulft NL
30-09: Touchstone & The Reasoning Bergkeller Reichenbach Ger
01-10: Touchstone & The Reasoning Logo Hamburg Ger
6-10 2012: IO PAGES PROGFESTIVAL 2012 @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer.

DeeExpus (with Mark Kelly)
Anima Mundi

Knight Area
K2 with Ryo Okumoto (Spocks Beard).

Vr. 12-10: Julian Sas ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond:
13-10: Kayak - Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen NL
14-10: Pink Floyd Tribute by Big One ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond:
20-10: The Pink Floyd Sound – Oranjerie Roermond
26-10: DeWolff – Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen NL
2-11: RPWL De Lakei Helmond NL with Silhouette.
04-11: Anathema 013 Tilburg, please check out this page for more dates!!!
06-11: Colin Blunstone – Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen NL
09-11 Racoon Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen NL
09-11 PROG 66 Meeting @ The The Spirit of 66 @ Verviers:
09-11 Yes-songs

16-11: Moke @ popppodium Nieuwe Nor Heerlen NL
17-11 Demons Eye with Doogie White, covering Deep Purple
Maasland Centrum te Elsoo (Limburg – NL) supported by Steeler (Led Zeppelin cover band).
Info: Roosterrock.

24-11: Anneke van Giersbergen ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond:
30-11: Maiden United – The Spirit of 66 Verviers
21-11 Luka Bloom popppodium Nieuwe Nor Heerlen NL
2-12 Pineapple Thief + Imme @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer.

09-12 Ana Popavic popppodium Nieuwe Nor Heerlen NL
14 December: Mostly Autumn Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen, X-mas gig (a beautiful theater!)
15 December: Mostly Autumn Hedon Zwolle www.hedon-zwolle.nl/
16 December: Mostly Autumn W2 Den Bosch, afternoonshow, start 15:00 hours. www.w2.nl/
And a lot more U.K. dates.
9-2-13: Landmarq & Silhouette De Boerderij Zoetermeer NL
10-2-13: Landmarq & Silhouette The Spirit of 66 Verviers Be

22-3-13: Alan Parsons - LIMBURGzaal Parkstadtheater Heerlen NL

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