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Heart Full Of Sky ('06),
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Pass the Clock ('09) &
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Heart Full Of Sky.
The new special edition of Heart Full Of Sky the new album of Mostly Autumn is out and shipped now (12-12-06)

Bryan Josh - lead vocals, guiars, drum programming, piano, keyboards, bass guitar,

Heather Findlay - lead vocals, percussio, string acoustic guitar, backing vocals,

Chris Johnson - lead and backing vocals, piano, keyboards, guitars, drum programming, bass, glockenspeil,

Angela Gordon - backing vocals, piano, flute, clarinet, recorders,

Liam Davison - slide guitars,

Andy smith - bass guitar,

Andrew Jennings - drums &

Olivia Sparnenn - backing vocals.

Guest musicians: Troy Donockley - Uilleann Pipes,

Peter Knight - violins (Steeley Span),

Anne Marie Helder - vocals,

David "Munch" Moore - Hammond Organ,

Roger Newport - backing vocals on Dreaming,

Mark "McKinty" Gordon - backing vocals on Dreaming.

This is the tracklist of the Special Double Edition:

• Fading Colours
• Half a World
• Pocket Watch
• Blue Light
• Walk With a Storm
• Find the Sun
• Ghost
• Broken
• Silver Glass
• Dreaming

• Science & Machinery
• Open Road
• Gaze
• Yellow Time
• Broken Soldier
• Futher From Home
• Bright Green
• Softer Than Brown


A review of Mostly Autumns new Heart full of sky you'll find here.


* Bryan Josh - vocals, guitars, keyboards, hammond organ and programming
* Heather Findlay - vocals, piano, bodhran, tambourine and hand percussion,
* Olivia Sparnenn - harmony vocals,
* Ann-Marie Helder - harmony vocals and flute,
* Andy smith - bas,
* Henry Bourne - drums.

* Troy Donockley - string arrangemnet and programing - above the Blue, Uilleann pipes, low and penny whistles.

After 3 months of non-stop work Glass Shadows has finally been completed. All the tracks are recorded, mixed and mastered and very shortly off to the pressing plant. The final tracks and running order can now be confirmed as:

1. Fireside
2. The Second Hand
3. Flowers For Guns
4. Unoriginal Sin
5. Paper Angels
6. Tearing At The Faerytale
7. Above The Blue
8. Glass Shadows
9. Until The Story Ends
10. A Different Sky

The accompanying DVD for the limited edition version has also been completed and contains the following:

• The Making Of Glass Shadows – A Video Diary • Bonus Footage – A short but charming clip of Bryan and Troy rehearsing in the studio • Bonus Tracks – Slow Down, Black Stone and A Different Sky (Alternative Vocal Mix)
The main video diary is a little over 1 hour 43 minutes in length and follows the development of the album from the early writing sessions in the Lake District right through to the recording, mixing and final production stages at Fairview Studio. Rather than being a technical documentary it focuses on the band as themselves and is a very open and honest account of events. It may cause the odd eyebrow to be raised and remove a few myths. Frequently highly amusing, occasionally very emotional, this is probably the best insight fans will ever have had of life behind the scenes in Mostly Autumn.
The bonus tracks are worth mentioning too. Both ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Black Stone’ are unfinished tracks that the band put to one side in order to concentrate on perfecting the main album tracks. Neither had got as far as vocals but instrumentally both were well developed. As such they make fascinating listening. It is also a testament to the quality of the songs on the main album that tracks as strong as these two didn’t make it. The alternative mix of ‘A Different Sky’ is also intriguing as the vocal mix is quite different (no pun intended!) to the final version.
As far as artwork is concerned, subscribers to the limited edition are in for a treat. Richard Nagy (creator of the artwork for Odin Dragonfly’s ‘Offerings’ album) has excelled himself and there is a plethora of wonderful illustrations that will be included. It’s not possible to describe them here, so you’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves!
The album itself clocks in at a little under one hour. As far as the songs are concerned I’ll leave you to hear for yourselves as they were pretty much covered in the previous update. Suffice to say that as a whole, I think this is the strongest, best-recorded and most cohesive Mostly Autumn album to date. Heather’s vocals are truly outstanding, Bryan guitar solos are packed with emotion yet are concise where they need to be and the contributions from Andy, Henry, Olivia and Anne-Marie are consistently superb. However, equally impressive, is the quality of the song-writing on this album.
Next up of course is the tour and as this is being written the full band are busy rehearsing (very loudly I can tell you!!!) both new material and older songs from throughout their back catalogue. And in amongst the old favourites you can expect one or two surprises!
This may well be the final update on the making of Glass Shadows. However, we just may be able to bring you another short video clip in the next week or two so keep checking back

See you on the road!

mostly autumn different sky single release

Promo video on you tube from the single "Fireside". Really nice clip, but it didn't made MTV, think to blame is the lack of a big recordcompany with a box full of coins.

PASS THE CLOCK ('June 2009).
A triple album with a great selection of their best.
The band choosed 3 moods:

Something for the Spirit
Something for the Campfire
Something for the Candlelight


And indeed the cd's are laying down moods, and yes i maybe you'll miss a certain song, but the collection is great. The remarkable guitar play of Mr. B. Josh is one of the trademarks of the overall sound. Of course Heather voice is sublime.
Good to see that songs of Chris Johnson and Iain Jennings survived the selection.
9+ out of 10.
DISC 1 (Something For The Spirit)
Fading Colours/Ghost In Dreamland/Pure White Light/Distant Train/Answer The Question/Evergreen/The Second Hand/Storms Over Still Water/Paper Angels/Tearing At The Faerytale/Pass The Clock. DISC 2 (Something For The Campfire)
Yellow Time/Prints In The Stone/The Eyes Of The Forest/Boundless Ocean/Shindig/Blakey Ridge/When Waters Meet/Winter Is King/Which Wood/At Last To Rivendell/Simple Ways/On The Wings Of Gwaihir/Steal Away/Bitterness Burnt/Shrinking Violet/Goodbye Alone. DISC 3 (Something for the Candlelight)
The Night Sky/Silver Glass/Half The Mountain/Carpe Diem/Hollow/Passengers/The Gap Is Too Wide/Glass Shadows/Heroes Never Die.

New 3 cd box out now!!!

A Thank You
It seems incredible to me that we are now over ten years on from the release of “For All We Shared” our first album. In some ways it seems like yesterday, but when you gaze at a list of the best part of one hundred songs it somehow sobers your perspective of the time, but what a journey! It has been without doubt the most incredible decade of my life, and in turn I hope that “Mostly Autumn” has brought something to each and every one of you, for your support has without doubt been the life blood that has kept the spiritual engine that is Mostly Autumn alive, and for that we sincerely thank you.

Bryan Josh.



LIVE 2009: (Oct '09)
Mostly autumn “Live 2009” will consist of two albums, set one and set two. The first of which is at the pressing plant as we speak and will be available in around two weeks. The second will be available when we have completed the mixing, which should make it sometime in November. Watch this space.
We decided to record many of the shows earlier this year so we could hand pick the versions we liked the most, as opposed to recording the odd one and patching it up as many bands do these days. The result is that what you hear is what was played - warts and all, and these albums are great, honest representations of songs many of you will have witnessed.
There will be 130 minutes of music mixed at Fairview studios with John Spence, and we must say that we feel these albums are by far the best live releases we have ever attempted. In fact, we seriously believe that we have here the definitive versions of many of our songs; they have just evolved beautifully with the strength of our current line-up. It’s very live and very powerful so make sure you crank it up.
Well, thanks again for your support and we apologize for the time it has taken for the albums to come to light but the work load was and still is substantial, but we are almost there..
Bryan Josh on behalf of Mostly Autumn.
Ps. We will keep you posted soon on news of our new studio album which we are currently working on also, exciting times ahead


Fading Colours
Caught in A Fold
Flowers For Guns
Unoriginal Sin
Simple Ways
Spirit of Autumn Past - Part II
Half The Mountain
Winter Mountain
Dark Before the Dawn
Answer the Question
The Last Bright Light
Above the Blue
Nowhere To Hide
Broken Glass
Never the Rainbow
Tearing at the Faerytale
Carpe Diem
Heroes Never Die

Buy at www.mostly-autumn.com.

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+ a live review from Peron55 in Venlo.

Live Photo's from the Dutch X-mas gig at this spot.

The Albums, click on the titles for more info.

For All We Shared (1998)
The Spirit Of Autumn Past (1999)
The Last Bright Light (2001)
+ the single Prints in Stone.
The Story So Far DVD/ CD (2001)
Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings (2001)
Catch The Spirit - The Complete Anthology (2002)
Passengers (2003)
The Next Chapter DVD (2003)
Live at The Opera House DVD
Limited Edition Astoria DVD.
Storms over over still Water CD (2005)
Storms over London Town live cd (2006)
Heart full of Sky (2007)
Glass Shadow CD (2008)
Pass the Clock 3 geremasterd cd's/ best of cd (2009)
Live (2009)
thatnightin Still Beautiful Live 2011
High Voltage Live (July 2011).
Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012).


Mostly Autumn pre-X-mas tour 2009 / 17 december Peron55 Venlo, 18 december De Boerderij Zoetermeer, 19 december Hedon Zwolle, 20 december The Spirit of 66 Verviers, go, see and be amazed......

Tourdates 2009:

New: photo's and reviews of the Dutch Spring tour 2009 at this spot.

Tour dates on this page.

17 december Perron55 Venlo,
18 december De Boerderij Zoetermeer,
19 december Hedon Zwolle,
20 december The Spirit of 66 Verviers.


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