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For All We Shared (1998)
The Spirit Of Autumn Past (1999)
The Last Bright Light (2001) +
Prints in the Stone (single)


The album was recorded in 10 days of studio-time! The Night Sky, very floydian (Welcome to the Machine), was written at the end of the 80-ies with the help of Troy Donockley (whistle-player in You Slosh). Josh and Brian wrote some more songs, but after the death of Bryan's father Rob the idea was reborn and the band was put together and taken live ('95 -'96).
The album 'For All We Shared' was recorded as a tribute to the late Robert Josh (please listen to "Heroes"), dealing as it does with the loss of a loved one. The singing at the start of the album is from Robert recorded on the Nort Yorkside Moors at The Lion Inn, which is pictured on the cover of "The Sprit of Autumn Past".
Jean, mother of Josh did financed the whole making of this album!

Indeed a Celtic Floyd, with emotional songs that carry you away to the Lake District and Floydian landscape in which you see Frodo, Bilbo and his friends walking. Interesting is futher that they have a female vocalist, Heather Findlay and a male Bryan Josh. The mix of Celtic instruments, violins, flute and djembe gives an extra dimension on this whole album. Altrough the mix is a bit raw i was completely flabbergasted with this state of art. And considdering that this is a debut album, i knew this band became my second love. And so www.mostlypink.net was born....
For me this is the best debut album of this decade!
9+ out of 10.

Bryan Josh - guitar, vocals,
Heather Findlay - vocals, percussion,
Iain Jennings - keyboards,
Liam Davison - guitars,
Bob Faulds - violin,
Stuart Carver- was the bass player then,
Kev Gibbons - low whistle, high wistle,
Alan Scott - drums, he moved to Gabriel,
Additional musicians;
Angela Golthorpe - flute,
Che - djembe.



Their second album, Iain became a full member and wrote some songs. For example the excellent atmospheric epic "The Gap is to wide", dedicated to his mum.
This album confirmed that this Bryan Josh & Co were able to write again a very strong album. Again the mix is excellent crafted, still a bit raw and unpolished.
Songs about live, death & about friendship. Bryan Josh shows that he's fan of David Gilmour and Richie Blackmore, so the album is loaded with soaring guitar solo's and riffs. And again a big wink to the mighty Floyd with an own emaotional interpretation.
9 out of 10.
Troy Donockley - Uilleann Pipes and Low whistles, Troy (of Iona, Maddy Prior Band) has worked with various members of Fairport Convention and Steelye Span, Brian May, Barbara Dixon, Midge Ure, Status Quo, Beach Boys, Del Amitri & many more.
Bob Faulds - violins,
Rob McNiel - drums,
Marissa Glaughn - cello.

A great honour for Mostly Autumn was when they were personally asked to provide support for Ritchie Blackmore and Blackmores Night on their English tour in early 2000, and in fact the year 2000 was a turning point for the band, in that they were asked to play in Europe, and had very successful gigs in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland.




Two years of touring, writing, recording, mountainering, having holidays? And the finally a new album! And what an album, i said it on the beginning of this story they'll become great. An album stunning flowing guitar work, great vocals, masterful songwriting and again meets Pink Celtic rock.
This is for me still the ultimate Mostly Autumn album. So i want bother you with emotional and chit chat, go download and then buy the album. This is mad!
9++ out 10.
Bryan Josh - guitar, vocals,
Heather Findlay - vocals, percussion,
Iain Jennings - keyboards,
Liam Davison - guitars,
Angela Gordon - flute,
Andy Smith - bass,
Jonathan Blackmore - drums,
Albert Dannenmann - Bagpipes, Renaissance Recorders, Rauschpfeifer, Krumhorn,Albert currently plays with Des Geyers and Blackmores Night.
Troy Donockley - flutes,
Marissa Claughan - cello.
are the people who helped them.

They played a wonderful gig at Verviers - Belgium, on April the first this year (2001). Heather promised that they would come back there, hope she'll keep her word. Yes! see below.
They had a double concert with RPWL in the Netherlands, another great promissing band.


Sometimes they'll played a cover; Comfortably Numb is one great song they do, Gimme Shelter of The Stones and The Chain of Fleedwoodmac are the other two. Althrough they play them excellent and in a other way they have great songs of their own.

May i say that they could be the children of David Gilmour?




This "single" version has more Celtic feel than the original 3 tracks on "The Last Bright Light". "Heroes Never Die" has terrific new guitar solos by Bryan.
Guestmusician; Troy Donockley on low whistles and Uillean pipes.


Album- reviews by Remco S. from DPRP. Please visit this great site with a lot of reviews of progr and symfo
An long inter view with Heather and Bryan, by Jon Hitchliffe thanks Fireworks!

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