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Storms Over Still Water ('05),
Spirit of Christmas Past single ('05) &
Storms over London Town ('06).

Storms Over Still Water.
Again a splendid rockin', dark, powerful and symphonic album, with a nice mix between the harder rockin' songs and the more symphonic epics.

Disc one features the new album.
Disc two is a full DVD on the Making of Storms Over Still Water.

Disc One

Disc Two

1. Out of the Green Sky
2. Broken Glass
3. Ghost in Dreamland
4. Heart Life
5. The End of the World
6. Black Rain
7. Coming to...
8. Candle to the Sky
9. Carpe Diem
10. Storms over Still Water
11. Tomorrow

1. Ghost in Dreamland promo
2. Broken Glass promo
3. Caught in fold - concert projection
4. Return of the King - concert projection
5. Mother Nature - The lost performance at the York Opera House
6. The Last Climb - from the Meanfidler
7. Shrinking Violet - from the Meanfidler

Mostly Autumn is:

Bryan Josh - lead vocals, lead rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
Heather Findlay - lead and backing vocals, percussion
Iain Jennings - keyboards and backing vocals
Angela Gordon Goldthorpe - recorders, flute and backing vocals
Andy Smith - bass
Liam Davidson - slide electric guitars
Andrew Jennings - drums

Guest Musicians:
Troy Donockley - ullian pipes and low whistle / Carpe Diem
Chris Johnson backing vocal / Broken Glass
Mark Goron & Chris Walkden - additional backing vocals / Candle to the Sky.

Mostly Autumn had launched their new CD Storms Over Still Water and their new record label Mostly Autumn Records:

June the 4th
London Astoria!

Special guests appearences by friends of Mostly Autumn:

Rachel Jones - ex Karnataka / ProgAID - The Reasoning
Ben Matthews - Thunder
Troy Donockley - Iona / ProgAID
Olivia "Lizzy" Sparman

For more info look at: this page

See what Bob Carruthers an Bryan have to say about it & soundsamples.




A single cd with 5 tracks and one hilarious bonus track. 1. Spirits of Christmas Past (Bryan Josh)
2. Winter is King (Heather Findlay)
3. Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade/ Holder/Lea)
4. Fairytale Of New Yor (The Pogues & Kristy MacColl / MacGowan/Finer)
5. Silent Night (Gruber/Mohr) + bonus.
Recorded and engineerd at the Chapel Studios by Will Bartie & Ewan Davies.
Bryan Josh - lead vocals on tracks 1 & 4; guitars 1,2,3,4; Piano 1 & bass 1!
Heather Findlay - lead vocals; 1,2,4,5; acoustic guitar 2; tamborine; 1,2,3,4; Bodran, Djembe & Percussion; 2, backing vocals; 1,2,4,5; Penny whistle; 4.
Liam Davison - lead vocals track 3.
Andy Smith - bass; tracks 3,4.
Andrew Jennings, drums; tracks 1,3,4.
Iain Jennings piano & keyboards, all tracks.
Angela Gordon - flute; tracks 2,4 & backing vocals; 3,4.
Andrew Jennings - drums tracks 1,3,4.

Olivia Sparnenn - backing vocals tracks 1,5.
Chris Johnson - backing vocals; tracks 1,3,5 - acoustic guitar; track 2.
Troy Donockley - bazouki, tofaran, penny whistle; track 2.


The STORMS OVER LONDON TOWN was released end of February 2006!
You can buy at their gigs or at

Special guests appearences by friends of Mostly Autumn:

Rachel Jones - ex Karnataka / ProgAID
Ben Matthews - Thunder
Troy Donockley - Iona / ProgAID
Olivia "Lizzy" Sparman (Iain Jennings Band)
Tracklist: Out of the Green Sky (Josh)
Broken Glass (Jennings/ Josh)
Answer the Question (Jennings/ Josh)
Black Rain (Findlay)
Never the Rainbow (Jennings/ Findlay)
Distant Train (Jennings)
Evergreen (Josh/ Findlay)
Carpe Diem (Findlay)
astoria Finlandia (Sibelius)
Storms over Still Water (Josh)
The Spirit of Autumn Past (Part I) (Jennings)

Running Time:- 57 mins (approx)

June the 4th 2005, launch of the "Storms over stil Water" album in the Astoria. It was a great gig, not the best I've seen but nevertheless a great gig and an unforgetable night. Finally the live cd is out and sadly some things changed in the Mostly Autumn line up, Mr Iain Jennings has left the band. A good time to look back and have a new listening experience:
The first two songs are mixed with a lot of reverb, Bryans and Heathers vocals are sounding a bit weird.
The up-beat tempo of those two songs continu with "Answer the Question" and the another two songs.
Ben "Thunder" Matthews brings "Black Rain" to a higher level with his tasty guitar playing. And with the excellent vocals of Olivia Sparman and a nice guitar solo at the end "Never the Rainbow" becomes really worthed to listen again, and again.
With the great instrumental track "Distant Train" the cd turns into the more symphonic side, the side I like more. Great keyboard riff and the unmistakeable guitar solo's of Bryan.
The songs are played suberp and for me the Spirit of Mostly Autumn is back in town.
"Carpe Diem" and "Storms" (with the lovely Rachel Jones) are another two classical highlights.
The cd ends with "The Spirit of Autumn Past (part I)", another Iain Jennings song. A bit odd, Part I is a great intro for Part II...
Bryan wrote the liner notes and about that last songs he added: ".. this song for me represents a lot of magic that went on working with Iain, and in a way, also the sadness of how things inevitably move on and change...". And if you take a good look at the tracklist you'll nortice that Iain has (co-)written 5 tracks, so is this a big thank you for Iain?
If I skip the first two songs, (5 up beat tempo songs in a row is too much for me) I'm very pleased with this live recording. As big fan I know that Mostly Autumn catch you with their live performances and it is hard to get that Spirit on cd. Chris Johnson was responsible for the sound effects and he did a splendid job. And with all the guest musicians it becomes one of the best live recordings of this powerful band.
Because I like theire symphonic side more as theire more rockier songs, I miss a few epics like "Mother Nature" but what the heck, they'll perform soon in my hometown nabourhood. So make sure that they catch you with that Spirit too and go and see them on the road!

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Storms Over Still Water Launch Show
4th of June 2005 Astoria London, pictures and review.

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